Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

1 February 2004

Pédéblogueurs 2004.02

February is brought to you by Journal d’un paumé.

Unlike January, this time the setup has nothing to do with the month, nor with the blogger (for those who wouldn’t have understood at the time, January was about discount sales because that’s when they happen, not because Manu is moving to a red district display window). You can see my initial idea on the fourth bonus track: too ambitious, much too ambitious with post-production. We’ll see about that in 2005, when I have a real studio, a blue screen and a digital SLR. Since I realized it wasn’t going to work as soon as we started shooting, we ended up staging something completely different… which has been post-edited because it wasn’t really working either. So in the end all you get is a naked blogger in bed. Oh well, that’s good enough, isn’t it?

Before I started this calendar, I had never made pictures to actualize an initial idea: I had always taken advantage of the location, the lighting, the model, to make photos the way they came. Now, with a concept I have to realize, it’s quite easier to fail. So this was my very first failure—but, then again, I think it’s good enough.

In the meantime, I’m afraid this picture may frighten the other prospective models a bit. Fortunately there are already a few on the waiting list. And, anyway, the peculiarity of February is that he’s an anonymous blogger: if you want to hide your head, you have to show more skin for the picture to have any point, it makes sense. Since all the other enlisted bloggers aren’t anonymous, there probably won’t be an orgy month (what month would it be anyway? oh, right, I know: June, for the Gay Pride).

Anyhow… comments about the picture?

Je trouve Evelyne Bouix totalement méconnaissable : c’est ma mémoire, ou un gros lifting ?

Taken : ça ne valait vraiment pas la peine de se taper les dix épisodes.

2 February

Ca alors, c’est pas fini, les soldes ? Je suis riche, et c’est encore les soldes ? Bon, ok, il n’y a plus rien dans les rayons — et, en plus, mes honoraires n’ont pas encore été crédités sur mon compte — mais… ça dure combien temps ?!

P.S. (C’est ça quand on fait quelque chose en même temps qu’on blogue, on oublie ce qu’on voulait dire.) Heureusement, il ne reste plus grand chose, côté tentations, donc je peux me contenter de l’essentiel : trente neuros pour trois jolis t-shirts, je vais être tout beau ce printemps et cet été. Il était temps, ça commençait à être vraiment la misère. D’ailleurs, je me demande si je n’aurais pas dû en prendre deux ou trois de plus, pour la route. Il faudra que je fasse un tour à H&M demain.

En attendant, ce n’était pas pour ça que j’étais allé faire des courses, mais pour du matériel photo, sauf que ces flemmards sont tous fermés le lundi. Alors on réessaie demain…

3 February

I hate people.

Well, especially men, but that’s because I’m not facing women daily, so I can forget they’re not worth any better (I kind of wish I were straight, so I could believe that women have mystery and charms and they’re an unexplored land to be discovered, all that bullshit just because they aren’t endowed the same way).



Oddly enough, I’d hate someone like me more than anyone else, but I can live with myself—not so much because I’m useed to it, as because you don’t do the same things, and don’t expect the same qualities, from yourself (I don’t need to be self-possessive, and I never have to wait for myself to call or show up on time). But everyone else… each of them is worse than the others. More incoherent, self-centered, incompetent, more… ah! Year after year, I have slowly, gradually filled up the list of star signs I can’t stand. There used to be just two or three—the most temperamental, the least reliable. It quickly jumped to eight or nine and remained steady for a while but, now all of a sudden we’re up to 11.99. All that’s left is the exception to the rule, the one that doesn’t count. I’m really destined to be a hermit.

All I need is for my cave to be near a cruising spot. Well, and I’ll need a shower, because otherwise… and a mirror, something to shave and cut my hair, clean and trendy clothes and… oh, right, a bed, for those guys who need their comfort. Damn. Too expensive, doesn’t fit with the hermit concept.

And I’m too old to become a eunuch, aren’t I? I think that, if they’re cut off now, it won’t change my needs, only my abilities (which means even more frustration—but maybe one gets used to it).


(The moodlog is much funnier when it’s up to you to trace it according to my posts, isn’t it?)

Je devrais peut-être oublier cette idée de fusionner blog, minilog et photolog, et me concentrer plutôt sur la finalisation du redesign.

Pourquoi le driver de mon imprimante ne propose pas de sortir les pages en ordre inverse, pour que je n’aie pas à les reclasser ?

4 February

5 February

6 February

Ah, discount sales, and the thrilling illusion of combining the pleasure of spending with the satisfaction of saving—the ultimate scam, officially supported by the government twice a year (well, why not, the lottery is also a government business in France).

