Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

1 July 2004

In fact, I should find an apartment to borrow in the center of Paris, in order to take full advantage of my last month.

Abilon is now consistently crashing. All other Windows aggregators are either buggy or poorly designed. Grrr.

Pédéblogueurs 2004.07

I thought my inbox would be full of worried and questioning messages by now. Well, I didn’t really, but I thought there would be a couple of comments noting this is the first of July.

So, in short: everything annoys me immensely these days (for reasons obvious to whoever reads this blog with a bit of attention), but the calendar has been annoying me particularly for a few months. So it all boils down to a question: Why force myself to go on? Well, there it is, I haven’t got any good reason. Besides, I did six months, it sounds complete enough, it’s a half-year, so it was just a half-calendar. Six months means twelve to eighteen days spent working on those pictures, all of which scattered over several months, and for a Garoo that’s no small accomplishment.

In retrospect, the April 1st post was a bit of a premonition. But I already knew that when I wrote it — I knew it was likely to happen even before I started.

My apologies to those who were planned to be the next months (the whole year was almost booked), and my apologies to the past models, who end up having unwillingly participated in an incomplete calendar.

iTunes Giveaway. Probably not applicable to iTunes Europe.

2 July

Choc: La double vie de Cédric B. (via Matoo). Someone had told me that, and I had watched the show once, and I wasn’t convinced. But now, with the evidence… Well, nothing to complain about, I guess.

Slept at noon, woke up at 8pm. Couldn’t manage to stay in bed earlier. I’m not used to being stressed, so it’s making it hard for me to sleep. (Well, it also makes it hard for people who are used ot it. That’s what being stressed means.)

Moral of the story, a frightening observation: there are the same guys on gay chatrooms at 10am as at 10pm. Or they all got sleepless right the same day as I did, but that would be odd — unless it was a full moon?

Anyway, since I have most energy at the end of my day, subway trains will have started running again by the time I’m really motivated to go out, which is convenient. But that kind of cycle implies seeing far less sunlight, and I don’t think that’s quite good for me now. Morale is already low enough, thank you.

Preview the Dashboard widgets in your browser. (Probably won’t stay online for long.) Doesn’t seem to work without Safari. You can still download the PNGs.

Opération Séduction 3. Le concept est à vomir, mais on dirait que ça va être joli.

So it would appear that Dashboard relies on a modified WebCore that allows HTML+JS widgets to access the computer’s data and programs, so that for instance they can control iTunes or display the calendar and address book contents.

I know that Apple’s programmers aren’t too stupid, but, still… isn’t that precisely the kind of added functionality that caused Microsoft to make Internet Explorer the worst collection of security holes ever released?

P.S. I don’t know whether there’ll be security holes at the implementation level, but at any rate they did consider security seriously.

Good grief. I didn’t realize how big 30” is.

The layout bug (unpredictable text column width in Mozilla) seems to be fixed. I didn’t need all those colspans.

3 July

So that’s it? He abandoned Buffy in order to get naked and do a young woman in a Spooks episode?

Well, I guess you can’t blame him. In a week or two of shooting, he had more interesting and more diverse stuff to act than in two Buffy seasons.

In passing, I’ll say that I recommend this show. Just like everybody else.

The secret is sleeping by periods of just a few hours. That way, you’re so tired that you’re not awake, even when you’re not sleeping. And then you’re left with only one or two hours of consciousness per day, which amounts to just the time I need for eating and reading my daily webcomics. I should have thought of that much earlier.

4 July

Oh yeah. That’s just what the universe needed.

5 July

Viewpoint Toolbar. I don’t test Internet Explorer plugins, but this thing looks quite cool.

6 July


Watch out for the technical point. It’s not even about the web, but Windows programming, so you can just skip it. Besides, considering my current sleeping cycles, I’m dead now, so this post will be particularly bad. And what I’m writing about isn’t even new anymore. That’s how interesting it is.

So, if you’re nosy, you can still click the icon and download the program, which isn’t of much use — it’s just a technical demo — but, well, I like to brag with my software. (Hoping it’ll work on other computers than mine. And, of course, since that’s the post’s topic, you need the .NET runtime.)

[continue reading]

I don’t want to go to the supermarket just because I’m out of milk.

