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1 September 2010

You’re kidding. There are people who actually believe the new Nano will run iOS and the App Store? Why do I subscribe to these sites?

You know, as an iOS developer and Apple fanboy, I’d much rather they focused on advertising the iPad some more rather than a new Apple TV.

So, yeah, I really don’t like the new Google Images. Endemic bad UX design was bearable when, at least, Google’s guiding principle was Keep It Simple.

I should do something else than stare at www.apple.com for the next 105 minutes.

I’m hard-wired for waiting. I mean, “contemplating.”

J’ai changé de carte bleue entre temps, alors CDiscount annule complètement ma commande après une semaine d’attente. Grrr.

I like how he glosses over the 3rd-gen Nano without a comment.


The end of a tactile era. I’m trying to decide how many refurbished iPod nano (previous generation) to buy.

Apple Keynote – September 1st, 2010

I’m glad that streaming the keynote turned out not to be part of a huge PR plan, and mostly just a nod to the fans. (It’s not like they thought streaming the keynote only to Apple devices was gonna convince PC-using iPhone owners to buy a Mac. That’s a job for the Windows version of iTunes.) I hope they didn’t see it as a full-scale test of their video streaming architecture, because by the second half-hour it started blinking and skipping on me — but I guess there are vastly different constraints when it comes to streaming live video.

Although, considering how trigger-happy QuickTime is when it comes to beginning to play a video while it’s loading, even though it hasn’t buffered enough to last for more than ten seconds, I wouldn’t want to be watching rented videos on an Apple TV. But I digress.



The first thing I typed into my Twitter client was “Today Apple killed photography.” (I am among those who despise HDR when it’s used poorly, and find that it’s almost always used poorly.) Then Steve showed examples and I stayed my hand. It is possible to make good photography using HDR, if you don’t abuse the filtering, and it looks like iOS 4.1 may be erring on the conservative side here. You can be sure I’ll do some extensive testing when I get the update on my iPhone.

Game Center is nothing we didn’t expect, but the same can’t be said of that Epic Games demo. Better place the Playstation team on suicide watch tonight, because those visuals were stunning. (But damn those stupid virtual-stick controls.) Sure, if you play this game on your iPhone, I expect your battery will be empty in an hour and you’ll be stranded in the middle of nowhere with no means of communication — but this is all about the iPod touch as a game platform.

As for iOS 4.2 for iPad, I’m guessing it will be the first time I can’t resist installing a beta OS on one of my devices — can’t wait for multitasking until November. I was afraid for a while that Apple intended to keep the segregation going between iPhone and iPad, to maintain separate version numbers for each (which would have been insanely dumb), but it sounds like 4.2 will also bring new functionality to the iPhone (starting with AirPlay), so I figure it should exist for iPhone.

I kinda hoped there would be more enhancements, or tweaks, to the multitasking dock and home screen folders, though, to make better use of the iPad’s form factor. Oh well.


iPod shuffle

It’s always nice when Apple can admit that it made a mistake. Well, not exactly “admit” nor “mistake,” but they can just come back and fix it. So… yeah, buttons.


iPod nano

That form factor just looks insanely inconvenient to me. Holding this tiny thing between your fingers while fiddling with the on-screen controls… I’m sad that Steve actually made a joke about wearing it as a wristwatch, because that’s in fact the only way it would be convenient to use. I think it’s an actual missed opportunity.

Instead, we get the rotating-screen gimmick, which is cute, but dictates a square form factor that’s not gonna help watching videos. Oh, wait, this thing doesn’t play videos at all anymore — you’re just expected to buy an iPod touch instead.

I never thought it made much sense to watch videos on a Nano, but it still a little weird to go from the 2009 model that can play and shoot videos to the 2010 version that does neither. (And I always thought there was a market for the Nano as a camcorder. But maybe I’m wrong and real-world users didn’t actually use it.)


iPod touch

Nothing unexpected here, I’m just curious to hold one; the previous Touch was already impressively thin, and the thinner those devices the more they feel like magical artefacts — Harry Potter playing cards (especially with the Retina display).


iPod classic

Well, it’s still on the site even though it didn’t get the faintest mention in the keynote. I find more significant, however, that it doesn’t appear in the iPod comparator page either. It’s clear that Apple only reluctantly keeps it in the store until it becomes pratical to offer a 128GB iPod touch. (Which I assume should be next September.)

