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1 July 2009

I think I need a second giant fan.

Oh, shit, I used to have sunglasses. Wonder wherever they’ve ended up.

Kings 1.09

Damn, why does it have to be so good and start falling into place now that the show’s been cancelled? That’s so rude.

2 July

I swear not to complain if it does start raining for a whole week. Psych.

(Can’t bring myself to end on an exclamation point.)

According to thermodynamics an open bottle should stay cooler than a closed one. But would the difference be noticeable by a human mouth?

Conundrum: If I back up more often because heat makes me worried about my hard drives, it’s gonna make some of them fail that much sooner.

“The Freewheelin’ Bob Simoleon”

That’s the iPhone app EA needs to make: one that overlays Sims-like widgets onto photos.

3 July

Ah, the Watchmen DVD is out.

I think my iPhone’s battery status indicator has become completely unreliable since 3.0.

“Apple patching critical SMS vulnerability in iPhone OS”

Security researcher Charlie Miller has revealed that Apple is working on a patch for a security flaw he identified in the iPhone’s SMS implementation. The flaw can actually lead to arbitrary code execution, as he explained to Ars last month. […]

The iPhone can be instructed to execute SMS data as code instead of text, and when it executes the code it does so with root privileges and without any interaction from the user.

Wow. That’s completely unacceptable — unlike a browser vulnerability (where you can switch browsers or at least avoid shady websites), or even a port that’s open to probing on Windows (where you can hide behind a router), there is absolutely no workaround for that kind of thing, short of removing the SIM card and turning your iPhone into an iPod touch. How in hell does an iPhone end up running SMS data as root-level code?

(I’d rather the article had an official Apple quote, but I’ll assume a security researcher wouldn’t burn themselves by bragging about such a thing without grounds.)

The last Murcielago and Stephen Fry promoting Grindr — what a Top Gear episode.

Dante’s Inferno

Uh, yeah. It looks pretty but rather empty; it’s certainly not as impressive as God of War 3, but at least it’ll run on my 360. (If I keep it off all summer so it doesn’t fry.)

4 July

“Email Full-Resolution Photos From the iPhone”

If you use copy-and-paste instead of the “Email Photo” button in the Camera app, you can email the full-resolution version of the photo.

That’s… just weird.

Am I really the only one who hates how the copy and paste interface has made the iPhone’s magnifying glass horribly fidgety?

Does iTunes ignore qtz visualizers on a Mac mini with integrated GPU, or am I doing something wrong?

“Kinetic Road Plates - Green power from the parking lot”

Kinetic road plates will soon power checkouts at a Sainsbury supermarket in Gloucester in the UK. Each time a vehicle drives over the plates in the parking lot, kinetic energy is converted into electricity and transferred back into the store.

Not new, but I just realized: you can’t call “green” something that produces energy by increasing the gas consumption of each car that goes through the parking lot, however infinitesimally.

5 July

Quantum mechanics strike me as heaps of bullshit piled upon a probability geek’s thought experiment. Wavefunction collapse shmollapse.

What the hell is that? Delayed hangover?

Oh, what do you know, there is indeed such a thing.

“The Wild Russian Pet”

Want! Who could still want a dog when you could have that?

(See also: Wikipedia - Fishing Cat.)

Kings 1.10

Damn, what a stupid little boy — some future king he is.

Only the mother’s scene made this episode worth watching. (And what’s with getting rid of xxxx so quickly? They scrambled to speed the story up before the end of the season, didn’t they?)

6 July

Peine de mort pour les gens qui utilisent leur klaxon dans Paris avant 13h.

Wikipedia: CompuServe

The original CompuServe user IDs consisted of seven octal digits in the form 7xxxx,xx - a legacy of PDP-10 architecture

Ooh. You know what? If you’re going to give your users a numeric ID, octal makes great sense — you only lose two numbers, and it’s computationally much cheaper to convert from the ID string to octal than to a binary representation of decimal.

(Also, I’m frustrated I can’t remember what my CompuServe ID was.)

“iPhone 3GS oleophobic coating wearing off prematurely?”

While we have yet to see a second report of such extreme wear in such a short time, iLounge editors have found previous products with oleophobic coating—such as sunglasses—to be problematic, with the coating coming off with as little as contact with certain types of water.

I half-expected that. An oleophobic coating sounds like something that ought to be hard to make stick to a pane of glass.

7 July


Uh oh: “no unread items.” Now what am I supposed to do?

La “nouvelle recette” du riz cantonais micro-ondables Uncle Bens est dégueulasse.

Web is Pink on the iPhone App Store

I’ve waited so long for this moment, I’ve gotten so used to the idea that the app would never be approved for the App Store, that I now have no idea what to do next.

