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1 January 2010

Ouais, ouais, joyeux douze prochains mois de misère à vous tous.

Twitter does need a “Like” button — it’s great incentive to post something moderately interesting (like- but not RT-worthy) on Facebook.

Ah, of course. I have bugs in my scripts because day-of-year equals zero.

The Surrogates comic is somewhat worse than the movie.

Duplicity — Overly complicated with the twists, and Julia Roberts looks like the 50-year-old wife of a plastic surgeon.

2 January

Vérifié : la version anglaise du Murakami me semble bien plus lisible — 50% la langue qui s’y prête, 50% la traduction française académique.

3 January

Inglourious Basterds — Some very good bits, but I don’t see how so many people can call it an “awesome movie.” It’s the nazi torture, uh?

4 January

Veronika Decides to Die — Somewhat less infuriating than the book, the adaptation actually fixes it a little. Watchable, moody.

The Lovely Bones — Well done, of course, but as disconnected and pointless as I anticipated. But I’m now curious about the book.

5 January

The Time Traveler’s Wife — Damn, that was a stupid story. And you thought Kate & Leopold was the rock-bottom of time-traveling romance.

The Nexus One announcement would be a big deal if they hadn’t been beta-testing the platform in public for a year.

I just don’t like how Google’s mission statement is evolving. Call me a fanboy, but Apple never was about world domination quite this way.

6 January

With no possible hands-on experience in a store, how am I supposed to decide whether to lust after a Kindle or a Kindle DX?

World’s Greatest Dad — Bonus points for not ending where I was afraid they would, but not enough material (or director?) for a full movie.

7 January

I really can’t make sense of the Nexus One launching with a 3G GSM modem that’s incompatible with the biggest GSM carriers.

Huh? Apple is letting me renew iPhone provisioning profiles even though I haven’t paid the yearly developer tax?

Am I wrong to think you don’t get to use “lambent” for two separate descriptions in the first 20 pages of your novel?

Finalement il n’est pas trop tard pour faire ma carte de voeux.

Damn, it’s hard to find a typeface that makes “2010” really look good.

8 January

Goddamnit, Photoshop, still helpfully saving my JPEGs to the Trash because that’s where I moved the previous exports I’m replacing.

They used to make glow-in-the-dark paint that contained radium. Oh, but trust us, progress and cellphones are, like, totally safe.

9 January

Dollhouse 2.11 — I understand they needed to speed up because of the ratings, but the story is getting pretty absurd, and not in a cool way.

10 January

Damn I’m pissed. Six hundred pages of soporific tripe and there’s no end; it’s yet another fucking trilogy. Oh no, not this time, asshole.

Seriously: half a dozen intertwined stories, and each chapter takes three paragraphs to reveal which character it’s following? NOT. CLEVER.

11 January

Am I the only one who’d like to have real, physical Post-Its specially formatted for the iPhone’s screen?

12 January

“Listen to what the world is telling you to do, and take the leap.”

Merde, tiens, j’ai une idée pour reprogrammer complètement le fonctionnement de la messagerie de @nopicnodial.

13 January

The messiness of controlling Assassin’s Creed 2 makes me realize that an FPS à la Mirror’s Edge may in fact be the only way to do parkour.

Why have I been avoiding the ice cream aisle just because it’s winter? I want Haagen-Dazs! (Fat chance of Ben & Jerry’s in Smallville.)

It’s amazing how boring the trailers for Star Trek Online manage to be.

14 January

The way How I Met Your Mother gets away with inconsistencies with an unreliable narrator is like cheating, but damn did they earn it.

Je reçois aujourd’hui une relance du 14/12 pour la taxe d’habitation que j’ai reçue début décembre et que je devais payer avant le 15/11.

How on earth is it already so late in the month? (Is that what happens when I get money for videogames?)

I feel almost bored and frustrated enough to finally start being productive again. Fortunately, Mass Effect 2 is coming out soon.

Je suis sûrement devenu complètement provincial, mais… quelqu’un peut m’expliquer Uniqlo ? (En 140 caractères ?)

Fantastic Mr. Fox — I expected to hate it, but… oh, wait, I did. And if it’s a children’s story I’m confused about the moral.

15 January

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory — What a sad, painful remake, cutting out everything that made the original movie cool.

Come on. You can’t do a super-dramatic reveal of Timothy Dalton in a wizard’s robe.

Boring, annoying Christmas special. Can’t wait to see if Doctor Who gets better without Russell T. Davies. (Probably not.)

