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1 September 2008

Would a helium-filled Totoro or Nekobus plush be too heavy to fly?

Watching old West Wing eps, can’t stand Mary-Louise Parker. Weeds ruined her for me.

2 September

OMG the bakery downstairs is reopening; it smells so good and I’m so broke. Yet I know nothing tastes as good as this smell would suggest.

Either I was quite drunk when I set up my DNS records, or I shouldn’t have forgotten to change the password.

3 September

Tabs on top never worked for me in Opera, yet in the Chrome screenshots it seems so obvious and natural.

Garbage Art Work

I just love the trash bunny.

Why do the British say “forward slash” when reading a URL out loud?

4 September

Assez tenté d’ouvrir le site en béta publique pour les quelques jours avant que le serveur expire. Et que je me retrouve moi-même SDF.

8 September

Une heure de queue à la Poste. Des recommandations sur les banques par internet ?

9 September

Air Sharing (iPhone)

I’ve already seen announcements about several applications that let you freely copy and store files on your iPhone, but this one is free for the first two weeks (starting yesterday) so I’m in a position to test it (I don’t need such an app enough for me to buy one) and strongly recommend that you hurry and install it as well.

Like I said, I don’t know how good the competitors are, but I can tell you that this one is very well done: whenever Air Sharing is open on your iPhone, it acts like a WebDAV server (I’m surprised they couldn’t use the underlying OS X network layer to provide standard Apple or Windows filesharing, but on second thought they might likely be hidden from the official SDK), which appears to be natively accessible from any Mac or PC; the iPhone doesn’t spontaneously appear in your computer’s network list, but all you have to do is type the http address in Finder / Explorer and create a shortcut to the network drive. The beauty of it being that you don’t need any special software on the computer, and you can access your files from any wifi-connected computer, anywhere.

That means you can use Air Sharing to transfer files, or to carry some important files everywhere with you in a way that’s even more elegant than a USB key (although it will deplete your iPhone’s battery pretty quickly if you don’t plug it in); but you can also view the files on your iPhone, and a wide variety of formats are supported — from Safari web archives to syntax-highlighted source code. Right now I’ve used it to store subway maps (you can’t use iPhoto for that, as it will automatically resize them down to just slightly bigger than the device’s screen), but I’m pretty sure I’ll find other uses for it (although I haven’t got much free space on my old 8GB).

All the settings you need are there, too: you can choose whether to set a password (since the server is only active when the application is open — i.e., not in the background — and you need to know the phone’s IP address to access it, you probably don’t need to set one if you don’t have super-secret files), turn off sharing at any time (so you can view files in the app while the server is disabled, which is more secure and probably saves battery life), and prevent the phone from going to sleep (and automatically closing the application) when Air Sharing is open — you can even choose whether you want to disable sleep completely (so you can access your network drive all-day while the iPhone is charging on its dock) or just set a longer inactivity timer (so you have time to rummage through folders from your computer even if your iPhone’s system setting is to turn off very quickly when you don’t touch it).

This is a very nice piece of software; a must-download for free for two weeks, and clearly worth the $7 it will cost afterwards if you do have a use of it. (Reminder: “free for two weeks” on the App Store means you can download it, and keep it and use it, for free, forever, and even get updates for free as long as they don’t change the application ID — i.e., probably until version 2.0.)

Stevenote 2008.09

What a weird opening to a very bland keynote. I know Apple’s a little bit past not acknowledging the rumors about Steve’s health now, but that’s… I don’t know, it’s just weird. Do we get this slide because, no matter what he announced, he knew Apple’s stock would drop once again after the keynote because he looked thin?


iTunes 8: the “Genius” (dear god…) automatic playlist creation and iTunes Store recommendation engine is long overdue (I’m talking on principle — I’d be very surprised if I didn’t disable it after ten seconds); it looks like Grid View might finally bring the long-awaited possibility to start playing albums with a single click and have playback stop when the album’s done. You know, like when you play a record. Because you want to listen to that record and not just listen to a neverending stream of music that happens to be below it in alphabetical order.


iPod classic: I still think the Classic should become a hard-drive-based iPod touch (with a big label warning against trying to shake the accelerometer too much, I guess). I don’t quite get how they replace the 80GB and 160GB models with a single 120GB — you know, that’s… less. Were there really technical (or economical) problems, or did customers complain that the capacity of their iPods was too daunting?


iPod nano: The most interesting thing about it is that the rumors were 100% right, quite a bit of time before the keynote. Well, that and Apple is able to realize when a new design is crap, and step back. I don’t think it looks great, though, and really wonder by what magical properties the curved glass doesn’t distort the image.

