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1 February 2005

Neil Gaiman, The Wolves in the Walls

O…kay… why did I buy that, again? I had sworn to give up on Gaiman. Oh, wait, that’s why (and, also, to give him another last chance, since everybody around is still praising him). So, yeah, alright, the illustrations are very nice, and if I had a bedroom worth decorating I could cut the pages off and stick them to the walls (all the more easily as my copy came with poor binding) and that would be very meta and all. But, apart from that, when it comes to the book as a whole, and the story an dall… for someone who’s more than four years old and isn’t learning to read, what’s the point?

Joss Whedon, Fray TPB

Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. The ending happens a bit too quickly, but it’s certainly inherent to the medium: you have to fit the whole resolution in one twenty-page-ish issue, because you can’t really expect to sell a ninth comic after the apocalypse just for the fun of exploring the characters’ psychology a bit further. But apart from that it’s all perfect: the characters, the dialogues (obviously), the story (although the twists also happen a bit soon, still because of the medium — and also because it isn’t designed to be read all eight episodes at a time)… and, if that wasn’t enough, the illustrations are absolutely splendid. It’s just too short.

2 February

Random.org on 11 September 2001 : “This page is a response to requests I have had from people who read about the Global Consciousness Project. The GC people collect data generated by true random number generators and analyse it for anomalities occuring at the same time as events affecting large groups of people, such as major earthquakes, Lady Diana’s funeral or the attacks in New York and Washington. Seemingly, the GC results show strange anomalies in data generated around the time of the attacks. This has lead people to ask me, if I have noticed any change in the numbers generated by Random.org on that day.

High schoolers on free speech : “When told of the exact text of the First Amendment, more than one in three high school students said it goes “too far” in the rights it guarantees. Only half of the students said newspapers should be allowed to publish freely without government approval of stories.
Wow, ils sont fin prêts pour regarder Fox TV à vie.

Indigenes no understand enchanted chariots be dangerous. (But, fortunately, the gendarmerie is there.)

Hide Your IPod, Here Comes Bill  : “that translates to 16,000 iPod users among the 25,000 who work at or near Microsoft’s corporate campus. “This irks the management team no end,” said the source. […] So concerned is management, owning an iPod at Microsoft is beginning to become impolitic, the manager said. Employees are hiding their iPods by swapping the telltale white headphones for a less conspicuous pair.

Baisse des prix en trompe-l’oeil chez Free : “En toute discrétion, Free annonce une “baisse” de ses tarifs téléphoniques depuis une Freebox à compter du 1er février. […] Résultat: les communications sont plus onéreuses que chez France Telecom sauf pour les appels en heures creuses de plus d’une minute vers les mobiles Orange et SFR. Bon à savoir, ceux qui ne souhaitent pas bénéficier de cette “baisse” des tarifs doivent adresser une lettre recommandée avec accusé de réception à Free.

Hide The Truth, Here Comes Leander Kahney : “The big question here, of course, is whether iPod usage at Microsoft is unusually high. That is, after all, the point of the article. Or is Kahney just stretching the truth yet again to write yet another pro-Apple story? That one’s easy, because I visit the Redmond campus several times a year. Kahney’s full of it. Utterly full of it.

3 February

Bravo Evelyne : “Demander à Dave sa date de naissance (44), c’est classe. Donner la date de naissance de Rika Zarai (38), c’est aussi la classe. Lui donner un journal du jour de sa naissance, avec en une l’invasion de l’Autriche par Hitler, à elle qui est juive, c’est aussi super classe. Mais demander à Vincent McDoom, après un reportage sur la sexualité des ados, à quel âge il a eu sa première fois, c’est carrément de l’art.

Kill Bill, volume 2

I wanted to check my review of volume 1 for reference, but it seems I never got to write it, so I’ll do it for memory: the second volume seems more uneven to me than the first.

Even though I’m not very receptive to Tarantino, I had been bluffed by the mastery of his directing, as well as by the little bursts of scenario that managed to grow in the midst of all the gore; this one I found a bit too messy, and almost phoned-in at times. Several excellent scenes, with weak transitions and even occasionally editing.

Oh, but it has to be me, it’s certainly an intentional choice that I don’t quite get (just like I don’t generally get Tarantino). Still, I’m leaving the movie far less impressed and excited than after I saw the first part.