I’m sincerely curious as to what would be the reason not to just make a separate iPod touch line with 160GB and 250GB drives. Or did they do too much SSD-optimization on iOS for that to work?


iTunes 10

Oh god, like, whatever.

Just who approved those window control widgets?

And you better hope that Facebook already infringes on some Apple patents, or there’s a lawsuit coming. Never mind that I don’t think Facebook should have been able to patent the news feed concept; the Ping pages might as well have been ripped straight from an Apple engineer’s Facebook account, CSS and all.


Apple TV

I actually burst out laughing when Steve showed the photo comparing the older and new model’s sizes. Most of the changes — including the price — had leaked in the last few weeks, so there wasn’t much to be surprised about, yet nobody thought it would be that small. The drastic simplification of the device is a great idea, and at this price it’s getting hard to argue against buying it (if you have a living room TV, which I don’t). The interface is terribly bland, though; I’d even take the very first Apple TV’s navigation over this.

If it weren’t for Netflix (not that it applies to us in Europe), the rental prices would be a joke. Prices so low you can afford to rent the same video several times and it’ll still be cheaper than buying it, the guy said. Well, at $0.99 the TV show episode, you’ve got to be some serious OCD bean counter to agree.

As for AirPlay, is it anything other than a license to add a “Buy an Apple TV” button on all iPods and iPhones?

Epic Citadel is a Universal app. A bit of aliasing on iPad; stunning on iPhone 4; controls show care and thought. Quite impressive.

Rage-unsubscribing from Buzz Out Loud, once more. (This time because they’ve forgotten they’re an audio podcast, once more.)

You cannot make a podcast that works both as audio and video. It’s going to suck in one of the formats — and usually in the other as well.

“How Apple Quietly Killed $149 Video iPods… And More”

According to Apple’s pages, the three-button remotes that were previously integrated into the headphones packaged with the iPod shuffle and iPod touch are now gone; all of the iPods are shown as coming with the same plain old earbuds, which would mean that the iPod touch now needs to rely on its rear-mounted microphone for audio input unless there’s something else hidden inside, or attached as an accessory. Apple’s base model Earphones with Remote + Mic sells for $29 as an upgrade.

Wow, that sucks. It isn’t absurd to make you buy a new set of earphones if you want to use your iPod touch for Skype (although, well, it’s a little absurd in that Apple wants you to use FaceTime), but it’s particularly annoying for the Nano.

In my writeup of the keynote, I was going to say that the new Shuffle had become the only iPod you can conveniently use without looking — whether in your pocket, or while doing something else. Then I edited the words out when I figured that the Nano would have a remote on the earphone cord. Without it, the touch-screen iPods offer terrible UI for real-world usage.

(And I can’t check right now because apple.com is hammered by people who desperately want to play with the new iTunes.)

2 September

Wait, the Apple TV remote on iPhone… is that yet another separate app, or does it indicate that the Remote app is getting an update? (P.S. Apparently it is the same app. Finally.)

Of course now I want to learn to develop with the Unreal Engine. (And 3D modeling and texturing and animating and…)

If we make a huge collective fuss about iTunes 10 still not being available, is there a chance Steve would fire the whole team? Please?

I’ve just been rather unreasonable on Amazon.fr. More about that tomorrow if they stick to the promised delivery schedule.

Busy day: iTunes 10, Twitter for iPad, and user streams on Echofon Mac (that should be fun!).

The interface of Twitter for iPad is really interesting. At first glance, I like, but will have to see over time.

(But why the two-line compose window when you have all of an iPad’s screen at your disposal?)

Unless I’m missing something, you can’t give out your iTunes Ping ID, only be searched by name (unless you connect to Facebook). Mhh.

Not that I have any idea where I can connect Ping to Facebook; the welcome email just says it’s possible.

It’s pretty neat that they can add Ping to my iPhone without updating any software. (But not on the iPad; must be an iOS 4 thing.)

Judging from the message boards, it looks like Facebook Connect was available on Ping when it launched, and has been removed. Um, okay.

When you open a separate window in iTunes it gets a title bar and the window widgets end up 20 pixels lower. Good job, guys.

So, iTunes 10… What’s the keyboard shortcut I have to fucking invent to stop playing a video and close it at the same time? Damn idiots.

