Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

1 September 2004

There, it had to happen. It’s September.
I’m late! I’m late! I’m late!

2 September

Olivia the Cat’s weblog (via kottke). I hesitated to link it, but if it’s good enough for me to IM the URL to my contacts, it’s good enough for the blog.

An Audioblogging Manifesto — I demand four minutes and twenty seconds of your life (via everywhere, but you really have to listen to it). “Rolling on the floor, laughing”, literally.

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As I checked the logs, I was surprised nobody ever clicked the ViaBloga ad. Heh. I had forgotten to add the click counter in the URL for the text ads.

Apple iTunes Affiliate Program (via Engadget). Interesting for people who blog a lot about music.

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That neighborhood was quiet, until they opened a fucking high school just down my windows!

3 September

Socks in bed: yes or no? Because I’m rather a yes-guy, so if we are to sleep together someday we might as well get our act straight before…

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4 September

It’s a bet, I have to tell you this: X had a threesome with his boyfriend and Y. He thinks it won’t count if Y isn’t the one announcing it on his own blog, but I say you trust me. And I have far more readers.

Power failures for no reason. Hot water failures for no reason. Satellite TV failures for no reason. Wifi failures for no reason. Nobody told me I had died and gone to Hell. And why? Oh, well, I do know why.

Google self-promotion.

What good can they get out of this?!

I want the head the man responsible for the stereo mini-jack connector. How could it ever become a standard when all it can good for is false contacts?!

5 September

Read on MetaFilter: CRT monitors are calibrated for each hemisphere to account for the planet’s magnetic field, as can be demonstrated by turning one upside down.
Oh, and the Coriolis force doesn’t really affect sinks.

Imvu: 3D avatars for your chats. Good idea, it runs as an overlay to your existing IM client, but it’s slow, and it’s reminiscent of There, but not as good. I’d so love to have an IM client with the There avatars. They were so lively.

For years I’ve been thinking the Windows sounds system had a problem, because when there was a system error, the sound was saturated every other time…

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Je ne sais pas trop pourquoi iCalendar ne permet pas de modifier les fichiers iCal (ce ne sont que des fichiers texte et, s’ils sont capables de les lire ils peuvent bien les écrire, non ?), mais Sunbird fonctionne suffisamment bien pour que je l’utilise et que j’uploade mes fichiers .ics chaque semaine avec GarooSync. Je ne sais pas non plus pourquoi iCalendar refuse de faire continuer les jours après minuit, mais je ne comprends rien à leur code source, j’ai la flemme de chercher à approfondir, et je m’en fiche parce que c’est suffisamment fonctionnel tel quel, et ça sera bien corrigé un jour par quelqu’un d’autre.

Bref, mon programme télé est désormais en ligne. Les titres et horaires des programmes que j’envisage de regarder, et le numéro de la chaîne sur Canalsatellite. Super utile, super intéressant, hein ? Je vous rassure, c’est avant tout pour moi que je le fais. Mais, tant qu’à afficher ma sélection avec du PHP, autant le rendre accessible au public sur mon site.

Je suis un peu dépaysé, parce que mon ancienne interface, faite maison en PHP sur mon intranet, avançait automatiquement en fonction de l’heure et, surtout, affichait une colonne par chaîne. Mais, avec le passage au satellite, forcément, c’est un poil moins viable.

Au passage, si vous avez besoin d’un agenda sur votre ordinateur, Sunbird se défend pas trop mal. Mais sans aucun doute beaucoup moins bien et beaucoup moins joli que le iCal d’Apple.

6 September

Fanny Ardant chez Drucker chez Denisot.
Nouvelles captures, vive la rediffusion sur Canal+ Confort.

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Survival of the fittest mailbox. Yeah, the carefree 1950s are so over.

7 September

Hotornot.com puts $100,000 on the table to entice Americans to register for voting (via LYD). How the fuck do they have that kind of money?! I hate them, that’s not fair!

I had already mentioned SCWebCam, the screencam software, when I discovered it. Now, version 3 also captures webcam images — all in a free, light, reliable package, with a scripting system on top. Very highly recommended.

Canon XL2. 25P 16:9 with lots of film-like mode gizmos. Mrrrrrrrrow.

