Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

1 November 2009

Kaamelott 6.07-09 : Pas mal quand même (mais speedée), la résolution de Rome. Le final, lui… prétentieux encore, mais ridicule en bonus.

Yet it isn’t completely inevitable for self-directing actors to give in to self-indulgence. Look at Clint Eastwood.

On second thought, Gran Torino…

Looks like Twitter Lists are up for everyone? Can’t wait for clients to support them, looks like they’re what everyone was waiting for.

The ability to twitterlist someone you don’t follow is yet another thing that breaks with those stupid protected accounts.

2 November


I’m already up to 15,000 words, and it’s only Day 2 of National Read Endless Superficial Advice About Writing Month (“NaReEnSupAdReWriMo”)

Mais… c’est de la merde, InDesign, au niveau de la gestion des pages-maîtres ?

3 November

Je viens de me rappeler : le Coca light, ça donne faim, mais ça affame aussi les caries — ce qui est une bonne chose. Choix difficile, donc.

Somehow it originally eluded me that the Wacom Bamboo Touch seems to be the external trackpad I’ve always been waiting for.

Oh, another thing about InDesign: Cmd-Alt-X for an unbreakable space? Really?!

Je n’ai plus que cinq domaines sur Gandi, ça fait bizarre.

4 November

Dollhouse Epitaph One — I can tell it’s good and interesting and it sets up the show’s arc nicely, yet I still can’t care. It’s just broken.

V 1.01 — It’s reasonably well written, but I can’t tell I’m hooked. Not sure yet if it’s good enough to accept exploitation of 9/11 et al.

5 November

Dear Adium: I don’t know what you do to your fancy dmgs to make them so slow to open, but you could at least use zips for the auto-updates.

The International — Kinda cool, kinda boring. The Guggenheim is a good idea for a set piece, and Owen makes anything cool. (For now.)

Macworld reviews the new iMacs

You can press Command-F2 on your keyboard to switch between the computer and the external video source.

Ah, that’s cool.


You can use an adapter for a non-DisplayPort device, such as an HDMI-to-Mini DisplayPort video-in adapter. However, Apple said it has no plans to produce such adapters, leaving it up to third-party manufacturers.

What the hell?

OhGizmo reviews Wacom’s Bamboo Touch

Now don’t get me wrong, the ‘Touch’ aspect of the Pen & Touch works just fine, but there’s something about using it that just doesn’t feel as slick or as immediately responsive as Apple’s touchpad hardware.

Hrm. That’s what I mostly expected from a third-party solution, but still a disappointment. Part of me still wants to buy it as a little toy to give myself for a change, but not as much as I did yesterday. (And yes, I’m much more interested in the Bamboo Touch than Apple’s Magic Mouse — magic or not, I don’t use mice.)

6 November

Wikipedia: Shoe

Until around 1800, shoes were made without differentiation for the left or right foot. Such shoes were called “straights”, and only gradually did the modern foot-specific practice become standard.

That’s… weird. It doesn’t take much modern science to realize that your feet aren’t symmetrical at all and they would be better protected by something that’s adapted more closely to their shape. I mean, clogs, okay — but the fancy shoes for noblemen and women at the court?

I hate to recommend MacHeist despite all the Twitter spam they’re responsible for but, hey, six apps for free — with ShoveBox and WriteRoom.

For use with WriteRoom, or others: QuickCursor lets you edit the contents of the active text field in your fav editor http://bit.ly/3TcaM2

FlashForward 1.07 — I like the idea of what the Already Ghosts do, and the twist, but the atmosphere is still as off-putting as Dollhouse’s.

I’m somewhat disappointed that Twitter is actually soft-launching “Retweet” even though its inadequacy has been thoroughly pointed out.

7 November

There’s no way I would have stood in line for the Apple Store opening. But still. Frustrated.

Ooh. The advantage of using my dedicated app for Google Reader is that I can map the right mouse button to the space key.

8 November

Wikipedia: Noah Webster

As a spelling reformer, Webster believed that English spelling rules were unnecessarily complex, so his dictionary introduced American English spellings, replacing “colour” with “color”, substituting “wagon” for “waggon”, and printing “center” instead of “centre”. He also added American words, like “skunk” and “squash”, that did not appear in British dictionaries. At the age of seventy, Webster published his dictionary in 1828.