I initially thought I would cash my money in too late for me to take advantage of the winter discounts—and somehow I thought it was, reasonably, a good thing, since I wouldn’t spend—but those things last eons. So I spent the past week making the debit card burn (well, not literally, because the card has a low maximum, so I used the checkbook).

You don’t care about what I bought from Paris stores, so I’ll just mention the three used electronic flashes I finally bought, to make some nice portraits.

It’s quite possible I could put my new clothes and my new flashes in relation and make a few self-portraits to show my marvelous face on the blog. But it’s also quite possible I wouldn’t.

P.S. Oh, I forgot the wonderful remote-controlled 1/43 car model by Majorette. You have no idea how much I dreamt of something like this when I was a kid. Of course, it’s a bit late now, I’m too old to play with it. But it doesn’t matter. Does it? Nah.

7 February

Of course, on the only day when I forget my notepad home, I get a great idea for a short movie. So I covered a few checks’ backs with notes. I never needed those transfer orders anyway.

This time, there aren’t songs or special effects: only three actors and an almost empty room. Needless to say, it’s much easier to make than the 2003 version. Which doesn’t necessarily mean it will ever be made, but at least this time it’s really a short story—and I thought I would always be unable to think of one!

From: L\’équipe Tiscali (sic)
Vous êtes né(e) le _DATEANNIV_ (re-sic)
Cher(e) abonné(e), il y a des jours qui sont importants !
Et aujourd’hui plus qu’un autre car c’est votre anniversaire.
A cette occasion, nous vous offrons
10 SMS gratuits !

C’est sympa. Ca ne coûte rien, d’autant plus que je ne m’en servirai pas, mais c’est sympathique, une petite attention comme ça. Je suis inscrit sur plein de choses, pourquoi seuls ces xxxx de Tiscali y pensent ? (Bon, je suis de mauvaise foi : je n’ai pas relevé mon adresse à spams récemment.)

Ceci dit, s’ils prennent la peine de rater la configuration de leur mailing pour insérer la date de mon anniversaire (qu’ils veulent me rappeler pourquoi, au fait ? je suis au courant que je suis né le _DATEANNIV_, merci), ils pourraient aussi récupérer mon sexe depuis leurs fichiers, ils doivent bien l’avoir. Quels pros, tout de même. Je ne comprends vraiment pas qu’en étant chez un provider aussi pro je puisse avoir des problèmes de connexion quotidiens. Je ne comprends pas.

A propos de soldes, je me suis aperçu d’un truc un peu gênant : comme je ne gagne pas souvent d’argent, je convertis toujours en francs, quand je facture ; comme je fais mes courses toutes les semaines, je ne convertis plus en francs quand je paye (bon, déjà que je regarde à peine les prix…). J’encaisse en francs, je dépense en euros. Je me crois toujours sept fois plus riche que je ne suis. En fait, il ne faudrait pas que je vérifie mon compte, parce que je dois avoir fait faillite, cette semaine.

Ca existe vraiment, des hétéros en “open relationship” ?

I think I don’t regret spending on electronic flashes. I had no idea my camera could make pictures so sharp. And I resized this one down so it could fit in the layout.

Making pictures with flashes is hard, though. As I was searching the web, I found out how professional studio flashes work: an embedded lamp illuminates the scene the same way the flash will (with much less intensity, of course), so that you have no surprise, you know exactly what you’re shooting. Whereas with those flashes… good thing I have a digital camera, or I couldn’t use them at all.

P.S. In case anyone wonders, those aren’t my eyes (mine are dark). I may post a few self-portraits through the week-end, if I have time and inspiration.

P.S. I forgot to thank Frédéric, whose prints made me realize that a simple digicam (well, a simple $1,000 camera) could make real sharp portraits, with distinct eyelashes and all. Great discovery for me.

8 February

Spot the fake smile (via Embruns). 18 right out of 20: can you beat that?

P.S. Well, actually, I’d rather hear of people who scored far less. Because I find it so simple… well, ok, it can be a bit hard, but I spent the whole test thinking I was answering too easily and there would be traps. And in fact, there weren’t. Since I think it’s so easy to spot, I don’t understand how people could fail.

I like, though, the explaination they give at the end (paraphrased from memory): some may fail this test because it’s easier for us to live in society if we don’t question the sincerity of people’s friendliness. I like the idea that I “chose” to see beyond the surface better than other people, because I refuse compromise and I don’t want to live in an illusion (yeah, I know, there could be a whole philosophical debate about my life here, and you think you know all about it, but we’ll get back to it—not) (okay, well, let’s say I refuse that one illusion, that of simplicity, and I prefer to live through others, that’s the way it is and it’s not so different). I like it when websites flatter me.