3 September

“Exclusive: Facebook Blocked API Access to Ping After Failure to Strike Agreement, So Apple Removed Feature After Launch”

Normally, this API access is open and does not require permission. That is, unless some entity wants to access it a lot. In that case, Facebook requires an agreement for reasons primarily centered on protection of Facebook user data and, of course, infrastructure impact.

It’s hard to blame Facebook here. When Apple brags about having 160 million users, with credit card number on file, and decides to sic all of them (and simultaneously) on a Facebook app that will harvest the social network which Facebook took pains to cultivate for years (and for no other purpose than the harvesting itself — unlike, say, Zynga games which bring a lot of page views back to Facebook), you can’t quite fault Facebook for wanting to get some kind of compensation. Apple isn’t building something on top of the Facebook platform here, they’re trying to piggyback and supplant it.

It’s also easy to imagine Steve Jobs deciding — at the last moment, after long, failed negotiations — that Apple is big enough not to need Facebook at all, that it can just as well construct its social graph from scratch. Because that’s how much Steve Jobs and Apple know about social networking: not very.

If Apple is serious about Ping — and they should be, since music recommendations with inline preview have the potential to push a good deal of product — I wager that they’re the ones who will have to give in. Sure, people are signing up for Ping, but if my “entourage”’s experience is any indication, they’re not making a lot of friendship connections and, on Ping more than anywhere, the social graph is where the money’s at.


(I’m assuming that the provision regarding a compensation for extensive use of the API does exist in Facebook’s terms of use, but I see no reason to doubt it — and I’m too lazy to check — because it just makes sense.)

Pas envie de me prendre la tête avec le service clients de Cdiscount (s’il existe) pour 40€, mais rappelez-moi de ne jamais retenter.

I’m down to 12GB free on my iMac. What the hell happened?

Twitter on iPad has the same problem as on iPhone: it all breaks down if you tap on any menu item before the main timeline is done loading.

I think I’m gonna stick with Echofon for iPad just for the last-read-tweet line. I just don’t accept having to scroll up for new tweets.

4 September

Saw a big Kindle screenshot and realized that the weak anti-aliasing makes type looks old-school Windows-y. And no way could I read that.

Une guêpe ? A une heure et demie du matin ?

“Want To Use Gmail Priority Inbox With IMAP? Tough Luck”

Don’t tell me that ‘important’ messages actually disappear from the IMAP inbox?

I hate that fanless external drives and unpowered USB hubs are the norm because those stupid humans can’t be bothered.

Going back from Twitter to Echofon on the iPad, I feel like I’ve traveled back in time half a dozen years.

Oh, fuck me. The packages for my new Ubuntu server are stuck on a buggy version of PHP that can’t connect to MySQL with SSL.

I’m guessing it’s a Safari bug rather than Google’s fault, but still annoying and I blame Google: the History menu is full of unhelpful “www.google.com/url” entries.

My blogs have moved to the new server; glitches to be expected while the DNS propagates. (Do let me know if they persist in a few hours.)

Spring cleaning my Transmit favorites feels good. Many bad memories in there.

5 September

Oh, right, that thing is also a Blu-ray player, I should buy at least one disc to see what it looks like.

The Romans wore socks with their sandals (via Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me). Well, shouldn’t have expected class — their soldiers also wore fake pecs and abs.

6 September

I had quit Buffy Season Eight when it could be said that it had moments, but it really turns into all-out bullshit, doesn’t it?

Unless I’ve broken something on the site, CPU load on new server is 1% when it would be 150% on the old. Think maybe I could’ve upgraded sooner?

Oopsie, I forgot to restore the symbolic links. That’ll teach me to use scp instead of rsync when I move the site over.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo — I didn’t need to see that.

7 September

Whaaaaa? A tweet just appeared, then promptly disappeared, in my timeline. User streams in Echofon are decidedly fun.

The 10-hour iTunes syncs are just a ploy to remind you how much you need your iPad. See how you care now that it’s unavailable?

I hooked up my iPad because I wanted to put a .cbz in it; one Mad Men later I’m giving up and browsing the pages with Quick Look. Ngh.

Dear Santa: I’d really like not to wake up at 11am again tomorrow, and I’m willing to count that as my September 7th present, okay?

Ah, shit, of course — iTunes is backing up all the comics that ARCreader imported to an internal format instead of leaving the files alone.

Since yesterday, my PHP files keep reverting spontaneously to a previous version. On the server as well as on my computer. Goddamn gremlins!

