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1 May 2008

Carrozzeria Touring

Now that’s a Maserati I’d like to drive.

2 May


Unlike the Digg Labs visualizations, this doesn’t hog my CPU; and it’s more artistic. I absolutely want to hack it into a screensaver.

“Next-gen iPhone spotted in the wild?”

The reason I find this picture interesting is that it’s a perfect blend of the current iPhone design with a bit of telephoniness added in; it’s at the same time elaborate and subtle enough to ring true.

Bon, pas de GTA IV pour ce weekend. Prévisible.

Times 1.0

Now available for download; it’s a little too CPU-expensive for my computer (although disabling page curls in the Preferences helps) and crashed when I added the fourth feed to a “Garoo Network” page, but it looks nice and works as advertised. If you’ve got an Intel Mac (2GB of RAM is probably preferrable) and have never really cared for RSS aggregators, I strongly recommend you give this one a try — it looks to be great for randomly surfing the daily news and discovering stories, rather than methodically reading every little post that each blog or news site publishes. If my iMac could handle it better, I’d probably keep Times around to have an occasional look at the stock-provided News and Entertainment pages.

Lost 4.10

For a Jack-centered episode, it was good enough.

Now I’m not a doctor, but can I call bullshit on the “we can’t move him” plot point anyway?

Jesus-christ motherfuckers would you mind spamming my comments rather than the goddamn contact form? At least it wouldn’t feel so pointless!

3 May

J’envie ceux qui n’ont pas GTA IV et peuvent profiter du beau temps. (Moi de toute façon avec le printemps je ne peux plus respirer dehors.)

4 May

I’m beyond tired of seeing Ballmer’s tongue every time there’s a story about him, or Microsoft, or dental hygiene.

Battlestar Galactica 4.05

Meh. More setting up, more development, but more importantly more delaying with nothing new happening. And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, god oh god why did they have to make him important? I hate him so much.

5 May

“16 Abandoned & Decaying Hotels From Around The World”

I’d love to set up a pristine loft in the middle of abandoned ruins. But that would be hard to find, and maintain, in the middle of the city.

“What the fuck, KoKos!”

Very nice portfolio, with a quite identifiable style. I’ll hire him for my personal website when I’m a famous billionaire artist.

iDance WALL-E

The nice thing about robot movies is that it’s easier to make decent merchandising.

Spied BMW M1 prototype?

Now, real or not, that is hot. (Although I’m worried about the rear end.)

Resisting the impulse to throw myself at a police car and pull the driver out.

6 May

The cars on the street are so shiny and I’d only have to press ‘Y’…

Zip Holder

I have a pair of pants that could really use this.

Prototype delayed

Someone’s been playing GTA IV. And crying.

Ah, oui, les mecs en débardeur, j’avais oublié. Argh.

Mirror’s Edge

First gameplay video, and it does look as nice as the previews and interviews made it out to be. It looks like, despite the whole first-person running and jumping and rolling, they somehow managed to make an immersive camera that doesn’t necessarily makes you sick — unlike GTA IV, which isn’t even first-person but still gives me a headache after a couple of hours.

But, of course, that doesn’t stop me from playing GTA, and it doesn’t mean I’ll enjoy Mirror’s Edge; it’s the gameplay that counts. Still, looks like it may be quite fun if the acrobatics are a little more skill-based than in Assassin’s Creed.

7 May

I’m in love with the GTA IV helicopters.

If you’re going for “Under the radar” in GTA IV you should know that the last bridge in the west is kinda buggy; only half of it counts.

Dark City would be a great license for a GTA-like MMO where the world would change slightly every Monday morning.

8 May

“I Think I’ve Been Staring At Mini-Maps Too Much”

That is, actually, the biggest criticism I have for GTA IV: they’ve wanted to emphasize immersion so much, they made all the HUD parts so small and out of the way that you have to focus on it intensively to work it out — and you end up spending the first ten hours looking almost exclusively at the mini-map and not enjoying the amazing graphics at all, only looking up every few seconds to see where the traffic is, which isn’t just annoying but also gives me headaches. Of course it gets better when you start to get a handle of the city, and when you unlock Algonquin and its orthogonal streets, but it’s a real shame when a simple arrow on the screen would have worked so much better. Instead, the first few hours of driving are actually old-school, top-down Grand Theft Auto, played in a circle of 100 pixels or so.