I’m not done with all the administration scripts yet, but I’ve made the changes I intended to: reuniting blog, minilog and photolog because there isn’t really a reason to separate them (now that the site is back to blog format); restoring the English version. Yes, I broke down. It’s not even so much because of my ambition as I missed writing in English.

We’ll see how that works. Anyway, this time, even if I don’t translate all of my posts, I won’t delete the English version. It’s too much hassle to put it back in afterwards.

You’ll notice a big hole between October and now. I’ll try and translate a few back posts (the most interesting ones), but, well… just assume you didn’t mean much. (Ok, you did miss two naked gay bloggers.)

P.S. I’m finally done with all my scripts. If something doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to notify me.

P.S. For instance, the fact that the comments form’s cookies aren’t working anymore. No idea why.

P.S. I just translated a few January posts. Scroll down for the naked bloggers!

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been watching a show that used to be aired much later, or because I had a photo shoot in early afternoon, or just that I’m generally tired (I caught a cold), but there’s absolutely no way I can believe it’s 11pm. I’m gonna go to bed early tonight…

9 February

I don’t know where to put my clothes. Hangers too crowded, closet too crowded. It’s terrible, I don’t know how to manage that: I’ve never had so much clothing. I still have a bunch of whites to wash and no idea where to put them afterwards. Or maybe I just don’t wash them, problem solved, they’re just staying in the laundry basket.

OmniWeb 5 features. When will get the same for Windows?

Dogster. Should I hurry and create Catster ?

Canon PowerShot Pro1. Seems nice. But what I want to have now is super-high resolution medium-format.

Firebird has changed names again?! And I’ve only been away from news sites for two weeks…

10 February


The stupid radio commercial for the Stereophonics has managed to disgust me from the song. Congratulations.

11 February

Irène Frain in Télé 7 Jours :

You can judge a lover from his behavior in front of a table. If he eats too fast, or doesn’t pay attention to his plate, he may well be a lousy partner. If he fills up his glass without serving you, he expresses his self-centered nature. I’m weary of men who eat little, as in general appetite reflects libido. The ideal man must know how to enjoy things, without gluttony.

I completely agree, in theory, but… does it apply the same way to gay males, who are more liable to pay attention not to eat too much? They’re not all lousy lovers, are they? If I have to avoid skinny boys, I’ll have to change my tastes regarding men. Maybe hypnosis would work.

Gush, both a Jabber and RSS client (via PB). Very particular interface, quite pretty but not really practical yet, and definitely unusable as long as it doesn’t use sounds.

And I’ve been looking for so long for an IM client that would be all in one window.

Anyway, I feel at ease inside it to type messages. That’s what matters. As soon as I have my third monitor, I’ll be able to launch it there and do without sounds.

« Gérard Depardieu and Fanny Ardant : they’re in love ! » I’m gonna throw up.

Liste des fréquences FM à Paris (ma chaîne a perdu les réglages à cause d’une coupure de courant).

I think Renault launched a limited “Kiss Cool” edition of their Twingo just in order to make this commercial, merging the Twingo and Kiss Cool (a sugarless mint) CGI ads.

12 February


I thought I was done with the expenses. Wrong. I went to the computer stores block thinking I’d buy two little, cheap PCI video cards so I could turn my third monitor on. And then… I decided to be reasonable and spend 300€ on a triple-head Matrox card. And how is that reasonable? Thing is, a single AGP video card is faster than three cheaper cards—and also because I’ve been dreaming for ages of having something better than nVidia at 2D display.

As far as performance goes, I’m not disappointed, as I can finally use all of WindowFX’s functions: transparent windows, animations, everything works instantaneously. A bit disappointed by the drivers, though: I don’t know if there’s a good technical reason for that, or they just thought it would be fine for most people, but triple-head display only works if all three monitors use the same resolution (whereas dual-head allows different resolutions). As a result, my two 17” monitors end up displaying 1024x768 because of the little third 14”, whereas I had grown quite accustomed to 1280x1024. Ok, I still have a higher total number of pixels, but I didn’t spend so much to use 1024x768, did I?

Do you realize what that means? Now I have to find a new 17” screen…

13 February

In the midst of a discussion around a glass of Coke, I remembered Albedo’s idea: « childhood memories scarcely are real memories… it’s not pleasant to hear but that’s the way it is, most of them are reconstructed. » And I realized it was a perfect explaination to something I always thought weird: the (very few) memories I have from my early childhood are not in first-person view but seen from the outside, as on TV, or as if my childhood had been a long near death experience I lingered in for a while. Which isn’t wrong either, but that’s not the point. So it’s probably true that memories are false.

