Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

1 September 2005

I want to replace my Linux fileserver with a Mac mini and two mirrored Firewire disks. But would that be quite reasonable?

Exceptional offer, one time only: you can have a sneak peek at my pictures just as they came out of the camera, before I have the opportunity to heavily edit them, on my Flickr account (it’s about time I found a use for it).

Little Cars. The link has been around for a few days but I had never clicked it; it’s worth it.

3 September

4 September

5 September

Cocoa pasta with cream — it’s called “crème anglaise” (English cream) in French so I’ve got no idea how to translate it.

P.S. Thanks to rhino75 for contributing — it’s custard.

6 September

Garoo Farewell Tour 2005

I know, I knew, I’ll know you can’t ask your readers anything, but I’m still going to have an open call — only an easier one this time. Accomodation has finally been arranged, to the Garoo Farewell Tour team has been able to add a few Paris dates. The number of nights is still undefined — between three and thirty, depending how long the artist’s depression can be made to wait (which means it’s unlikely to last a whole month).

So accomodation has been arranged, and all I’m needing now is:

  • people to have drinks with (but not just anybody, I’m not that desperate)

  • people to have sex with (and not just anybody either, now that I’ve lost a few pounds in Bordeaux)

  • people to let me watch the first Desperate Housewives episodes (and possibly other shows whose existence I have forgotten over the holidays)

  • a wifi-equipped Mac (I can’t imagine living another month with a PC, and without my files, mp3s, passwords and whatnot)

  • must be all, but I feel like I’m forgetting something, so I might add to the list later

Remember that attending the Garoo Farewell Tour 2005 might (or might not) be a lifetime’s opportunity you don’t (or do) want to miss.

7 September

Conversational writing kicks formal writing’s ass:

What most people mean when they say “write the way you talk” is something like, “the way you talk when you’re explaining something to a friend, filtering out the ’um’, ’you know’, and ’er’ parts, and editing for the way you wish you’d said it.” […]

So one of the theories on why speaking directly to the user is more effective than a more formal lecture tone is that the user’s brain thinks it’s in a conversation, and therefore has to pay more attention to hold up its end! Sure, your brain intellectually knows it isn’t having a face-to-face conversation, but at some level, your brain wakes up when its being talked with as opposed to talked at. And the word “you” can sometimes make all the difference.

I feel like buying a PSP, for not reason. I’m not worried, that’ll pass.

Garoo sera dans le TGV 8568 qui partira de Bordeaux à 18h27 et arrivera à Montparnasse à 21h25. Sauf si le train a un problème, ou si les tramways bordelais sont en panne, ou si j’annule le billet pour une raison ou une autre (si ça se trouve, Bordeaux a décidé que je ne partirais jamais, définitivement).

Que mes porteurs se réfèrent au tableau “Arrivées” de la gare pour venir chercher mes bagages sur le quai, à la sortie de la voiture 15.

Bien arrivé à Paris — stop — Merci Fabrice pour le très joli appart (pas de lien, il n’a pas de blog, ouh ouh ouh) — stop — Il est absolument, définitivement hors de question que je refasse le trajet inverse jusqu’à Montparnasse seul avec tous mes bagages — stop — Je prends une douche et je sors, les couche-tard qui ont mon numéro peuvent me proposer de prendre un verre.

8 September

This Paris holiday is starting on the wrong note: I was much prettier (and thinner) in Matt’s bathroom mirror. And, of course, the competition was by far easier in Bordeaux. But I can’t just pack up again and leave… I’ve got too much luggage, I must absolutely make it worth having traveled across France and half of Paris with three tons under each arm.

I’m admin-less on a Windows Server, so I can’t install anything, and there’s no mail client (well, I don’t count Outlook Express); could anyone recommend me a mail client or POP checker that can work directly from its zip?

P.S. Oh, I forgot there’s a webmail cgi on the server. I had never really used it.

10 September

So I should be expected to write about being in Paris since Wednesday and today being Saturday already and stuff being bound to have happened and whatever.