Race Driver Grid (360 demo)

I had great hopes for this game: Dirt’s engine adapted to circuit races (and refined for a year), that was promising. The graphics are as good as expected, the physics model seems perfectly realistic, and the demo is too short to really test the artificial intelligence but I never saw it fail — and with any other racing game you’d only have to take one wide turn to stumble against its failings.

So this is very close to the ideal racing game… yet there’s a “but”: you can’t feel when the car is about to drift. With traction control enabled, no problem (although what’s the point of having such a realistic engine if you’re going to have assists on?); but if you turn it off you just can’t feel the wheels losing grip — no sound (which in general is the game’s weakness), no rumble (and that’s a pity, because the San Francisco jumps, on the other hand, feel more realistic than anything I’ve played). Sure, a real car does not warn with noises and vibrations before it drifts, but you feel it through other ways, and that’s the one point where a simulation ought to step away from pure realism.

Back to GTA IV it is, then; I’ve never had this much fun on multiplayer races.

9 May

Killzone 2

I’m a few days late on this one, but that’s because I waited for GameTrailers to post the video; I’ve decided to boycott GameVideos until the download links are back. I like to open my videos in QuickTime Player rather than having Flash hog 95% of my CPU, thanks.

So, yeah, new images, and, uh, there you go. They’re photorealistic and all. Sad how that fails to impress nowadays.

Mitch Hewer

Well, he’s already been very nude on the show anyway; and as far as pictures of hotties can go, this photograph is pretty much awful.

Lord of the Rings: Conquest

Huh, yeah. That looks pretty empty, a bit like Demigod. Which is a shame, when the Lord of the Rings MMO manages to be so pretty and lush.

Lost 4.11

The backstory was a little too cheesy, but at least things are moving. It’s interesting (and probably a bit sad) that, in an entire episode about xxxx, the cool character was Ben and his twelve seconds of screen time.


10 May


I’m a little tired of believing trailers that promise a super-realistic physics model in racing games, so I’ll just say that there is indeed a place for an off-road game with a less arcade flavor. A small place, though — I think the market is more interested in Motorstorm than in a simulation.

Gears of War 2

Uh… huh. Except for the detail of an army of Locusts on the ground, the images remind me a lot of the train sequences which were definitely not my favorite part of the first game.

Facebook Borrows $100 Million to Buy Servers

Business Week estimates the $100M will be used to buy roughly 50,000 servers. Last month, Data Center Knowledge published a report estimating that the social network currently has around 10,000 servers in operation.

What the hell kind of growth are they still expecting?

Battlestar Galactica 4.06

I’d watch a show with Sixes and only them. Well, maybe a hybrid and some centurions. Just let everybody appear for a couple minutes per episode.

11 May

Tangle (OS X)

Si vous avez des tendances maniaco-compulsives, vous allez me maudire : Tangle simule le processus douloureux du démêlage d’un cordon d’écouteurs. Il y a des points à l’écran, reliés entre eux par deux lignes ou plus, et il faut les ranger de façon à ce que les lignes ne se coupent pas entre elles. Comme tous les bons puzzles, le principe est très simple mais la difficulté augmente progressivement et on se retrouve assez vite dans le registre des jeux qui rendent fou.

Je me vois mal dépenser 20$ pour quelque chose d’aussi simple (algorithmiquement et graphiquement parlant), mais les 60 minutes de démo suffisent déjà pour s’arracher quelques cheveux.

Pour info, j’ai arrêté après le niveau 12, parce que je ne suis pas assez maso pour tenir la distance.

Madeleine Albright in Gilmore Girls. Best cameo ever.

12 May

Fuuuck la Poste est fermée. Je hais le mois de mai.

13 May

Fractal 23

That’s teh cool.

Orange vient de m’appeler pour me demander comment je me servais de mon iPhone, si j’en étais satisfait, etc. (Je n’ai répondu au numéro masqué que parce que j’attends une livraison.) Ils sont en train d’évaluer l’intérêt de renouveler le contrat d’exclusivité avec Apple ?

Ferrari California

Stupid name and weird side groove. I don’t think I’ve ever dreamt of a Ferrari since the Testarossa.