It’s unbelievable, but here it is: Apple has finally approved the Web is Pink app, which gives you direct access to, like, the best gay chat ever, right there on your iPhone.

It’s free, you don’t need an e-mail address to sign up from the app, it uses your phone’s geolocation capabilities to show who’s nearby, it’s connected with the awesome regular version of the site, it lets you upload photos and everything you need, and did I mention it’s the best gay chat in the world?


Click here to download (iTunes link, requires OS 3.0), or here for more information.

8 July

Spent the night proving the quantum mechanics of How I Met Your Mother’s infinite unreliable narrators. My heard hurts but the fever’s gone.

Oh, blow me. 1Password has been updated, and I have to RE-hack it to enable the Camino plug-in.

Yeah, it’s my mouth that tastes bad (or I’m being poisoned). Funny, that never happened to me before. No, not funny.

10 July

“Devspeak: iPhone 3G vs iPhone 3GS”

To take full advantage of the new capabilities of the 3GS, [EA Mobile’s] development teams will create an additional version specifically for it. […] Sega will offer products tailored specifically for each phone, although only on select titles.

According to the SDK, you’re not supposed to make “additional versions” for the 3GS, but simply use the processing and graphical power in your app if it’s available. Yet you can bet that you’ll have to buy all your games again when you switch from the 3G to the 3GS — and be prepared to pay a premium for those versions, too.

The developer had to use a more powerful OpenGL model and didn’t compress the textures as much? Geez, that’s worth at least 25% more money!

11 July

Bloguer l’application #nopicnodial vous donne le droit d’utiliser #webispink ! #prosititwition

ShowRSS isn’t very reliable. Can anybody recommend a good RSS service for DVDs of TV shows?


Favorite Babelfish re-translation: “out of sight, out of mind” becoming “invisible and insane”.

Forgot to eat my breakfast donuts at breakfast. It’s not as fun in the middle of the day.

That phantom smell of coffee is gonna kill me. Whether it’s phantom or not.

12 July

You do know that when I promised I wouldn’t bitch about the past week’s weather, it didn’t apply to ending up bedridden all week.

Unicode for iPhone

Remember Glyphboard? Unicode is the same, but as a native app: tap a symbol, from the several pages offered, and it’s immediately copied to the clipboard — in just one step. Or tap several symbols, then press the “Copy” button, if you want to copy and paste several at once.

A future update will let users paste symbols from outside the app into the favorites pane — mostly as a workaround for the Apple logo that I removed at the last minute because they’re no way the App Store would have accepted it (but then, the Apple logo isn’t a valid Unicode symbol anyway, so you shouldn’t really use it).

The app is very temporarily free, so you should just hurry and download and rate it with five stars.

iTunes download.

More information.

And why the fuck did I introduce it on a Sunday? Goddamn App Store reviewers working on weekends.

Contacted most iPhone or tech blogs. I feel dirty. But it’s either that or more literal panhandling.

Torchwood: Children of Earth

That story was vaguely worth a two-parter, maybe a three- if you’re feeling indulgent; just because the last episode was gratuitously creepy and gross doesn’t make up for the uninteresting story — Torchwood has never, no-way, no-how, earned that kind of a resolution, not with this writing, directing, and acting. Torchwood is watchable when it’s campy and fun (though it’ll always trigger a migraine even then); but nobody on that show was ever hired to produce stuff that could take itself seriously. (Well, except for Barrowman, I guess, but then he went and tripped into a Barbie doll’s mold.)

The only interesting thing in there was the reveal of what the aliens really were about. So that’s all of ten good seconds, which could have been written better.

I can’t believe the latest fashion is to have both “RT” and “via” in the same message.

RT To be or not to be, that is the question (via @shakespeare)

Kings 1.11

Damn, those silly, manipulable, holier-than-thou kids are really unsufferable (Prince Zuko isn’t much better, but at least he’s stirring some shit once in a while).

13 July

“Pour bénéficier du compte courant ING Direct, il vous suffit de domicilier vos revenus dessus.” Ben ouais mais euh…

Oh, Kim Cattrall’s in Big Trouble in Little China? Damn, I have to watch that again now.

14 July

15 July

Oh, wow. The Google Maps JavaScript API v.3 works quite impressively on the iPhone.

16 July

Oh, blow me. Nimbuzz has a Mac client, and it’s Intel-only.

“Official Google Reader Blog: Following, liking and people searching”

Instead of sharing your items with others and hoping they reciprocate, you can now find people with public shared items and subscribe to their shared items with one click.

Took them long enough.

I’m not a fan of the way they implemented “like,” however — having one line saying “100+ people liked this” on all articles, with a bunch of white space above and below, is nothing but an annoying waste of real estate.

Grah ! J’allais enfin sortir de chez moi !

Irrational fear of ever catching a cold again.