8 September

I hate the moment when I have to delete everything from my old server before releasing it in the wild. What if I forget something?

9 September

Am I missing something or does Game Center really not let you search for all of your friends at once? Can Apple be quite that clueless?

We! Want! Our iOS 4.2 beta! We! Want! Our iOS 4.2 beta!

I don’t know why it never occurred to me that Transmit would work just fine with several DockSend favorites configured for the same folder.

10 September

HDR Video

Civilization is doomed. (Thankfully the hardware requirements are far from trivial… for now.)

“Log in vs. Sign in” (via @azaaza)

Hrm. But I’ve long felt that having “sign in” and “sign up” as the two main choices on your home page makes for poor usability.


I hope the VLC iPad interface is as great as their Mac interfa—There was an error 0x02C8 playing this tweet. Ignore future errors?

I’ve expended all my energy reprogramming my blog to use jQuery Masonry, got nothing left in me for Photoshop. Oh well, simple is good too.

11 September

There has to be a way and I’ve never found it: how do you determine the size of a pattern you’ve loaded in Photoshop?

12 September

New design has been online for two hours and I’m not sick of it yet. That hadn’t been the case in quite a while.

I can never get a preg_match to work on the first try. Or in the first hour of trying.

Finally updated my jQuery lightbox to work on iOS browsers. (Has anyone ever figured why they chose to ignore position: fixed?)

Would it kill Apple to provide the iPhone PSDs so it didn’t take us, the millions of iOS developers, a week to make pretty product shots?

13 September

On se sent tout de suite mieux avec un petit coup de chauffage.

It’s beginning to look like my iMac is planning to commit suicide, in anticipation of the upcoming delivery. Damn sibling rivalry.

Is it normal or weird that the one line that stuck with me is “That’s what the money is for”?

Changing my blog so archived tweets would send to twitter.com instead of having individual pages: good or bad idea? (Re: branding & SEO.)

Oh, crap. Sokusei for iPad is suddenly forming in my head.

Video of the new Xbox 360 dashboard

Losing the 3D animations that hurt my head, but overcompensating with simplicity.

True Blood 3.12 — Half of that was rather boring, the other half was pretty cool. (Take your picks. Pretty obvious where the sink goes.)

14 September

Looks like Interarchy could do what I need and more, but I’m a-hating the interface. (Not sure I’ve found the DropSend equivalent yet.)

You know, the ‘A’ in “ADSL” is really killing the very idea of backups in the cloud. (Nine hours remaining to upload this DMG to Amazon S3.)

UPS guy shows a spectacular sense of timing. 5 min earlier someone else could have opened; 5 min later I wouldn’t have been eating.

The refurbished MacBook’s packaging: “Yeah, well, if you’re gonna be cheap, we’re gonna be cheap too. No pretty box for you.”

Yay, I got a trackpad! (But damn I’d forgotten how small that screen is. And it’s odd how the keyboard is more springy than the desktop.)

15 September

Mass Effect 2 Lair of the Shadow Broker — French voice acting is particularly atrocious in this DLC. And I must’ve made all the wrong choices throughout the game.


Outside of a dog, a Kindle is a reader’s best friend. Inside a dog, you can’t use a Kindle because there’s no backlight.

Suddenly I can’t believe that no major player has thought to live-tweet their keynote announcements before.

There needs to be a standardized UI for in-app browsers on the iPad. Always hunting for the buttons when using one app after another.

Yeah, there’s a reason Apple does its keynotes in the morning. Wouldn’t have expected Twitter to be so much more U.S.-centric than Apple.

“Meet the new Twitter.com”

Waiting to test the site, but surprised they decided not to actually host the media files.

Of course the Migration Assistant would crap out in the middle of the night, after a dozen hours of waiting.

“The Best Subtle Things About New Twitter”

The half-hidden textarea with no submit button is bad UI for new users; the rest is slick.

Is it me, or is the system to use Grindr on several devices completely stupid? Why on earth wouldn’t they want my e-mail address anyway?

As much as I love two-finger scrolling on the MacBook, it’s really annoying not to have iOS’s directional lock.

Ahhh, iOS 4.2 beta for iPad! I’m giving it 24 hours for people to find out if it’s usable, then I’m upgrading unless it’s destructively not.

Daring Fireball on the iPad and Kindle

A world where Kindle hardware sales pale in comparison to the iPad but where there’s a very popular Kindle app for iPad that competes against iBooks is not a bad situation for Amazon. Apple is only selling e-books for use on their own devices; Amazon is willing to sell e-books anywhere they can.

