Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

1 November 2004

Considering the mediocrity (and that’s a euphemism) of the average gay porn flick, I should become a star director. Only problem is starting out; wonder if it’d be administratively complicated to pay the actors only with profit shares.

How could it be that I published gorgeous new LeChat pictures and nobody commented on them?!

Pepys would be the perfect ModelessEditing DesktopWiki to store all my notes… if it didn’t screw up accents.

There it is, my GarooWiki is programmed. It’s pretty emtpy right now, because you never code and write on the same day, it uses two different parts of the brain.

2 November

3 November

Back from the dead. No idea why the server crashed; only Telnet and FTP were responding, I couldn’t find a telnet-enabled account, and our hosting company’s hotline is very, very unhelpful (we already knew that: that’s why they’re cheap).

“Système eau propre.” Si c’est pas beau, le progrès.

Mais qu’est-ce qui lui est arrivé ?! Le menton qui s’affaisse, ok, c’est normal, mais les dents de travers, le rictus triste, les yeux qui tombent et les oreilles de troll ?

Je sais bien que son émission de France 3 date d’il y a longtemps, mais quand même, j’étais pourtant pas aveugle !?

Welcome to the new server. I suspect the previous one’s swap disk of having crashed, so we seized the opportunity to transfer everything. And I’ll leave you now, because that’s some work. (Incidentally, I don’t think mail will work yet.)

4 November


It all started when I went to a discount store to buy some lamps. I always need some lamps. Just as I expected, by the time I went there, there was nothing left. You better get up early if you’re shopping in the USSR, and I’m not a morning guy. Since I had the car, I went to a decoration store I had wanted to visit for a while. And that’s when it happened: 118 €, most of it for crap you’ll see in an upcoming photolog post — not to mention the visit to cheap clothing stores.

And what do I find when I get back home? The server is dead. Web crashes, ssh doesn’t respond, FTP and telnet work but I can’t find a telnet-enabled account, and it’s too late to contact the hotline. We’ll see tomorrow, maybe the techs will have solved the problem first time in the morning, and Kerry will be president of the world.

Yeah, right. So, the next day, I saw what you know. Americans really are that dumb (not a surprise, but now people will have some trouble saying otherwise), and our hosting company’s tech support isn’t helpful at all (not a surprise either, that’s why they’re cheap, but still: 24 hours to reboot a machine, when it’s supposed to be automatic from the web-based manager, that’s a bit excessive).

But it all ends well: as we wait for the nuclear apocalypse (and here’s to hoping they attack France soon, so I don’t have to help my father move in a few days), all our sites now live on the machine we already used as a database server. I’m not sure it’s beneficial (the machine is more powerful, but MySQL isn’t on a separate server anymore), but it’s not like we really have a choice.

More reason to read the guestlog or subscribe to its feed: I figured it’s the best place for me to link interesting posts on other blogs. (As opposed to informative, but not always interesting, links, which stay on the main blog.)


These are hard times. These are decisive times for mankind. And there is no way the silent majority will accept to be crushed without a fight. (Okay, no point in playing suspense for too long, there’s a big picture below that just says it all.) Say no to cat-less blogs!

Because a cat-less blog isn’t a blog, because cat-less people shouldn’t be allowed to vote, here is my promise: we’ll fight to the death for the definitive removal from the net of all blogs and personal websites that don’t show a minimum of three cat pictures per month. And I’m only aiming low because my camera’s lazy. Let us fight!

What’s the point of having wall-to-wall carpet then?

So it seems you didn’t miss my blog too much, did you?

5 November

Trillian 3 sneak preview. Becoming a bit interesting.

Sauce Reader seems to have become rather stable. Hasn’t crashed for quite a while. And you must know what a feat it is for a Windows aggregator.

P.S. Yeah, well, it looks like instead of crashing it now just stops updating feeds, without telling anyone. Not that much better than before.

P.S. It’s confirmed after restarting the program. No wonder why I felt alone and bored.

What’s the fashionable free Winzip these days? (I feel like I’ve already blogged this question.)