What I like about this theory is that it’s a sweet justification to the fact I have so few memories from that age: it wouldn’t be that I was traumatized and forgot all about it because it was so bad, nor that I have memory troubles, but just that I’m less delusional than others, and I don’t drown my mind in fake memories because I only see the truth, I see clearly through life, I’m lucid and zen—in a few words, I’m better than you.

And you know I enjoy that.

1024x768 depresses me. Really. It’s a catastrophe. I should have sticked to the plan.

Was there something tonight? A party? A collective suicide to avoid yet another Valentine’s Day? Nobody’s blogging, nobody’s commenting, it’s dead everywhere. What’s going on, and why haven’t I been notified? I hate it when people organize parties behind my back. Damn people. Should get rid of them. That’s planned. But I can’t tell you any more about it. You might try to escape. You won’t succeed anyway. The only thing you’re left to wonder is: When? How is not important, that’s my business. Trust me. It won’t be painful for all of you.

www.garoo.net — version 1862.1

I wanted to do something really spectacular, but I’m not inspired at all. I briefly wanted to take advantage of my new photography stuff and put my picture on a big page header, but the photographs weren’t good and I suddenly remembered I don’t like my face.

So you get subtle changes. But it does look cleaner now. And less “I don’t know how to use Photoshop”, which is what matters. And we’re back to Georgia because, really, nothing else works on a blog.

Oh, since some of you have trouble finding it when it moves around: the link for posting comments is with the permalink, on the article’s top left corner.

Cherche écran 17 pouces, prix et garantie raisonnables, livré dans le 94 parce que je me vois mal le trimbaler dans le RER. Histoire de me ruiner un peu.

Ou alors, deux écrans LCD capables de monter en 1280x1024, pour 150 € les deux (seulement deux, il faut que je garde un CRT pour Photoshop). Mais là, j’y crois encore moins.

14 February

Peter Parker’s butt isn’t human. (The movie’s well done, but a bit corny.) (Actually, more corny than well done.)

Eep ! (via Embruns) (click fast, I assume hope it won’t last past midnight).

If I remembered my dreams, I’d know why I woke up depressed today.

15 February

Seems like my video card is overheating. Total crash with auto-reboot after a couple dozen hours; I had to turn the computer off during tonight’s Sex and the city episode so it would cool down and start up again.

I don’t know whether the fan has a problem, or my computer is too hot, or, uh, I dont’ remember what I wanted to write here. But whichever it is, it’s gonna be a pain.

I hate dealing with tech support (well, who doesn’t?), I hate turning back a product to the store, it’s all so complicated.

Fear. Depression.

Good news is, it shouldn’t be the video card after all. Bad news is, I’ll have to change the CPU fan. Or maybe I’ll buy a second big fan in an appliances store—why not?

16 February

Bent on TV


I love… stones

I need to make my own Paris Hilton sex tape (oh hello Google!) so I can become famous and get magazine covers without doing anything special, since it appears all my other plans are failing (these days I’m reading writer blogs that explain how impossible it is to earn a living with writing). With less Hilton and more Garoo, obviously. Who’s got a Nightshot camera to lend me, and who wants to participate?

A little $5 thermal thermal paste and we’re set: the CPU remains under 50° C. We’ll see how it goes tonight when I watch the end of Aliens, but there’s no reason for it to fail. (I’m gonna need courage for that: the fifteen minutes I could watch before I crashed reminded me quite well how much I loathe this movie.)

In addition, I’ve put the Matrox back in and borrowed a 17” for the holidays, so I’m finally running in 3840x1024 — and I can tell you it’s quite comfortable.

It would be just perfect if the left-hand screen wasn’t blurry, or at least if it were the one that’s not mine. I would really love to buy two LCD screens and save the central CRT for Photoshop. But I’d have to work again for that — and even if I did, I’m not sure I’d be willing to put so much money into a couple of monitors.

Oh… avec tout ça, j’ai oublié de poster au sujet de l’épisode 7.13 de Buffy.

Je ne me souviens plus si je me suis aperçu tout seul que Giles ne touchait personne, ou si je l’ai lu en me documentant sur un épisode sur le web ; tout ce que je sais, c’est que c’est de la grosse arnaque qu’il ne soit pas mort, et pas le genre d’arnaque agréable pour les spectateurs — vraiment minable, comme façon de faire progresser l’intrigue.

J’avais autre chose à dire, il me semble, sur l’épisode, mais je ne me souviens plus quoi, et j’ai perdu mes notes parce que c’était une mauvaise idée de les mettre dans un formulaire sur ActiveDesktop. Il faut que je repasse sous Treepad.