That ought to be updated with “should be” — yes, it would be the smartest strategy for Amazon to focus on selling their e-books on whatever platform can read them, but I don’t think that strategy should include a comparative TV ad that goes head-on against the iPad. This move just makes no sense to me.

I’m guessing they’re afraid that iPad users might stick with iBooks and not bother to download the Kindle app… but the correct answer to that is definitely not to antagonize the iOS fanboys.

(Disclaimer: I’ve only watched the ad with the sound off, so for all I know they say the iPad is awesome and the Kindle is just complementary. But somehow I doubt it. Even though that’s exactly what they should say.)

“iOS 4.2 on iPad”

Brightness widget is a great surprise, but I don’t think I like losing the hardware orientation lock.

Got a big scare when “Restart in OS X” failed and sent me back to Windows. But I only needed to insist a little.

“iOS 4.2 Will Transform Your iPad’s Screen Lock Switch Into A Mute Switch”

Changing hardware button functions has been argued as of recent, and denied to developers like TapTapTap, due to the fact that it’s not “what users expect” and could be confusing. TapTapTap and other camera app creators tried to use the volume buttons as options to activate the camera shutter to improve convenience but were ultimately deflected by Apple’s review team.

16 September

Diaspora developer release & screenshots

I don’t like the word “aspects” (who would?) but, if they’re implemented the way I think, it seems to be a good balance of functionality and ease of use. It looks like each contact can only be part of one aspect (one group), though, and I’m not sure if that’s too limiting, or just the right amount of personalization for regular users.

Not that any of this matters, because the only thing that could make them successful would be to have Farmville, and I don’t expect that they will.

Oh, I just figured why I never thought to use that name before. I always believed she was called Sterling — and that didn’t sound as good.

“Finding the Best Way to Read Books on an iPad”

My verdict is that none of the three apps I focused on—which mimic and often interact with dedicated e-readers like the Kindle device—towers over the others. Each has its good and bad points, and I personally switch among them.

Same here: I’ve downloaded (free, crappy) books in all of them, and uploaded ePubs to all those that accepted them, and there isn’t one app much better (or much worse) than the others. Which is pretty annoying, because you just instinctively wanna be able to choose a side. And to know where to get / put your damn books.

(I’ve spent most of my time in Stanza, and it’s something of a glaring omission that Mossberg didn’t test it. But I had forgotten about iBooks’s text-to-speech ability and need to give it a try.)


P.S. Since there’s no real winner or loser among those apps, maybe the decision of where to buy your books should ultimately be hardware — if I were to buy e-books, I’d probably get them on Kindle in anticipation of possibly buying the corresponding device at some point.

Seems like nobody’s found evidence of Retina display support in iOS 4.2 for iPad, but has anyone actually searched?

Must admit I’m not wholly comfortable with iTunes being stuck on “Restoring iPad from backup… Estimating time remaining…” forever.

And here’s hoping that developers of iPad-only apps don’t wait until November to update for multitasking.

Maybe it’d be time for Twitter to have an actual algorithm to detect at-spammers? I mean, if you wanna be a serious info network and stuff…

All hail the mighty home screen folders on my iPad! (And I don’t even dislike the design so much in real life.)

17 September

Ah, finally a Flipboard update? Unimpressive — I still get duplicates, but at least I can move Twitter and Facebook to the second screen.

Gran Turismo 5 Visual Effects Trailer

Oh, wow. Can’t wait. (To finally, completely justify my PS3 purchase.)

“Boil Buoy lets you know when your water has boiled”

I want it just because it’s cute. Well, not literally cute, but fun. Or something. Maybe just nerdy.

I’m feeling dirty for picking up the 10-cent coin that somebody forgot at the supermarket checkout.

Civilization V Walkthrough

That walkthrough is really well done, and makes me want to try and play it. Which is quite an achievement for a strategy game. (And, damn, I just got a computer that is actually capable of playing it.)

Donc quand c’est pas Orange qui throttle les connexions à mon serveur, c’est les serveurs DNS de SFR qui me boycottent.

18 September

You know what, I only realized right now that the Home button’s rounded square is meant to represent the shape of an app’s icon.

21 September

Looks like VLC for iPad doesn’t work with iOS 4.2. Damnit, it’d have been convenient. (Though I’m worried of draining the battery / frying the CPU.)