You wouldn’t imagine that American spelling, easily considered by some as a devolution of the language at the hands of those degenerates living across the pond, was in fact the consequence of an active intervention by a Yale alum who wanted to reform spelling, and just happened to be in a position to promote his agenda through a brand-new dictionary (and go broke in the process).

Makes you think twice about those anecdotal efforts or petitions to simplify the French language in a similar vein. Just because we’re old and familiar with the rules we were taught doesn’t really make it so much better than an engineered, streamlined alternative.


Also interesting, “American and British English spelling differences,” especially for people whose native language isn’t English — since I learned most from reading text rather than memorizing vocabulary lists, and that text came indiscriminately from British and American sources, I don’t always know what’s a misspelling and what’s just a transatlantic variant. There’s a lot more to it than just dropping the “u” in “–our.”

For instance: “anymore,” “judgement,” or the fact that a “ton” doesn’t weigh the same in the UK as in the US, and it isn’t quite a thousand kilograms in either. And I also found out that American authors use double quotes where British writers use single quotes — which usage had surprised me in a book I read recently.

Huh, Anna Friel with a Manchester accent. And it’s her own.

9 November

Stargate Universe: Surprisingly unbad. Voyager was always my favorite Star Trek show, too. Good writing and good scifi so far.

Ah, ça y est, moi aussi j’ai 30 nouvelles invitations à distribuer pour Wave. Votre e-mail dans mon formulaire de contact sur garoo.net.

I think I’m gonna die of migraine before I can finish Half-Life 2. But I want to finish it! (And I’m so bored.)

Ah, the cat is as bored as I am. So I guess I could try spending the afternoon meowing, too. MEOW. MEOW. MEOW.

“New DROID ads released, actually show off a bit of Android”

I can’t believe how geeky they’re going with those — and the result is pretty cool, too. (Particularly for the GPS ad; I’m not sure it makes much sense in 2009 to point out that the phone allows you to surf the web with all its pixels… even though the screen’s resolution and quality seem to be actual, legitimate selling points of the device.)

10 November

Putain, OVH a des serveurs sur disques SSD (via @gonzague). J’ai pas super confiance, mais wannnt quand même.

Moving Modern Warfare 2 up in my wishlist.

“You’re not good at relationships because you don’t value them.” it took three seasons for me to get that I’m Don Draper.

(Typo in the quote courtesy of the first result I got when I googled it for exactitude.)

My scones aren’t failed this time, but I don’t quite know what I did differently.

11 November

500 Days of Summer — Switching some scenes around doesn’t by itself make a story interesting. And Anna Friel makes a better Zooey Deschanel.

9 — Huh. Yeah. No. And, unlike Nightmare, you gotta wonder how it got Burton’s name on the poster. Feels more like a Luc Besson.

12 November


The videos that came out a couple weeks back already surprised me (I never expected anything good from that game, for some reason — mostly because I’ve never been very interested in WWII), but this demo of open-world gameplay really puts this game on the map for me.

I like the way you can climb everything (in a more realistic way than in every other game that lets you climb buildings), and I can only acknowledge a soft spot for playing in this alternate-reality Paris where all the landmarks are gonna be in the wrong place. At least, unlike The Crossing, that’s one game taking place in Paris that will actually be released.


When writing front-page headlines, make sure they are clear, can be read while spinning and move the movie’s plot forward.

V 1.02 — Taking itself way more seriously than it earned the right to. They’re going for BSG but lacking the atmosphere — the flair.

13 November

14 November

FlashForward 1.08 — Beginning to wonder if I should stop watching and buy the novel. Story’s good, writing might be better than the show.

“Dropbox Votebox lets you decide what they work on next”

With Votebox (must be signed in to see the page), they are letting the user base vote on which features they work on next.

If you’re a Dropbox user on a Mac (and if you’re not both you shouldn’t really be here, should you?), log in and vote for resource fork support right now — that’s the thing that makes Dropbox fail to sync applications, URLs and clippings.

Thick people doing thick things is not funny. Clever people doing clever things is not funny. But clever people doing thick things really is funny.

— A Top Gear editor

And that does define exactly why Top Gear is so good.

15 November

Watching my brother play GTA San Andreas reminded me that I haven’t driven on open road since Test Drive Unlimited, and I miss it.