And I can’t fucking believe the “shake to shuffle” rumor was real. Steve has spent too much time approving crappy iPhone apps for the Store.


iPod touch: the curvy, shiny aluminum back looks weird to me but, hey, look — volume control! Speaking of which…


In-ear headphones, possibly of the “good” variety: “The remote and mic are supported only by iPod nano (4th generation), iPod classic (120GB), and iPod touch (2nd generation).” I care more about volume control on the remote than the two drivers, and I’m not sure I actually want in-ear headphones anyway, but — what the fuck? It doesn’t look like a typo, since they’re compatible with the new iPod touch and not the original; how moronic is it that they’re releasing new headphones with mic that don’t work with the iPhone?

(There’s a tiny chance that the page could be updated in a few days to include iPhones and iTouches updated to firmware 2.1, but you could imagine that a hard-wired technical limitation would prevent it, and they wouldn’t have figured at original design time that they might want to add buttons on the remote later. As bone-headed as it would be.)


iPhone 2.1 : Is there going to be no new functionality at all? I’m not counting the Genius playlists, because I don’t care a bit about it in the first place, and it doesn’t make much sense to me that you’d want to use Genius playlist creation on your mobile device instead of iTunes (by the way, you have to wonder how powerful it can really be if it’s going to be included the iPod nano’s firmware). I just want something new to play with.

10 September

I could make a podcast dedicated to explaining what I meant in each tweet I posted during the week.

Please note: I never intentionally wink my smileys. I just don’t wink, period. They’re always typos or twitches.

I’m outside and the weather and music are nice and I’m not broke (only in debt).

I consistently get my voicemail messages one hour after I missed a call. Yay for iPhone and Orange.

J’ai des marques rouges sur les épaules reproduisant les coutures de mon t-shirt. C’est à 33 ans pile que je deviens vraiment vampire ?

11 September

Keyboart shortcuts for iTunes 8’s new visualizer

Come to think of it, it makes no sense at all that Steve didn’t show a single visual during the keynote; it’s absolutely superb. And it annoys me more than ever that they removed the Visualizer button from the iTunes window a while ago (well, it made sense at the time, but now it’s sorely missed — does the Genius really need two buttons in the status bar?).

I want a big HDTV, and I’ll use the iPhone Remote application so I never have to close the visualizer.

The <hr> Contest

Unfortunately, I can’t find any mention of copyright or license for use. But, if you’re just looking to spice up a personal blog, I guess you can help yourself.

As far as I’m concerned, I’d have to start posting articles of more than half a dozen lines if I wanted to have a use for custom <hr>s.

History of the browser user-agent string

And Internet Explorer supported frames, and yet was not Mozilla, and so was not given frames. And Microsoft grew impatient, and did not wish to wait for webmasters to learn of IE and begin to send it frames, and so Internet Explorer declared that it was “Mozilla compatible” and began to impersonate Netscape, and called itself Mozilla/1.22 (compatible; MSIE 2.0; Windows 95), and Internet Explorer received frames, and all of Microsoft was happy, but webmasters were confused.

Ten things you don’t know about the Earth

I don’t think the writer is particularly good at writing about science and making it accessible, but this bit was interesting:

What would it take to vaporize the planet? Let’s define vaporization as blowing it up so hard that it disperses and cannot recollect due to gravity. How much energy would that take? […]

If you make some basic assumptions, it takes roughly 2 x 1032 Joules, or 200 million trillion trillion Joules. That’s a lot. For comparison, that’s the total amount of energy the Sun emits in a week.

So much for the Death Star. Not that I’d never have figured it would make sense for a planet to explode if I cared to think about it. (Of course, having the planet implode by creating a black hole in Switzerland is another matter.)

Test your color IQ

If you get a bad score, you can easily blame your monitor’s calibration, but I’m curious to see what you get. It seems at first glance like it might be a good test of your color vision, but on the other hand it might not.

Post your scores; I got zero (which means 100% correct).

Okay, I see how Wii Fit can be good for you. And now I want to sign up for a yoga class.

