Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

16 July

I Am Mother (2019) — 8/10

I went into this not knowing anything about it, and was surprised not just that it was good, but also to find a familiar face that we don’t see nearly enough.

15 July

The Masque of the Red Death (1964) — 7/10

Inferno (2016) — 4/10

I basically spent the week playing Mudrunner instead of getting any work done so yeah everything’s going just great yup 💯

14 July

13 July

Lately the Pokemon Go gym accessible from my couch is never the right color and that’s sucking 80% of the fun out. What a crazy way to design a game.

Unclogging a regular 3D printer: unscrew the nozzle and scrape the inside of the tube.

Unclogging my stupid dual-extruder printer: haha nope — I mean, you could fill it with acetone then wait a few months to make sure there isn’t any left when you plug it back in, good luck!

Buying a 3D printer was a bad idea and getting a cheap dual-filament model was the worst idea. I could have saved money and so much time and energy going to a makerspace instead.


Though they look like giant clay beehives, these structures in the deserts of Persia were used to make something much more needed and much harder to come by in ancient times: ice. [trib.al]

12 July

On the other hand I didn’t expect Mudrunner would be much better with a steering wheel, but exploring a hilltop in an F150 with each bump coming through force feedback feels amazing.

Now that I’ve got enough space in my living-room I finally got around to try Wreckfest with a steering wheel. Force feedback seems pretty good; shame that the cockpit and hood views are almost useless for the lack of rear-view mirrors.

11 July

I think my favorite part of Steam Labs is actually the “automatic show.” I’d love to be able to view my personalized Steam Store home page in the four-way split-screen format at the beginning of the video. (On-demand, when I feel like it, not as a permanent replacement.)

C’est marrant, il y a beau y avoir un tout petit cockpit indicateur de l’échelle, je n’imagine jamais ça aussi gros, un avion de chasse.

Je suis sorti de chez moi au bon moment, à la minute près, pour tomber sur LE truc qui rend jaloux tous les autres dictateurs 🙌︎

Also a Viva Piñata VR would be so good.

10 July

Spent the whole day getting SteamVR overlay code to work only to find that inherent limitations seem to prevent what I want to do on several levels (virtual flickering 3D glasses to kickstart a lazy eye).


National Geographic called me and asked me to write the feminist facts about how The Lion King gets lion pride dynamics all wrong. I happily complied. Lions are matrilineal!! [nationalgeographic.com]

If Ubisoft finally releases a VR version of Origins’ exploration mode and it’s an Oculus exclusive I will…!

I will…!

I will have to keep my Rift around even after I get a Valve Index 😖


“What disturbed people was that I was a man choosing to wear a dress in a serious way.”

Actor and performer Billy Porter discusses why he wore a dress to the Oscars.


Sudden realization while discussing the Nintendo Switch Lite: what if an Ive-less Apple suddenly found itself capable of creating an iPod dedicated to games? As in, with first-party detachable — or even, gasp, integrated! — buttons and sticks?

Sudden realization while discussing the Nintendo Switch Lite: what if an Ive-less Apple suddenly found itself capable of creating an iPod dedicated to games? As in, with first-party detachable — or even, gasp, integrated! — buttons and sticks?

I thought the Switch Lite would still have video-out, but that was silly — of course they need a reason for the $300 model to keep existing. Not that I intended to ever plug it into my TV when I buy one.


“The innovation Gutenberg is said to have created was small metal pieces with raised backwards letters, arranged in a frame, coated with ink, and pressed to paper. But Choe Yun-ui did that—and he did it 150 years before Gutenberg was even born.” [lithub.com]


EPIC 6.0



A single Thrill of the Fight game and I now understand why they already made such a big deal of Rocky Balboa being too old to fight in 1985, even though he was obviously fit as hell. Reflexes, man 👴🏻

Holy shit Thrill of the Fight is intense and I think I might be into boxing now.

I also got Fujii and Garden of the Sea during the Steam sale even though I didn’t think they were for me, and—well, I was right, but I won’t blame them for that.

Meanwhile, the free The Scream experience has some very successfully creepy moments (that don’t really seem to have that much to do with the painting, but does it matter?).

I started playing Torn and closed it in horror after two minutes. Who on earth thought it was a good idea to record an inner monologue for a first-person VR experience? That stuff’s already immersion-breaking enough in flat-screen games — it’s outright sabotage in VR.

9 July


Apple talks a lot about services being the future of the company, but then they pull shit like this and it makes me wonder if they have any clue that the most important part of a data service is protecting its contents.


Here’s something simple that Apple could do to focus adoption on people who really need it: remove some popular Emoji in the beta. It would have minimal impact on testing, but normal folks would say “no way!”

They use Emoji to drive adoption: they could use it to throttle, too.


This year’s betas are a true support nightmare.

10% of our users on these already, and many many are seeing sync outages, some even data loss.

It’s careless of Apple to release such broken OSes to the masses. [twitter.com]

Google’s web app to learn morse code is excellent

Works fine on desktop but refuses to run on mobile without GBoard, even if you request the desktop version. Because obviously the point is to get you on GBoard… which should make you wary of using GBoard.

8 July


Ceux qui croient en l’existence d’une minorité homosexuelle depuis la nuit des temps tentent surtout de se persuader que l’Ordre Hétérosexuel existera pour toujours, ce qui est un piège tendu à celleux pour qui l’horizon politique est d’abolir la domination patriarcale.