“Facebook Has Quietly Implemented A De-Facto Follow Feature”

A few days ago, Facebook made what seemed to be a small tweak to its Friend Requests area. As first noted by Inside Facebook, the social network changed the way friend rejections work. Previously, you could either Confirm or Ignore (deny) a request. Now, Ignore has been replaced by “Not Now”. This new option takes some of the pressure of you having to reject people as it instead moves them into a state of limbo, where they’re neither accepted nor rejected. But it actually does a lot more as well.

You see, when someone requests to be your friend on Facebook, this automatically subscribes them to all of your public (“Everyone”) posts in their News Feed. […] Facebook has to know that most people are probably going to hit this Not Now button once and forget about it. And that’s exactly why this change creates a de-facto follow feature.

I couldn’t figure out what the point of the “Not Now” was; now it makes sense. Facebook remains dead set on its passive-aggressive suicide strategy, and on never ever offering the functionality that its users actually expect.

“Bill would give Justice Department power to shutter piracy sites worldwide”

In other words — as I understand it — the U.S. government wants to finally take full advantage of the fact that domain name registration is fundamentally based in the U.S., and be able to knock any site they want off the internet. (Like people have always been afraid they would.)

Shouldn’t this be getting more attention?

Damn, they haven’t killed Marshall off yet.

Bioshock: Infinite Gameplay Video

I’d probably call this an in-engine scripted demo rather than actual gameplay, but the point is that it shows the universe, characters, and weapons, and it looks fucking amazing. And if you’re gonna buy the game you should probably not watch this video, nor read any coverage of the game, to get as little of the discovery spoiled for yourself as possible.

Oh, the iPad app I made to add screenshots to my blog posts can’t capture embedded videos. But that was half the point!

I’m hating Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (bad camera, terrible mechanics) and everyone says the second is better; better enough for me to like it?

22 September

I wouldn’t mind the zombies so much if the shooting mechanic was better — but I still would mind. Not every single fucking game needs Zack.

“Every video game franchise will eventually devolve into featuring zombie nazis from outer space. When that happens, the franchise is lost.”

Encouraging Constructive User Feedback

People treat feedback forms like they’re a black hole; they don’t really expect a human to read or respond to their problems, so they just vent. Learn to ignore those negative sentiments if nothing else.

The black hole mentality isn’t surprising, though. Companies of all sizes—even sole proprietors—spend a lot of time saying «we» and hiding behind the face of the company, dehumanizing themselves. I’ve been guilty of it too, but earlier this year I tried an experiment at Black Pixel and made our support page say very explicitly that support mail goes to my personal inbox. It puts my name and my face right on the page. I can definitely say the tone of the incoming mail has changed for the better.

That sounds like a great idea, but I just can’t imagine doing it — for no rational reason whatsoever. It would just feel wrong, no matter how right I absolutely know it would be.

I’m so bored I wish I had eaten less at noon so that I could justify opening the jumbo bag of Maltesers right away.

Mais je t’emmerde, Windows 7, je suis en train de charger une dėmo de jeu, et non je ne veux pas rebooter dans 14 minutes pour une update.

I guess I’m thankful Civilization V has no Mac version. Booting in Windows is too stressful for me to buy a PC game.

Oh, looks like iOS 4.2 on iPad doesn’t preselect the most common accented variant anymore when you tap-hold a vowel. Bummer.

iOS developers: Since spatial memory can’t help the users in the multitasking dock, please make your icons as unique as possible.

Don’t people find the limited action turns in Frontierville too limiting and frustrating? (Now that I have a computer that can run it…)

23 September

Glee 2.01 — Not enjoying the script, or music, any more than the latter half of S1, and not instantly in love with Absurd Pornstarname.

The Event 1.01 — Oh god, enough already with the planes in series premieres. Also, it’s fairly evident this show is shit; no need for more.

Nikita 1.01 — Not bad. But I don’t see it getting an audience: it’s lacking humor, sex, and fangs. Oh, and Jeanne Moreau.

Oh, I think I have to buy “Writer.” for iPad just because of the “|word” and “word|” buttons (emulating Cmd-arrows). Obvious/genius.

“Radiolab: Words that Change the World”

Susan Schaller believes that the best idea she ever had in her life had to do with an isolated young man she met one day at a community college. He was 27-years-old at the time, and though he had been born deaf, no one had ever taught him to sign. He had lived his entire life without language—until Susan found a way to reach out to him.