I’ve seen a broken iPhone in the flesh. Uh, in the broken glass. So sad and so terrifying.

Un iPhone 8 Go en parfait état désimlocké par Orange, ça n’intéresse personne ?

12 September

I’ve slept poorly all week. What the hell?


Gorgeous images — emo Miyazaki. You really need to click this link and check out the archives.

Plantronics Audio 300: An analog microphone that’s somehow incompatible with most computers. WTF?

13 September

Tiki Bar TV has primarily become a porcelain store now, hasn’t it?

Je crois que je ne connais personne qui n’ait pas un iPod ou un iPhone ; pourquoi je suis le seul à m’intéresser aux podcasts ?

Si je trouve qui dans l’immeuble est en train de cuisiner au vin blanc, ça va saigner.


Qui dans l’assistance écoute (ou a écouté, puis abandonné) des podcasts dans les deux listes suivantes ?


(Je profite de l’occasion pour vous signaler que, si la réponse est “non” à tout, il serait temps que vous vous y mettiez — même si je ne recommande pas forcément tous les podcasts que j’ai listés ci-dessus — vu que vous je suis sûr que vous avez un iPod, et donc iTunes. La talk-radio n’est pas morte !)

“Just How In Trouble Is Dollhouse?”

Remember when Dollhouse was announced, and Whedon assured everyone that Fox wouldn’t screw it up like they had Firefly, because the executives weren’t the same, and the climate had changed in the network, and whatever? It was already funny at the time, but the punchline is only beginning to be actually delivered now:

A person familiar with the thinking of some Fox executives told TelevisionWeek that there have been concerns raised inside the network about the fundamental underpinnings of the show.

Specifically, because the heroine of the show, played by Eliza Dushku, has no free will or ability to do much beyond what she’s told to do, viewers might find it hard to root for her. In addition, some executives have expressed concerns that early episodes of the series have been confusing and hard to follow.


(Nevermind that I’ve been nonplussed about this show from the very beginning.)

14 September

King Kong

There’s a great 80-minute movie somewhere in there — the set pieces are very good (although I find the CG quite nice but poorly integrated), Naomi Watts is as captivating as ever, and the director’s focus (if you can talk about “focus”) on Kong’s tragic destiny actually pays off. But I’d hate to have been trapped in a movie theater for three days waiting for the movie to get there.

Mercedes-Benz ConceptFASCINATION

It annoys me so much to like Mercedes design better than BMW these days.

15 September

A défaut de s’intéresser aux podcasts, il y a quelqu’un qui a un micro(phone) dont il ne se sert pas ?

16 September

The Guild

I’d been hearing about The Guild a lot since Dr. Horrible, and never bothered to check it out — because I thoroughly disliked Horrible, and wasn’t quite entranced by the actress. Ah, and because online amateur comedy videos always suck.

Well, this one doesn’t. The writing isn’t stellar, but there are some truly funny moments in most episodes — and generally they’re sold entirely by writer and lead performer Felicia Day, who is completely, subtly credible as the awkward geek girl who spends her entire life playing an MMORPG. It helps that she’s an actual WoW addict with real geek cred (as I found out in the podcast interview that finally made me watch the episodes); it doesn’t help that the rest of the cast are very obviously non-actors — what’s missing most, actually, is a good director, who’d be able to coax more passable acting from them.

Still, like I said, it has funny moments (which is a lot more than you can say about most of those things), and it’s short and free. Just don’t start with the last episode, because it’s the worst. And the story is completely sequential anyway.

Anti-Theft Lunch Bag

Probably good for diets, too: it must take some getting used to before you can swallow something that you took out of this bag.

True Blood 1.01–1.02

Funny how a bit of digital color grading (and better music, I guess, although I won’t bother comparing) makes the pilot more watchable than the leaked version. Not to the point that I would enjoy the show, though. I’m beginning to see the themes that might interest Alan Ball in the story, but it’s still not working.

Wish they had hired a new Bill, while they were recasting.

Living on top of a bakery has to be ideal for people who need to wake up early. I imagine.

C’est grave, de nos jours, de lancer un site qui fait planter IE6 ?

iPhone, le seul téléphone qu’il faut reformater pour le désimlocker.

Damn, WritingPad has disappeared from the App Store and I hadn’t copied it to my Mac.

