5 May 2004

www.garoo.net — version 1865.0

The return of grey and pink. The return of my face, too. For a while I’d been meaning to try and put a pseudo-vectorized picture as a header (actually, since I read a bunch of old Computer Arts that are full of vector images); now it’s done, the result isn’t so great, and I’ll change it again soon. But, at least, it’s grey and pink, it’s garoo, so all I’ll have to do is change the top image when I’m tired of it. (Which means, soon. Like, maybe even tonight.)

Oh, yeah, I suppose it’s the opportunity to mention the reappearance of RSS on my site. But with a Garoo twist. Subscribe and you’ll see. For a while, too, I’d been thinking of putting RSS back (because I have to confess it’s quite convenient to be notified when there’s new contents on a blog, even though I personally still can’t find an aggregator I really like — I’m trying the RSSNews Miranda plugin again since yesterday) without putting contents in it (as I already explained here in length). I know RSS fanatics will scream (funny that they tend to be the same people as valid HTML fanatics), but hey, it’s that or nothing, since I already explained there’s no way I’ll let you read my text away from my site. Besides, my RSS is valid, which is already a lot. Only the minilog text entries will be copied to the RSS, because they don’t require elaborate formatting and they’re usually just links (unless, of course, you have subscribed to a plain-text feed, which won’t include the link).

As for notifying comments in the posts, I don’t know yet if that’ll stay — I guess it depends on the number of complaints. Right now, I’m bored, I don’t post much, so I feel like letting the site live its own life and I tend to emphasize a bit on comments. It’ll pass. If your aggregator is good-mannered, it should make a difference between new posts and updated posts (i.e., newly commented ones), so it shouldn’t be so much of a nuisance. If it is, let me know.

P.S. Well, in the end, I’m getting used to the image. While I’m here, if you see this text as being in black over white, I’ll have you know that the background is actually light grey, and the dates and permalinks are in white. If you don’t see them, then your screen isn’t properly calibrated, or… you have an LCD monitor. I’ll have to investigate that a bit, to see if configuring the screen better can solve it, or if this layout if just plain incompatible with LCD screens.

In which case it would be their loss, since I’m still using CRTs so, basically, I don’t really care.