Augusten Burroughs, Running With Scissors

If the memoirs are as authentic as the author says, he must have wanted to kill himself when he saw the movie. Please spare yourselves. Funny, witty writing, with some strong bits in passing; undoubtedly good reading.

Orson Scott Card, Speaker For The Dead

Card only wrote Ender’s Game (ie, rewrote it as a full novel) as a prologue to this story, and it shows: the most interesting parts of the first book were the final chapters that laid ground for Speaker, and they felt a little out of place.

For some reason, the author’s introduction spoils most of the science-fiction mystery that’s developed over the entire book, so I strongly recommend you skip it (or maybe that’s what you’re always supposed to do? I don’t know; it’s printed in front of the book, so I just read it first). But then, Card isn’t the most subtle author when it comes to managing suspense, anyway.

The book could probably be a bit shorter (as often happens, I guess), but Card’s obsession with designing and presenting alien lifeforms and their thought processes is as interesting as ever — especially if you skip the aforementioned spoilery introduction.


I only noted this quote because it was funny, coming from an author who’s more famous now for his recent declarations against gay marriage than his books:

Marriage is a covenant between a man and woman on the one side and their community on the other. To marry according to the law of the community is to become a full citizen; to refuse marriage is to be a stranger, a child, an outla, a slave, or a traitor. The one constant in every society of humankind is that only those who obey the laws, tabus, and customs of marriage are true adults.

Philip K. Dick, Ubik

Funny thing when you read a forty- or fifty-year-old science-fiction story: it feels like it plagiarizes dozens of more recent books or movies. It’s hard to appreciate it fully under those circumstances.

Beyond that, though, it looks like Dick’s science-fiction is not exactly the geeky kind, but more of the poetic, dreamy variety that doesn’t really care about… well, the science part. In Ubik’s case, Dick writes a character who essentially has all the powers of a god, and he never addresses that, and it evidently doesn’t bother him a bit — but it bothers me a lot, and just keeps me out of the story.

And then, there are the long chapters about 1900s-technology that Dick remembers a little too fondly, which is pretty unhealthy for a scifi author.

Daniel Keyes, Flowers for Algernon

So fiction blogs were already all the rage in 1966, were they? Like Ubik, the themes and treatments have been reused time and time again in more recent works — but you’ve still got a strong, simple story that works very well (even though I’m not 100% convinced by the narrator’s voice at both extremes of his IQ progression).

14 May

Je bloque sur le concept que le loyer soit identique pour une location ou un leasing de matériel Apple.

A web page as screensaver

I was looking again for a way to make Twistori into a screensaver on my Mac, but this time I found it: IdleWeb [via] lets you use any web page (or several pages, and I don’t know how it works in that case) as a screensaver. All you’ve got to do is set it up in “kiosk mode,” otherwise it seems to reload the home page after five seconds, when the site’s Javascript redirects to an internal URL. (And it’s only the preview that’s screwed up because it’s on a small screen; the actual screensaver displays the page flawlessly.)

Mmm, pluie sur goudron chaud.

15 May

Et bien sûr ils ne font toujours les livraisons que le matin. “Entre 7h et midi.” ‘Foirés.

Flash Player 10

Flash finally gets real 3D transforms (and other distort filters). It’s about goddamn fucking time, for crying out loud — that’s probably the first time in years I can’t wait for a new Flash release to be widely adopted. (I still can’t believe the adoption rates for Flash 9. How do they get people to actually update their plugins?)


Lego Indiana Jones

Huh. The futuristic environments in Star Wars, or Batman’s urban settings, that’s one thing, but isn’t the first thing you see, when you watch this video, that Lego bricks don’t really work in the Indiana Jones jungle?

Rock Revolution

You can’t really blame Konami: the rivalry between Harmonix and Activision showed them there was nothing wrong with releasing a Guitar Hero clone — or, at least, nothing that could land you in front of a civil court. But, still, to release a new music game on console today… you mustn’t have too much pride and self-esteem, must you?

Silent Hill Homecoming

You’ve got to be kidding. I thought Alone in the Dark was the worst you could do in 2008 when game designers don’t know what to do with all the pixels and shaders there are in a next-gen console, but it’s actually been topped; Silent Hill looks even that much more like a sixth-grader’s claymation movie.