17 July

“No promo codes for apps rated 17+”

As it stands, neither the 3.0 software nor iTunes display parental warnings when using a promo code to purchase apps with a mature (17+) rating, so Apple has made the promo code functionality unavailable for apps that fall into that category.

God, that’s ridiculous.

Waiting for Guffman — It saddens me that some people list it as one of the funniest movies ever. Bully humor is what it is.

Terminator: Salvation — Can you believe what a self-important dick Connor has become? That final nod to Marcus, I wanted to scream.

The New Adventures of Old Christine S1 — Sad for Julia Louis-Dreyfus. And it’s not like she needs to be in a sub-par sitcom to live!

The Reader — Nice and sad; not quite Oscar-sad, though. The criticism it got is almost more interesting than the movie.

Watchmen — Anybody who read the comic then liked the movie doesn’t deserve to breathe. The action; the entire cast; why, God, why?

Comme un pincement au coeur en entendant une mère demander à sa fille “Tu veux quelque chose ?” devant la boulangerie. Et moi ?!

There’s no way there were so many steps in the stairs before I got the flu. (Suddenly empathizing with any smokers I’ve ever invited home.)

Wonder is someone’s pattern of “dskflmskdfmlskflmk” over a long-enough length could be used to identify them reliably.

Knowing — More watchable than I expected, but the plot only makes the tiniest bit of sense if the strangers are the biggest sociopaths ever.

Bon, et aujourd’hui, est-ce qu’il va à nouveau tomber des glaçons si je me mets en tête de sortir ?

Il fait beau toute la journée quand ça ne me sert à rien, et il se met à pleuvoir à la tombée du jour. Je vais le prendre mal.

So bored I’ll drink a drink if you pay for the drink. Well, maybe. I mean, slightly more possibly than usual. Infinitesimally. Maybe not.

I can’t believe how suddenly and noticeably wrinkles happen. Always thought it was a joke that you’d notice them in the mirror one day.

Disabling Google Reader’s “Like” Feature With CSS

But I don’t want to disable “Like” (I like it on Facebook). I just want it to be a little more intelligent and only show up when it’s about my contacts, and not strangers.

18 July

Dirt 2

I’m absolutely in love with the sound of the bumper cam — it probably gets old after a while, but it’s very nicely realistic. (For the rest, the visuals aren’t quite as impressive as the previous trailer from two days ago. There’s some aliasing, and it looks like they’re having a hard time balancing realistic hard sun and playability — especially with the cockpit view.)

Why on earth is there a Scooby-Doo DVD on my hard drive? It doesn’t even seem to be mislabelled porn or something.

19 July

I’ll go out with you for 5,000 euros. (I’m not saying I’ll put out.)

“The Anatomy Of The Twitter Attack”

Gmail informed him that an email had been sent to the user’s secondary email account. […] This is the point where the chain of trust broke down, as the attacker discovered that the account specified as a secondary for Gmail, and hosted at Hotmail was no longer active.

Damn Hotmail and its 1990s-style expiring addresses. Be careful where you’ve used them. (I never know whether they still expire nowadays, but do you remember what secondary address you’ve used, years ago, to sign up for Gmail?)

First time I go for a walk since the flu, and I know now how it feels to be a hundred years old.

20 July

Damn, I’m not sure which blog to link, Mashable or TechCrunch — which do I boycott more?

“DiggBar Commits Career Suicide, Starts Redirecting Users To Digg Homepage”

This is weird. They already had to change a couple things at launch because of the users’ reaction; a few months later, they’re doing much worse. What the hell did they expect?

21 July

Je reçois mes DVD de Top Gear dans le désordre, c’est intolérable. Comment je vais suivre l’histoire, moi ?

If I could just develop my precog skills a bit.

22 July

I feel cheated. Loud as it was, that thunderstorm didn’t cool the atmosphere off so much.

You wouldn’t think there are still stories to be told in a hospital, but I’m liking Nurse Jackie. (Yet still not sure where they’re going.)

23 July

Tiens, il y a une épidémie d’inscriptions à FriendFeed en France ?

Freed 11GB on my Mini so I could buy the In Treatment DVDs. Can’t wait to find out what essential apps I’ve broken.

Fine, I give up. I’m removing my non-personal accounts from Tweetie and setting them up in a third client.

Wow, I don’t like the new layout on Get Satisfaction at all.

“Not Happy With Your Facebook Username? You Can Now Change It”

It now appears that Facebook has updated their policy, perhaps after being inundated with requests to change poor name choices, or maybe just because registrations have slowed to a more manageable pace and they intended to add the option all along.

I certainly hope Facebook isn’t that stupid, and it’s the latter.

Facebook is still imposing some limitations, alerting you that “You can only change your username once”

Huh. So much for that.

