Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

1 August 2004

I’m making big efforts to try and remember that I already didn’t meet anyone in gay chatrooms even when there were more than five people online from my area.

There’s always something happening in Smallville. (In summer.)

You get used to anything.

The Smallvillecam is online (up there in the menu); uploading seems a bit erratic now, but it’ll certainly be fixed soon enough.

2 August

Ah, I should finally have TV again. Not a minute too soon.

3 August

“Cross to type” phone keyboard. That’s right, why didn’t anyone think of it before?

Ecosphere, the magical aquarium.

There it is, my TV works perfectly.

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4 August

Smallville, one piece after another: Town Office, on Main Street.

Argh, couldn’t those cheapskate add multilanguage support to MTV?

5 August

I’m fed up with Abilon making Internet Explorer and the file explorer slow down and crash…

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6 August

EmoteMail. Very interesting concept.

Alien vs. Predator Fight Scene Clip. Uh… no, really, I don’t know.

The Phone Safe. Silly name for something I’ve been expecting for a long time.

Pff. And I’m paying a fortune for this.

Bluesnarfing Sniper. Didn’t I tell you wireless isn’t trustworthy?

7 August

“Ce soir, quoi qu’il arrive, Benoît a décidé d’utiliser un préservatif.”

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Visa 4356000000000000 . . 4356999999999999. Of course, now the results are drowned under blog links.

8 August

Against all odds I found a boy in (or within moped range of) Smallville. As per the odds, I broke up after two days. I will indeed stay single as long as I’m here.

C’est bon comme des Tic Tac à l’orange, mais meilleur.

Chaise Conforama à 35 €.

It’s raining. And my TV’s not working, at all, because it’s raining. How can people stand that? TV is precisely made to keep you busy when the weather’s bad!

9 August

When I grow up, I’ll learn signs language so I don’t have to speak in the morning. (I always wanted to learn signs language anyway.)

Oh ben oui. Je ne demande pas une visualisation à la iTunes, mais quand même.

The not-sink. Should be classy if it works right.

TO:CA, Japanese morning wood. That, too, I’d like to see in person.

Arghhh. How many hours do I have to add to that damn schedule in order to watch Daria in English?

10 August

It’s good to be home!”…

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Rrrrrr. Why am I not on the beach?!

11 August

Create real, legal, usable US stamps from your photos (via towleroad). Well, that’s what I understood — the site is boingboinged, it’s not responding.

Naked gays in a jacuzzi on MTV. They really want to kill me. (And I screwed up the video captures.)

12 August

Merde, je me suis fait avoir…

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View from the Jardin des Plantes…

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13 August

They want to drive me mad…

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The Mobile Cap is the new tinfoil hat. Within ten years, all caps and hats will be treated to shield radiations.

15 August

What is she doing there?…

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Et dire qu’au Perreux je n’arrivais même pas à capter Radio FG correctement…

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Firefox Extensions du jour…

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Right. Whatever.

State of the bedroom

Ever noticed that “bedroom” is the anagram of “boredom”? (Yeah, I’m sure you did, but English is a second language for me, okay?)

I never imagined it was so pleasant to be lying on an elevated bed. (Except for the motion sickness.)

16 August

Instant chat for your blog…

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Oh wow.
And she has a pretty voice.

What Biological Molecule Are You?

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All about Kubricks (not the director). According to Google Groups, they’re not compatible with Lego bricks. Damn, that’s stupid.

17 August

WEBoggle. Probably not new, but nice anyway.

Gnomz.com Comics Creator (via websucks).

Yeah, I guess I’ll stick to my Flash work in progress.

I want to go back to the time when I quietly played dolls with my miniature cars and didn’t have anything to worry about.

Est-ce que c’est bien vu, pour un mec du 9-3, d’avoir la voix d’Ophélie Winter ? Je trouvais ça bizarre, quand même, qu’elle se mette au raï.

I’m late! I’m late! It’s already August fucking 17th! I’m late! I’m late!

The Nokia designers always manage to amaze me. When I was young, they made the coolest phones in the world, and now they make the ugliest. Weird choice of a niche.

Les journalistes de SVM comprennent mal l’humour, ou ils sont très pince-sans-rire ? On n’écrit pas « le plus sérieusement du monde » au sujet d’une blague, normalement. Pas à la mi-août, en tout cas.

Oops. Note for those would didn’t notice: when I reply to a comment, the comments counter isn’t incremeted. So, until I fix the bug, now you know.

18 August

Flickr innovates again. Too bad I don’t want to upload my pictures on a server I don’t control.

Sing in your own voice. Picasso was a terrible colorist. Turner couldn’t paint human beings worth a damn. Saul Steinberg’s formal drafting skills were appalling. Henry Miller was a wildly uneven writer. Bob Dylan can’t sing or play guitar.

Come on, really… When you’re lucky enough to be gay and have all those opportunities, why spoil it all, miss it all, and settle down with only one person? It’s stupid. In fact it’s just as well that nobody really deserves me. Now to leave Smallville…

19 August

Windows XP SP2: Installation and Tweaking Guide. Well, having installed Firefox and ZoneAlarm, I think I won’t really have to.