I’ve always been annoyed by Sydney Bristow being such a cry baby, but it’s gotten worse since I watch Alias in the original version, and even more since I know that Jennifer Garner is such a bimbo. She’s supposed to be the daughter of Victor Garber, the double or triple agent with an ever inexpressive face, and Lena Olin, the double or triple agent with an ever inscrutable face, she’s the prophetic super agent who’s been trained from the earliest age by her father, and she’d be unable to bluff anyone in a kindergarten poker game.

I’m specifically thinking about it tonight after I watched Kill Bill, because the bride is just the opposite: she’s credible as a fearless, remorseless killer, whereas Sydney wouldn’t survive for two days in the real world.

So, should I blame the actress, or is her character really supposed to be like this?

4 February

Lancement de Mon Secret - monsecret.fr : “Le site permet de télécharger la chanson en MP3 et raconte plus longuement l’histoire de la chanson : plus jeunes, une femme a dû avorter, et ce secret la ronge, elle qui tous les ans, à l’anniversaire de ce “cauchemar” en janvier, y repense et est rongée par le remord.

Pick a good password : “If you don’t want to use one password for every place that requires one, a variation on Eric’s method is to combine the service name with a word you choose. So if blue’s your word, your Ebay password would be ebblauye and your Paypal password would be pbalyupeal.

Dammit, Opera’s days are counted now. Not only is its anti-spam filter too dumb to ignore outgoing messages, but even adding a “And where From header does not contain garoo” rule doesn’t change anything, and I’m still finding sent mail in my Spam folder.

It’s too bad, as I really liked their original inbox system, that can’t be found anywhere else (closest approximation is Gmail’s interface, but it’s not really the same, and anyway I’m not trusting any foreign server farm with my personal mail.)

Oh, and there’s also its inability to correctly wrap lines when you answer a message. (Which didn’t bother me until lately, because it must have been a while since I last answered an email longer than two lines.) Yeah, I guess it’s definitely bye bye Opera now. Damn.

My mother just told me she had resold the Amélie DVD because it was really too lame.

5 February

I, Robot

On the whole, less dumb than I expected, particularly after the first half-hour (which reminded me the South Park mormon song, “Dumb dumb dumb dumb”). But what’s infuriating is that you can see, from the details and the dialogues (well, those of supporting actors), that this movie was conceived by people far less dumb than the result is. And that they could have made something much better, but just limited themselves with this neo-luddite crap starring the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, out of sheer cynicism. Hurray for Hollywood.

By the way, hearing for the first time Chi McBride’s real voice is a shocker. The choice they made for the Boston Public French version could quite almost be defined as racist.

By the way again, I wouldn’t mind being told what Will Smith injected to himself as he prepared for Ali, because I’d love to had breasts like these so I can get anyone I want when I go back to Paris.


Emmanuelle Béart est plus belle que jamais (même à Hollywood les actrices de 40 ans ne font pas si jeune !), Fanny Ardant n’a pas été aussi bien filmée depuis des années, et Gérard Depardieu arrive à être crédible dans le rôle de son mari, j’espère que vous réalisez bien à quel point c’est exceptionnel. D’ailleurs, la plus grosse réussite est bien d’avoir pu donner un métier, un mari, un fils et une mère à Fanny Ardant, et que tout ça arrive vraiment à fonctionner.

Pour ce qui est du film, c’est le pendant féminin de Nettoyage à sec, de la même réalisatrice (quoique — donc ? — moins violent) : ni incontournable ni raté, disons… un bon film français dans la tradition du cinéma français ?

Nothing like a Nutella topping to rescue a failed experiment of a birthday cake.

6 February

Au secours, j’ai 30 ans !

(En tapant le titre du post je me rends compte que j’ai bien choisi le jour pour regarder ce DVD, tiens. Il n’y a pas de coïncidences.)

Marie-Anne Chazel a bénéficié pendant vingt ans de l’aura du Père Noël parce qu’elle n’avait rien fait de majeur depuis (si on ne compte pas deux scénarios de films très oubliables et oubliés) et qu’elle est bonne cliente en talk-show. En passant à la réalisation, elle dissipe le doute : non, Clavier et elle ne sont pas si mal assortis. (D’accord, j’exagère : ce n’est pas énervant, bête ou méchant comme le serait un film de Clavier, mais juste nul, au sens propre.)