C’est marrant, on en arrive aux inédits (enfin, à ceux que je n’avais pas vu) et je recommence à ne pas aimer. Peut-être que c’est une saison qu’il faut regarder deux fois. Peut-être que si je revoyais la saison 6 elle me plairait. Non, je plaisante.

En tout cas, je commence à mieux comprendre certain(e) fan(e) que je connais et qui a détesté cette saison — je m’inquiète, je n’ai vraiment aucune envie que la saison se termine bêtement.

17 February

Now that I’ve got plenty of room on my desktop for this kind of gadgets (via Embruns), I need to find some stuff to stick there (but it has to be Windows software, obviously).

Do all HP monitors squeak every time you open or close a window, or is it going to explode in my face?

18 February

I don’t know what’s supposed to be the point. Well, yeah, it’s blue, I saw that. But it has no taste.

« Après la pub, nous retrouverons Jonat(h?)an, qui voudrait dépasser son idole, Jonatan Cerrada. »

19 February

Alien: Resurrection, Special Edition on DVD

Caution: spoilers about the special edition in this post’s images. Nothing serious, just a little surprise.

[continue reading]

Here we go again… thanks to DVDs and books, I’m jet-lagged again and waking up at 4pm. Now it’s past 10pm and I’m only beginning to consider the possibility that maybe I’d feel a bit like going out tonight. Too late for that now.

20 February

How about taking on doll photography ? It can be nice.

On Monday, I finally found a toy store offering affordable boxes of Lego (and Mega Bloks) — I had been looking for a while, in order to make a photographed webcomic. I hovered around the displays for a while before I finally realized why it wouldn’t work: none of the packages contained any furniture. When I was young, you didn’t have all the Harry Potter, Spider-Man or Star Wars franchises, but there was furniture, at least chairs. (I think.) If I made a webcomic with Barbie dolls, not only I could find all the furniture I can imagine, but the pictures would look much nicer, wouldn’t they? Yeah, I know, Barbie’s out, Lego’s in, on the Internet. Besides, a Barbie doll-house must cost a fortune. So much for my soap opera.

I have to try out a real, large toy store. (If they hadn’t closed every other Toys’r Us in Paris, it would be more convenient.) See if there’s more choice. And the Mega Bloks figurines seem more interesting — a bit more lively than Lego’s. (And they even have dragons!)

What does it look like to have three 1280x1024 screens?

Click the picture to enlarge and for more details.

[continue reading]

21 February

SUVs and the illusion of safety (via BM).

« If there is a car that has no cupholder, it is not safe. »

It’s darwinian — as long as other cars manage to avoid SUVs — and maybe it will rid the USA of its silliest citizens within ten years.

BlogDSK : est-ce que quelqu’un leur a fait remarquer que c’est atrocement moche (il y a peu de blogs destinés à avoir plus de trois lecteurs qui soient aussi laids), qu’en plus c’est illisible dans une petite fenêtre (vive le CSS entre les mains de mauvais développeurs), que la moitié du template n’est pas traduit en français (trois phrases à traduire, merde !), que s’il y a plusieurs personnes qui écrivent dans un blog pseudo-personnel ça serait bien que la signature des posts saute un peu aux yeux et, enfin, que le contenu est nul ? C’est pas pour dire, mais ça, côté blog, et même indépendamment du layout, c’est autre chose.

I’ve found a toaster. Isn’t that cool? You don’t quite realize: I will now be able to eat warm past midnight, when it’s too late to make noise in the kitchen. Of course, it’s a bit more limited than a microwave oven, but it’s smaller and cheaper (free, actually, as it was lying around, unused, in the kitchen) and it’s already a good start: I’ll be able to make whole-grain toasts and certainly a lot of other things I haven’t imagined yet. Happiness.

22 February

Buffy — 7.14–7.15

J’aime bien l’idée d’avoir amené un fils de tueuse dans l’histoire. Ce qui est dommage, c’est que sa mère soit tombée sous les crocs de Spike, comme par hasard. Je suppose qu’au milieu d’un meilleur épisode, d’une meilleure saison, ça aurait pu mieux passer. Là, bof. Spike avait besoin de mettre le cuir volé à New York pour aller se battre ? C’est bien de penser à la continuité, c’est joli, mais c’est totalement idiot.

Je ne sais pas quoi penser de l’idée que la Tueuse n’ait pas été créée par Dieu, le Destin ou le Bien mais juste par trois patriarches machistes qui ne voulaient pas faire le travail eux-mêmes. Idée bizarre, on s’éloigne un peu du côté “mission suprême” du job, c’est plus anecdotique. Sans compter que la Première Tueuse avait l’air bien plus ancienne que ces trois mages et qu’elle n’avait pas tellement l’air d’avoir des patrons humains. Ni un langage articulé, d’ailleurs.