Maybe Wikipedia could have a prominent “this page without photos” link on top of all medical pages? I’m just saying.

16 January

Dollhouse 2.12 — Damn, the whole plan kinda made sense; that was unexpected. Yet still it didn’t make me care. Clearly too late for that.

Des fois je me demande ce qui m’a pris de mettre un lien “contacter le webmaster” sur @nopicnodial. Quand quelqu’un s’en sert, par exemple.

17 January

The Princess and the Frog — Recession Disney is odd: money money money, really? Not bad, but weird, and the songs are all too forgettable.

Okay, xkcd wasn’t bluffing. I won’t survive beyond twenty minutes of the Star Wars Holiday Special. Even ironically.

Up in the Air — Many great lines, but there’s something I don’t like about that director and his sensibility. E.g., hiring Danny McBride.

18 January

The Hangover — I’ve gone through enough Entourage episodes out of apathy; I’m checking out of that one at 23 minutes.

Garoo Network — version 1883.0

As usual, the motivation is to find the perfect layout that will allow me to post more links (this time, by placing shorter linkage at the same level as tweets, both less prominent than more important articles). As usual, it’ll only last for a week or two before once again I stop posting.






Yeah, I know, I’ve done better. But that beats closing the site.

19 January

Castle 2.13 — When cops start tasting drugs to identify them, it’s time to unsubscribe. Why can’t procedurals remain good past one season?

Forget about signing checks; I have the hardest time typing timestamps that begin with 201001. Will be better in October.

Garoo Network — version 1883.5

Screw that, I knew yesterday I wasn’t happy with what I was putting online. Now that’s marginally better.


“SF reading protocols”

My ex-husband once lent a friend Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War. The friend couldn’t get past chapter 2, because there was a tachyon drive mentioned, and the friend couldn’t figure out how that would work. […]

He didn’t know how to take in what was and what wasn’t important. How do I know it wasn’t important? The way it was signalled in the story. How did I learn how to recognise that? By reading half a ton of SF. How did I read half a ton of SF before I knew how to do it? I was twelve years old and used to a lot of stuff going over my head.

Oh, Katee Sackhoff is on 24 now? That’s making me curious and I don’t wanna be curious about 24.

20 January

“Public Enemies and the high-def look”

I thought people were being unreasonable when they criticized Public Enemies for “looking digital,” but I started watching it today having completely forgotten about it, and was suddenly unsettled, not by the way it looked, but the way it moved in certain scenes.

It’s not just about the way digital sensors capture the light; it looks as though the cameras were actually not running at 24 frames per second. But nobody in their right mind would shoot a serious big production in 30fps, would they?

“Faux Rolls-Royce Phantom hearse means you can go out as a fraud, too”

I want to buy this car and paint it in the Six Feet Under colors and live in it.

“Le Monde Des Séries  : Charité mal ordonnée”

[La diffusion des épisodes dans le désordre entretient l’idée que] les séries TV ne sont pas des choses suffisamment sérieuses pour qu’on les traite avec le même soin et la même précaution que la littérature ou le cinéma. Cela entretient l’idée — totalement fausse — que si c’est de la télé, c’est entaché d’une forme de soupçon, d’un doute sur la qualité, pour ne pas dire que ce n’est que du divertissement voire de l’abrutissement. […]

Etrange paradoxe d’une télévision qui dessert et retarde volontairement la reconnaissance des programmes dont elle remplit ses grilles.

“Anticipating Apple Tablet, Amazon Bumps Kindle Royalty Cut”

Now, publishers and authors know that they currently get 7-15% of the list price for physical books, and 25% for digital books. 70 percent sounds like a huge bump, but it’s not that simple.

To be able to get the 70 percent royalty deal, the list price for your title must be both between $2.99 to $9.99 and be 20 percent below the lowest physical book price; title also must be “offered at or below price parity with competition, including physical book prices”.

Emphasis mine on the part that’s really clever and cool.

Halo: Reach screenshots

I’d say this looks like Halo 3 should have looked two years ago. (And, consequently, not quite pretty enough for a 2010 game.)

I’ve created my http://www.formspring.me/garoo profile, but I find the interface so depressing I don’t want to answer the default questions.

BumpTop now available for Mac

The app is quite well done (huge special mention for honoring the existing position of my Desktop icons at first launch), but I still find it rather ugly, and not very pleasant to use, nor productive.

“Starting Today, Facebook Apps Can Ask You To Hand Over Your Email Address”

Today, Facebook is granting developers on Platform the ability to request (or require) users to hand over their email addresses so they they can send periodic messages directly to users.