The Xbox 360 drops to 180€

Following last week’s price drop in the US, Microsoft also lowers the console’s price in Europe: starting this Friday, the Arcade version (no hard drive, one wired controller) will be available for 180€, while the 60GB Premium console goes for 240€ and the 120GB Elite for 300€.

As a reminder, a crappy Wii that only has a couple ugly games worth playing (what, me, biased?) still costs 250€, and the cheapest PS3 is 390€ on Amazon.

For 180€ you could have a console that can play these gorgeous, fun games online with your friends (if you make them buy Xboxes too):



If you’ve got a high-definition TV, you really have no excuse not to get an Xbox. Get on it, people. (Come on, it’s me, recommending a Microsoft system; there’s got to be a good reason. And this is not a paid message.)

17 September

Garoo presents: web is pink

Once upon a time there was a garoo who dreamed of being a webdesigner, or a podcast host, or a lottery winner, or George Lucas, only with talent, or maybe even without, and in fact he dreamed of being anything at all but a webdesigner; he just happened to be good with PHP and passable with Photoshop so he had no choice but to use his Gods-given talents to earn some money and occasionally pay his rent.

Since he was a very bad salesman, and he hated people, and both of those things were obviously quite linked, the life of a freelance wasn’t that ideal for him, but the life of an employee was even less so, and as a result it was rather hard for him to actually earn money and not waste the aforementioned talents; and waste them he did. He opened blogs by the dozen to let them wither and die, launched community sites without an inkling of a strategy to make money or anything out of them, and spent the better half of each day reading news blogs and forging for himself an incomparable knowledge of all things technical out of which he would never get to produce anything.

He didn’t know what to do with his time, and less yet how to transform it into money, so he was willing to try anything and invest himself into any project that seemed the most remotely liable to earn him a score of euros over ten years, as long as it didn’t entail looking for clients and working for them anymore, and that’s how he ended up developing yet another gay cruising site, because whenever he wasn’t working he was hunting on the virtual land, and he knew the market well, and he knew there wasn’t a single existing site that wasn’t fucking crap, and lo and behold he created the website that was to kill them all, and he named it web is pink because finding an available domain name is the single hardest thing you can endeavor to do nowadays.



In short, I just couldn’t help myself. After I gave up on GayAttitude — either cowardly or heroically, your choice — mainly because its co-creator and I couldn’t agree anymore on how to make the site evolve, I tried to resist the temptation for a while, but couldn’t: I spend quite a bit of time logged onto various gay sites, and it’s particularly painful for a web developer to have to spend time on poorly-designed user-hostile websites.

Web is pink intends to be the most accessible, convenient site on the web, without skimping on functionality. At least that’s the goal. For now there’s a homepage inspired by the new Facebook, complete profiles, a simple and visual search interface that I think and hope to be more convenient than any other, a blog system of course, and a lot of little details to be discovered (and more yet to be added).

The site is in private beta right now, because that’s how I understand you’re supposed to generate buzz these days, and because I’ve got a couple of things to tie up before I can launch it publicly (and I’ve got to find some more money, too); in the purest tradition of marketing 2.0, I figured I needed to play the limited-invite card, so here’s a code that will only work for the first ten people who use it: click !

Do I buy a 3G dock or whip out my Dremel? Ah, yeah, I don’t have a Dremel.

Nekophone 2.0

On the one hand, the black version attracts fingerprints like flies; on the other, I think the white version, with a black face (with blackface?), looks weird. So I’m glad I didn’t have a choice.



Migration was more seamless than I expected, but I could have done without waiting an hour while iTunes had to redownload the 2.1 firmware.

Not that I’d complain about finally having the opportunity to unpack a virgin iPhone at home, but I’m surprised the salesman didn’t even offer to transfer the SIM card himself.

I absolutely hate the new screen color balance, but I guess you’re supposed to get used to it quickly. Ah, and I forgot I needed to buy the dock separately.



There’s a time-limited upgrade offer for buyers of the original iPhone, and they ask you to send copies of the receipts of your first iPhone and the new one, along with the signed contract update and your bank account information. All of which those assholes already have on file, obviously.

3G does just what I wanted it to: it doesn’t take an hour to connect every time I need it.