Shrek 2

Weird, I thought the word of mouth was good on that one. The sequel doesn’t offer much: a couple of under-used new characters, and a ton of anachronism humor that’s only funny for two minutes — good thing that in the first movie it was only for two minutes, whereas this one is pretty much built around it.

But since when does Jennifer Saunders have such a Broadway singing voice? I already heard her sing in passing in French and Saunders, but never like that.

And since when has it become acceptable for a DVD to prevent skipping not only the FBI warnings, but also the fucking trailers?! (Yeah, I know it mustn’t be new at all, but I don’t watch DVDs very often.)


A real success, and it’s full of hot men in revealing clothes, so what more could you want?

Of course, when I speak of success, it’s within the limits of the big-budget 150-minute peplum that I’d never ever would have wanted to see in a theater (by the way, I really need to buy a set-top DVD player, as you can’t do something else at the same time as you’re watching a longish or mediocre movie on your PC).

And, when I speak of hot men, I’m not only about Brad, because even Orlando Bloom manages to be sexy, from all the preperation work for his poor little fight scene. Well, he still looks and sounds like a naive teenager, but at least it’s just right for the part this time.

Finally, when I speak of revealing clothes… let’s just say the director is so in love with Brad Pitt’s butt (and who could blame him?) that he’d make Achilles fight nude if he could. If you fast-forward through the batlle scenes (which isn’t really necessary: it’s pretty well balanced for an epic movie), you get a Chippendales gay movie. Well, except for the fact that Achilles fucks girls by the threes so that moviegoers don’t figure Patroclus is his life partner if they don’t want to. Actually, that’s very gay too — 1950s, Ben-Hur gay.

Alors quoi, ça n’intéresse vraiment personne ? Tous les fans de Buffy ont déserté mon blog ? Pourtant, j’en connaissais plusieurs, et je suis encore dans les liens sur leurs blogs ! Ils ne me lisent plus ? Ils me linkent juste parce que ça se fait bien, de linker Garoo, ça fait membre actif de la pédéblogosphère ?

Smile, take a deep breath, it all starts going by really quickly after 28.

I had forgotten how cool it was to be a webstar: even Zach Braff writes personal messages to me on his blog.

Pff, pour une fois que Pink diffuse un film “intéressant”, je vais le rater et il n’y a pas de rediffusion.

In a parallel dimension, another me has a husband who knows exactly, without hesitation, what to offer him to make him happy on his birthday.

In a parallel dimension, another me has a husband who doesn’t need to buy him presents to make him happy on his birthday.

7 February

WP-Cache 1.0 : “Every WordPress user or administrator know that WP sucks badly in the efficiency department.

I finally seized Software Update’s offer to reinstall iTunes and let me try and access my mp3s from the iBook on my bedstand.

And, just like so many things in OS X, it’s unbelievable: it works. Downloading iTunes, launching the app, no setup needed at all, “Garoo” immediately appears in the sources list. What took me longest (not counting the plugging of external speakers on the laptop) was remembering that the artists and records lists were hidden behind the shapeshifting “Browse” button.

Here comes the music.

100 Most Popular Gravatar Enabled Sites : “13. garoo.net (188) by garoo

Only 188 avatars displayed in 7 days? There mustn’t be many people accessing the individual post pages.

Attack of the colon?The English titling phenomenon is not limited to made-in-France reality/junk TV shows. Quality programmes imported from the USA tend to be broadcast nowadays using their original titles. ‘Nip/Tuck’, ‘Six Feet Under’ and ‘Desperate Housewives’ (coming soon on Canal+) are examples which immediately spring to mind.
J’ai hâte de voir comment les français vont prononcer Desperate Housewives, tiens, ça promet d’être drôle.

Terminator 3

The first minutes made me fear the worst, but actually they managed pretty well: the movie isn’t bad, and goes beyond repetition of the first two — in another genre, less of a thriller, maybe because Claire Danes isn’t Linda Hamilton, and Nick Stahl isn’t… well, he isn’t much of a John Connor, and particularly not in the horrendous voice-overs.

I’d just like to know what moron thought it was necessary to add a notion of predestination in what originally was pure science-fiction (with intensive temporals loops, sure, but no hint of destiny or divine intervention).

8 February

Eh bien, il y en a un qui a envie de les vendre, ses disques.