Well, I’m switching again, again, to Sauce Reader, which crashes once a day but doesn’t take Explorer with it in the grave each time.
But I still don’t understand how some programs can crash so much.

I don’t go out before the movie ends. I don’t go out before the movie ends. I don’t go out before the movie ends. Even when it’s that boring.
But that’s a crappy reason to live.

Because I’m bored and I don’t know what to do.

If my other webcam wasn’t broken, I’d even add a bedroom view. Yes, that’s how desperate I am right now.

20 August

No matter how sexy I find Stephen Dorff, I think it’s a weird choice for a Britney video. He’s much… uh, wait… He’s only 31?!

Ah, my first car… (No, really.)

GarooSync 0.2. Bug fixes and directory support (for uploading only — the FTP library doesn’t support directory download). You shouldn’t need ctrl-alt-del anymore to get rid of a hanging instance.

Solar-powered toothpaste-less toothbrush. Brushing your teeth with ions? That works?

Power outage. Twice. And I’m surprised my computer has trouble booting up. Normandy is killing my computer slowly. As part of its plan to kill me slowly.

22 August

I’m late! I’m late! Damnit, days go by too fast, I’ve got work I’m late with, I have no car, no sex, no life, no future!

Roswell 3.18

It was often silly, sometimes even ridiculous, but at least stuff happened, and not only on season finales. The show’s creators must really be pissed at Smallville’s success.

Pour la première fois que je regarde 93, Faubourg Saint-Honoré, je tombe bien. Sans surprise, il parle peu.
Et, merde, il vient d’avoir 28 ans.

Let’s play a game, ok? So, let’s say, when you don’t understand an article that’s meant to be subtle, you don’t post comments to show how much you’re lost. Because it’s really discouraging. I already don’t write much about personal stuff…

Why are bass players always so cute?
Is it so easy to play the bass well that you can afford to make a physical selection?

With 150 TV channels…

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I wonder if I shouldn’t give up the whole buying a car idea, and come back to the monastic cell concept. Considering how every car opportunity ended up a failure, maybe that’s really my destiny.

Bug fixed. I had forgotten to add a slash after I moved some scripts around.

Empty car park, empty streets, nice August Sunday, everybody but me is at the beach.

A history of the French at war (via MonkeyFilter). It’s less of a problem now, but that link will be handy for us when we run into Americans on IRC.

23 August

Reprogrammed the window system because it didn’t work with some Internet Explorer versions — but I don’t know if that version will work better, because IE reacts oddly. Shift-reload when in doubt, and report bugs here.

The Antquarium. Creepy. “Only in Japan could a big glass box filled with blue gel be considered nature.

www.garoo.net — version 1869.0

Online, one day late. That’ll teach me to start coding a revolutionary layout at 11pm…

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24 August

Tricks of the trade: “If you have to change a light bulb where the glass is broken, you can press a potato into the metal base to unscrew the remains of the bulb from the fixture.

You are a RSYG — Reserved Sentimental Physical Giver”…

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25 August

26 August

I can’t get used to it: on the Canalsatellite remote, the on/off switch is at the exact opposite from its standard location…

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Hallelujah! Mister Water has come and found which valve wasn’t open properly, and now we have normal water pressure!

Unused back muscle switch themselves off and are reluctant to reactivate, hence back pains (via MonkeyFilter). Didn’t you already know you should maintain a minimum of physical activity?

Winamp skins can carry trojans. But who still uses Winamp anyway?

27 August

Uninteresting stuff that was lingering in my phone…

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28 August

The naiveness of mentally retarded country people is touching…

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29 August

Now that’s weird. My feet have become an erogen zone overnight, a few months ago…

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Looks like when I finally resigned myself to living in Smallville with no car, no social life, no sex and no afterthoughts, I may have gotten rid of my creative block. I’m unstoppable! Until tomorrow.

I’d like to fart. Do you fart?…

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It’s been hard, but I think my tvcam finally works fine on Linux…

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Wow, there’s laughters on the original soundtrack. It was recorded in front of an audience? Must have been complex, with all the special effects and the standing dog. Oh, right, I guess they added the dog in post-production.

Foreign networks aren’t treating their shows any better than French networks — even when they’re their own damn productions. Why is MTV going back to Daria 1.01 right after they showed 5.01?!

So as to clean up the site menu a bit, the “cams” option now pops up all three cams at once (tvcam, screencam, smallvillecam). From there you can click one of the images to display it alone.

GmailFS, a Linux filesystem to use your Gmail account as storage (via Boing Boing). This had to happen.

30 August

I suppose I should announce it here for aggregator readers: I added a tagboard on the home page…

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Rentrée de merde sur Canal+…

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31 August

Wow, so she really was an actress, and she even had some lines in movies and stuff, before she became the ugly duck in Charmed!…

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Against all odds, these are petty good.

Found out today in a TV guide that Julia Louis-Dreyfus has her own show since 2002. Yay. Except it won’t be showing on the satellite network I subscribe to. So it’s only yay for her.


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