Imagine discovering at twenty-seven that the concept of words exists, that things have names.

I have nothing intelligent to say about the FB phone because Facebook’s so untrustworthy I just want it to fail outright, and I know it won’t.

“This Official Samsung Galaxy Tab Video Demo Is A Nine Minute, Must-Watch Snooze Fest”

That’s really, really nice. The form factor is gonna be advantageous for many uses, and the device will clearly benefit from being subsidized by carriers.

I still don’t expect (or want) Apple to release a smaller version of the iPad (because the strength of iOS devices is in the App Store, and segmenting the hardware platform would be highly detrimental to the quality of third-party apps), but if there’s one lesson they’re gonna have to take from the burgeoning competition, it is to swallow their pride and get a subsidy deal with AT&T. They were already screwed out of the unlimited data plan anyway; might as well bite the bullet for the sake of being competitive.

Back to the form factor: Samsung is designing its product line in a very different way than Apple sees it (which, mind you, is the only viable way to compete against that juggernaut). It makes sense to own an iPhone and an iPad, and that doesn’t preclude getting a notebook on top of that, for more serious work. On the other hand, it would be absurd to have both the Galaxy Tab and a smartphone; this is clearly designed to complement a cheap featurephone (or no phone at all), with a laptop on the side. And that’s not a bad plan at all.

Modern Family 2.01 — I’d forgotten how perfectly the actors delivered their lines in that show.

24 September


FaceBook founder Mark Zuckerberg is 26 years old and worth $5 billion. I like to keep facts like that around to spontaneously feel shitty.

Between We Rule, We City, and Frontierville, I don’t have any time left to do actual work. Oh well, it’s not my fault then, can’t be blamed.

$#*! My Dad Says 1.01 — Well, Shatner isn’t the worst aspect of this show, by far. Actually, the worst isn’t even the writing, it’s the son.

25 September

A bit disappointed by the Enslaved demo: movement feels somewhat awkward, animations don’t chain well, and the camera’s got a mind of its own.

I’ve decided to assume that the 7-inch iPad rumors are spread by competitors to paralyze Apple’s sales and manufacture customer discontent.

I gave in and bought Little Snitch, mostly because of one app — and it turns out that app’s managed to circumvent Little Snitch for years, and everybody knows it.

I think I’m giving up on Frontierville because the “ask your friends for items required to finish building anything” mechanic is too much.


HyperDock adds long awaited features to your Dock: Select single application windows just by moving the mouse on a dock item, use mouse clicks to quickly open new windows and many more.

The first public beta Version of HyperDock has just been released for free (the final version will probably cost a small fee).

Very, very well done, and it will quite certainly be worth the cost when it isn’t free anymore.


Doing my own series of Dan Savage style help videos for young gays, this time covering their 30s, called “It Gets Bitter”

Outsourced 1.01 — Twenty-year-stale “humor” worked well for Two and a Half Men, so I guess this has success written all over it.

If I intended to watch all the premieres, I’d keep a tally of how many of the new sitcoms hired a poor man’s John Krasinski for the lead.

(Never mind that The Office hasn’t been relevant for at least two years.)

Halp! My iTunes keeps starting and pausing randomly, it’s gonna drive me insane.

Outsourced does a pretty impressive job, though, of catering to a racist audience without quite being demonstrably racist itself.

26 September

My Generation 1.01 — That’s a fantastic concept (long overdue), and this pilot is as good as it could be. Can’t wait to see where they go from here.

C’mon, Apple, I shouldn’t have to install some third-party hack just to enable Spaces-switching via trackpad gestures.


Customize your Mac’s trackpad gestures, and reverse two-finger scrolling. Seems to work so far.

I think I’ve figured out how to do cross-processing in Snap Filters. Now I just don’t know where to put the buttons and sliders.

Twilight: Eclipse — More watchable than the second, more boring (and silly) than the first. I liked the new vampire, rather Rhys-Meyersy.

Damnit, how do you design an icon to represent cross-processing color controls.

I could excuse Tuesday’s regexp regression, but today’s worm definitively proves that Twitter is as incompetent as Facebook is duplicitous. (See here for a quick explanation of how appalling that vulnerability was.)

27 September


I eyeball-align three layers. I select them and click “Align”. They don’t move. Yeah, that’s the stuff.