16 November

Glee 1.05–1.09 — They’re ruining the best thing about this depressing show with autotune. All because of that one bad casting choice.

Every other article in my Google Reader’s “Explore” feed is from videogamer.com — simple bug, or gamed?

App Store now reportedly checks against use of private API. Means I can’t submit a Web is Pink update until I shell out for legit SSL certs.

Brokenhearted to see Heather Small has straightened her hair. (Well, that, and her solo albums are quite boring.)

Trying to go back to Tweetie and now I keep posting my tweets to the wrong account.

Modern Warfare 2 : videogames :: Antichrist : cinema.

You don’t have to like where it goes, but that ambition has its place.

17 November

“Motorola Droid camera autofocus fixed in secrecy? [Not]”

There’s a rounding-error bug in the camera driver’s autofocus routine (which uses a timestamp) that causes autofocus to behave poorly on a 24.5-day cycle. That is, it’ll work for 24.5 days, then have poor performance for 24.5 days, then work again.

That’s the most awesome WTF of a bug I’ve heard about in quite a while.

“Picasa’s Scrollbars”

It looks pretty much like a regular scrollbar. But it isn’t. As with the Wave scrollbar, Google has split the thumb and the scroll position indicator into two different elements. A faint shadow acts as the scroll position indicator. The thumb, meanwhile, always sticks to the center of the scrollbar. Pulling it scrolls the view; the further up or down you pull, the faster the view scrolls.

In short: Google’s UI engineers are madmen.

Non, y’a pas moyen, les forums où les signatures font trois fois la taille des messages, je ne peux pas.

What the fuck is wrong with Twitter’s algorithm for rolling out functionalities? @garooblogs has the new retweets, @garoo doesn’t.

This afternoon I essentially dreamed someone’s Facebook update before they posted it tonight. Will have to try napping again tomorrow.

20 November

Buying Geometry Wars 2 just before going to bed — sure, that’ll work, it hasn’t made me j-j-j-jumpy at all.

Wonder if my InDesign would blow up if I set gradient feathers on every single one image of that catalog.

If Directional Feather doesn’t screw me up at print time, I forgive InDesign for everything I hate about its interface.

21 November

Tiens, j’ai bien fait d’acheter Geometry Wars 2 avant-hier — j’ai reçu 118 euros de l’App Store cette nuit.

The cursor’s trail on Resident Evil for Wii is a great feature that every OS should offer to avoid users losing their pointer.

22 November

FlashForward 1.09 — Damn that was cute indeed. (Unrelated: what exactly is Fiennes going for? He must be… acting… something, I figure?)

When blogs ruled the Earth, a good movie title had to be a long googlebomb. Now, even two words is too long for efficient Twitter buzz.

“YouTube – Google Chrome OS Demo”

(Yeah, I’m late, I had stuff, okay?)

So Chrome OS offers only one full-screen window, and it replaces the task bar with a tab bar at the top. And then, you have popup windows, and there’s a task bar so you can manage them. Oh, and then you have multiple full-screen windows, and there’s Exposé for those. It’s all so damn revolutionary. Or something.

To be clear, the only reason I watched the video was that I was curious as to how they managed popups, and they could hardly do it any other way — but the thing is, pretty much all the articles I read presented it as “having a tab bar rather than a task bar.” It would be stupid if that were the case, and it’s stupid to describe it that way.

Zombieland — Enjoyed the universe, the tone, and the first half; they didn’t quite have a full movie, though.

28 Weeks Later — Didn’t expect much of it, but it was still more boring and pointless. Stupid kids + torture porn + shakycam. Pure awesome.

24 November

If you’re looking for a Twitter client with support for the new RTs, Echofon has it today. (Oddly, Tweetie seems to just ignore those RTs.)

Ah, another 110 € transfer coming up from Apple US.

I knew it had to be a stupid mistake — but having my images fail because I forgot to update the logrotate config file?

25 November


C’est la Sainte Catherine. Que toutes célibataires de 25 ans nous fassent péter un avatar à chapeau moche, c’est la tradition.

V 1.04 — I’d like to say to all writers that intelligent people don’t so often have dumb kids. Teen age or not, single mom or not.

Quinze jours de boulot sur InDesign et voilà, je suis frustré de ne pas pouvoir faire mon blog en PDF.

The Prisoner — Mostly uninteresting (not only cause I can’t feel sympathy for Caviezel since Passion), too serious, annoying payoff. So AMC.