But for a while now you’ve gotten used to me not telling you anything — and those readers who liked it when I wrote about my life (what little I did) have likely realized I just wouldn’t anymore, and have stopped reading this blog.

So… nothing.

11 September

12 September

Even though I’d initially gotten used to it, coming back to the pretty Apple mouse with no mouse button or, worse, scrollwheel, is quite painful.

That, and getting used to MacOS keyboard shortcuts again after two weeks on a PC.

Garoo Farewell Tour 2005 — Update #1

Attention, attention, change of plans! If you’d booked seats for the first Paris week of the Garoo Farewell Tour, the even has been postponed to the next week. Garoo is currently going back to his roots in Smallville (read: he’s been there for ninety minutes now and wants to run and run away, despite the shiny iMac 20” smiling to him) and will get back to Paris next week-end, for two final weeks of entertainment.

But then, it’s not like we sold too many tickets already, so it won’t change many people’s plans. Keep it going that way and the staff will just cancel the whole tour. (Well, no, they can’t, because I left half my luggage in Paris to make sure I couldn’t chicken out of going back.)

— Ca donne quoi 8 ans plus tard ? :)

— Huit ans ?!… Oh putain

— :)

— Oh putain oh putain oh putain

Stevie’s Little Wonder:

“What’s really been great for us is the iPod has been a chance to apply Apple’s incredibly innovative engineering in an area where we don’t have a 5%-operating-system-market-share glass ceiling,” Jobs says. “And look at what’s happened. That same innovation, that same engineering, that same talent applied where we don’t run up against the fact that Microsoft got this monopoly, and boom! We have 75% market share.”

13 September

Desperate Housewives 1.01–1.03

Heh. Hehe. (But the voice over is a bit on the heavy side. Oh, and so are the recurring power outages at night, forgot about that.)

Minimiam [via]. The Flash interface is a pain but the photography is fantastic.

And, of course, the “Korean creativity” photo set that you’ve already seen ten times unless my blog is the only one you ever read.

Macromedia Flash Player 8 for Mac OS X — that’s the one that’s supposed to be much faster than before, with OpenGL optimization, right? (I don’t know why I didn’t even think of doing a quick before & after comparison on a couple of sites.)

14 September

LaCie mini 250GB. There: I want two of these and a Mac mini on top.

Screenshots keep coming, and I still can’t get myself to believe Microsoft will dare express so clearly that they’re happy still following and copying Apple. We already knew Aquaero and Explorer RSS; now we’re up to iOffice (scroll down to reach the images) and HTML widgets… That’s so pathetic.

Garoo Farewell Tour 2005 — Update #2

Don’t rush and buy tickets for the next two weeks in Paris; it looks like I might have underestimated Murphy’s Law again. (What possessed me to announce my upcoming return as a fact?)

What’s the best way to connect a Mac to a Linux fileserver? (Until I can afford a mini-based solution@. Or an Xserve. Yum.) Samba applies Windows filename restrictions, and I never could get netatalk to work.

Google Blog Search. I’d say it’s not quite ready for prime-time considering every word of every language is going to be used in blog names.

Harry Potter Cockroach Clusters — “perfectly edible candy, made to look and feel like everyone’s favorite scurrying little pest.

Sony DSC-R1 Preview: of course there’s the ten-megapixel oversized sensor, but I also particularly like the top-mounted LCD screen a lot, à la medium format camera. I hope Canon will copy the idea.

Wacom Graphire 4, with a more Mac-like design and a scrollwheel on the tablet (plus two buttons, placed in a much less usable way than on the Intuos). Cool.

15 September

Desperate Housewives 1.04–1.05

Very good. (And lighter on the voice-over.)

16 September

Scrubs 3.04–3.05

Good thing that Scrubs can be watched even after you missed three shows.

Le Blog Automobile : « La réduction de la vitesse maximale autorisée sur les routes départementales, de 90 km/h à 80 km/h, engendrerait une diminution de 500 tués par an (soit 15% des décès enregistrés sur ces routes). » En même temps, il suffirait d’interdire les départementales aux véhicules motorisés pour réduire de 99% le nombre de décès.