Why. The. Fuck? Was is petitioned by masochistic users? Were developers threatening to go on strike if they didn’t get e-mail addresses?

21 January

Nicholas Hoult

I like this series better than the one by Tom Ford.

“Why Leslie Harpold’s Sites Disappeared”

[After her death,] Leslie’s family allowed her domains smug.com, harpold.com and others to expire and politely turned down all requests to mirror her sites. Several of her friends, including me, had offered after her death to pay the costs required to keep them online. [….]

Perhaps this is the way it should be. No one has found an email or web page where Leslie stipulated her desires for her work in the event of her death, leaving the decision to her heirs.

Well, for the record, if someone’s stupid enough to want to mirror my sites and/or pay to renew my server(s) after my death, I’m all for it.

It sucks for someone who invested herself into her online work to completely disappear from the web just because her family doesn’t like what she posted.

The Road — I couldn’t figure out why I should be watching this, so I stopped. Would have sucked to be trapped in a theater.

2012 — I knew it would be stupid, but not so boring. How do you screw that up? And how am I disappointed by an Emmerich movie?

22 January

Writing: Pen vs. Keyboard vs. Newton vs. Graffiti vs. Treo vs. iPhone

I’m rather surprised that he was noticeably slower with Graffiti than on the Newton — so goes progress. (Also interesting that he wasn’t that much faster on the MacBook than on the iPhone, but he acknowledges that he isn’t very fast on a computer keyboard.)

JCVD — L’idée est plus intéressante que l’exécution. Ou même pas, en fait.

Voilà un paiement de l’App Store qui arrive tellement à point nommé qu’il va arriver trop tard pour payer le renouvellement de mes serveurs.

23 January

I love to remember how very certain we all were that the iPhone would have a virtual iPod wheel, and what blind fools that makes us.

Apple Event Predictions

Here comes that time of the year when Apple pundits, big and small and wannabe, have to man up and put their credibility on the line, writing up their definitive specialist’s opinion on the matter of what Steve is and isn’t going to announce in his upcoming keynote. (Thankfully, nobody expects any credibility from those types anyway, so there’s nothing to lose.)

What’s going to be announced? is the question we ask about four times a year, but this time may well be the keynote of all keynotes: it’s not about a refresh of the Mac lineup, or new functionality in iTunes, but it is (or isn’t?) about the infamous Apple tablet. Even the days before the original iPhone announcement weren’t as frantic: we already knew smartphones then, we knew why they ought to be important, and we thought we knew what we were gonna get (which, to a certain extent, we did). With the tablet, though, Apple doesn’t just present a “breakthrough device” (to quote the horrible expression Jobs used that time): they get to invent a brand new market altogether, and sell us a concept that nobody has managed to make work yet.


But is there gonna be a tablet?

Yes. It’s that simple. As far as I’m concerned, once an Apple rumor has been written up in the Wall Street Journal, you can consider that it’s been officially confirmed. Besides, given how convinced everyone is and has been for a month, if Apple wasn’t actually going to launch a tablet, you can be sure they would leak that to the WSJ; that thing has been hoped for and awaited and expected before but, at this point, no matter what else Steve Jobs could announce on next Wednesday, stock prices would tank unacceptably if he didn’t show the unicorn.

[continue reading]

Et vas-y que j’avais 7 Go pris par des torrents incomplets (ou égarés ? ou dieu sait quoi) dans le dossier temporaire de Transmission.

When’s the last time we had a movie comparable to Priscilla, Queen of the Desert? (I’m not necessarily meaning drag queens.)

Damn, even Hedwig dates back to 2001.

24 January

Allons bon, me voilà insomniaque. C’est nouveau, ça.

Okay, so almost nobody bothers to read the post I spent two days on, and almost nobody bothers to look at my new year’s card long enough to see it’s not just a bunch of kittens — go figure why I’m never motivated to do anything anymore. That has to stop and I’ve got two options: I can close the blog, or close the comments.

25 January

Damnit, I need an organized system to find out when showRSS has skipped an episode again.

Current pet peeve: people not putting hyphens in their compound modifiers, and — worse — the many cases where it’s reportedly right not to.

There’s a fundamental thing I don’t get about radio waves and frequencies, and I don’t know how to formulate the question to ask or google.

“Days before iTablet-palooza, the rumor hits keep comin’”

Sources for iLounge say that the tablet will have not one, but two dock connectors—one on the horizontal bottom, and one on a vertical “bottom.” This would allow the device to be docked in either landscape or portrait orientation while charging. This way, the tablet could perform different functions—playing video or reading books, for example—while set in a single charging station.