“AMC. You heard of us because of Mad Men? Then tune in to the network that makes everything look and taste like Mad Men.”

PDF compatibility via simple drag-and-drop makes the Kindle yet that much more droolworthy.

26 November

Project Retweet = les avatars de nkm et flefebvreump dans ma timeline. Ouais non mais euh…

There’s a pinhole “reset” button on Drobos to wipe all data from all drives in 30 seconds. Eep. Or ultimate prank for your rich geek friend?

Oh, right, all tech blogs are going to be dead until Monday. Won’t somebody think of the bored geeks? No, I won’t read the French tripe.

I am thankful for: …blrrrp.

“My “private” APIs… aren’t”

I got an email from Apple’s App Review team saying the code in my iPhone app uses private APIs. They pointed to -setOrder, which is a method I created in code, and -setThumbnail, which was created automatically from a Core Data property.

In other words: yes, there are false positives with Apple’s new tool designed to keep developers from using private APIs, and it’s really lame that they programmed it so stupidly, because it’s gonna end up throwing red flags at developers who followed the platform’s best practices the most closely — using properties, and giving them clear, simple names.

27 November

Yet I don’t envy you all that very much.


Google Wave est la première messagerie où il faut envoyer un mail à tes potes pour les avertir qu’ils ont un message…

Je passe la journée entière d’hier à écouter et classer mes albums de Tori Amos, et je me réveille avec Johnny dans la tête. Bug.

Once in a while I forget that I don’t miss you all, because I don’t like you all.

28 November

I can’t believe it — all this time I could have plugged my old, unused Mac keyboard into the 360.

La batterie de mon iPhone 3G est à moitié morte. Et, même si j’avais de quoi me payer un 3GS, ça serait bien trop tard dans le cycle.

Et deux minutes après que je poste ça, un mail de Cofinoga me disant que les agences FT/Orange acceptent leur carte de crédit ?


If Photoshop had recently been ported to Adobe Air, I’d think that’s pretty clever, plus it’d explain why I want to stab someone right now.

29 November

Surrogates — Love the universe, and how they tried (a bit inconsistently) to show the surries. Okay movie, but I should read the comics.


A jQuery plugin for mobile web development on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and other forward-thinking devices.

I haven’t looked at the kind of code it makes you write but, hey, it’s jQuery — and, more importantly, the performance is impressive, even on my old iPhone 3G (i.e., the oldest generation of CPUs). I guess one can thank the 3D CSS transforms in WebKit.

30 November

Oops, I already did finish that book last night before sleeping. Must have been an amazingly memorable finale, then.

Le chat lèche une poêle sale. Au bruit que ça fait, il doit forcément être en train de rayer le téflon. Pardon, je voulais dire le Teflon®.

Can’t decide if I’d rather keep watching FlashForward or hurry and buy the book. Guess I might wait until the show is canceled.

Smoking Apples reviews the Wacom Bamboo Touch

This is what I was waiting for: a review written after a longer period of time, by someone who knows about tablets, and evidently understood as well as I do how cool this multitouch tablet can and should be.

Moreover, the ‘tap’ to select or click, is slightly delayed, presumably as the device tries to figure out what it is you’re doing. Bugs me no end. To make matters worse, it’s not even good at detecting a tap from a move, randomly selecting windows as you try to move the cursor. I’ve had trouble keeping icons in the dock, as they keep going “poof!”.

These two problems sound perfectly understandable (they’re probably the hardest thing to get right), and I’m pretty sure they would both drive me crazy if I bought one.

Wacom has tried to implement the same scroll-with-momentum we’ve seen on the iPhone and lately with the Magic Mouse. It feels unnatural, is slow, and gets quite unweildy.

Once again, I’m not really surprised, and it’s kinda hard to blame Wacom for trying and almost succeeding. But I’m reverting to my original idea: the only way the external trackpad thing can be done right is for Apple to do it. (And why the hell don’t they?)

I’m removing the Bamboo Touch from my wishlist, at least until I get to test drive one extensively, and/or they manage to update the software significantly. (Because, yes, all those issues are in the drivers and can be fixed, but, no, I don’t think they’ll be fixed satisfactorily in a near enough future. The Wacom guys are good, but this is hard, and I’d never have said software was their strongest suit anyway.)


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