Nobody Expects The Bloglines Askquisition!Speaking from experience, I know that the acquisition of a service that you use and depend upon can be unnerving. I also know that after acquisition some services wither.I am confident that won’t happen here. There is a shared passion and vision for Bloglines, and I’m very excited about the future.

Oh ben non !

9 February

10 February

Grande école

Wow, impressionnant. Dans son genre. Je serais très curieux de savoir à quoi ressemblait la pièce avant qu’ils rajoutent des bites et des culs entre les scènes pour faire passer le temps. Notez que ça pourrait être intéressant, et audacieux, d’établir un tel contraste entre le charnel et la prise de têtes d’étudiants littéraires. Mais avec des dialogues aussi gratinés il faudrait des acteurs et réalisateur virtuoses pour faire passer la pilule, alors que, là…

Canalsatellite “Avantage Liberté” : “Pour passer à une formule d’abonnement comprenant plus de chaînes et/ou ajouter une ou plusieurs options, il vous suffit de cliquer ici.
Pour passer à une formule d’abonnement comprenant moins de chaînes et/ou supprimer une ou plusieurs options, il vous suffit de le notifier par courrier postal à Canalsatellite.

C’est tellement élégant.

Le roncier : “Grâce à Kozlika, la très nécessaire association Prochoix vient de se doter d’un blog. Soyez les bienvenuEs.

11 February

Il semblerait que le serveur SMTP du super provider de la connexion ADSL de mes parents soit en difficulté. Alors, faites signe si vous n’avez pas reçu de mail de moi depuis un ou deux jours… enfin, juste… j’me comprends… non, en fait, si vous n’avez pas reçu de moi, c’est sûrement que vous n’en avez pas à recevoir, vu que je n’écris ni réponds à personne, mais c’est qu’on ne sait jamais, j’ai envoyé trois mails depuis dimanche, alors si jamais vous étiez l’un des trois destinataires et que vous n’avez rien reçu… ben… c’est bête, hein ?

(Et, comme en plus Opera s’entête à mettre les messages envoyés dans le dossier Spam, bien que je lui aie demandé d’exclure tout message contenant mon adresse e-mail dans n’importe quel en-tête, si un mail s’est perdu je n’en ai probablement pas de copie.)

Two-Finger-Scrolling [via] : “This is a hack to activate two-finger scrolling on supported pre-2005 PowerBooks and iBooks (i.e. those with a “W-Enhanced” trackpad, including most AlBooks and recent iBooks) on OS X 10.3 (tested on 10.3.7 and 10.3.8).

Je doute que ça marche sur mon clamshell.

Garoo ailleurs : “En musique, le modèle des majors est voué à l’échec — et du coup on ne peut pas reprocher à [Pascal] Nègre de vouloir protéger son bout de viande tant qu’il peut, parce que de toute façon il n’a rien d’autre à faire. La raison pour laquelle il faut des centaines de milliers d’euros pour lancer un artiste, et donc qu’il faut vendre plein de Céline Dion pour réinvestir les bénéfices, c’est la campagne de lancement, pas la production du disque lui-même. Alors, quand Universal Music aura été réduit en miettes par les réalités économiques et que tous les artistes, petits ou grands, seront sur un pied d’égalité, il n’y aura plus de problème, chacun fera son disque dans son garage et les meilleurs artistes se feront connaître par internet, et ils gagneront leur vie en se produisant sur scène, comme au bon vieux temps d’avant que la production de disques devienne une industrie. Les Goldman ne seront plus multimillionnaires, mais la création musicale ne disparaîtra pas, elle gagnera même en diversité.
Les droits d’auteurs ont été inventés pour empêcher quelqu’un de s’approprier la création d’autrui et les revenus qui vont avec, pas pour interdire aux gens de fredonner une chanson dans la rue.

Yann Tiersen, c’est Michael Nyman avec un accordéon, non ?

P.S. Oups, c’est pas trop trop un scoop.

France 2 et ces fameux blogs : “Le Journal Télévisé de France2 vient de diffuser un reportage assez étrange sur “ces fameux blogs”: cela commence comme une publicité pour étudiants en marketing […] et se termine en “les blogs sont un danger pour les entreprises”. […] je propose quand même le reportage sur les blogs au format .mov (QuickTime).

