1 May 2004

Bloggo is now available in WAP 1.1. It works alright, except for the html2wml module that’s less efficient than Google’s (but displays the images, which can be important for some blogs)1, so I’ll be able to read blogs on my cellphone.

I have also managed to make my wapmail with just a tiny chunk of PHP. I can now read all my mail directly on my phone (from now on, wap[…] is redirected to cedric[…]).

It’s not that useful, but it’s pleasant to have a small, clean, functional administration interface.

Now I should dig into WAP push in order to be notified when I have new mail or comments. First I have to check that it wouldn’t incur an extra charge, though.

1: Bloggo doesn’t convert anything, my phone directly displays HTML. (Not very well, of course, but at least it tries.) I don’t know whether the WAP gateway does some WML translating or my phone really, natively interprets HTML. I don’t know either why it works on some pages and not others (not to mention those that are too big for my phone’s memory). Those technologies are so confusing.