6 November

17 Reasons Not to Slit Your Wrists…by Michael Moore. J’aime particulièrement la 15b, on peut toujours rêver.

7 November

Wow, someone I know (and maybe more) has an IMDb page.

8 November

Quand je vois qu’il y en a un certain nombre dans les forums de PinkTV qui défendent la VF, voire se plaignent qu’il y ait des diffusions en VO, je me dis que… je ne devrais pas être surpris, après tout.

Konfabulator Windows

Their server is about to implode, but it’s time to try out Konfabulator for Windows. Shareware, at $25, it’ll have trouble, but nothing’s impossible: Konfabulator has the advantage, over all its clones, of being designed for the final user. A nice slideshow explains how it works when you first run it; the menus are clean; the option windows are standardized; you only have to double-click a widget and it’s added — and, of course, there’s Konsposé. On the other side of the fence, all the free clones are heavy, poorly designed, sometimes even made for programmers who want to define their desktop layout by editing a text file (makes me laugh when people talk about Samurize as a viable competitor). What Konfabulator brings over from the Mac world isn’t just prettier widgets: it’s a well-designed interface, and it makes the hell of a difference.

Of course, I doubt this difference is worth $25 to most people. But, who knows — the market base is so much larger than on Macs, it may be workable.

9 November

Firefox 1.0. I love the type-ahead find toolbar, but popups aren’t working anymore. I always have problems with popups.

P.S. Solved by creating a new profile (and why doesn’t the installer create a Profile Manager anymore?) and copying the bookmarks and passwords over. Luckily Firefox uses clearly identifiable configuration files.

Sauce Reader 1.10 doesn’t highlight the first unread item when you change folders, and the .NET hack in order to read Wordpress feeds (because the Wordpress developers don’t seem to care, when it comes to fixing bugs rather than just complaining that someone’s talking about them) doesn’t seem to work anymore still works; it was because of a typographic quote.

Looks like the hunt for the perfect aggregator is starting again.

Si rien que le documentaire sur Tarnation fiche le cafard, qu’est-ce que ça doit être pour le film entier.

(A moins que ce soit juste de ne plus avoir d’agrégateur RSS valable qui me fiche le cafard ?)

10 November

In the aptly-named I Want One Of Those catalog [via]: Frodo’s Sword (if it’s well done, it can be great); Walking Hand; Oggz Lights; Room Defender; Breathing Cat; Diamond Paper Weight; Big Digital Clock (not too fancy, but I’ve been wanting one like this since I moved in here); Pin Clock; Flameless Candle; Shower Sponge Microphone.

Done and done. Can’t wait for next week (damn the stupid holidays).

In Le grand journal.

WYSIWYM Document Processing. So there’s a name for what I’m looking for. But Lyx isn’t too attractive.

11 November


Allez, tiens, wishlist.

But how am I going to name it?

Ever since I got networked (and that dates back to a time when RJ-45 didn’t exist, and I eventually disconnected from the family because I was fed up with my network screwing up every time a cable was moved across the apartment), I’ve been sticking to a personal computer naming scheme. Inspired by my school’s network, where machines were named after painters, and (so I think, and so I remember) each room had its own painting style or time period or something, I chose a domain I know better: female movie characters.

So I have to find a name for my upcoming Mac (but… isn’t it bad luck to name your child before it’s born? bah, lots of people do it). And it’s much more important than it seems: life has given my computers the destiny their names forebode.

Ripley@, which was my main computer and is now a Linux fileserver, deserves to be named after a warrior; and its old case, and old distorted 14” CRT are quite a fit for the Alien “quadrilogy”’s universe.

Even more meaningful, Lain@: my workstation, now permanently connected, eventually got a Matrox triple-head video card and the three matching 17” screens. You have to know Serial Experiments: Lain in order to appreciate the coincidence. There are no coincidences.

And there’s Blayac@, who has now disappeared in a closet. Humiliated. (The Comtesse de Blayac is a Ridicule character quite akin to the Marquise de Merteuil.)

Goes to show how much thought I have to put into my new child’s identity. I’d rather save Dalloway@ for a future, more powerful Mac, that’d be able to do more than just run iCal and TextEdit. So I have to find a female fiction character (movies or not, it’s not that important — and Lain isn’t a movie character anyway) who has something to do with writing, and can fit a small orange clamshell iMac G3/300. I have a few days left to find a name, but any suggestion is welcome.