I’ve been afraid to check my weight for a month. I have to go easy on those carbs.

7 July

Dr. Zorg lovez yoo (via NeimaD). Now pleeze too stare intoo ze glassez.

Tiger Visual Style. Too bad the taskbar is broken when vertical.

8 July

Euh… vous êtes sûrs que c’est le même public ?

9 July

Our teenage fantasies grow older every year. “Lukas Ridgeston” was on the cover of the first gay magazine I ever bought (yeah, a soft-porn magazine, that’s all there was at the time).

Plasma Mug. For some reason it kinda creeps me out.

Groob. And more pictures here. I’m sure nobody would be kind enough to offer me one as a consolation for moving. (Which is not so bad, because there’s better things to do with one’s money.)

I found out what crashes Abilon: displaying submenus. (That’ll teach them using personalized menus instead of respecting Windows UI themes.) If I only use keyboard shortcuts, no more crashes.

So I can go back to recommending it: it’s the best free aggregator for Windows — and it also happens to be better than all the shareware aggregators I tried. You’ll only have to know it’s incompatible with something I must have installed in the last two weeks. (But I don’t know what: I installed a lot of stuff lately, as I needed to toy around.)

P.S. Oh, yeah, there’s that thing I installed two weeks ago: the latest Matrox drivers. I discovered the “prevent menus from spanning multiple screens because it’s really inconvenient” option, checked it and thought it was great. Only, it crashes Abilon when submenus are displayed.

No wonder I was the only one having this problem, then.

I’m sure the weather will be much better as soon as I can’t enjoy it in Paris anymore.

Since I sleep on the afternoon (instead of the morning), I’m in love.

10 July

The Underbunny. Ewwww. And… Ewwwwwwwwww.

Spider-Man 2 en Lego. It’s been all over the place, but now that I saw it, I can understand. Now when is this Lego webcomic by Garoo coming?

11 July

(J’aurais dû faire une capture de l’épisode, mais j’étais allongé dans mon lit, loin du clavier. C’est aussi pour ça que je ne poste ceci que maintenant. Alors, voilà, j’ai piqué l’image sur le web, ça ne se fait pas mais tant pis.)

Je me demande ce que Roswell a pu faire pour se retrouver programmé à minuit et demie. Pourtant, les scénarios ne sont pas plus bêtes que ceux de Smallville, ils sont même un peu plus créatifs ; Jason Behr est encore plus vieux que Tom Welling, mais il a beaucoup plus de charme ; les actrices… ah, oui, il y a ça : elles sont moins jolies, et l’actrice principale joue atrocement, terriblement mal (ça se voyait particulièrement bien hier, hélas). Enfin, qu’elle joue mal, les téléspectateurs de M6 doivent s’en foutre, mais ce n’est pas Kristin Kreuk. (Pour situer, je les trouve toutes les deux très passables, mais je ne suis pas vraiment dans la cible.)

Mais, quand même… Que Roswell se retrouve après Smallville, je veux bien, mais repoussé à minuit par Jake 2.0 et Pas X-Men ?!

I hate throwing things away. And when you move out after you spent fifteen years in the same place, there’s a lot of throwing things away. Sniff.

Having to choose between your memories, deciding which ones you’ll throw away… fortunately, in the digital age it’s simpler: just a few CDROMs take less room than two boxes of toy cars. But they’re also more fragile. I’m particularly afraid of how my hard drives will handle the trip.

12 July

Spooks 1.06: it’s still a good show, despite the all-too-easy spectacular season surprise ending, but there’s still something that bothers me. If secret services wanted to prevent the IRA from planting a bomb in the subway, or Al Qaeda from blowing up a nuclear waste warehouse with a pocket missile launcher, would it really be best to ostensibly evacuate the area before anything happens? I do understand that, once the terrorists have set plan in motion they won’t want to stop, but wouldn’t the coincidental evacuation of the target zone be first on the shortlist of reasons to halt and reschedule the operation?

Est-ce que le gouvernement se contente de récupérer un fait divers parce que tout le monde en parle, ou est-ce que c’est lui qui a décidé de le remettre en avant pour remettre l’insécurité à la mode, maintenant que les défaites électorales du premier semestre sont derrière eux ?