Need beta-testers with a 3GS for the Snap Filters update.

24 July

Ah, Google Reader reacted quickly enough, and made the “x people liked this” more subdued. Much better.

“Google Latitude Comes To The iPhone.”

After we developed a Latitude application for the iPhone, Apple requested we release Latitude as a web application in order to avoid confusion with Maps on the iPhone, which uses Google to serve maps tiles.

Oh God, you’re kidding? Well, goes to show that being Apple’s biggest partner doesn’t buy you a reasonable review process from the App Store people. (What puzzles me is that Google ended up presenting the Latitude web app at an Apple keynote anyway. I guess profit trumps retaliation.)

As for Latitude itself, I’m disappointed by the interface. Other than the new Javascript Maps, which I already knew to be awesome (because I use it), the navigation is awkward and gets in its own way.

Oh, hell, I’m not opening those.

As a rule, the universe abhors quality.

“How Palm Re-Enabled iTunes Sync”

my 1.1 Pre [is] identifying itself with an Apple USB Vendor ID:

Product ID: 0x8002

Vendor ID: 0x05ac (Apple Inc.)

Version: 0.16

Manufacturer: Palm Inc.

I find it very interesting — and clever — that they deliberately leave some identifying stuff out so that they can drag this back-and-forth as long as they can: the next iTunes update will recognize the “Manufacturer: Palm” part, and the next webOS update will change it. You can be sure that version of the webOS is even already developed, and locked away in a safe.

Don’t know how they intend to win in the long run, but they’re buying time quite efficiently.

“Flash security vulnerability exploited in PDFs”

When Adobe released Acrobat 9 last year, the company introduced support for embedding Flash media in PDF files. This feature is now being used by attackers who are exploiting a new vulnerability in Adobe’s Flash media plugin. The vulnerability allows remote code execution, making it a potential vector for malware deployment.

Urgh. Kill Acrobat dead already.

“Mass Effect save file transfers ’hundreds’ of decisions to sequel”

Not just the big decisions, either – Hudson says that the player made “hundreds” of choices in Mass Effect that have an impact on the sequel. For instance, Commander Shepard superfan Conrad Verner made a brief appearance in the first game. Players could respond to his fandom in a number of ways (ignoring him, threatening him, supporting him) – however you decided to treat Conrad will ultimately affect his subplot in the second game.

Oh, blah. I felt so much like no choice I made had any relevance whatsoever to the universe in Mass Effect, I just can’t wait to see all of my decisions ripple insignificantly throughout the entire trilogy.

“Dr Beaurieux’s report of a guillotine execution”

It was at that point that I called out again and, once more, without any spasm, slowly, the eyelids lifted and undeniably living eyes fixed themselves on mine with perhaps even more penetration than the first time.

Just… Ouch.

25 July

I’ve got one less “people you follow” on Google Reader each day even though I haven’t removed anyone. Ahem.

Birthday parties at the Microsoft Store? Are you quite mad?

Wow. Clean sheets on my bed. Fancy.

So… I don’t suppose you ought to use condoms that have been through the laundromat.

26 July

“Don’t even try to break down the relationship between a woman and her gynecologist. That’s a deep end.”

Oups. C’est difficile de doser les coquillettes.

It’s funny that I watched My Dinner with André just before I started In Treatment.

28 July

“Nicholson Baker on the Kindle”

This was what they were calling e-paper? This four-by-five window onto an overcast afternoon? Where was paper white, or paper cream? Forget RGB or CMYK. Where were sharp black letters laid out like lacquered chopsticks on a clean tablecloth?

Like Baker, I prefer reading Kindle books on my iPhone.

It’s interesting that engineers have been struggling with e-paper technology for a decade, and Apple might just be about to wipe out e-book readers with a good old backlit color screen.

“Your cure for iTunes Connect.” That’s a slogan that resonates.

That e-mail almost made me hopeful.

29 July

Wikipedia: Rorschach Test

Hmm, they’re tough. I like mine better.

Mais quel chieur a conçu ce micro-ondes qui refuse qu’on change la durée ou les options après avoir lancé la minuterie ?

30 July

Des travaux tous les matins entre 9h et 10h, et plus rien de la journée. Saleté de nouveau voisin.

31 July

Un donut shop toujours désert, mais toujours ouvert, au milieu du mini-quartier chinois du 3e, c’est du blanchiment d’argent ? #weeds

“The beautiful death of the Matrix Online”

This week is the last week of existence for The Matrix Online, and the gameworld - the Matrix! - is literally disintegrating in front of players’ eyes…

That’s a quite excellent way to close an MMO.

Pourquoi la charge de mon serveur est passée du jour au lendemain de 0.1 à 0.99 ? Il n’y a pas eu tant d’inscriptions.


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