Mmh, iCal and TextEdit. A secretary, it has to be a secretary. Tess? Too feminine (“Ripley”, “Lain” and “Blayac” are neutral names, that you can use in a sentence; until now I always avoided feminine first names). Parker? A bit too neutral now… Who’s there left in the bureaucracy department?

P.S. Hmmm, Benes… Doesn’t sound good, but it’s appropriate.

Dragon Optical Illusion [via]. You must absolutely click the “Download the video” link.

12 November

Bon, mais alors, j’ai raté le début de la saison 2 mercredi dernier, oui ou non ?!

Evidence that the dragon video isn’t CGI: 302 KB DivX or 724 KB Windows Media, by Christophe qui existe un peu plus chaque jour.

Can’t wait for my parents to receive their toner cartridge so I can make my little dragon family.

I subscribed to the dog tag on Flickr and now I want to have a dog.

(Of course, I also subscribed to “cat” and ’“kitten”, but cats don’t have the same function. And since I don’t see my celibacy ending any time soon…)

(Uh, no sexual innuendo intended, it’s just about affection.)

Towleroad_: “There was audible laughter in the theater when one of the interview subjects spoke of the incredulity of many people that Nixon could have gotten re-elected. This after amazing footage of the Vietnam War; suffice it to say, the mirror to today’s events was not lost on this audience.”
C’est un bon présage, alors ?

The True Story of Audion, vie et mort d’un shareware.
Etonnant comme la partie concernant Steve Jobs n’est pas cohérente avec l’affaire Dashboard / Konfabulator.

Pour fêter la diffusion de la saison 3 de That 70’s Show, la VM a disparu. Ouinnnnn. Adieu les Forman, adieu mon beau Wilmer.

Alias 3.09–3.11: the show finally wakes up after a very expository half season, and that feels good. But the long-awaited revelations don’t surpass expectations, which means they’re disappointing. Still lacks a Lena Olin, and marrying Vaughn to a bad girl is far too easy.

13 November

Nintendogs [via]. Awwwwww I wannnnnnnnnt.

Sciences et Avenir, novembre 2004 : « Les découvertes [remettent] en selle le vieux rival du naturaliste anglais, le Français Lamarck. » J’ai enfin trouvé une bonne raison de me refuser à mettre une majuscule aux nationalités utilisées comme substantifs.

(Une pensée pour le secrétaire de rédaction qui a dû passer un moment à réfléchir à cette majuscule.)

New: the snaplog, in the sidebar or in RSS. I needed a place where to link to pictures, photographs, comics that weren’t worth a whole minilog post.

P.S. You can subscribe to the RSS feed, there won’t only be cats and dogs.

I had to show my mother the video so she could see the illusion, with one eye closed. The rest of the family can’t see anything. As for me, even with both eyes open, I see the head following me. I’m even more one-eyed than I thought.

Isn’t it a bit ridiculous to copy and paste the circumcision thing from the QAF UK to QAF US? Even if Brian was one of those American gays with a foreskin fetish, how could he ever make such a fuss about it?

Quelques miettes de bande passante… pour la chaîne la plus chère du bouquet.

14 November

Extensive modifications to the Nicer Titles script, OSD style. I had been meaning to do that for a while, but it’s always harder to edit a script you didn’t write yourself.

Works fine with Firefox, MSIE and Opera; I can’t try it with Safari yet, but maybe soon…

Real Ghost Sighting Caught on Film [via] :
“The ad was never put on TV because the unexplained ghostly phenomenon frightened the production team out of their wits. Watch it and about halfway through (after the car comes from behind the trees) look closely and you will see the white mist coming up from behind the car and then following it along the road!”
(On voit d’autant mieux sur mon ordinateur, qui diffuse automatiquement les vidéos en plein écran sur le troisième moniteur.)

15 November


— hi, what do you do in life?

— webdesigner; you?

— pastry cook

— with abs like these? :))

— so?

— you don’t see any relation?