Est-ce que ça ne trouble vraiment personne qu’on répète encore et encore le mot banalisation à propos d’une agression tellement banale qu’elle fait la une de tous les journaux depuis vingt-quatre heures et que la victime, à qui décidément rien n’aura été épargné, est reçue par une secrétaire d’Etat ?

Est-ce qu’à un moment les médias vont arrêter de titrer « agression antisémite » en réalisant que, si les agresseurs ont décidé de dessiner des croix gammées sur la victime après avoir vu son adresse sur sa carte d’identité@, c’est peut-être un peu qu’ils avaient commencé avant qu’elle “soit” juive ?

Est-ce que quelqu’un pourrait imaginer une seule seconde qu’un de ces vertueux politiciens, ou un de ces vertueux journalistes (désolé pour les oxymores), aurait eu le courage d’être le premier à se lever pour mobiliser les autres voyageurs à s’interposer face à six jeunes agresseurs armés, au risque de se prendre un couteau dans le ventre si personne ne suivait ?

Est-ce que le but de toute cette communication est de montrer que rien ne va plus depuis que Sarkozy n’est plus à l’Intérieur ou, au contraire, que son passage au Ministère n’a servi à rien puisque les bébés se font toujours égorger dans le métro aux heures de pointe ?

Est-ce que Garoo, non content de se lever à huit heures du matin depuis trois jours sans raison impérieuse, vient vraiment de poster un commentaire d’actualité sur son blog dans un effort désespéré pour avoir des commentaires et, donc, l’impression qu’on le lit ?

Aussitôt dit, aussitôt fait, le gouvernement est passé à l’action contre les hate crimes (ce qui me fait penser, je vous recommande l’épisode de South Park à ce sujet, qui est d’actualité) : à l’heure où je vous parle les avions de chasse survolent mon immeuble sans répit — probablement pour préparer une attaque en réponse à mon post précédent.

Non mais, euh, c’est tout petit, ou c’est juste parce que j’ai pas l’habitude de la province ?

Surtout, ce dont je n’ai pas l’habitude, dans un plan de ville, c’est qu’il n’y ait pas des centaines de rues allant vers l’extérieur. Là, ça donne un peu l’impression que c’est au milieu de la campagne. Ca doit probablement vouloir dire que c’est le cas.

Ah, tiens, à part les plages, j’avais oublié que c’était le pays du cheval. Apparemment, on est juste en face du haras, donc il devrait y avoir du cheval dans le photolog.

Putain, je hais la province.

Starck Pumas. Fashionable shoes are definitely ugly, even when they’re designed by Starck.

Last 100 posts. If I got around to coding my archive pages back, I could do that, monthly.

13 July

Oh, great. I spent the whole day programming a mini FTP client (doesn’t sound like it, but it’s really something one can’t live without, you’ll see), everything works perfectly, and… I just found out that the FTP library I’m using crashes on some of my PHP files. I don’t know how it’s even possible at all that an FTP library would crash depending on the contents of a file, and I don’t want to know; all I know is, if I don’t find another library, I’ll have programmed that for nothing. Argh.

GarooSync 0.1

And now is the time to release the first useful program since I got into the .NET SDK: GarooSync 0.1.

I have been wanting an FTP utility like this one for a long time, and it was becoming an emergency now that I’m working on a eZ publish project, involving lots of subdirectories everywhere.

Here’s the idea: I have on my hard drive local copies of my websites, corresponding to FTP-accessible distant directories — I’d expect any serious webmaster to have this setup, as I don’t see any other reasonable way to work. With a normal FTP client, when I edit a file I have to launch the FTP client, browse the local view to the directory my file is in, browse the distant view to the corresponding directory, and launch the upload. And that’s completely stupid, because any given file on my local setup will systematically go to the same distant spot, so it’s a huge waste of time and energy to have to wander around filesystems every time.

Hence GarooSync: once you’ve configured the correspondence between local and distant directories (for now you have to manually edit XML files, but there’ll be a configuration interface someday), all you have to do is launch “syncupload index.php” and the file is uploaded (caution: there’s no confirmation request; a future version will check last modification times).