16 May

Power is out in the building. Fun fun fun.

And now my internet connection keeps dropping.

It’s gonna be quite a fun weekend, with ten seconds of internet access every two minutes.

I’ll pay $10 for a downloadable Airwolf chopper in GTA IV.

Use Fluid to bring mobile web apps to your Mac desktop

That’s a very cool idea; I just created a Facebook instance that’s pretty and simple (and focuses on content rather than advertising and stupid notifications) and I’m going to make a Google one just for fun.

I used to like the idea of Twistori, but now that it’s my screensaver I’m opening my eyes to the inanity of the twittersphere.

Lost 4.12

That was interesting. Too bad it somehow still managed to be boring. The direction was way off; where the hell did they find the music they used in the final sequence?

17 May

Romulo Arantes Neto

Comme c’est attendrissant, qu’il se soit fait tatouer son prénom sur le bras pour ne pas se perdre.

Battlestar Galactica 4.07

Hey, he does have a nice voice.


P.S. I just realized — Battlestar is so much into mysticism, destiny and all, the Caprica prequel should star Edward James Olmos as the Adama patriarch and Mary McDonnell as his star-crossed lover. Reincarnation and all that.

How is the rain so cold in the middle of May?

L’inconvénient du Troisième, c’est que les hétéros qui vivent dans le quartier s’habillent comme des pédés, par mimétisme.

18 May

19 May

I wish I could continue reading this novel as an audiobook while I go for groceries, then immediately return to the hard copy.

20 May

Those donuts were so greasy I could have sipped them through a straw.

Dan Simmons, Hyperion

The writing style put me off immediately — too pretentious and flourished, while descriptions are paradoxically lacking (I still only have a very faint idea of what a freaking tree-ship looks like) and the author has an irritating tendency to delay explanations of his sci-fi concepts and vocabulary for hundreds of pages when adding just a few words in passing would have made the reading so much easier — and it all became clearer when the poet character launched into a diatribe about writing, poetry and all that stuff.

In the beginning was the Word. Then came the fucking word processor. Then came the thought processor. Then came the death of literature. And so it goes.

I don’t care for poetry, I care about story. And the thing is… well, this happens to be a fantastic story (or, rather, collection of full-fledged stories, connected by tightening threads, in a consistent universe). On the other hand, it’s also a story that doesn’t have a fucking end — I was silently shouting “Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!” when I finished reading the last page… but couldn’t resist opening Amazon immediately to order the next volume.

I need a bigger TV. For exercising. Honest!

Stubbed my toe on the bike’s stand twice, bumped into the shower door, and… jabbed my thumb into my jugular. Now that’s a new one.

Pourquoi c’est hors de prix, les bras pour écrans LCD ?

21 May


An upcoming web application dedicated for webdesigners to communicate with their clients — uploading mockups, commenting and annotating them, and publishing design revisions until the client finally signs off on a final design. The point being that every note and comment is logged and you can shove the client’s nose in their own contradictions.

As often, I wouldn’t really be inclined to use a third-party web app for that kind of thing, but it does look really interesting.

22 May

Prince of Persia: Prodigy

Nothing to say except… Wow.

Acer Aspire Predator

I want this. I’d have to rip its guts out and stuff it with a dozen Mac minis, but I just love the design. (Okay, scratch that; maybe I’d want to play Crysis, and hackintosh it on a secondary drive.)

23 May

Un eeePC, ça marche sur chargeur solaire pour téléphone à trente euros ?

24 May

“On Euphoria”

Interesting article by a game developer about the middleware that handles Niko Bellic’s movement and makes Force Unleashed troopers grasp each other in stupid aerial ballets. I’d been wondering a lot about Euphoria, and about why it isn’t used by more games (regardless of price, which is pretty much irrelevant compared to current game budgets), so reading a developer’s take is enlightening.

It’s not engine plug-n-play friendly. A programmer from Natural Motion supposedly needs to be embedded in your team for around six months.

It’s so nice to see Iris Crowe in Grey’s Anatomy.

26 May

Set 26

Love the concept, too bad I don’t like the font at all.

The Seen

There’s nothing original whatsoever about this paradigm, but it’s always nice to see a nicely done take an a good old classic.