Sunny weather makes me want to kill myself. Can’t wait for winter to come. I’ll be less frustrated about spending the days in my room with nothing to do outside. Right now in Paris I’d be getting a tan, and more.

I don’t now why I didn’t expect much — maybe because Whoopi Goldberg hasn’t done anything good since… since… euh, Ghost? or because the show only lived for a season? — but Whoopi, that just arrived on French TV, is absolutely excellent.

Thing is, it’s excellent because it’s political, the first two episodes make fun of media-induced paranoias and laugh at terrorism in a more upfront manner than even South Park would — viz. the show’s worst episode ever, where they were at such a loss with what to do of Bin Laden that they made a lousy Tex Avery imitation, a far cry from the Lamont Hotel Iranian employee joking about “his people”. No wonder the show didn’t last longer.

It set me in such a good mood, I found myself laughing watching Friends afterwards. That’s something.

Before summer, I thought I was projecting my own lack of interest for blogs. But now it’s September, I’m blogging rather regularly, but the French blogging ecosystem on a whole seems not to be waking up.

Is 2004 the year when blogging has become so mainstream that people aren’t interested anymore? Or is 2004 just a globally depressive year in France?

8 September

In Praise of My UPS Shirt” (via somewhere).

The shirt is extra-long to counter-act butt-crack when the UPS guy bends over.

I feel like I’m in a group of veteran blogs. We were there in 2003, maybe even 2002, we saw many a blog live and die, we saw many a battle, and most of us died. Several times, each. I’m just one of the few still alive, almost all my platoon has disappeared, nobody remembers their names, and I know almost none of the bloggers that count today (yeah, I know that by refusing to take part in Paris Carnet and other collective thingies, I’m kinda asking for it). I’m a dinosaur. A fossil. It’s common knowledge: on the net, everything goes by so much faster. I’m finished.

I need to open a barebones, crappy but somehow provocative blog on 20six. And cling desperately to the past glory of what I’ll never be again.

Next week on I’m a blogger, get me out of here!

The Face of Tomorrow (via Websucks). Morphing the faces of a city’s residents to see where evolution is going. The results are so cute it’s hard to believe there’s no cheating.

What’s nice about video personals is that it reminds me I’m better alone than in poor company, and I may not be losing that much living far from everything in general, and gays in particular…

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9 September

Nokia unveils new phones and boy are they ugly — 1970s ugly. Too bad, because the 7280 concept is… uh… intriguing.

If Nokia’s site responded, I could at least view the demo.

10 September

11 September

Shit. With the latest power outage (this one due to the stove not being on the right fuse) I lost all my modifications of the last two weeks to my OPML file. Fuck computers.

www.garoo.net — version 1870.0

Yeah, I gave in. I hope you enjoyed the “look how good I am with Javascript” version while it lasted, because I found a way to come back to a normal setting while retaining thumbnails. There’s definitely nothing better for reading a blog in a browser.

As for the layout itself, it’s temporary. As often when I change the site’s programming, I’m not quite inspired to do something really good on the visual level.

The header image is inspired by The Face of Tomorrow, but it’s not much of a success, hence the type over my head. That’s an idea I’ll have to explore a bit more, or just abandon.

And if you’re looking for the tagboard, it’ll be on the webcams popup within a few minutes.

12 September

The new Chupa Chups, still 0% fat.” And it’s perfectly legal to talk to people like they’re dumb.

Till now, in France, light products were light, 0%-fat products were dietetic. Looks like it’s over now, and junk food makers have decided to launch an assault on 0%-neurons customers, American style.

The Big Mac, still 0% cyanide!

Fantaghirò 3: Return of the King

Nice landscapes, nice special effects, action, fights, horses walking and running everywhere, it’s all very good, and the Minas Tirith battle is as excellent as everybody says, but… what about the script?

When I heard about The Lord of the Rings, I expected a great philosophical epic, full of teachings and dream and whatever, just not an action blockbuster without any surprises. But then, maybe a great philosophical epic would not become cult for legions of geeks — come to think about it, I have no idea why I expected so much better.

Fantaghirò indeed.


The worst part is, nobody dies and the end is as corny as the original Star Wars! (Yeah, I know the inspiration went the other way, but it doesn’t change the fact that such a “happy” ending after all this is ridiculous.)