— i don’t see what your question’s got to do with anything

Is it me or him? The log ends here: I closed the window.

Gay chats… don’t work for chatting, don’t work for fucking… what’s the point and why is everybody there?

Ma première mort. Ah, c’est vraiment possible ?

16 November

Step 2. Hee hee. An apple in my room. Hee. Can’t wait for step 3. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.

P.S. Have you noticed how it perfectly matches the lamps I bought a couple of years ago? (Yeah, well, I know it’s no miracle, everybody copied Apple’s plastics.)

17 November

J’aime bien le nouveau plateau de Nous ne sommes pas des anges, il a plus de personnalité, mais pourquoi a-t-il tellement l’air d’être le grand frère de celui du Set ? (Voire ce que devrait être celui du Set, justement.)

Step 3. Hee hee hee. Hee. And even Exposé isn’t slow! Hee. (But the screen’s colors are so bad they ruin my pretty OS X, and I don’t even think it’s due to its age.)

18 November

There you go, a fully functional Mac with Adium and Spike to communicate with the other computers (don’t miss Spike, which allows you to share your clipboard between Macs and PCs without any configuration).

The thing is unbelievably not slow, but 800x600 is a bit small.

Oh, yes: the bad surprise is that iCal is even less practical than Mozilla Sunbird, so I won’t be using it. And, since I’m soon going to be able to afford a brand new iMac G5 for the rest, I’m not sure anymore what use this iBook will have, in the end. It doesn’t matter, and doesn’t prevent me from dying to buy a couple others like this one, just for fun, while the reseller has a bunch in store.

Don’t forget to reopen the garoocams popup. The Mac screencam currently uses Oculus, until I find a free equivalent.

P.S. I wonder if the screencam isn’t anti-aliased because the program forgets to, or because OS X has deactivated anti-alias on all programs because the video card can’t handle it.

Ta-da: a couple hours to discover Applescript basics and adapt an FTP upload script, and the Garoo TV Guide is uploaded with just a click on the dock. Without having to learn C# and code my own FTP upload program. Ah, OS X…

19 November

La prochaine fois que je m’étouffe en mangeant mon jambon du soir, j’essaierai de me souvenir de ne pas me moucher juste après.

Colorstrology [via]: my birthday’s color is… Pantone 16-3320 violet!

You’d think they looked at my blog before they gave me my color.

20 November

Kill QuickTime Nagging. Isn’t there anything simpler?

Comment avatars

Firefox avatars in passing and, much more interesting, Gravatar: Globally Recognized Avatar [via]. Register your avatar (a 80x80 pixel image, like on messageboards) on gravatar.com, associate it to your e-mail address, and it’ll be automatically displayed on every gravatar-enabled weblog. Can’t wait for this to spread!

P.S. Crap, they check email addresses, I won’t be able to use garoo@example.com anymore.

P.S. Well, maybe it works on garoo.net, try it; I haven’t received the verification email yet.

P.S. For those gaget lovers, instructions and plugins for MovableType, Wordpress and TextPattern are available.

P.S. Now works on garoo.net, and their verification email problems are fixed. Register now so you can have your own comment avatar on this and other blog comment systems (and soon on the guestlog)!

An American in the queue to London’s Apple Store opening: “”I came over from California. I worked a vacation around this; I’ve never been out of the US.”” Freaks.

21 November

Jabber’s priorities

Jabber allows you to connect to the same server, with the same user ID, from several machines simultaneously. I had already known that at the time I tested some Jabber clients, but had forgotten it because I had no use for that.

Now that I have two workstations on my office (and the number should grow over time), I rediscover the functionality, get some documentation and… get disappointed. They had a great idea, something that gave them a real edge on other IM systems, but they limited themselves to one particular case study instead of exploring all possibilities.

[continue reading]

Oh, maybe I should buy a 512 or 1024 MB USB key to give some air to OS X, as it’s feeling quite cramped in its 3 GB. What kind of performance would that give?

22 November

Well, I think I cured the server. Now I’d only like to find out why the FTP daemon refuses non-anonymous connections. Not motivated for blogging as long as I can’t upload my thumbnails.