I’m not sure how you make a dock, and dock connector, solid and stable enough to hold the tablet almost-but-not-quite vertically, but that idea does indeed solve the matter of an integrated stand.

I remember the times when bills came and I paid them immediately instead of filing them by order of seriousness under my iMac.

“The killer app for Apple’s tablet: Gaming”

Then in the last couple days came indications from many gaming related publications small and large that they had been invited to the special Apple event on 1/27. This shows a clear push by Apple to have the device covered in the games press, pointing to gaming as a major target for the device.

Oh, right, I hadn’t picked up on that (even though I follow gaming press journalists on Twitter and they did mention being invited). That’s scary, because Apple doesn’t know how to do gaming — and most game publishers don’t [care to] know how to take advantage of new platforms — but the article mentions World of Goo, so there’s hope yet.

Does Google Reader now completely ignore when an older post has been edited? (That’s not necessarily a bad thing.)

“Incredible miniature photography”

Tornado made of steel wool, cotton, ground parsley and moss.

Wikipēdia : Macron

La linguiste Nina Catach a signalé en 1989, dans Les Délires de l’orthographe, un usage du macron dans la presse : “Aujourd’hui je pose la question : avons-nous besoin de deux accents, l’aigu et le grave ? Notre presse imprimée, toujours à l’avant-garde, a résolu le problème (autre problème séculaire) des capitales non accentuées [par] un seul accent, horizontal, qu’on appelle couramment l’accent plat.” […]

Le linguiste Maurice Gross recommande également en 1989 de remplacer les trois types d’accent (ainsi que le tréma) par cet accent plat, afin de réduire le surcoût de traitement pour l’informatique, par rapport à des langues comme l’anglais qui n’utilisent pas de diacritiques.

Il faut absolument que je trouve un moyen simple (pas passer le clavier en U.S. Extended, Maori ou que sais-je) de taper des macrons sous OS X.

La Môme — Dieu, que c’est pénible et creux. Je ne sais pas le pire, l’accent de Piaf ou l’absence totale d’accent d’époque chez les autres.

Des mācrōns dāns ŌS X

Comme je le disais il y a une heure, en croyant que ça serait trop compliquē pour ētre viable, j’aime la suggestion de remplacer tous ces accents compliquēs de la langue française par des macrons (et je n’ai rien de mieux ā faire) ; aprēs une heure de recherche, j’ai fini par trouver une façon simple de les saisir sous OS X, en ēditant le keyboard layout ā l’aide de Ukelele (dont l’interface est plus confuse que nēcessaire, mais une fois qu’on sait ce qu’on fait c’est assez simple).

Rēsultat, un “French - Macron.keylayout” ā placer dans ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts (tout ça doit bien sūr avoir un nom diffērent sur un systēme en français), puis log-out et log-in, et ça marche, il suffit de l’activer dans le panneau International. En prime, comme je n’ai pas mis d’icōne avec, on peut garder le choix de clavier dans la barre de menus sans se taper le gros drapeau vulgaire en permanence. (Si jamais vous essayez — ce dont je doute, ā la base — et que le clavier ne marche plus du tout aprēs, c’est parce que vous avez cru pouvoir sauter l’option log-out / log-in.)

Avec ce layout, les lettres accentuēes sont remplacēes par des macrons, et l’accent circonflexe est un macron qu’on peut associer aux autres voyelles et aux majuscules, donc il n’y a aucune habitude ā changer. Et, tant que j’y ētais, j’ai mis un ♫ ā la place de l’accent grave qui est prēs de la touche Return, parce que ça me frustre toujours de ne pas l’avoir facilement accessible dans mon client Twitter.

Si je tombe sur des incompatibilitēs, que j’ai besoin d’envoyer un mail pour le boulot, ou que je reçois trop de plaintes de mes correspondants ou lecteurs, c’est tout simple, il suffit de changer de clavier dans la barre de menus.

26 January

Maintenant il faut que je trouve des trucs ā ēcrire.

Merde, il n’y a pas de macron dans Georgia. En tout cas, dans la version qui est installēe sur mon Mac.

Aprēs ētre remontē du supermarchē ā moitiē en apnēe ā cause du froid (je ne m’y attendais pas), me voilā en train de mourir de hoquet.

“Wildlife photographer of the year stripped of his award”

…after judges found he was likely to have hired a tame Iberian wolf to stage the image of a species seen rarely in the wild.