And if someone could explain to me why Sauron doesn’t think of leaving a single orc to guard the Mount Doom entrance…


13 September

Oh, I forgot to make the cronjob to update the “n hours ago” lines every hour. And I also forgot to translate them into English. Heh.

14 September

Transferred the databases of all sites to another server, hoping the mysqld removal from the main server will help get through the 10pm rush hour — and that I didn’t break anything in the process.

Thunderbird 0.8, with global inbox (at last, but more complicated than it should be) and RSS (not quite functional interface, and crashes the whole thing). Currently under testing.

15 September

A few hours after the databases were transferred to another machine, the server crashed even more, and longer than before. Come on, removing mysqld should more than compensate for the cost of communicating with another server, shouldn’t it?!

Damn, we’re screwed.

Stupid LeChat is in heat this week, rubs herself everywhere, and managed to screw (well, no, not in that other sense) my network card’s connector — I don’t even know how.

Good thing there’s another one (but 10 Mbps instead of 100) on my motherboard.

Removed the HostnameLookups on from the Apache config in order to ease the server’s load some more. If someone’s got an idea to prevent my mother (who doesn’t have a fixed IP address) to access my blog (which is on a static HTML page), I’m listening.

Next step, migrating all .htaccess settings into httpd.conf, but… phew, that’s gonna be some work.

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, original version : the Fab Five provide straight guys a makeover, they’re elegant, attractive, they have fans, there are “Which Member from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is your type” quizzes, the show becomes a classic.


Queer, version TF1 (bande annonce vidéo) : quoting Christophe qui n’existe pas, “except for the fairy, they look like unemployed actors who have been asked to play faggots”. The concept is adapted to TF1: don’t even think of laughing, with the gays, at the straights, in good nature. Why don’t we rather do the opposite.


Of course, I have seen neither the American nor the French version yet. But it’s so obvious.

Jean-Claude Van Damme n’a rien inventé.

Opera 7.54 finally managed to import my mail archives (via Thunderbird, which I’m abandoning as it’s still not mature and I feel will never be).

Hooray, it’s clearly the best mail client interface… hoping it’s stable. As for RSS, no folder (nor OPML) support, so it’s useless.

Opera, Aqua and brushed style.

www.garoo.net — version 1870.1

It’s still not quite right, but at least it’s much better than the temporary version. Well. At least it’s bearable. I should focus on other stuff now.

16 September

Heh, I knew I’d break stuff moving the databases to another server. I had forgotten to update the RSS compilation script.

Who’d imagined? Gaim, the ICQ/MSN/etc. Linux client ported to Windows, isn’t half bad.

It may even potentially be imaginable it would be better than Miranda. A Linux to Windows port. Open source software has really changed.

dict.org : online multi-dictionary. I didn’t know it.

Oh, I forgot I wanted to put the sidebar back on the home page.

menuApp — simple but efficient, convenient, and well programmed for a change.

17 September

To do next Friday: go back to the mall at the same time, but with better hair. And maybe a rainbow flag tied around my waist, because when you live in Smallville you can’t afford to take chances and only trust your gaydar’s reliability. He seemed to be cute, and I lost him at the stationery aisle. Damn.

Oh, yeah, and get rid of the tummy I grew in August, too. That’ll be tough, as I’m not motivated for exercising, nor for a diet. I’ll have to walk to the supermarket as often as I can.

18 September

Gaim 1.0.0. No problem receiving messages with accents from Trillian anymore.

Rembrandt was stereoblind:

Stereopsis is an important cue for depth perception, yet it can be a hindrance to an artist trying to depict a three-dimensional scene on a flat surface. Art teachers often instruct students to close one eye in order to flatten what they see. Therefore, stereoblindness might not be a handicap — and might even be an asset — for some artists.

Good to see I’m not the only one thinking so — and there’s no reason the same wouldn’t apply to photographers. But then, maybe I should actually try to start painting?

Quand vous déménagez votre blog, pensez à prévenir dans votre flux RSS. Enfin, je dis ça pour vous.

19 September

Angela Lorente in Télé 2 semaines (j’ai arrêté Télérama, j’ai décidé que ça coûtait trop cher pour ce que ça me servait) :

Mais on ne parle pas d’homosexualité, c’est ça la nouveauté. C’est ça qui est moderne. Ce n’est pas une émission homo pour les homos, mais une émission sur des experts qui sont homos. Surtout pas une émission ghetto !