I haven’t looked into adding options to the Windows explorer context menu yet, so you’ll have to manage this on your own: first you can add SyncUpload and/or SyncDownload to your “Send to” menu by creating shortcuts in the SendTo subdirectory in Documents and Settings; second, you can add them to your text editor’s tools menu. In Code-Genie (which I won’t link to because the latest version isn’t free anymore), after adding a line to the configuration file, I can now upload a file I just modified simply by pressing Ctrl+1. Editing code, pressing a shortcut, the file is up. I hope that, if you’re a webmaster, you realize how handy this is.

Thanks to Jaimon Mathew for the FTP library (this one seems to work: I updated everything on garoo.net/software with it).

14 July

Google acquires Picasa. Logical yet surprising evolution of the Hello/Blogger partnership. Now what? Could Hello become Google’s full-fledged IM solution?

Is it an Athlon peculiarity, having to change the CPU fan every so often, or am I just unlucky?

Ah, ben voilà la réponse : deux heures après la dépêche AFP, le Ministère de l’Intérieur mettait le fait divers en avant. C’est donc Villepin qui voulait faire son Sarkozy ?

Feels weird: since yesterday, when I post a new article here, the homepage is recompiled instantaneously, even at rush hour.

Nokia Lifeblog beta. Testing will be quick: it’s perfectly usable without a phone, but it only works in full-screen mode. It’s not only slightly annoying when you have a triple-head display, but also prevents from drag-and-dropping pictures onto the timeline, which would obviously be the most natural way of using it. I sent a bug report, but I don’t know whether they’ll get it: their form doesn’t work.

Conclusion: I’ll add a Lifeblog clone to the list of software I want to make. Timeline, drag-and-drop support for pictures (or any other file) à la Hello, one-click HTML page publishing, and you’re done.

Added “comments” links in the RSS feeds. It’s silly, because it sends to the same page as the main link, but it’ll remind you there are comments (it’s annoying to be publishing lots of links and get no feedback).

15 July

— Je n’arrive pas à concevoir que je vais bientôt être provincial.

— Tu as déjà acheté des salopettes ?

— Non, je vais remettre mes vieilles chemises de bûcheron, pour faire comme Clark Kent.

— Bah, une salopette torse nu, ça le fait aussi. Tu auras une grange avec du foin ?

— Gahhhh. Je me souviens, quand j’étais jeune, une fois, en juin, j’attendais le bus et il y avait un mec torse nu sous sa salopette.

— Je trouve ça top sexe.

— J’étais adolescent, ça devait être une des premières fois de ma vie que j’étais près d’un mec bien foutu et un peu déshabillé. Enfin, sauf les vestiaires à l’école, mais c’est différent.
Mais bon, Avranches, c’est chevaux ou pêche, mais pas tellement salopette.

— Hum. Télécharge une vidéo de Bel Ami dans un haras, pour voir comment tu dois t’habituer.


— Beh quoi? On la sort d’où, la salopette, tu crois toi ?

— Parle pour toi. A l’époque je ne regardais pas des films pornos.

16 July

How come didn’t I think of it before? The gayattitude redesign is taking a bit long, and one of the main problems I’m going to have with it is the risk of incompatibility between my DHTML and some browsers. So why wouldn’t I test my scritps on my blog?

So, from now on, the home page uses a script to display comments in a frame. (Yeah, I was already clinging to tables, now I add an iframe to the mix!) It works with Firefox 0.9 and Explorer 6 (thanks to the IE7 extensions) ; Opera just plain ignores the script (I’ll have to check out why). I count on you to let me know how it works with other browsers (particularly Safari).

Permalinks have disappeared in the process, since they were behind the comments link. I’m planning to redesign very soon (like, possibly before the end of the day), so I guess it can wait.

Oh, I forgot: when in doubt, Shift-Reload.

P.S. In IE, it only works if you access the site on www.garoo.net, and not garoo.net (IE won’t load the .htc file if it isn’t on the same server, and my base href points to www.garoo.net). Since I’m philosophically opposed to removing www from URLs, I don’t mind.

P.S. IE7 removed, it somehow broke the new home page’s stylesheet. I don’t feel like keeping this huge thing around only for the position: fixed.

www.garoo.net — version 1868.1

New home page, obviously inspired by Lifeblog. Let’s say it’s… experimental.