Wow, they’re not kidding with this.

But did anybody really believe that photo could have been made in the wild, by a guy just stalking wolves? I had always assumed it was staged.

Au lycēe, j’ai eu une annēe oū je m’ētais mis en tēte d’ēcrire des deltas ā la places des ‘d’ ; this, too, shall pass.

“Lost Week - Le point avant la saison 6”

Indispensable, forcēment. Bonne chance aux auteurs de la sērie, il est juste impossible que la fin soit vraiment rēussie et intēressante.


At the Apple store waiting for a snotty Genius Bar guy. Thinking about how a “crowbar” has nothing to do with crows either.

Tiens, je me suis fait virer des followers d’un pēdētwitteur au compte protēgē.

I had completely forgotten that I’d watched more than half of In Treatment’s season 2. Not a good sign.

27 January

J’idéalise mes souvenirs, ou Amazon livrait plus vite l’année dernière ?

Finally broke down and bought Tweetie 2 for iPhone because all other clients lag like hell when you launch them just to post a quick tweet.

“Bleeding Heart Candy Bleeds, Is Anatomically Correct”

I’ve always wanted to invent candy that bleeds and other mixed textures — I feel that technological progress should bring much more originality in the candy department.

It’s 4:45am and instead of feeling sleepy I have a sudden hiccups relapse. Just can’t wait for the human race to evolve beyond meatbag.

I’m going to sleep for the last time in a world without an Apple tablet. Or something. Whatever, I’m not gonna sleep anyway, damn hiccups.

Je viens de recevoir 75€ d’AdWords uniquement pour un nouvel inscrit (…ā l’adresse oū je suis dējā inscrit). Ca intēresse quelqu’un ?

Tonight: “I’ve spent the last ten years pulling Apple back up so I could drop it back down and get my revenge. I’m retiring, screw you all.”

— That said, I loved your new year’s card, I showed it all around me.

— In fact, I’m realizing that it isn’t so much that people didn’t read it entirely, but nobody answers their e-mail now if they don’t imperatively have to; it used to be just me, but it looks like everybody’s been catching up.
And that’s why we need a “like” button on every single communication medium under the sun.

♫ We wish you a merry keynote, we wish you a merry keynote… ♫

Okay, it’s been an hour now, maybe it’s time to finish us off with a ludicrous list price, and call it a day.



I think I want one.

Now that I’m thinking I might buy an iPad someday, does that mean I should plan to buy a 15-inch MBP instead of a more carryable 13in MB?

28 January

“The iPad’s five best surprises”

Let’s put that in perspective: it’s the same price as a 32GB iPod touch just two years ago, and only $200 more than the current 32GB touch, despite having a much larger screen, more powerful hardware, and more features. But perhaps the more telling comparison is that Amazon’s similarly-size Kindle DX, with its non-color, non-touch-sensitive screen and much more limited functionality, is priced at $489.

So it’s the iPad, then

Well, that was… something. I just about went through all phases of grief during that one-hour keynote, starting when Steve Jobs announced that name and when, a minute later, the first official screenshot of the iPad’s home screen appeared on the web. Omigod, it’s just a giant iPod touch.

Or is it?

The thing is, Steve Jobs pulled the wool over our eyes from the start, when he said again that netbooks are crap, and it only became evident at the very end, when he announced the list price: the iPad is Apple’s netbook.

That’s what it is and nothing else.

And it’s offered at an okay price for a product you’d define as “Apple’s netbook” — the upper limit of what could be an okay price, but that in itself was to be expected.

It’s not at all what I hoped for, but it’s not just a giant iPod, either — and it’s also noticeably cheaper than I expected. The special version of iWork (I so didn’t see that coming) and the starting price point are what define it as a netbook; as such, it’s not something anyone absolutely needs, but it’s something many people will want, and I’m thinking that a large enough number of those people will buy it. (Of course, unlike netbook makers, Apple will actually make a profit on those sales.)

And if you take the optional 3G plan, that makes it that much more of a bargain. Unlocked device (heh, fool Steve Jobs once…), no contract, very competitive prices? Here’s hoping Apple manages to negotiate equivalent offers in the rest of the world — but if they managed to get AT&T on board, how hard can it be? (It’s kind of a bargain for a carrier to support both iPhone and iPad anyway, as there’s bound to be customer overlap and customers will end up paying twice for the same unlimited data.)