The Latest in Punctuation

Should be able to find a unicode for belch, not sure about the godzilla mark (via @marievdm)

Yeah, that weather fits much better.


WD external hard drives: “Wha, huh? What do you want? Your files? Oh man… what time is it, dude? Just let me sleep another 5 minutes, man.”

“Buyer Beware: Slice It II Doesn’t Cut It”

App Store lets you add a ‘2’ at the end of someone else’s app. Nice.

“Owner of Segway Company Dies in Segway Accident”

C’mon, people, stop acting like it isn’t funny, you’re not credible.

“Beware: Chinese iPhone 4 comes with a crippled Maps app”

I soon discovered that the Chinese version of the iPhone 4 comes with an aggravating quirk, though: The built-in Maps app is crippled. My phone’s base map is hard-wired to Google Maps’ censored dataset for China, where the depiction of China’s borders complies with the official propaganda of the Chinese government. It does not, for example, show the region of Arunachal Pradesh as being disputed by China and India. On my phone, it belongs to China, even though the facts on the ground belie it — it is currently administered by India.

That’s creepy on so many levels. How the hell does Google — herald of the freedom of information and all that stuff — justify having a version of the Maps database that displays different information than what Google considers true? Censoring data is one thing, and I would be okay with them redacting parts of the map out, but displaying false information?


P.S. Did I actually write that I would “be okay” with Google blacking out parts of Maps to satisfy the Chinese government? I don’t think I actually meant that.

Would someone please kill the idiot who does Mad Men recaps for Gawker and systematically misunderstands anything that isn’t spelled out? Wrong show for it.

28 September

Now that iPad clones are a semi-credible threat, Apple has to be aware that reliance on the Blob Formerly Known as iTunes is its biggest liability. Right?

“How ‘LEGO Universe’ Avoids The User-Generated Genitals Problem”

The friends list in “LEGO Universe” acts similarly to Wii Friend Codes. In order for players to become friends, they have to communicate outside of the game world, share eachother’s “LEGO Universe” IDs and then send invites to one another. You’re not even notified if you receive an invite, which means the only way you’d be able to accept it is if you communicated with your real-life friend outside of the game and worked everything out.

Emphasis mine. That’s clever. (For the audience they’re targeting.)

It’s one thing to be unapologetic about copying the iPad, but the BB PlayBook’s e-mail and photos apps, seriously? Chinese knockoff, anyone?

The Walking Dead (the comic) — Well written, but I just don’t see the point. Nothing there that I hadn’t seen before, really.

Le courrier-type Hadopi ne précise même pas quels fichiers l’abonné est accusé d’avoir partagé ? Ca fait un peu accusation de sorcellerie.

I’m not gonna complain that iTunes Remote is finally updated for iPad, but why no album grid view for playlists?

Once everyone has Echofon’s iive stream, I’m afraid that intentional tweeting-and-deleting will become a bona fide form of communication.

I’ve gotten a Pogo stylus but I can’t form an opinion of it until I find a drawing iPad app that isn’t laggy. Or is there no such thing?

29 September

Am I gonna bother installing iOS 4.2b2 just to enjoy the new multitasking animation? Measuring my laziness…

You gotta wonder, with all manufacturers agreeing to copy the iPad as closely as they can, why most PC laptops still look the way they do.

Echofon now displays my timeline in random order. So that’s fun.


I’m assuming that we, as a people, can all agree not to see the 3D re-releases of Star Wars.

I’d just give up on Echofon if #newtwitter had a setting to auto-display new tweets when they arrive. Why the hell doesn’t it?

“Lamborghini Sesto Elemento photos come full circle right before Paris debut”

I’m not as instantly charmed as I was by the Reventón (the front is a bit too busy, and overall it’s not much more than a Gallardo with a custom body kit), but… I’d hit it.

I like how Lamborghini’s current style harkens back to the Countach’s angularity.

My mistake, it wasn’t the apps that were laggy when I tested the Pogo stylus; it was 4.2 beta 1. Seems much better with beta 2.

Dexter 5.01 — That was well done, but I really wouldn’t like them to make the whole season about that. Though the alternatives are worse.

30 September


Aucun moyen de cacher les news géolocalisées dans le newsfeed Facebook ? SRSLY ?

Undercovers 1.01 — Yes, J.J., Alias was cool. Once. Twenty years ago, before you ruined it. And, even so, this is so much weaker.


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