18 September

Fringe 1.02

Oh, wow. It’s hard to believe (and, at the same time, not so much), but the second episode manages to be that much worse than the pilot. I intended to keep watching out of sheer morbid curiosity, but I don’t think I’ll be able to take it.

Automotive photography

I had read that those very fashionable action shots of cars speeding on fancy mountain roads (always mountain roads) were made with magnetic mounts that were photoshopped out, and it had blown my mind. Well, here’s a before-and-after example.

The fun part is that the evidence of photoshopping is absolutely obvious when you know what to look for, but you’d notice nothing if you only had the finished picture in front of you. Which is how it often goes with photo editing anyway.

And it still blows my mind.


An iPhone case including a retractable lens for macro photography; why didn’t anyone think of it before? If you’re going to double the device’s bulk with ugly plastic or neoprene or whatever, then damn right you should use this opportunity to stick a better lens on top of the integrated webcam!

There are no photo examples I can find, but I guess Griffin is a serious brand and they wouldn’t sell this if it were snake oil.

19 September

I don’t want to know how much time I spent today reprogramming the awful JQuery-based lightbox I had downloaded.

Quoi, je n’ai réussi à convaincre aucun lecteur d’acheter une Xbox ?

Occasion manquée de profiter de WIP pour faire bouger un peu mon blog. Un commentaire posté (avec email) = une invitation web is pink.

J’avais complètement oublié ce qu’est un blouson, et que j’en avais un.

20 September

Drew Karpyshyn, Mass Effect: Ascension

I hadn’t liked the first book, and I hadn’t bought the (short and uninteresting) expansion pack for the Mass Effect game, but when I got Amazon’s email advertising the new book for only five euros, I gave in. I was curious to see where the story was going to go after the game’s epilogue — plus, I also wanted to try the post office’s new “Cityssimo” deposit system, and my Dan Simmons wouldn’t be delivered for two more weeks.

In short, I had forgotten how… ungood Karpyshyn’s writing was. And it only took the first two sentences for me to remember, and roll my eyes and curse myself for giving in.

The news report on the vid screen flickered with a constant stream of images capturing the death and destruction Saren’s attack had wrought upon the Citadel. Bodies of geth and C-Sec officers were strewn haphazardly about the Council Chambers in the aftermath of the battle.

So… yeah, I can’t find much in the way of redeeming qualities. It doesn’t even look like the book really sets up important plot points for the next game; I’m sure there will be mentions of the “Illusive Man” in the story (I’ve finished the book and I’m still wondering if the author didn’t mean “elusive”), but it looks a lot like they’re trying — and failing — to give more breadth to the Mass Effect universe by exploring the sidelines, rather than just setting up the stage for the game.


I paid so much attention while playing that it never occurred to me that the design of Geth, uh, soldiers was clearly derived from the Quarians’ environmental suits. That’s a nice touch.


21 September

Is Jimmy Smits supposed to be a good actor?

Public beta for web is pink

As much as I’ve always dreamed of launching a great web 2.0 community site with a long, exclusive private beta phase that would generate a lot of buzz on blogs, but it appears that it would not be the ideal way to launch a cruising site.

All of the essential functionality is in place, so it’s time to move to the public beta: you can rush right now and without wasting a single second to www.webispink.com (among many domain names; they were free with my server, and I’ll only regret it when the time comes to renew them) to see the best gay site ever designed (and currently being designed before your very eyes).

Since I realize I didn’t get into much detail in the previous post, let me show you the site’s functionality right after this commercial:



  • bilingual English/French right away (other languages will be introduced after the next Euromillions)

  • Facebook-style homepage that displays changes and updates from the profiles you’re following (I know, it’s stalkerish, but it doesn’t do anything you couldn’t accomplish by refreshing those profiles every day)

  • friending and hotlisting profiles notifies them automatically (I had a fancy “you only see someone hotlisted you if you hotlist them back” system on GayAttitude, which in retrospect wasn’t a good idea)

  • detailed user search (under construction, it isn’t a priority until there’s a lot of people) that displays contacts and hotlistings, and possibility of associating personal tags to profiles and then using them in searches

  • Google Maps integration, and search by distance (displaying the results on a map will come later)

  • detailed profile with a personal public URL (nothing new compared to GayAttitude), and you can choose the base domain name from a dozen

  • Tumblr-like blog, with WYSIWYG editor (not homemade, I’m not insane — for now it’s TinyMCE, and I’m not a fan but it works well enough), with easy integration of images, videos and links