[continue reading]

Wow: Google has just bought Picasa, it becomes free. “Picasa will not delete or move the location of pictures saved on your PC”: maybe I’ll try it then.

Little drawback of the new home page: P.S.s will go completely unnoticed. I suppose I’ll manage otherwise.

17 July

Poll: how many days on the home page? The more days, of course, the heavier and slower.

Removed all the overflow: hidden styles. It’s a bit less pretty (all posts had the same height, it looked cleaner) but more usable and faster to display.

What bothers me most in this layout is was the ugly browser-resized thumbnails (because 100 pixels is too large, but I don’t want to resize the files, they can be useful). Well, it could actually stand getting bigger.

Am I the only one having memory leak problems with Firefox?

Ooh, Jensen Ackles joins the Smallville cast. Tom Welling should be worried.

18 July

Calendario Romano. “I know the priests are handsome, but what’s wrong with that? If I was doing a cat calendar I couldn’t show old moggies with no teeth.

Do Brasilians really have nothing else to do than work out, go to the beach and go online?

19 July

Smash a mosquito and die. Squashing bugs is bad karma.

Nanodiamond. I don’t know, but it just makes for a nice picture, even if it could as well be some cute CGI. (Which may actually be the case for the color version.)

20 July

The box doodle project. I’d know what to do with cardboard after moving to Smallville if I could draw.

V-Animator (direct download, osx-e doesn’t do permalinks), to make your buttons pulse, as in OS X. So useless it’s vital. (But not very spectacular with the graphite color scheme.)

The Kodak Cameraphone starts a craze. Damn that devilish technology thingy!

21 July

The Gods of Arr-Kelaan. Not so often do I discover a new webcomic I want to recommend whole. So why don’t you start from the beginning.

DIY bottle-cap tripod (via Boing Boing). Still as clever, and now for just a couple bucks.

You don’t get an SMS like this everyday: “We’re in the Carpathians, the driver risks our lives with every turn… Anyhow, the bus is a bit smelly, but we’re having fun.

So cute. Even though I’m not sure he looks so much like him.

I like the cute tattoo, but I hate the moron voice they gave him in the English-language version. Breaks all the charm in his eyes.

Inside Look the Birth of the iPod (via Engadget). « Knauss stayed on until near the end of the iPod’s development, but quit shortly before it was released because he had no confidence it would be a success. »

Honeycomb ceramic cooking tiles. Hot.
(Sorry about the pathetic pun.)

CafePress Review. Not really enticing — all of a sudden I’m not regretting so much that their international shipping options are so expensive.

22 July

“The higher your blog’s PageRank, the cheaper our software.”

[continue reading]

Qui pourrait me recommander des livres pour les trois ou quatre jours que durera le déménagement ? (Sachant que j’ai gravement la flemme de sortir en ce moment, je ne sais pas comment je pourrais les acheter…)

Et dire qu’il y a des cybercafés (de fortune) en Roumanie, et que moi je vais emménager dans une ville, en France, où il faut aller chercher l’électricité au puits tous les matins.

Rust In Peace. It’s less dumb, or more funny, than those contests to who’ll keep their hand on a car the longest.

23 July

« J’ai la tête qui éclaaate… »

Pedestrian turn signals. I must have dreamt of stuff like that when I was twelve.

Your iPod mini has a sticky residue on it after removing the protective shipping materials. Where in this do they apologize for not changing their packaging even though they know it’s defective?

Expire (one of those Exposé clones) beta 2 (via Aqua-Soft). It’s certainly good, but it doesn’t work here.

Thoughts on displaying times in blogs. Two very good ideas I’ll be sure to copy when my mind is into tweaking my templates.

24 July

Driving a DeLorean. I’ll take: the DeLorean, Kitt, and the car from Le juge et le pilote (whatever the original title was).

Upcoming features in Thunderbird 0.8 (via Paul Thurrot): RSS aggregation and global POP inbox, it’s really beginning to interest me.

25 July

26 July

29 July

31 July

Now that I have a changing view, I’ll put up a live webcam from my window as soon as I get DSL.

Pony, the seat for Peter Pans.

How about using music player miniaturization to do something fun: a Transformers MP3 player.


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