On devrait se méfier de ce genre de discours. Plutôt que de dire que les “LGBT” ont “de tout temps” existé, on ferait mieux de rappeler que c’est bien le système homo/hétéro, à travers lequel nous vivons notre “sexualité”, qui n’a pas toujours existé. Son emprise est récente. [twitter.com]

7 July

Eastshade (PC) — 9/10

C’est con, j’avais arrêté de lire The Walking Dead parce qu’il avait l’air d’avoir perdu son chemin et de meubler dans le vide, alors qu’il prenait son élan pour pour un dernier acte à la hauteur du reste de la série.

6 July

La vie de Galilée — Comédie française — 7/10

Sortir de La vie de Galilée pour trouver une lune énorme au-dessus de la tour Eiffel ✨︎


Italian artist Peeta blends graffiti and abstract forms into optical illusion murals [thisiscolossal.com]

The voice acting is pretty much the only part that’s hit-and-miss, but that’s just video games for you.

The buzz I’ve seen on Eastshade was mostly “a walking simulator with painting” but that doesn’t do it justice at all. They clearly set out to do an indie-sized Elder Scrolls-without-combat and I think they very much achieve that. Lovely world with unexpectedly well-written quests and dialogue.


Les associations écologistes avaient soulevé le lièvre il y a trois ans, un audit institutionnel officiel le confirme : sous la pression du lobby agricole, de nombreux préfets ont EFFACÉ des ruisseaux et points d’eau des cartes, pour pouvoir les polluer.



Amazing, 7 Eleven launch mobile payment app: a day after launching it attackers stole half a million USD from customers, as the app had no security around password reset (any user could reset anybody else’s password) [zdnet.com]


“I’m working Paleo hours” is just the status brag the tech startup scene needs to elbow out the hustle schtick [twitter.com]

Gros bug dans la matrice aujourd’hui, le sabot de mon rasoir électrique est en plastique blanc alors qu’il a toujours été noir. J’ai peur de vérifier quoi d’autre a été reprogrammé pendant mon sommeil.

5 July

I had only ever played Lumines on Xbox 360 and that version did not prepare my brain for the onslaught from Lumines Remastered’s visuals. I still love this game, even though my teeth hurt from clenching.

4 July


Tim Cook waved goodbye as Jony Ive pulled out of the car lot for the last time. Without dropping the smile, Cook tilted his head at Jeff Williams. “Finally,” he whispered though his teeth. “We can fix the fucking keyboards”



How the government-induced merger of Boeing and McDonnell Douglas destroyed Boeing’s engineer-driven culture, and lead to an inept national monopoly that kept trying to cut corners and costs. [mattstoller.substack.com]

Les bus tombent en panne comme des mouches, ou c’est juste le fonctionnement normal d’avoir des bus garés partout au milieu de la chaussée avec les warnings ?

Eastshade is lovely but making me wait for an astral conjunction to progress was a really cruel way to remind me that it is not Outer Wilds because I have finished Outer Wilds and nothing will ever be Outer Wilds again.

3 July

KIDS (PC) — 7/10

Avengers: Endgame (2019) — 7/10

Je ne me ferai jamais à l’idée que des gens assez bourges pour sortir, voire vivre, dans ce quartier puisse trouver ça normal de poireauter 45 minutes devant un restaurant parce qu’il est à la mode.


“Use offer code PONTIFEXG512 to get your first two months of Audible free”

Je me suis brièvement pris la gueule avec un taxi qui empiétait sur le passage piéton et je sais bien que ce n’est pas du tout productif mais j’ai bien peur que ça m’ait fait plaisir.


Je répète : ce pays est mûr pour n’importe quelle forme de pouvoir autoritaire. Quand presque tous les encadrants, gestionnaires, administrateurs, se sont convertis à l’usage de la force pour imposer leurs vues, il ne reste plus grand chose à faire pour basculer. [twitter.com]


Next Level VR Face Tracking


Okay, just FaceTime’d with @WSig and this actually works. Looking at him on-screen (not at the camera) produces a picture of me looking dead at his eyes like I was staring at the camera. This is insane. This is some next-century shit.


The highest concentration of wild leopards in the world is found in urban Mumbai.


TIL grâce à @Jcqslucas : naguère signifie “il n’y a pas longtemps”!

Et c’était étymologiquement sous notre nez depuis le départ !!

2 July


Dans ma playlist “Unexpected Ouin”, il y a le générique de Côte Ouest avec ses synthés magnifiques qui me filent un bourdon monstre, et c’est rien que la faute de @3615simonsimone


And, who knows, playing a branching narrative could motivate me to get back to my interactive fiction project(s).

Ninety minutes in, Detroit doesn’t seem nearly as bad as Cage’s previous two games and I think I might want to play it 😱

I’m watching Detroit: Become Human on YouTube (since it’s coming to PSN+ anyway) and for a studio so obsessed with performance capture it’s amazing how horribly their tech fails on anyone who isn’t a doll-faced thirty-year-old.


Le miracle du Saint Ruissellement n’a jamais été aussi proche. [twitter.com]


#inégalités #claque

selon #Bloomberg les 14 Français les plus riches ont accumulé 78 milliards de dollars de plus depuis le 31 décembre, soit une augmentation de 35% en 6 mois. Plus du double du rythme de la Chine (17%) et des États-Unis (15%) [bloomberg.com]

Making a closed podcast network wasn’t bad enough, they had to restrict it to four countries.

1 July

Tales of the City (2019) a beaucoup d’épisodes pour une série que je trouve un peu mal écrite et un peu mal jouée mais que j’ai quand même envie de voir jusqu’à la fin 😒


The Fourier series video out!

In this animation, each vector rotates at a constant integer frequency. They’re added together, tip to tail. The only control you have is the starting position of each, and from that alone, they’ll draw almost anything.



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