And why exactly can’t I go back in time and use my PHP/SQL knowledge of today to create my own Facebook ten years ago?

On Video Comments

Merlin Mann:

Video comments add useful context to the thoughts you’re sharing. E.G. it looks like your Mom hasn’t dusted your action figures for a while.

That’s the best argument for Seesmic I’ve ever seen.


Corollary: When they’re widely adopted, video comments could also double as an IQ filter; just ignore all video comments and you’ll be rid of most of the morons participating in that particular comment thread. It actually is easier to not play an embedded video than to not read an idiotic comment.

Dans la boîte. Alea jacta est.

27 May

Pour une fois que je vais à Franprix sans mon iPhone sur les oreilles, je ressors avec Patrick Bruel en boucle dans la tête. Argh.


You better have — and keep — the body that goes with it.

“Sony Skipping Afrika For Europe”

There will be a day when Sony finally realizes that the whole “independent territories” thing harms them more than it helps them (and when has it ever helped them?). Especially when all Sony Europe or Sony America can do is refuse a product — but not have much positive influence on the design and evolution of the PlayStation, as you’ll remember from Phil Harrison’s frustration with the lack of social features on the console.

For the record, though, I’ve never had any expectations at all for Afrika, so I’m neither disappointed nor surprised.

Word Clock Screensaver

A pretty screen saver for geeks (if you’ve enjoyed Helvetica, the movie, then you have no choice but to download this) that goes to the trouble of being very extensively customizable — and available in 18 languages.

That’s the new screensaver on my iMac (my Mac mini still runs Twistori, although I’m getting tired of it).

28 May

Caffeine overload again. The first step is accepting you have a problem. My name is Garoo, and I’m a colaholic.

Battlestar Galactica 4.08

They could have spared us the hours of pseudo hesitation and forced suspense to reach the conclusion that was obvious the moment they talked about xxxx stepping down. (Oh wait, it couldn’t have been hours, could it? But it felt like it. Not enough Sixes in the counselor’s quarters.) And to make matters worse, the whole process was a setup to get Lee to recite another of his damn annoying pleas. I’m pretty sure I saw him talk on there, but I have no idea what the words were.

So… they haven’t invented beacons yet, have they? I figure that was secondary to not finding a cure for cancer.

Orson Scott Card, Xenocide

As much as I complained about Simmons’ pretentious writing, going back to Card’s childishness was a little painful in the beginning. It didn’t help that at least a hundred of the novel’s pages are just reminders of what happened in the previous books. Or it’s about goddamn midichlorians.

Yet once again the second half of the story is great, and I’m quite happy I stuck through the first chapters. I’m stopping there, though; this book’s ending is final enough for my taste (even though it clearly leaves a door open for its sequels), and I’m getting just a bit weary of reading the same plot over and over in each book of the series — aliens are just misunderstood, whether they’re man-killing insectoids, man-killing swinoids or man-killing bacteriods, let’s live and let live, and can’t we all just get along?

Lost: The Future in 8:42

The season’s flash-forwards rearranged in (speculative) chronological order. The editing and music are annoying, but it’s a welcome refresher course as we’re waiting for the season finale.

Si Orange m’appelle toutes les semaines pour me demander si je suis satisfait, l’iPhone va finir par passer par la fenêtre.

My digestive tract is really, decidedly opposed to most kinds of debauchery and fun. What an assh… uh, no pun intended.

There go my dreams of a new iMac and MacBook.

“Windows 7 demo at D6: Really? That’s it?”

What do you know — Windows 7 is basically an iPhone inside Vista. (Or you could say it’s Microsoft Surface on a laptop/desktop if you’re more pro-Microsoft than pro-Apple, but then you wouldn’t be reading my blog.)

What I love about the demo video is that photo manipulation on a Dell laptop is way more laggy than on an iPhone. And I also like the implication that there’s no way we won’t get Apple multitouch computers in or before 2009.

29 May

Lolornot.com is being (cleverly and decently) used by a new lolcat site as a way to boost their PageRank. I feel… acknowledged.