Putain d’hypocrisie de bordel de merde de je me retiens parce que l’injure publique est un délit.

20 September

All the chatroom hunks are doing porn movies (times have really changed, it’s become totally normal for a gay boy to do some porn), and I’ve been abstinent for four months and have a pot belly. Life is too unfair, I’m tired of this.

21 September

Des faux tapins sur Caramail (via ma mère, qui doit croire que j’en suis réduit à payer des adolescents pour me tailler une pipe).

South Park dans le désordre avec la VM qui ne marche pas, je craque. Bon sang, ça peut pas être si difficile de diffuser une série correctement !

I want to have a Mac (everybody I know switches, one after another). Any advice.

1. I don’t like the idea of buying second hand hardware. 2. I don’t want to go bankrupt over this. 3/ I only need something that runs OS X smoothly enough, not a live CGI production station.

22 September

Answers to two long-time interrogations of mine: I could care less / I couldn’t care less and but / but. It’s like “Il vaut mieux entendre ça que d’être sourd” (“Better hear that than be deaf”), I never could get used to it.

See also the interesting World Wide Words site.

Wow, France Télécom stole Apple’s design[ers]? But not the webmasters… they could have put a picture of the thing plugged in, like in the TV commercial. Right now it’s a waste of a cute design.

23 September

Cellphone for the lip-reading deaf. I doubt it would really be reliable.

24 September

iMac G5 torn apart. “So what’s the first thing you do with that iMac g5? Take it apart, void the warranty, and post a bunch of photos.

Sauce Reader 1.8, now with subscription to any web page.

Damn, 4am. There goes my nice post-moving daily rhythm. Plus, days are getting shorter — and they’re already quite dark enough thank you even when it’s not night.

DivFix, in order to watch incomplete DivX files. If you are P2P regulars, you must already know about it, but I’m not, and I didn’t.

Philips Ambilite

If I had reacted quicker, you’d see the lights behind change color according to what’s on screen. I don’t know how it looks in real life, with real movies, but if it works well… damn, that’s excellent!

The Philips site doesn’t seem to know about it, and I can’t find much of anything on Google. What a marketing plan — are they relying on TV-addicted bloggers?

Yum (but not quite diet-safe) and super-yum (but even less diet-safe). Except for this tendency they have had for a couple of years to use a renowned brand (Mars) to launch a new product that has nothing to do with it.

25 September

Do they have her make a French version because L’Oréal is French, or does she have to go through taping her stupid, dul, boringl speech in fifty different languages?

The Ring, US version

If you don’t compare it to the original, it’s a very good movie. Very pretty, not too American, well acted, very pretty, did I mention it was very pretty? Apart from that… I don’t remember the original too well, and I wasn’t such a big fan of it anyway, but the new version can only suffer from the comparison.

It’s hard to tell whether the atmosphere is less oppressive only because it’s not in Japanese anymore (that definitely did its part in the process) or because the American version, trying to appeal to a wider audience, feels the need to explain everything — there’s a whole half hour of Cold Case in the middle of the movie, and it breaks the flow.

Still, a bigger budget can have its advantages: not only it’s even prettier, but they managed to add special effects wisely without going overboard (now if that isn’t an exploit for Hollywood, what is) and, if suggestion remains the best effect for supernatural scenes, showing everything with special effects works perfectly for the horse scene on the ferry. The end of the scene, I mean. I don’t remember how much was shown in the original movie, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t by far as striking.

It’s weird having a long hood ahead of me, feeling like I’m on a steamer, and driving it (I was a passenger at the time of the picture, and switched seats later). First time almost I drive in half a dozen years, and first time I drive on a highway.

The car isn’t in my name, but I’ll be able to go shopping and even go out in Rennes and have a social life. Kind of. (But then, I hired a fuck-buddy yesterday, so I might not need to.)


Difficile à juger : après avoir tellement été horrifié par la bande annonce, la surprise ne pouvait qu’être positive. Alors, oui, c’est très beaucoup moins pire que ce à quoi je m’attendais. Je ne sais pas.

Oh boy.


How can one say ‘no’ to him? I mean, to the free month, obviously. Of course.

Well, of course. I couldn’t find anything because it’s Ambilight, not Ambilite.

And I definitely like the idea a lot.

