24 May 2004

www.garoo.net — version 1866.0

Because I spend too much time writing this blog, and reading blogs.

Because what I write is usually crap.

Because 99% of the 800 to 1,000 daily readers of this site (I don’t even understand why my stats keep rising, whatever I do or don’t do) don’t deserve the little time I dedicate to this blog.

Because the remaining 1% deserves better than what I end up writing on this blog.

Because I said everything I had to say, and if I start going through worthy stuff in my life I can always rethink my home page, but there’s no hurry.

Because I’ve seen I was able to write, and I wrote everything I had to write, because everything interesting I may say will always have already been said by someone else, so I might as well just link them and spend more time on images.

All of it just because of a short but intensely irritating conversation with one of those people who think they know your life better than you do, making me realize that this stupid blog thing attracts those guys who think they can judge my life.

When it happened, I had a strong urge to delete the blog altogether and only leave the portfolio but, as you can see, I cooled down a bit, and I even kept the possibility of typing long articles when I have interesting stuff to say.

And since it doesn’t happen often, I’ll write less.

Next step, after a good night of sleep, is to do some spring cleaning in my bookmarks and stop reading all those blogs I’m not interested in, and that I read and linked only to see if I’d have stuff to comment on my blog. I think I can very well live not knowing what happens to most of you, and I can only benefit from using my spare time (or more accurately my boredom time) to something else than reading poorly written blogs that are even less interesting than mine (and that’s a bit of misanthropy saved from what this post was originally scheduled to be).

So this minilog will mostly focus on web, news and technology.