Android Demos

I just can’t believe how cool this looks — and how unabashedly they’ve taken inspiration from the iPhone in the way it handles gestures and finger flicks. In only six months, Android demos have gone from “a better Windows Mobile” (an easy goal) to what you could very arguably qualify as “a better iPhone” (and it pains me to write this). I really never expected Google to go for Apple’s jugular like that, and the next few months are going to be very interesting.

30 May

Seriously, how the hell does anyone like Wes Anderson? It puzzles me every time.

My life makes no sense whatsoever.

What is it you see in me that I don’t?

Prince of Persia

I wonder if they did the trailer before they decided to Okamize the game’s graphics; as it stands now, the video looks pretty cool, but doesn’t have so much to do with the actual game.

Far Cry 2

It’s a nice jungle; I find the images both more cinematographic and more “touristic” than the Crysis videos. I feel like going on a boat ride on this little river.

Adobe’s UI designers gone crazy

I don’t mind so much the custom window controls, or even the toolbar buttons in place of the window title; but single-window mode with no resize widget?

Lost 4.13–4.14

I guess that’s why I still watch Lost: despite all the crap they keep pulling, every once in a while they manage to have great moments. I didn’t think I’d care about any of what was gonna happen — none of which was a surprise, except for the Searcher — yet they managed to sell it all so well.

My immediate, and stupid, reaction to the first mention of the deceased’s name was to google it because it had to be a character I’d forgotten from earlier in the show (hence the “stupid,” because what are the chances of that, really?), so I completely spoiled myself on that one, but in the end I don’t think it made the double episode any worse — I hate that kind of artificial suspense anyway.


31 May

“Google Android” didn’t sound so ominous until the Google overlords demonstrated they could actually assimilate the iPhone.

Cell Phone in a Microwave

I’m not sure where the video was originally posted, because so many morons repost the same video over and over (with, of course, extensive quality loss each time) so I’ll just settle on College Humor because the image quality is fine and the player runs better on my machine than YouTube’s.

I’d seen links to that video before, but never viewed it before I happened upon a blog that spoiled the ending; so I won’t spoil it but still encourage you to watch it.

Oh shoot, I’ll be on a train during the WWDC keynote.

Ah, Monoprix devrait être calme pour un samedi, tout le monde sera à la Poste.


I find that the artistic direction of trailers is often a good-enough indication of how good a game will be — remember the model/soldier in the Haze teasers. Now, the Fracture voiceover confirms the doubts I’ve always had about the concept as well as the gameplay.

Find out what makes your Mac sluggish

For quite a while now I’ve had a problem on my iMac where, after a few days, launching any new application would result in the CPU gauge going to 100% for thirty seconds, and the temperature and fan speed rising accordingly — which wouldn’t have been so bad if I didn’t have a bunch of AppleScript applications that I regularly had to launch, or if I didn’t have to restart Safari every so often to reset resources.

I used to think the likely culprits were either Firefox 3 or Mercury Messenger, because it seemed to happen in a more reproducible way after I’d open them a couple of times (I won’t delve into the reasons why Firefox and Mercury are intrinsically associated in specific, uh, tasks), so I cut back on using one, or the other, or both — and today it started happening again even though I was certain I hadn’t used either since I last booted up. I went scrubbing my InputManagers folders again, as those are the prime suspects when something goes wrong with every application’s launch sequence, but there was still only 1Password, and removing it changed nothing. So I started thinking about alternate solutions, and suddenly remembered hearing about this Unixy thing that OS X has and I heard it lets you look at everything your computer does or something.

I googled a bit for the dtrace syntax; here is, for future reference, the Terminal instruction that did the trick:

sudo dtrace -n 'syscall::open*:entry { printf("%s %s", execname, copyinstr(arg0)); }'

This tells dtrace to display in real time every file that’s being opened on disk; I looked at what was happening at the moment when the CPU went crazy, and I ended up removing the macam QuickTime component (which lets you use legacy USB webcams) and apparently solving the problem. I don’t know why a QuickTime component would start loading with every single program after a certain uptime delay, or why Mercury and/or Firefox would be accelerating that process, so I’m not 100% sure that I found the true root of the problem, but at the very least I did find a useful Unix comment, and hence this post.

Taking bets right now on how many times I’m gonna have to wash my hair and do it over again before I go out tonight.


Twitter died for your genital and poop jokes.


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