Tiens, j’avais des chaînes que je ne connaissais même pas. Faut vraiment que je trouve un moyen de mieux profiter du satellite. Est-ce qu’il y a quelqu’un dans l’assistance qui pourrait me dire si le Pilotime est pratique ou pas ?

Just thought I could make a script to download everyone’s gravatar and save it locally, and fall back to favicon.ico if necessary. More functional, and faster do display. But more work. I have to check how hard it would be to open and convert an icon file.

23 November

The Judging Amy characters have an unpleasant tendency to die on season finales and find a way to be alive next season. It was already bothersome the first time, and repetition doesn’t make it any better.

Murr… The word processor of my dreams (only a bit sluggish on my iBook, probably due to the almost full HD), with a nice fullscreen editing mode. Even better than CopyWrite — but $100 with Internet activation.

You can’t expect anything good from a day you begin by waking up from a pleasant dream to go back to your crappy real life.

Finally a French Cafepress clone [via]. I find the base prices a bit steep, but as a matter of fact they’re quite equivalent to those of Cafepress.

24 November

Damn… I have a Mac, and my life is still as void and pointless as before. But it was all supposed to changed, that was the plan. It’s been seven days, I should have found bliss and all.

I should really have taken advantage of living at the fourth floor to jump out, or hang myself in the roomy staircase. How do I do now?

25 November

Merde, ces cons de Pink diffusent la version scène d’Angels in America avant que la version télé se termine sur Canal+.

Pourquoi c’est quand mon serveur de captures vidéo est éteint qu’on entrevoit dans Paris Dernière de célèbres blogueurs (certainement d’autres aussi, mais je n’ai reconnu que lui, c’était furtif) au détour d’une interview de Maïa Mazaurette ?

Mr. Bricolage était bien mignon, souriant et sympathique, et s’il n’avait pas bossé dans un magasin de bricolage j’aurais pu croire que. Ou alors, il n’est pas particulièrement mignon ni souriant et je suis juste très très très en manque d’affection. Mais un autre des vendeurs ressemblait au prototype du premier de la classe boutonneux pédé de 18 ans qui ne sait pas encore s’assumer, alors il y a de quoi se demander. Zut, quelle raison je peux trouver de passer mon temps dans un magasin de bricolage ?

26 November

Récit d’un branleur, de Samuel Benchetrit : pour ma toute première commande sur Amazon, je suis un peu déçu. Le seul intérêt du livre aura été de me faire marrer tellement il me rappelait un ex-blogueur. (Et je peux le dire parce que j’en connais un deuxième qui pourrait se sentir concerné, donc aucun des deux ne peut savoir avec certitude qu’il s’agit de lui.)

I can’t make the iBook connect to the Linux server with NFS, and Samba won’t accept some files because their names aren’t Windows-compatible. How do I do then?

27 November

The Knock-In-Lock: knock a code to your car’s window to unlock it. Don’t know if I’d trust it, but the concept is cute.

28 November

It’s sad to stumble upon a rerun of old Spin City episodes, from when the characters had a soul (and a brain) and the writers were doing their job.

Mom’s Cancer (don’t remember where I found that link).

Hedwig and the Angry Inch on satellite TV: I wasn’t expecting that at all, but rather a cheap fun flick.

I want to put on a wig too and go sing off-Broadway, or in every Pizza Hut in the country.

P.S. So there is such a thing as a twink aging well. That’s a relief.

29 November

I’m not commenting the movies I see anymore, or 24 (which sucks more and more each year), or Alias, or Nip/Tuck, Jeremiah or the Absolutely Fabulous seasons I had never seen; I don’t even feel like writing about Hedwig and the Angry Inch or Angels in America. Seems like my lack of blogging these days isn’t just because I have nothing to tell; I have reached another level, another evolutionary step, where information as well as sentiment can be synthesized to a couple sentences, a link and a picture. I’m beyond blogging. And fuck all the inferior lifeforms in this ecosystem.

30 November

Oh, my days would be much shorter, and my circadian rhythms much more appropriate, if I read more often. I didn’t remember how it’s tiresome when it’s written in small type and it’s very, very good.


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