Hurray, I can wear again the M-sized t-shirts I bought two years ago — one can just hardly tell there’s a little bump down my belly. (Of course, once in Paris, in front of Fabrice’s high-resolution mirror, I’ll probably think I’m obese.)

First time I ever try to edit a text document in NeoOffice (i.e., OpenOffice.org for Mac). My god, the big pile of crap that is… a proud of cousin of the Gimp.

I had forgotten that summer had an end.

17 September

Garoo Farewell Tour 2005 — Update #3

It’s good to be home! Uh, wait… no, not yet. Anyhoo, here I am, back in Paris (this time I didn’t want to announce it before I was there), so the neverending flow of dinner invitations may now resume. Or not. Not neverending, I mean. Nor a flow at all, anyway.

So I’m here now for two wee… uh, I should be here for two weeks, barring any change of plans there could be and always eventually is, and my schedule is pretty blank right now so you might want to try and take a shot at it, if you’re brave and have enough self-esteem to handle rejection. One may be able to see me at Apple Expo, and probably not at the bloggers’ picnic this Sunday. And the rest of my evenings are available.

Oh, and now that I saw the first five Desperate Housewives episodes, I absolutely need to find a way to watch the next four as they go on Canal+.

Is it “normal” for Microsoft AntiSpyware (ha, haha, muahaha — oops, sorry, but it’s hard not to burst into laughter writing this) to reset Internet Explorer as my default browser every time I log in (and, presumably, make Thunderbird lag like crazy, as well) or is it just a bug with the Windows Server 2003 version?

19 September

Il n’y aurait pas une colocation qui se libère, là, dans les semaines ou mois qui viennent, non ?

Writing sensible email messages. Required reading for your license to use the net.

20 September

Apple Expo: useless, pointless (but I had to try it once). Mighty mouse: really pleasant to use (not enough buttons to warrant buying separately, but I’d really have liked to get it with my iMac). iPod nano: yum yum rowr rowr (I’ll start saving right now for the release of a 60GB version). Graphire 4: couldn’t get my hands on it, the assholes running the Wacom stand were so dumb it pains me to buy one after that (but what choice do I have, it’s a monopoly).

Oh, and the few (pointless) photographs will be on Flickr this weekend, because you have to be an administrator to mount a USB drive in Windows Server 2003.

21 September

The lesson is that when the storm hits, the best place to be is to be out of the path of the storm.” And the Bush administration can use the experience acquired in a city they didn’t care about in order to save a city that matters to them.

22 September

Self-fulfilling prophecy: I’ll never find a flat in Paris. There’s a reason it’s been called the Garoo Farewell Tour.

Flash Earth, a Flash interface for Google Maps even better than the original.

Un Mac mini à 357 €.

Arg. Arg. Arg. Must resist, this isn’t the time. Or is it? I was talking about setting a mini with two Firewire drives (one for data, one for daily backup) as a fileserver and iTunes server on my home network; when and where am I going to find such an offer again? I spent almost as much on my old G3 clamshell, that I only used for a couple months.

Now, I know there’s the upcoming mini revision, but it won’t be quite spectacular; more importantly, the offer involves the very first model, with only 256MB RAM. So the question is: can it be enough to only run iTunes and filesharing? I’d think it is.

(Well, there’s the other question: is it quite reasonable to buy a mini now, when I’m looking for a flat in Paris? But I might very well not find one, and anyway I don’t think I’ll move unless I get the 5000€ contract I should have soon. Oh, and every space saver counts when you move into a Paris flat.)

P.S. And there’s got to be someone who can lend me for a week, or even sell me for 10€, a wired keyboard and mouse?

23 September

A fool and his money…

As I arrived at the shop, I remembered I intended to buy a Macally keyboard for Dalloway, and what better moment than before I spend ten days in Paris with a new Mac mini? (Assuming the package includes a VGA adapter like their website says — Fabrice has a pretty LCD screen… with a VGA plug.)