Now, the ball is in Microsoft’s camp, to release the Courier or not. But I’m very afraid Redmond doesn’t have the guts. (Just as afraid as hopeful, really. I need to sell apps on the iPad, so I need to buy an iPad, so that makes the cheap part of me not so eager for Microsoft to offer a decent competitor.)


A few additional thoughts, as usual:

[continue reading]

Je vais devoir faire une autre version sēparēe de @nopicnodial ?! La version web utilise trop le :hover.

So, yeah, that’s why you can’t arrange icons manually on the iPhone: because they rearrange themselves in landscape on the iPad.

Schiller’s demo of iWork on the iPad is close to a killer app — by itself and as a taste of what the best devs will bring to the App Store.

“Apple iPad accessories announced and priced”

Some of the new accessories include a $29 VGA to Dock Connector Adapter, a similarly priced Camera Accessory Kit that has a USB adapter and a SD memory card slot, alongside the $69 Keyboard Dock.

There’s only one dock connector on the device, I don’t think there’s a hub of connectors on the dock itself, and the VGA cable seems to have only one in and one out; do you really have to choose between charging your iPad and using an external screen?

Yay for the power of proprietary dock connectors over USB.

“On iPad’s Lack of Flash”

So Jobs’s demo of the NYT’s web site showed the “missing Flash” icon in several spots. If you think Apple didn’t expect that, you’re nuts. Apple is not embarrassed by iPhone OS’s lack of Flash.

My initial reaction, watching the video after I read the transcript, was that Jobs was going “Oops! Damn, I can’t press ‘Back’ right away, gotta keep it cool.” But when you think about it, it does seem like he lingers happily on that lego block when he could easily scroll down a few inches. A little teasing.

“Daring Fireball: Various and Assorted Thoughts and Observations Regarding the Just-Announced iPad”

Used to be that to drive a car, you, the driver, needed to operate a clutch pedal and gear shifter and manually change gears for the transmission as you accelerated and decelerated. Then came the automatic transmission. With an automatic, the transmission is entirely abstracted away. The clutch is gone. To go faster, you just press harder on the gas pedal.

That’s where Apple is taking computing.

That’s a very interesting analogy.


And this is a good point, too:

Also interesting is iPad Safari. Even though the screen offers the same pixel count as what was once the standard size for a laptop display, iPad Safari renders pages like iPhone Safari. The web surfing experience is all about zooming and panning.

29 January

Red Dead Redemption

Maybe I’m just in a weirdly good mood today, but I’m suddenly finding qualities to that game. The visuals are nice, the animations look really good (robotic horses are a pet peeve of mine, e.g. Assassin’s Creed 2), and it could happen that the game might be interesting.

“The iPad Is For Everyone But Us”

This is the iPad’s intended audience. People who have a PC and use 10% of its features and software 90% of the time. People like my Mom & Dad who browse the web, read news, send email and watch videos. People like my cousin Jenny who chats with friends, uses Facebook and uploads photos. Regular folks. Consumers.

And when you look at the kind of trouble regular folks get in when they use computers, you do have to wonder if the black-box system and controlled App Store aren’t actually the best thing they could have.

Why haven’t they ported Rez on the iPhone?

Heavy Rain Mall Gameplay

I can’t believe it manages to be that much worse than even I expected. The faces, the animations, the acting, the writing, the gameplay — every single thing in that video is simply awful (except, I guess, the 3D rendering).

30 January

31 January

“The iPad And Chrome OS Netbooks Are On A Collision Course”

Let’s say Android has a banner year. How does that help sell Chrome OS netbooks, which are neither conceptually nor technically compatible with Android?

That doesn’t mean Android and Chrome OS can’t both succeed. But they exemplify how Google seems like a federated company.

“Flash’s Decline on Lifehacker”

32% of visitors to John Gruber’s Mac blog Daring Fireball, which has a large percentage of visitors from the Flashless-by-default iPhone/iPod touch, did not have Flash enabled. Andy Baio says 16% of Waxy.org visitors don’t have Flash enabled, up from 4% a year ago. This site wasn’t around a year ago, but about 16% of Smarterware visitors don’t have Flash enabled either.

Notational Velocity gets Simplenote support

That is, it synchronizes with a cloud database that’s supported by more and more iPhone and Mac apps. And NV’s developer is geek enough that he thought the sync process over quite thoroughly, as explained in this post.

Great news, since I just started using Simplenote earlier this week to communicate notes and thoughts from my iPhone to my Mac (it’s simpler and cleaner than emailing yourself).

The masseffect.com / bioware.com site is a horrible mess. And access is compulsory if you want to unlock your pre-order bonus.


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