12 February

54 minutes, the exact length of the Amélie soundtrack networked by iTunes, that’s what it took me to type in my TV watching schedule for the week. That’s not good.

Especially when the Apple software, the design wonder, begin to irritate me. iCal in the first place: not only inconvenient at all to enter appointments after midnight, but also seriously lacking common sense when it comes to typing dates and times (when all it would take is adding a “duration” box in the properties sheet), which is all the most unnerving as its Mozilla clone emulates those flaws. But also Safari, which forces me, every time I click a link, to click inside the page again so that Page Up and Page Down will be operational.

Details, I know, but the devil is in the details. Especially if they want my two thousand euros (when I get them). I’m having trouble looking forward to such an expensive purchase when I realize some aspects will bug me every day and forever. Sure, my Windows PC is much much worse, but it cost me next to nothing!

P.S. Oh, right, I knew there was another peeve I wanted to write about, but couldn’t remember what: the lack of hierarchy in keyboard shortcuts. In Windows, menus and buttons are accessed with Alt, application-defined shortcuts with Ctrl, and system shortcuts with Win. In OS X, everything is behind the same Cmd key. I can’t get used to hide / quit being on the same level as cut / paste.

Baisons design : “Eh bien figurez vous, chère parisiennes, qu’on se fait bien avoir. Le sauna de marseille est abordable, propre, feng-shui, design, sent bon, avec un accueil agréable et une clientèle de choix. Le sauna parisien à côté, c’est la misère.

13 February

Poets have tried to describe Ankh-Morpork. They have failed. Perhaps it’s the sheer zestful vitality of the place, or maybe it’s just that a city with a million inhabitants and no sewers is rather robust for poets, who prefer daffodils and no wonder. So let’s just say that Ankh-Morpork is as full of life as an old cheese on a hot day, as loud as a curse in a cathedral, as bright as an oil slick, as colorful as a bruise and as full of activity, industry, bustle and sheer exuberant busyness as a dead dog on a termite mound.

Terry Pratchett, Mort.

France 3 et “les blogues” : “Après le reportage du journal de France2 hier, c’est France3 qui s’y colle. Les blogues (orthographe retenue) servent ici principalement aux adolescents et aux cuisinières. Regardez le reportage par vous-même (format QuickTime, .mov).

Terry Pratchett, Mort

Unpleasant, persistent impression that the author tries very hard to be Douglas Adams and only occasionally succeeds. Maybe he really does, or maybe all British authors wrote that way in the eighties, but the result is the same: there are very good moments, the story on the whole isn’t bad, it’s a good read, but I’m not particularly looking forward to reading other volumes of the series.

Or, at least, something much more recent. Any suggestions?

14 February

Apple a quelques problèmes matériels importants [via] : “Un ancien ingénieur de Apple aurait lâché le morceau : Des erreurs dans la conception de la gestion des tâches et des priorités de bas niveau pour le modèle G5, provoquant une importante baisse de performances dans l’exploitation des disques durs. Les opérations du disque dur seraient d’ailleurs parfois moins performantes qu’avec un Mac-mini à cause de ce « bug ».

Le principal problème est que cette erreur de conception touche bien le matériel, et qu’il ne semble nullement possible de rectifier le problème par mise à jour logicielle (Firmware ou OS).”


Stars Take a Shine to Apple : “Apple has four retail stores in the Los Angeles area, which give the sales associates ample opportunity to rub elbows with Hollywood celebrities. It isn’t always pleasant.

15 February

Still alive : Quand The Gift décrivait un L.A. où le bareback est tellement mainstream que les petits jeunes se disent que réclamer la capote c’est trop ringard, je me disais qu’hors du Dépôt on n’en était pas encore là en France. Peut-être que si, finalement. Ce n’est pas tant le post lui-même qui est inquiétant que les commentaires du style : “Comme souvent, ça secoue, ça interpelle, ça transpire la sincérité… pour moi rien de scandaleux dans ton texte, au contraire, je le trouve très intéressant !

16 February

Glen Cook, Shadows Linger

In the right continuation of the previous volume — with less humor (but the characters have all become depressive, so it makes sense), slower action, a division of narration between two characters (which doesn’t really work with the concept of an annalist narrator, but nevermind), and the same style. I still can’t decide whether it’s well or poorly written.

What’s important is, the story is interesting, you can’t wait to know what happens next, and you can’t wait to get the next volume. You already know it’s more than I can say about most of the books I read.

