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20 October 2009

Battlestar Galactica: The Plan

Damn, that was pointless. I thought the retcon would be infuriating and insulting, but the fact is that I couldn’t care less about any of it, and I was so bored I had a difficult time forcing myself to push through — ten minutes in, I already couldn’t wait for that thing to end. I never expected interesting, or good (particularly not with Olmos directing), but that much emptiness — it’s draining.

I have to commend Mary McDonnell for sitting this one out. (Whatever her reasons were — I can’t imagine she just prefers appearing as a cartoon character in a couple of Grey’s Anatomy episodes rather than as the elected tyrant of all mankind in one of the most iconic TV shows of the decade.)


Still, because I can’t help it:


Never mind the whole Cavill’s Club thing on Galactica, making the entire coordinated effort of the skinjobs aboard the fleet exponentially less interesting, what puzzles me is:

The original “plan” was to eliminate in one single blow, by nuking their cities, a space-faring civilization that’s busy traveling from colony to colony — expecting that there wouldn’t be a single survivor? You know, like ships in the middle of a trip… or people in the countryside?

Not to mention the implication that all the clones who happened to end up aboard the fleet (or anywhere else) were just out there to enjoy being nuked?

Okay, you win. It is insultingly stupid. But I still don’t care. (Although I do mind the horribly lame explanation for how Marilyn Six magically disappeared off Galactica, all of the show’s mysticism be damned.)