26 September

www.garoo.net — version 1871.0g

You didn’t dare say it out loud (which shows a restraint and politeness I didn’t expect of you… so that probably means you’re actually just bored and uninterested), but the previous version was quite ugly. So I decided to get to something more elaborate.

First step, checking the web for references. I shouldn’t provide a link, because my new layout will appear far less pretty when you compare it to its model, but the main inspiration here is Justwatchthesky. The sidebar’s back because it just looks empty without it, and I definitively (for now) give up flexible width, even when there are big pictures: from now on they’ll be shown in popups. It’s less ergonomical, but flexible width layout is really too constraining for a designer.

Second step, because I wanted to make something really graphical and not just make do with a filtered photo or a quick, crappy monochrome logo, I spent some time on symbols.com to check out what could represent the garoo’s excellence. And here’s the result. A few layers, some lighting effects, a Photoshop checker pattern for filler, and there you go. Definitely more welcoming than the previous few versions.

No idea why the NiceTitle script (displaying link information under the mouse) recently started bugging in Mozilla, but I intend to rework it extensively someday.

As for the minilog display glitches in Explorer (unpredictable line heights, displaced underline borders), I’m aware of them, but you should just switch to Firefox, because you should anyway, and because I don’t think there’s any solution to solve the bug while keeping the layout’s elegance.

All that’s left now to do is putting the archives code back in. But I don’t feel like it right now.

Urgences 10.08

Bon sang, n’importe quoi. Ils se foutent du monde ? Ils se sont crus dans Destination finale ? Au secours. Combien d’argent ils ont en englouti dans les effets spéciaux de ce superbe accident d’hélicoptère qui m’a fait exploser de rire ? On ne doit pas être loin du gag le plus cher de toute l’histoire des séries télé.

Je me demande ce que Paul McCrane a fait aux scénaristes pour avoir une fin aussi minable. La prochaine étape, ce sont des anges qui descendent au Cook County pour sauver les malades surnuméraires ? Ou peut-être un crossover avec Charmed ?

27 September

Word of the Day: Lieutenant. “The British [“leftenant”] pronunciation […] may have originated from a mistaken reading of the ‘u’ as a ‘v’ [or] from a fanciful etymology which associated it with the verb ‘to leave’, as the lieutenant only took up his duties once his superior officer had ‘left’.

Ewwwww. Et je précise, rapport au post précédent, que je n’ai pas de poils dans le dos.

My computer better stop being so slow once I receive my mega gigabyte of RAM, or I’m going to lose my legendary temper.

ER 10.08 (bis)

The ER episode where Romano dies was just shown on French TV yesterday, and Television Without Pity sums it up so much better than I ever could:

Ding! The elevator doors slide open, and Romano comes face to face with the whirring rotor of his old and aptly named nemesis, Chopper. Of course, he looks a lot less imposing when there’s a really fake green screen in the background and some manufactured wind, but nonetheless, Chopper’s back and he’s still a carnivore. “WE MEET AGAIN, MY OLD FRIEND,” it sneers. Romano stares at it. “I REALLY LIKE WHAT YOU’VE DONE WITH YOUR STUMP, BUT THE FACIAL HAIR HAS GOT TO GO – PERHAPS I COULD GIVE YOU A SHAVE?” Chopper whirs. Romano starts to sweat a little. “YOU’RE AWFULLY QUIET TODAY. ROTOR GOT YOUR TONGUE?” Chopper cackles. “Dr. Romano?” Neela asks, having dashed out onto the roof. Romano has a flashback to the night the Chop-o-dile ripped off his arm and made him Dr. Hook. “I DIDN’T EVEN GET A CLOCK OUT OF IT, YOU RUDE BASTARD,” Chopper intones, ripping Romano out of his frightened reverie. “Here, take it,” Romano trembles, throwing Neela the Rolex and frantically trying to close the elevator doors. “YOU MAY HAVE BESTED ME WITH SILENCE AND A DIFFERENT SCRIPT THIS TIME, ROMANO, BUT YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE LAST OF ME,” Chopper sneers. […]

Chopper gets sick of flailing around on the roof and decides to heave himself off the roof in a convulsive fit of obvious and painful CGI. Inside the ICU, Sam and Luka are arguing about the merits of cuffing Judy to a support beam; Chopper chooses this moment to explode with wrath, which blows in the windows. Luka, Sam, and everyone but the incapacitated duck for cover. […]