It’s a good thing our letterbox was just replaced (after being destroyed, presumably by high-schoolers upset at the the multiplication of conseils de discipline in the past month). I’ve been told the mailwoman left our mail on the steps yesterday, and I wouldn’t expect an Amazon package to survive long under those conditions.

Garoo ailleurs, à propos de C’est déjà demain : “Je voulais regarder, mais… les morceaux de fiction étaient totalement insipides, et les morceaux de Hollande étaient… euh… zut, j’aurais sûrement dû garder “insipide” pour la suite de la phrase.
Bref, j’aimais beaucoup l’idée, mais je n’ai pas réussi à rester plus de deux minutes dessus sans couper le son (et j’ai essayé plusieurs fois).

Why do they call it the loo? J’aime bien l’idée de “Room 100”.

When a website demands a valid e-mail address, I always give one of my Hotmail addresses. They’re naturally full of spam already, and I have no other use for them anyway.

Today, for the first time ever, I just thought of forwarding a password confirmation message to my regular address, instead of letting Hotmail erase it like the others next time my account is emptied after a month of inactivity.

Turns out I have flashes of intelligence at seven in the morning.

Cruise ship care : “A year in an “assisted-living facility” costs around $28,500 a year, up to $40,000 in large cities. Lee Lindquist and Robert Golub, from Northwestern University believe that a permanent passage on a cruise ship could be the solution, as living in a dedicated cabin aboard the Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas rings in at a rather competitive $33,260 a year.

Damien_ : “Vous vous foutez bien que freaky chope le sida, de toute façon ça ne se transmet pas en laissant des commentaires sur un blog, alors vous avez bien raison, c’est sa «responsabilité», eh bien qu’il se démerde avec. Quand il sera contaminé, vous laisserez un commentaire de compassion avec un smiley :-( et puis vous passerez à autre chose.

Unprotecting iTunes vs. Unprotecting Napster : “So what’s the big deal? Unprotecting music without first burning to CD is bad, but if you burn to CD first, it’s ok? I don’t get it.

Now Playing on Amazon.com: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy [via]. Ow. The new trailer doesn’t look good. At all. A mixture of… of… damn, it really looks all sucky. Pff.

17 February

La blogosphère américaine découvre que le podcasting (comme les radio.blog, mais à destination des iPod) pose des problèmes légaux. Geez.

Ryû Murakami, Miso Soup

Very interesting.

Japan is a bloggers’ country, and it’s too bad they can’t speak English. I feel like going to Tokyo and trying to find myself a Kenji. A good thing that, according to the book, the local gays are the only one who aren’t scared to have sex with a gaijin — a matter of size, no doubt, they’re afraid for their health but will still fuck, just like the French gays are afraid for their wallet or DVD player but still fantasize about Blacks and Arabs.

On the one hand, you wonder what noise Japan will make when it implodes. On the other, you have to wonder if it doesn’t just so happen that the only voices we hear from the outside are those from reactionary proto-fascists who just can’t bear the evolution of their society. Hard to tell without better knowledge of the author, and the country.

True that, seen from here, everything converges to give the impression that Japan is indeed having a big breakdown and is about to shoot itself in the head any time soon. But you have to be wary of apparences, especially across oceans: what with Americans being so profoundly convinced we hang Jews by the masts of French McDonald’s colonies.

18 February

Il me reste une pâte brisée à utiliser d’ici quelques jours : des suggestions ? (Ne me demandez pas pourquoi j’avais acheté un stock de pâte brisée alors que je n’aime pas tellement les tartes, je ne sais pas.)


(It was this close to being the gloomiest series ending of the history of television, but they regained their optimism just in time for the last episode.)

19 February

Class action suit filed against Apple.

Pff, I don’t know anymore. I still want OS X, but it’s bugging me more and more with its anti-power-users stance — I know, there’s BSD underneath, there’s AppleScript, there are the indispensables like Quicksilver, but Apple software annoys me with its “you’ll do things the way we designed, and no other” philosophy. And there’s the hardware, superb but not particularly renowned for its reliability. On a PC, I can choose to buy the hardware I want wherever I want, and there are zillions of freeware programs for geeks like me.

Maybe I don’t really want to be a switcher anymore. Maybe I should just buy an iMac mini and a 17“LCD. Or maybe the opposite.

