20 août




iOS and MacOS recently started parsing media codec parameter sets in the kernel, leading to bugs like this

19 août

Blood of Elves (Andrzej Sapkowski) — 7/10

Apple spent years encouraging apps to embed web browsers instead of opening Safari. Most notably, I remember at one point they rejected apps that implemented OAuth flows through Safari. Congratulations for giving users the worst expectations.


🔥 New Post: Announcing InAppBrowser - see what JavaScript commands get injected through an in-app browser

👀 TikTok, when opening any website in their app, injects tracking code that can monitor all keystrokes, including passwords, and all taps.

18 août



Apple found two 0-days actively in use that could effectively give attackers full access to device.

For most folks: update software by end of day

If threat model is elevated (journalist, activist, targeted by nation states, etc): update now

Les deux souris que j’ai vues ici, j’ai pensé que c’étaient des cas isolés, qui s’étaient perdues en suivant les tuyaux de chauffage depuis les caves.

Au bout de trois ans je me rappelle que le chauffage ne vient pas des caves, il traverse juste tout l’appart sous le plancher 🤦🏻‍♂️

17 août

You can supposedly disable Core Sync in System Preferences / Extensions. That doesn’t seem to prevent the actual binary from restarting after a force-quit and immediately respawning FORTY-ONE THREADS (but it doesn’t seem to be hogging the CPU anymore).

Just Creative Cloud’s sync utility emptying my battery over a few hours while I’m otherwise doing nothing, just running a few prompts over Discord.

I haven’t added, edited, or removed files from Adobe’s cloud storage in months, and I never intend to.

TIL that you can combine 3D pen and oven-bake clay in the same sculpture, since the plastic melts at a much higher temperature I’m not even sure it’s all that beneficial compared to using only clay, but I still want a 3D pen anyway.

Vu comme je suis épuisé avec seulement une demi-heure d’elliptique alors qu’il ne fait pas horriblement chaud, j’ai encore dû faire une rechute, soit de long covid, soit de vieillesse.


À Edinburgh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, vous recevez une amende si votre voiture dépasse des places de parking. C’est une manière très maligne de lutter contre les énormes SUV qui encombrent l’espace public. 🚘


My heart bleeds for Edinburgh city centre SUV owners whose enormous vehicles do not fit in parking spaces and hence get tickets.


Je viens d’apprendre une info qui m’obsède : la station Balard tient son nom de Antoine-Jérôme Balard, inventeur du Poppers.

I finished Blood of Elves yesterday and it’s nice that the gross objectification of women was almost gone.

I’ve been listening to the Witcher audiobooks and every time I’m surprised by how good they are, yet when I’m done I never feel in a hurry to start the next one. I guess it’s hard to tell how much of that is the narrator, though.


4/ Et elles peuvent être rapidement bouchés par des déchets jetés par les usagers. D’où un entretien constant.

(J’ai fait un stage dans le service RATP qui entretient ses pompes lors de mon DUT 👍😋).


2/ Le système de métro comme celui du RER est prévue dès le départ pour gérer l’évacuation de l’eau.

Étant un ensemble souterrain, les tunnels sont sensibles aux infiltrations et au ruissellement des eaux de pluies.

Regarder sur le plan entre les deux voies.

16 août

When you institutionally have no taste — almost by design — and you think you can pivot to creating environments for people to live in


Trying to put all my Meta biases aside, I just cannot fathom how ugly this looks. They’re betting the company on this?!


it’s going to be great when you have to do the same thing to get your robot boss to approve annual leave. “I need time off work next week union workers rights European vacation”


creating digital art involves memorising by rote a list of shibboleths that must be incanted to trick the computer into generating the desired effect

C’était bien la peine de refaire l’électricité de l’appartement si c’était pour qu’elle saute dans tout le quartier.


There’s a lot to take in here, but it is wild to me that the takeaway by the exec is to change focus away from what the demographic they want to keep is watching.


in absolute hysterics at this paragraph

15 août


Like remember when each version of Adobe Creative Suite had to be better because if it wasn’t you could just sit on your existing version and Adobe wouldn’t see a dime from you until they fixed their mess

Finder’s “Keep Both” button randomly disappearing right as I’ve developed a workflow that relies on it 🤬

Can’t make head or tails of what triggers this — I ended up moving the files one by one and “Keep Both” was available for each. Most times, it works just fine on batches.


One of my fav TikTok things is people discovering the insane VJ’s we employ for our pharmacies in Europe

How did we let the printer market get do bad?


An Aztec temple, the largest man-made pyramid in the world, sits buried in earth with a Spanish church set on top.

14 août

Il faut que je bosse et je n’arrive pas à arrêter de générer des cartes de tarot dans Midjourney 😫

Effet inattendu du traitement TDAH : l’envie d’écouter des podcasts pendant que je travaille — avant, c’était forcément de la musique sans paroles pour ne pas me distraire. Mais j’ai fini les archives de tous les podcasts d’actual play dont le groupe n’est pas insupportable 😒

I guess nothing would seem too stupid to be real to people who follow Musk on Twitter, but I don’t.

Context and source, since the tweets captured seem too absurd to be real:


Elon Musk is one of the founders of OpenAI, creators of DALL·E. They poured a billion dollars into pushing us towards a future of automated art built off the backs of countless artists who will never benefit from it.

Interesting difference between “cthulhu-pikachu” (top, clear cthulhu structure, almost always a green undertone) and “pikacthulhu” (bottom, still tentacley but more varied and alien) #midjourney


Climate activists fill golf holes with cement after water ban exemption

Pikachu in Poltergeist / Prince of Darkness / The Blair Witch Project / Cthulhu-Pikachu eating his trainer

13 août

Y’a pas à dire, Imvanex, ça tape carrément plus en version officielle que celui expiré et réchauffé de la mairie de Paris #FeverDreams

Une demi-heure avachi sur mon canapé à me demander pourquoi je supporte vachement plus mal la chaleur aujourd’hui qu’hier et si ça veut dire que je vais mourir, avant de me rappeler que sur le canapé je n’ai pas de ventilateur qui souffle sur moi.

How do I reclaim this storage when both “All Recordings” and “Recently Deleted” are empty? How can we be almost at the sixteenth major version and the only reliable way to free up space is still to delete and reinstall apps?

12 août

Ooh, Sublime Text displays non-breaking spaces in source code as hexadecimal entities 😍

(This is a mostly azerty-specific issue — brackets and curly braces are hidden behind the Alt key, which results in frequent parsing errors due to accidental non-breaking spaces.)

I could try and tolerate changing my preferences for a code editor in a json file, but at least put a goddamn font picker in there so I don’t have to guess what weird name you’ll manage to recognize.

Quand tu ne sais pas si tu es malade à cause du vaccin d’hier ou si tu as juste encore mangé quelque chose que tu n’aurais pas dû


one last dispatch from hell: Amazon’s MGM Television Studios is producing a show using Amazon’s Ring surveillance camera footage. It’s also produced by the company behind “Live PD”, a copaganda reality TV show that just got rebooted.

J’ai fait le plein de fruits et légumes, donc évidemment tout va pourrir sur place avant que j’aie le temps de les manger.

Finally remembered to check out the new MacBook Air in an Apple Store the other day, in case it looks better in person (as many of their products do lately) and… no, I still think I liked the wedge design better. Boxy makes sense for the Pro, not so much for this.