22 July

Si les chats avaient un concept du chanter-faux, je prendrais très mal sa réaction de panique.

I had always resisted it but I must admit I don’t hate having another location to move to (and possibly even work) during the day.

21 July

C’est tristoune et monotone, l’aménagement de Paris Plages cette année, non ?

RT @olebegemann: The glowing Apple was fun while Macs were a small minority. Now that (almost) everybody has a Mac, itʼs way to obtrusive for my taste.

RT @louije: The Lego factory at the bottom of the sea (via @lucilesc) [bbc.com]

I reached (what looked like) the halfway point of Infamous: Second Son two/three weeks ago and I feel zero inclination to pick it up again.

Rentré dormir chez moi (because that cat is the Devil’s spawn) — bordel que les murs sont près, de quelque côté que je me tourne !

20 July

I know I could read up about the game again (I already did when it was first announced) but I just shouldn’t need to — not to that extent.

Not sure if I interrupted the tutorial too many times (because I was at home) or it’s meant that way, but I’m completely lost in Ingress.

Le chat qui passe sa journée à dormir sur le canapé ET t’engueule quand tu ne viens pas te coucher à l’heure réglementaire.

19 July

L’autre inconvénient d’avoir des terrasses de bars sous ses fenêtres, c’est qu’on culpabilise à mort de ne rien faire de son samedi soir.

I can never, ever remember what the keyboard shortcut is for special characters in Mavericks.

Just got an idea for an IRL / AR Watch Dogs-like multiplayer hacking game, and for once it may even be something I could realize by myself.

When you start petting a cat and it moves just one foot out of your reach and looks at you like, “Well? Whatcha waiting for?”

18 July

A chaque fois que j’ouvre l’appli Météo (et je passe mon temps à l’ouvrir, because reasons) le programme du week-end change.

Knowing Overcast exists makes it painful to listen to podcasts without silence reduction and dynamic compression. But I listen on my Mac.

17 July

Je voudrais pas critiquer parce qu’au moins c’est pas du 100% pavé, mais ça ressemble un peu à rien, le nouveau jardin des Halles ?

Un Segway garé devant un restaurant. Réflexe immédiat, don’t stare at the handicapped!

16 July

RT @RarestAnimal: They are called “Blue Dragon” part of the Mollusk family [pic.twitter.com]

The Strain’s pilot is so full of stupid I can’t imagine they’ll have enough left for the Pacific Rim sequel. How ever will they manage?

15 July

Does iOS 8 preselect the damn text field contents when you reopen Spotlight before its value has been reset?


Oh, ces vacances, ça va être les championnats du coup d’épaule dans le touriste #quartierlatin

“If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love”

Shit, that wasn’t the right Hugo Award nominee to read right before going to sleep.

14 July


I’m not subscribing (or clicking), I just love the idea.

Depuis le temps que je me plains de pas trouver le son que j’aime à Paris y’en avait pas un pour me dire d’aller au Queen.

Par contre c’est plus de l’acouphène, je suis juste simplement sourd. IL DIT QUE CA C’EST DE LA BONNE SOIREE.

Wo putain. Depuis des mois que je me dis sans conviction qu’il faut que je tente le Queen par acquit de conscience. Mais c’est top en fait !

13 July

Facebook Messenger for iPad permanently pollutes my visual space with a list of old conversations I don’t wanna see… nor delete.

Trois salles, trois ambiances, trois envies de mourir. Au point de me réfugier dans la boîte de province au fond qui passait du hip-hop.

11 July

rdar://17628154: “Kill Swift, Fix Xcode” — Daniel Jalkut

Also, having some personal experience creating new development languages for the Objective-C platform, I’d like to suggest that the appropriate way to introduce a new language is for its creators to spend several months writing nontrivial applications in the language and reviewing the results with experts. This does not seem to have been done.

The Fall

We started on bad terms because my controller wasn’t operational and I found the game basically unplayable with keyboard and mouse. However, the gamepad control scheme is actually well designed and, once I got it working, the game suddenly became enjoyable.

Like all point-and-click adventure games, there are some puzzles I would never have had the patience to figure out without a walkthrough. And, as you can expect from a game that mixes point-and-click puzzles with shooting action, the combat is annoying and I’d love to be able to skip it. But the atmosphere, writing, and voice acting are all really pleasant and make up for the shortcomings.

Though probably not to the point that I’d buy the upcoming sequel — unless it finds the courage to do away with combat altogether.

10 July

Coming Out Simulator 2014

Thought it was a joke when I saw the title in a tweet, but it’s a real thing, and well written. Rather unnerving, until I went full-on hostile to regain some control over the situation — more like Teenage Simulator 2014, amirite.

RT @RarestAnimal: A Mary River turtle with algae growing on its shell [pic.twitter.com]

The WSJ says Apple is finally ready to get its CPUs from a new supplier. Samsung acknowledges it’s hitting the ceiling of its market positioning. The sourcing diversification of Retina displays already began a while ago. Is this when the shit hits the fan? #karma

Besson directed a movie about… Aung San Suu Kyi? You’re shitting me. How did I miss that? I can always use a good laugh.

I know I’m missing out on stuff but I just cannot get over clunky controls. Gaming has existed for 40 years; there’s just no excuse anymore.

The keyboard-and-mouse controls for The Fall are obnoxious. Of course I can’t play with my gamepad because… argh I hate gaming on a Mac.

9 July

“Who’s gonna wear a smart watch? Nobody’s wearing watches anymore.” NOBODY CARRIED PHONES AROUND BEFORE MOBILE PHONES, EITHER.

The Wolf Among Us

I loved Telltale’s The Walking Dead. I really enjoyed the first decade of Fables. And that’s why I bought the whole season of The Wolf Among Us as soon as the first episode came out — I won’t do that mistake again. The first episode received some leniency because one assumed the story was going somewhere, but the season only got less and less interesting as it progressed. It sucked as a detective game. It sucked as an adventure game. It pretty much sucked as an interactive experience. And it wasn’t a very good or interesting Fables story either. The best thing about it is, it’s over.

But, hey, you should read Fables, it’s pretty fun. And if the game contributed to popularize the comic, good.

8 July

RT @pschiller: Inclusion inspires innovation

“Pride” [youtu.be]

Oh god, the reason those albums were incomplete was that I’d deleted the tracks I enjoyed the least to make some room — like a savage.


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