Et le big boss de fin de saison ? L’armée de Saruman. Je suis déçu, j’espérais que l’Uruk-Hai (euh, pardon, le Turok-Han) du début ne faisait que passer. Je sais bien que c’est difficile de faire quelque chose de nouveau après une déesse et une sorcière surpuissante, mais pour le coup ils ne se sont vraiment pas foulés. Il va falloir un miracle pour que la fin de saison ne soit pas décevante.

23 February

Stephen King’s On Writing

As fate would have it, I finally decided to read that book (took me some time to get started, as it’s hard to get to something that’ll keep me away from my computer) just when a TV channel is rerunning a King-inspired TV-movie every other night.

Which reminded me I’m not such a fan of his works. And, I found out, not of his writing style either.

The book is however interesting. I’m going through terminal ennui right now, so I won’t detail, but there are things to be learnt, particularly relating to efficiency. I’m not agreeing with all of it, though. But I’ll wait until I have published a couple of books and sold as many movie scripts before I can comment.

Thanks to W. for the book! The wishlist isn’t giving impressive results, but at least it’s not quite useless. (I must confess I’m a bit vexed that I only got presents from people I knew before I blogged. Ungrateful anonymous readers!)

24 February

Alien: Quadrilogy on 9 DVDs

Since I was talking about my wishlist and I’m dying of boredom right now (I just spent an hour browsing all those blogs I only read once a month, and I’m still far from sleepy), it’s time to tell I watched (partly) the box’s 9th bonus DVD. Which seems to be absolutely pointless, since the big multi-interview comes back to the exact same topics as the four bonus DVDs that come with each movie (the only difference being, this time it’s in widescreen format, which is cute, and I wonder how they filmed… oh, well, yeah, widescreen video cameras exist). I can imagine that a small percentage of buyers could be too lazy to watch all four individual bonus DVDs and just skip directly to the ninth, but… no, I can’t really imagine it, it just doesn’t make sense. As for the Q&A session with Ridley Scott in front of what I assume to be a bunch of cinema students, it isn’t better: I didn’t watch it entirely either, but it didn’t seem more interesting.

Nevertheless, even though I find the ninth DVD insulting, I’m glad that the very first DVDs I own are this box. (Next step is Buffy, season after season.) I don’t know if the individual packages contained the same bonuses and the same special editions as the boxed set; if you already own them you’ll have to ask, but otherwise this is a set you must absolutely own. Despite its name.

This name’s genesis will surely remain one of the 21st century’s great mysteries. Did an illiterate Fox executive just think “the plural of tri- must be quadri-, as in… um, some word”? If Google gives out results when you search for the word unrelated to Alien, is it because there are another thousand illiterate people around? Or is it a new word that brings a particular meaning but hasn’t yet made its way into dictionaries?

I know the former two are most probable. But then, hey, why did those Greek and Latin people decide to use the same radical to say “three” in both their languages? It’s confusing!

Whole-grain toasts aren’t great. Seven-cereal bread toasts are rather good. But all that’s not going to make me lose weight. Maybe I should get to the Atkins method after all — who cares if I’m a cancerous mutant ten years from now, I’ll be living under a bridge by then.

Letters (hint: use your keyboard) (via On Standby). 213. I cant see how one could reach 109372 without cheating. It’s much too fast.

What’s the point in using an electric shaver if it cuts my lips every other time? Don’t buy a Philips shaver.

Tiens, maintenant que j’ai un lecteur DVD qui marche et que je me fiche de la suite de 24, et si je prenais une carte UGC illimité ?

Ah, non. Déménagement en province. J’oubliais.

— Ah ? C’est tous les vendredi ? Mais alors, c’est quoi la différence entre Euro Millions et le Loto ?

— Oh ben non, c’est pas comparable… Euro Millions, on joue avec les espagnols et les anglais, alors, non, c’est pas comparable.

Hum. Non. C’est sûr. C’est pas comparable, ça n’a même rien de commun, je ne sais pas ce qui m’a pris. Merci Madame la libraire. (Tellement pas comparable que le bulletin a exactement le même format qu’un bulletin de Loto — à leur place, j’aurais essayé de faire quelque chose d’un peu différent, pour marquer le coup.)

J’ai tout de même appris quelque chose : contrairement à ce que je pensais, ce n’est pas juste le nouveau nom du Super Loto et ça ne s’appelle pas comme ça parce qu’on peut gagner des millions d’euros, mais parce que c’est européen.