  • Twitter-like (or Facebook-like) status updates on the profiles

  • two profiles per user (or maybe three, I’m not quite sure yet), entirely separate as seen from the outside, but managed conveniently from the same account (a couple of French gay sites have a very inconvenient system that lets you login from different front doors with separate profiles)

  • pie-in-the-sky attempt to mix sex-oriented and more social chat on the same platform and with no segregation, with options (in construction) to choose where you want to appear, and who you want to talk to

  • no frames (that’s not a political choice, just what worked best this time), an optional detachable chat popup, but the entire chat can function without ever opening a popup window (except for detailed profile display)

  • iPhone version, and generic crappy mobile version soon (WAP might come later if there’s demand for it)

  • and lots of little details that don’t amount to much in a bullet list, but contribue to general usability and must be experienced first-hand

22 September

Dropped a mirror and it didn’t break. Is that seven years of good luck?

Another iPhone app rejected

Okay, now it is getting really bad. As long as the scandal only involved Podcaster, I didn’t think it was a big deal, because you could find a plethora of excuses: Apple’s application approval process is probably quite random in depending on what individual reviewer your app is stuck with, and what mood he’s in; and Podcaster is made to download relatively big files over the air, so the rejection letter could just be a hollow excuse when they were in fact just placating AT&T’s; or maybe there was some other hidden and undecipherable reason. But, at any rate, I couldn’t take the official reason for the rejection at face value; it didn’t make sense.

Well, there appears to be a new rejected App Store candidate with the exact same reason — a Gmail “email client” (more like a WebKit control with a list of logins and passwords) that “duplicates the functionality of the built-in iPhone application Mail without providing sufficient differentiation or added functionality, which will lead to user confusion.

This is coming out ten days after the Podcaster thing; it’s happening too soon to say they’re not taking notice of the blogosphere’s reaction to that story, but it’s still clear evidence that the first occasion was not a fluke, and there must have been a policy of rejecting applications that “duplicate iPhone functionality.” (I’d be curious to check what other stupid, useless applications have been approved and published in the same ten days.)

I still think they’re going to realize that it can’t work, and they’ll change course, but I’m having a really hard time finding excuses for the App Store team devising such a policy in the first place — I guess it may be an over-the-top reaction to the original land grab of inane iPhone apps in the first few months, but someone who’s capable of taking stupid decisions like this should not be in charge of supervising the App Store approval process.


I’m a little confused as to why the reviewer would have bothered to add that “there is also no way to edit an account once it has been added” if the application is unfit to be on the iPhone in the first place, but I guess he or she was just being a wise-ass.


Wonder if the Apple will be able to dual-boot Android / iPhone OS. Well, I wonder how complicated it will be.

I really need to get to sleep before the bakery fumes start reaching my place.

23 September

There’s Something on the Roof

I’m not sure which I like best — crab or shark.

I do need vodka in my fridges for those times.

"Qué sera sera" (Doris Day, I think, Hitchcock flick) is one of my earliest musical memories, and would you believe how fittin …

24 September

Heroes 3.01–3.02

There’s been a long break and I’ve been watching better shows over the summer and I just have a hard time taking a trip back to the land of plot holes, ridiculous logic leaps and horrendous clichés.

It’s tough to resent a show that guest stars turtles, and there’s a couple actors I’m glad to see getting more screen time, but I’m not even sure I want to get back to reluctantly enjoying shows like Heroes or Lost.

I scared myself walking into the bathroom after I cleaned the mirror. I mean the reflection looked so real, not that it was ugly.

25 September

Je connais quelqu’un sur Paris qui a une voiture ?

Ou, sinon, quelqu’un a un diable ? (A roulettes, pas à queue.)

27 September

I wish my iPod bothered to know what podcast I was just listening to in iTunes when I synced.

Motorsport 2025

I’ve got a hard-on.

I start Firefox, go to pee, blow my nose, pour myself a drink, and I’m surprised when a big grey window opens up and I forgot I launched it.

28 September

Hollywood Film Kit

I love this! Too bad the video quality is probably awful.

Good heavens, people are so bothersome.

By now this icebox has cost me more time and grief than it’s worth. Frozen food better be cheap and good.

30 September

Here goes another productive day.


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