Outside, still getting a breath of fresh air in the ambulance bay, Romano notices a commotion overhead and peers up at the air as bits of fiery debris rain down upon him. He sees a roiling fireball, the sum of this show’s respect for his character bearing down upon him with the fatal quickness of a paper shredder making love to his contract. “SINCE YOU’VE NEVER GOTTEN ANY ACTION ON THIS SHOW, I’M GOING TO DO YOU A FAVOR AND TAKE YOU ROUGHLY,” roars Chopper. Romano’s eyes widen and he turns around, terrified, figuring that if he puts his back to his mortal enemy, it will get bored and go bother someone else. He doesn’t even try to run. But Chopper won’t be denied. “AND THE BEST PART IS, YOU WON’T EVEN GET YOUR NAME ON THE SPECIAL-EFFECTS EMMY!” Chopper spits. “NOOOOOOOOO!” Romano shouts, because God forbid his last line on the show should be original when he’s been a thinly drawn cartoon for a year now. Also, he totally knows they’re not going to win an Emmy. “YEEEEEES! I THINK YOUR ARM WAS MADE FROM SOME OF MY OLD PARTS AND I WANT THEM BACK!” Chopper replies, crashing down on his old nemesis with a plume of smoke and golden flame. We fade to black alternating between horror, regret at losing Paul McCrane, and totally hysterical laughter at the horrible and embarrassing farce of a death scene that just got handed to a very fine actor who did an underpraised job.

Oddly, I didn’t find the special effets and green screen so bad — but then, they watch the show three or four times in order to recap it, so they should see the flaws. The script, however… maybe they should have painted shark teeth on the helicopter?

Judging Clark

With my brand new satellite TV, I knew I’d get to see Tom Welling in Judging Amy, but I had forgotten about it. I also hoped to hear him speak with his own voice, but Téva isn’t the kind of network with so much consideration for its shows (or viewers) that they’d offer a choice of languages. I guess Judging Amy is just good enough for you to watch distractedly while ironing your husband’s shirts. Anyway. It’s true, as the newsgroups said, that Welling acts less like a log, and more like a human being, than in Smallville. But then, cast as a karateka sex-toy, he doesn’t have much to do either.

Plus Magazine

Lu dans le numéro d’octobre du magazine des abonnés de Canal+ :

Un comédien en combinaison équipée de capteurs magnétiques pour la gestuelle des personnages, un marionettiste avec gants capteurs qui animent les visages, un opérateur-cadreur qui définit tous les cadres virtuels et coordonne l’ensemble de la prestation, trois imitateurs pour les voix : Gérald Dahan (Dechavanne), Didier Gustin (Ardisson et Fogiel), Jean-Eric Biel (Michel Denisot) et, évidemment, cinq auteurs.

Onze personnes dont cinq auteurs pour ces interventions qui ne sont jamais drôles ?! Ca fait plaisir de voir que Canal+ est revenu à la bonne vieille époque où ils jetaient de l’argent par les fenêtres dans les émissions en clair.

Autre surprise, toujours d’après le magazine, Nous ne sommes pas des anges serait en direct. Marie Drucker fait le journal en duplex avec des “Bonjour Marie” / “Bonjour Maïtena” qui sonnent faux, personne dans l’équipe n’a jamais la moindre réaction après le Zapping, et on devrait croire que c’est en direct ? Si c’est vrai, il y a un problème. Si c’est faux, il y a un problème encore plus grave.

28 September

iTunes 4.6 installed yesterday. Ten minutes to find back how to switch to mini player mode, the button has disappeared. Real smart.

29 September

30 September

Nous ne sommes pas des menteurs

Rassuré par un article de TV Magazine (moins glauque et racoleur que Télé 7 Jours, mais encore plus mal écrit — win some, lose some) :

Stéphane Rotenberg, l’homme qui porte les roses du Bachelor sur M6, producteur de Nous ne sommes pas des anges, [nous révèle] que Maïtena Biraben et son rendez-vous de midi sur Canal+ s’imposeront le rythme du direct dans quelques semaines. « Nous avons vocation à être en direct. Cela permettra d’être dans l’humeur du jour. »


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