Je ne vois pas bien l’intérêt. Il y a plus de joueurs, mais les gains ne seront pas plus élevés (enfin, si, vu que chaque grille coûte plus cher) puisqu’il y aura aussi plus de gagnants. Et, du point de vue des organisateurs, ça ne devrait pas être tellement mieux : ça ne maximise pas spécialement les bénéfices (à la base, ce sont eux qui les fixent en décidant du taux de reversement, c’est totalement arbitraire) et ça réduit les chances que le gros lot ne soit pas gagné.

Enfin, si, il y en a un, d’intérêt, tout simple. Ca fait un tirage de loto de plus dans la semaine. Mais, à long terme, c’est plutôt un gros risque pour la Française des Jeux : Euro Millions va forcément piquer un peu de clientèle au Loto, donc les gains du Loto vont être de moins en moins impressionnant, les super cagnottes de moins en moins motivantes, et les gens joueront encore moins au Loto, et… A vouloir piquer plus de fric aux joueurs, ils risquent de se cannibaliser eux-mêmes et de tout casser dans leur business-plan. Dommage.

Bon sang, ce qu’il fait froid dehors. On se croirait en hiver.

Ce ne sont pas mes yeux ni mes goûts qui ont vieilli, mais bien Christian Slater.

25 February

Mince. Sarah Lelouch, la candide l’ingénue l’idiote de Comme au cinéma, l’émission est bien la fille du cinéaste éponyme. J’espèrais que ce soit juste une coïncidence — sa présence était d’autant plus inexpliquable, mais au moins l’honneur était sauf. La, c’est du népotisme par alliance au plus pire de la naipotisme.

www.garoo.net — version 1863.0

Fits me better than the previous layout. Less pale. Darker. But, at least, there’s come contrast. Looks sad. Looks ugly. Pff.

I had to fetch elements back from two old designs (back from 2002 and 2003) so I’d have something usable, and the result looks bad.

Well, at least, it’s dark gray.



Elmore Leonard’s ten rules for writers (via BB). I feel like this obsession for going straight to the point (“being invisible”, as he puts it) is typically American. I don’t know literature enough to assert it, but it sounds logical: in France, being a writer isn’t about telling stories to the widest audience, but having a writing style that other writers can fall in love with. Just like with movies.

Where do I fit in there? As I already said recently (I think), I found out from blogging — and comparing my prose with the other blogs — that I’m much more concise than I ever thought. Even more so now, with two years of writing experience behind me (I opened this blog as a training, and it did work). But I still do like “the sound of my voice” a bit, and I can hardly imagine making myself completely invisible, hidden behind that plot and characters. I want to be seen. Otherwise I wouldn’t blog, or contemplate writing, etc. I suppose that (if I ever finish a manuscript, or if I ever start one for that matter) I’ll stand at an intermediary level. I like that, it works for me, it works for everyone. It looks like a compromise, and people love compromise.

But I don’t think I can ever live without adverbs.

www.garoo.net — version 1863.1

When in doubt, shift-reload.

Because the previous version was a bit stupid. A tiny little change and that’s much better. (And, as it happens, there’s one less big table in my HTML. Not that I care.)

All that’s left to do now is putting back a sidebar so I get a real blog layout, with a top header and two columns, just like everybody else. But with tables.

Le « Merci à Loïc Le Meur » (via Mediatic) à toutes les sauces, ça commence à devenir énervant. (A quand Le Pen ?) Je vais envoyer des lettres aux peoples (artistiques) (et de gauche) pour les inciter à ouvrir leurs blogs à leur tour, parce que moi aussi je veux des « Merci à Garoo » partout sur le web !

Toasts, they’re worse than a drug.

Au moment où j’ai refusé de bosser avec eux, le projet avait l’air beaucoup moins viable.

26 February

www.garoo.net — version 1863.2

There you go. A sidebar. That I might as well remove within an hour, you never know.

As a bonus, I edited the nicetitle script to indicate the language of the linked page. That’s only one more thing I’ll have to type in when I’m linking a site.

P.S. Yippee, it’s buggy with Mozilla, and every other time the contents end up stuck to the left instead of being centered (fortunately this only matters with high resolutions). Someday I’m really going to end up making this site in Flash…

P.S. This is annoying me, so there goes the useless sidebar. It sure looks nice to give the impression there’s lots of contents, but hey, let’s face it, this is just a blog. A large column of text and nothing else.

WindowFX window scaling. I stumbled across this at the exact minute I was considering subscribing to Object Desktop again.

27 February

Americans know how to have fun, once a year. (I thought the New Orleans mayor had announced he wouldn’t tolerate this happening again?)