Il aurait mieux fait de rester mannequin torse nu.

C’est la vie de top model qui lui a donné un visage si marqué, ou il l’avait déjà avant, comme le regard éteint ?

Pâte à gâteaux “Moelleux nature” Herta et Dragibus. Un échec. Il faudrait essayer avec une pâte moins liquide, pour que les Dragibus ne se retrouvent pas au fond — ou laisser tomber l’idée. Je pensais qu’ils fondraient.

20 February

Autoblog : “It’s sad but true: during the first two seasons of Miami Vice, Detective Sonny Crockett’s Ferrari Daytona Spider was actually a replica based on a 1980 Chevrolet Corvette.

21 February

Poppy Z. Brite, Lost Souls

A major new voice in horror fiction”, the cover says. And it sure is modern: three hundred and fifty pages of slash, an unbearably pompous and precious style utterly devoid of any humor, teenage characters of all ages existing only to produce and absorb each and every body fluid you can think of, boys raping their girlfriends and sucking their boy-friends off… oh yeah, it definitely is modern, and it could only be written in the nineties by an authentic livejournaler, no contest.

In short, even though it becomes more readable around the middle (either the reader gets used to the style, or the writer is out of original physiological exchanges and has to resort to writing a story, however anecdotal),I guess Poppy Z. Brite isn’t an author you can discover at 28 29. I wouldn’t have gotten past page 30 if I had been by myself, but I was reading across half a dozen years over the shoulder of someone who wasn’t too old to enjoy it — and that was a fascinating experience I won’t often have a chance to renew.

The Tao of Mac : “Witch is an enhanced Command-Tab/task switcher for Mac OS X that, among other things, lets you manage minimized windows via the keyboard.

Limite de bande passante atteinte. merci de contacter le support.” Le blog de Freaky se remettra-t-il de la polémique ?

“Rires” ?! Je suis bien content d’avoir abandonné la lecture de Podium version roman : s’il n’a pas réussi à en sortir le moindre plan digne d’intérêt quand il l’a concentré en une heure et demie de film, je ne risquais pas d’aimer le livre.

Oh. My. God.

I received this from Damien_, scanned from Têtu (the French gay magazine), issue 22 of March 98, and I promptly publish it here so he can’t blackmail me. (What? Oh, no, no censorship here, it’s just like it was printed, there was a big ink smudge on my face, funny thing, I know, but it was a century ago, and you have to realize that 4-color printing was still in its infancy.)

I don’t understand: I have no memory of that. I checked the cover on the magazine’s website, and it doesn’t ring a bell at all; neither does the article. And yet I have a feeling of déjà-vu. Just a feeling, not a memory. But they were writing about me, they were showing my face (with a crappy haircut and a crappy compositing) in Têtu seven years ago? How could I ever forget that?!

P.S. Oh, as I read the scan again, I realize that I definitely mustn’t have seen it before. “Kangaroo, the name of one of Internet’s first workgroups.” I’d remember a misunderstanding like this.

I vaguely remember answering by mail the questions that gave birth to this article. If Opera’s search really worked, I’d certainly have managed to find back who wrote it — I only remember I knew him.

22 February

Google Book Effort Draws French Ire : “Jean-Noel Jeanneney, President of the [National Library of France], wrote in an editorial that he is concerned Google’s initiate to digitalize volumes at five leading libraries will reflect a unipolar worldview dominated by the English language and American culture.
Avec des déclarations comme ça, comment voulez-vous que les américains ne se foutent pas de notre gueule ? En plus, comme les français sont en train de développer leur propre système, vous allez voir qu’ils vont refuser d’intégrer Google Print quand on le leur proposera.

Apartment Therapy on Paper over Gadgets : “I have found that for the creative and often surprising task of day to day living, a human scale solution - such as a blank piece of paper with lines on it - is a far better design than anything you have to turn on, boot up, or type into with your forefinger. Paper just works better.

23 February

24 February

Featuring the mèragaroomobile. My mother’s car, that is.

25 February

Terrible ce qu’on peut vieillir en une seule année. Les rythmes de tournages, la coke pour tenir, tout ça…

Je ne sais pas encore si la première saison est moins bien que la deuxième, ou si c’est juste le pilote qui est très inégal (c’est quand même curieux : le pilote, c’est l’épisode sur lequel on a le plus de temps pour travailler, non ?), mais c’est en tout cas un miracle que la série ait pu démarrer alors que tous les personnages secondaires étaient présentés comme antipathiques.