— And… do you have Macally keyboards?

— Yeah, but you won’t have the shortcut keys on it.

— Uh… (What the hell?) Well, they’re Mac keyboards, aren’t they?

— No, it’s standard. You won’t have the Eject or volume keys… and it’s more expensive.

(Well, yeah, it’s more expensive because it’s designed for Mac and it’s better and that’s why I want one for my iMac) Anyway it’s just F14 F15 F16 so there has to be…

— Uh, no.

(Riiight…) There’s no way I could take a look at one?

— No.

(Wow, they do want to sell, here.) A picture?

— Ah… yes… (It takes him far too long to find the product page on their site.) There. (The pictures is twelve by five pixels.)

—Mfff rff gnnn… (I can’t see a Zoom button, and if it’s hidden it’s not up to me to beg for it.) Yeah well okay I’ll see, I’ll manage.

— And, you see, it’s more expensive, the Apple keyboard is only twenty euros.

(Goddamnit, you really don’t want to push your sales.)

— You’ll take the Apple keyboard?


And the worst part is, he wasn’t being an asshole — he was smiling, rather cute… only he has no idea what he’s selling. On the Macally website, of course: “CD Eject and volume control buttons.

* The DVI/VGA is not only in the box, it’s also listed on the Apple store for the latest revision. It’s odd, I was so sure it was, or had become, optional.

Say hello, Ed!

I made three pictures, but it looks like my cameraphone only wants to send one per message. I foolishly thought that, if the button still said “Add”, that meant I could send additional pictures.

I never really knew whether Ed was a boy or a girl (I missed a few episodes, and don’t remember everything I saw) but I think the ambiguity was intended, so whatever his/her real gender I’m not really breaking my naming convention (female fictional characters), even though Ed stands for Edward.

A fool and his money… II

We live in a terrible world where it’s exceptional to enter a shop where everyone is nice, smiling, amicable and efficient. Particularly for a computing store. In Paris.

So, there it goes: Garoo recommends MacWay’s Paris shop. For when you need something Mac. In Paris.

24 September

How can I keep myself from mentally arranging and rearranging the cheap little flat I’m going to visit on Wednesday? Fifteen square meters near Bastille, perfect (well, what would be perfect would be a 70 sq. m. on the rue de Rivoli, but I’m on a kind of budget here); available in December, works for me (leaves me just enough time to finish my new contract without having to worry about DSL being installed — plus, moving in after I’ve been paid); second floor… and even a bathtub. It has to be a horror, or they just won’t want me, so what am I to do now to keep it out of my mind for four days? So cruel.

25 September

26 September

The Incredibles

A success — but something’s missing, real emotional attachment to the characters. (Which is a bit true of any Pixar movie for me anyway.)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

What was all the fuss about? The love story reminds me of Solaris, only not as good (the comparison might seem far-fetched, but the Soderbergh movie is becoming my reference when it comes to love at first sight); the story is reminiscent of half the previous Charlie Kaufman movies, and some others; the “message”, which already wasn’t too subtle throughout the script, is quite unpleasantly hammered down one last time in the last scene; the SF aspect is underwritten, the memory removal process not being so much a problem by itself but rather because of the bunch of amateurs running it. Not much left to like.

Ah, I knew I’d forgotten something: I wanted to blog my Saturday night (fever). Too late. Pity.

It started something like this: If I had known that when I got 29 I’d begin…

27 September

Bordel, pourquoi je m’y prends au dernier moment ? C’est incroyable que je ne connaisse personne qui ait Canal+ Cinéma et qui n’ait pas besoin de dormir, cette nuit, au moment de la dernière diffusion des épisodes de Desperate Housewives de cette semaine !

28 September

29 September


Pathetic. (Except Rachel Weisz.)

30 September

I’m beginning to remember why one year ago I was thinking it might not be so bad not to live in Paris anymore. La chair est triste. (Flesh is sad.)


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