12 Reasons Same-Sex Marriage will Ruin Society (via some place, I closed the tab).

I had hesitated creating a “gay” category for the blog, because I thought I wouldn’t be putting anything in it, but after all…

Oh well, I gave in, since everybody’s doing itthis week.

I know I had already tried this earlier, but couldn’t find the result back. Maybe I didn’t blog it. (Which is odd. Maybe I didn’t look for it hard enough.) Let’s see… I guess the result suits me. Besides, the results are rather moderate (except for the introvert part, but that isn’t a surprise), which is always comforting.

Though… “High capacity for caring. Emotional face to the world.” That may be a little bit exaggerate. Isn’t it? I know I’m not autistic, but I wouldn’t go that far.


And while I’m there:

Came with pages and pages of text that there’s no way I’d read at this time of night. I’ll only note that my conscious and unconscious personalities are identical: that’s significant, isn’t it?

(I should at least have saved the page to read it tomorrow. Too late.)

P.S. On that test, I get INTP (53% T). Close enough, and the test feels imprecise.

P.S. By the way: NT Rationals Explained to Normal People and MBTI Personality Types: “Only [NT] Rationals uniquely understand the [NF] Idealist’s non-concrete thinking style, and this often leads to special bonds between people of these two temperaments.

And, via Embruns : INFP Profile / INTP Profile. Features, at the end of the page, a summary of what you should be in order to become the companion, pal or whatever of an INFP / INTP. Even better than astrology.

P.S. Two days later, via a comment on Embruns, another version of the test also makes me INFP (with 89, 44, 56 and 56 %). There you go.

28 February

If I turn off heating, I sleep for twelve hours a day and wake up too late to go out or do anything. If I leave it on, I sleep for seven hours, wake up early enough but not quite operational, and spend the day wondering how I can keep myself busy for 17 hours. (If you notice your blog’s statistics exploding, it’s just me being bored.) Ah, it’s so complex…

Of course, there would be the option of doing something with these 17 hours. But that… I’m only mentioning it, in passing, so that you can’t feel so smart for saying it in the comments. Because it’s not really a possibility. And, as I said, I wake up early, but tired. Oh well. Just wait until spring. It’ll all be better. Yeah. Right.

My favorite sweater’s zipper is broken. If anyone needed further evidence that my life is disintegrating…

29 February

Buffy — 7.16–7.17

J’en ai marre que les personnages ne fassent pas ce qu’ils disent. Surtout quand ils annoncent à quelqu’un qu’ils vont le tuer. Surtout quand c’est dans deux épisodes de suite. C’est n’importe quoi.

Ca aurait été intéressant si Buffy avait vraiment tué Andrew, ou lui avait au moins planté le poignard dans le ventre, plutôt que cette nunucherie de larmes. C’est bien gentil de dire, dans l’épisode suivant, que cette fois elle sacrifierait Dawn pour sauver le monde, mais on n’y croit pas ; pour l’instant, elle a toujours les mains propres. Si, comme Whedon le disait à l’époque où la série allait quelque part, la série est à propos du passage à l’âge adulte, alors il serait temps que Buffy tue un innocent, à son tour — histoire de contredire Giles, qui discourait sur l’incapacité de la pure Buffy à faire ce genre de chose, pendant qu’il étouffait Ben.

Ca aurait été intéressant si Spike avait vraiment tué Robin des Bois. Ca aurait même rattrapé le scénario idiot, façon Anne Rice (enfin, c’est pas que les histoires d’Anne Rice soient idiotes, je n’en sais rien, mais que c’est incompatible avec le monde de Buffy), qui finit par se souvenir que la mère n’était plus elle-même mais un démon, mais trouve tout de même logique que le vampire William, lui, veuille rester dans les jupons de sa mère. Comme je disais : n’importe quoi. William n’est pas devenu Spike (souvenez-vous, le Spike sadique et sans pitié, et un peu bête parfois, mais qui avait mangé plein de tueuses quand même) parce qu’il a tué sa mère, il est devenu Spike parce qu’il a été vampirisé et que son corps froid et musclé était habité par un chanceux démon !

The calendar pictures for March are ready to be uploaded. Once again, it hasn’t been simple: it’s the first time since I got my flashes that I did full-body nude, all with a predetermined setting. Struggling to get correct light on face, body and background at the same time, all with three flashes, is… exhausting. Congratulations to the model for his patience, while I was moving lights around him over and over.

In order to see what I’m talking about, you’ll have to come back twenty-four hours from now.

Rha, je dois bien connaître quelqu’un qui a une voiture, quand même. A une époque, j’en connaissais plein. La moitié sont partis en province, je suis en froid avec l’autre moitié. Grmf.

Good grief, how uninteresting my blog is. Your lives must be even worse than mine for you to come and read me.


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