26 February

William Gibson, Pattern Recognition

A Neuromancer remix: still hard to read, still chock full of painstakingly detailed descriptions (and trademarks this time, as fits the subject), still a character being led from the beginning to the end, not making any single personal choice or decision in the process. Fortunately, the story is not important, only an excuse to mix touristic guide and philosophical essay on the modern world, and the end result is often fascinating.

(Merci de ne pas utiliser les mots Nic*las Vit*lo, Whatf*r ou L*ve Val*ur Comp*ssion dans les commentaires, je n’ai pas envie de me récupérer tous les fans ici.)

27 February

The producers of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy have finally put together a new trailer[via] that does channel the book’s spirit — but what it shows of the movie itself, however, still doesn’t appeal to me. At all.

At last, I understand the dangers of Google AutoLink! [via] : ““The issue for authors and publishers is whether readers know they’re reading text that’s been modified.” And it’s so ambiguous! Admittedly, in order for the web page to be altered by the Google toolbar, an “AutoLink” button needs to be pressed every time (it doesn’t do it automatically), and the first time you press it this pop-up window appears which explains everything. Personally, I don’t think that’s nearly enough! A large claxon should sound, the screen should flash, and the user should get a phone call from a Google employee explaining the incredibly ambiguous and possibly-accidental button press. After all, the user might not realise that they had altered the content of the page if they were incredibly forgetful or stupid.

Why “Playing it Straight” is Bent : “My little sister Lyndi was aghast that we would watch it, but if you’re gay I think it’s a little bit like driving past a car wreck… it’s hard not to look on with a mixture of curiosity and loathing.

28 February

Police random stops: public safety or Big Brother?Autoblog wants to know whether you think police should be able to set-up random roadblocks.
Et, dans les commentaires : “This isn’t acceptable because they can always use the excuse of public safety or national security. […] Why dont they just issue national ID cards and be done w/it because thats the way its heading.
Les américains sont tellement pittoresques…

Garoo ailleurs : “[Playing it straight / Hétéro mais pas trop] ne me choquerait pas si elle passait sur une autre chaîne, mais n’a pas sa place sur une chaîne financée avec notre fric. De même que je n’ai pas trouvé Queer si mal pour du TF1, et pour le public de TF1, mais que j’aurais hurlé au scandale si l’émission était passée à l’identique sur Pink.
Si la programmation de Pink consiste à chercher tout ce qui répond au mot-clé “gay” dans une base de données de tous les programmes étrangers, ça sera sans moi.

46% des votants ont aimé l’émission, et à voir l’évolution de la programmation (le passage des premières diffusions de QAF à la VF, par exemple) la direction de Pink semble croire, à tort ou à raison, qu’ils sont représentatifs des abonnés. Conclusion : il est vraiment temps de résilier.

Garp’s conviction that Franz Grillparzer was a “bad” writer seemed to provide the young man with his first real confidence as an artist—even before he had written anything. Perhaps in every writer’s life there needs to be that moment when some other writer is attacked as unworthy of the job. Garp’s killer instinct in regard to poor Grillparzer was almost a wrestling secret; it was as if Garp had observed an opponent in a match with another wrestler; spotting the weaknesses, Garp knew he could do better.

John Irving, The World According to Garp.

Halle Berry accepts “Razzie” for Catwoman, calls it a “piece of shit” : “It’s rare for a Razzie “winner” to make a personal appearance at the awards, but Halle Berry gets my vote for coolest person in Hollywood for not only showing up to get a Razzie for Catwoman, but also making a very funny speech.

Stardock Releases Multiplicity : “Multiplicity works by having a primary computer with a keyboard, mouse and monitor connected to it and multiple local secondary computers that still have a monitor connected to them but no keyboard or mouse. When the user moves their mouse cursor from the primary computer to one of the monitors connected to a secondary computer, the user is then controlling that secondary computer. Multiplicity then ties them all together with a single universal clipboard enabling the user to seamlessly work with multiple computers at the same time.
Si ça marche vraiment, ça vaut le coup. (Enfin, non. 30$ pour deux ordinateurs seulement, c’est un peu dur.)


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