Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

1 August 2011

Of course I chose to pack my ten days’ worth of clothes in the bag that doesn’t have wheels. Because I’m a moron.

Can’t believe how heavy my MacBook is when it’s on my back. Can I trade it for an Air right here on the train platform?

I always found the iPod app’s tabs a bit awkward, but now with how the rest of iOS UX has evolved I just don’t know how to use them anymore.

My recovering back pains are unrecovering by the minute. Never knew how to pack lightly.

2 August

Spending the night under the stars sounded like a great idea until I emptied my phone’s battery on the train.

Me retrouver dans un cybercafé. So 2004.

When’s the last time I saw the sun rise? Well, I didn’t really this time either, couldn’t be bothered, was better off in my cybercafé.

Dire que si on me sous-louait un canapé un mois sur deux je pourrais claquer mon fric dans un MacBook Air et pas des honoraires d’agence.

Saisir le mot de passe par défaut d’une LiveBox sur un iPhone / iPad est un tel plaisir.

C’est bien la peine que je paye un service de VPN si j’oublie de cocher la case “Send all traffic over VPN connection”.

Oh, nobody told me that “Arrange by Kind” was actually cool! I just assumed it must be a stupid pre-sort by extension but, amazingly enough, it may look to be useful.

Ouhla, c’est pas au point, la synchro de Wunderlist.

3 August

Dunno who’s the genius who decided to switch taxi lamps from on/off to green/red but… what the hell took him so long?

C’est devenu la merde, le data Orange à Paris, ou c’est juste iOS 5 qui déconne ?


At Atari we hired based on hobbies and not grades in school. We ended up with he best engineering group in the world.

4 August

5 August

Vous qui suivez les news, est-ce que je devrais abandonner mes recherches d’appartement et acheter 50g d’or à la place ?

Y’a quand même plus de monde sur Grindr à Paris que sur NoPic, c’est impressionnant. Il reste du boulot.

6 August

Arghhh oh my god it’s a singing microwave oven! Kill the beeps with fire!

7 August

Sortir sans son iPhone pour être prudent, oublier de verifier l’adresse avant de sortir, et se taper toutes les rue-du-Faubourg à la suite.

P.S. Surpris de voir tant de mecs sortir leur iPhone en boîte. Enfin, ça explique tous les “je me suis fait voler mon iPhone” sur Facebook.

Laisser mon ordinateur allumé toute la nuit pour charger mon iPhone et oublier de rebrancher le câble côté USB.

8 August

J’avais toujours trouvé ça idiot et gadget, AirPlay, mais maintenant que je suis sur un MacBook, sans fil, je trouve ça magique et génial.

9 August

It’s not so much Reeder that’s unresponsive as my MacBook’s ‘J’ key that’s getting hard of hearing. Ah, the joys of laptops.

10 August

Breaking: Rioters are taking the Parvis de Notre-Dame, with guitars! Lock your doors and windows!

I wish iPads were so common already that I could feel safe taking it out in Paris at night like I do my iPhone (i.e., still with caution).

I wouldn’t mind finding a city that doesn’t shut down at 1:30am. Suggestions?

11 August

Ouais, la pâtisserie Starbucks plus l’iPad, le résultat est étonnamment poisseux.

On pourrait éviter les bébés qui rampent par terre dans le Starbucks de la rue des Archives, non ?

Le VPN pour surfer sur les wifi publics, c’était beaucoup mieux conceptuellement quand ça ne me déconnectait pas des wifi publics.

Si quelqu’un voulait acheter mon MacBook blanc, au moins je repartirais heureux avec un nouveau jouet via l’Apple Store.

Et c’est le dernier jour, après la fermeture, que je réalise que je serais bien allé faire du lèche-vitrines à l’Apple Store du Louvre.

C’est du foutage de gueule, les prix des forfaits 3G pour iPad, ou bien ? Ca me fait chier de devoir trouver des accès wifi, mais à ce prix…

12 August

Do everyone’s feet hurt or just mine?


Oh, merde, et il y avait l’Apple Store d’Opéra à voir aussi.

Maybe Apple could release a 4” iPhone that’d display existing apps at their current size and require recompiling apps to use the margins.

iPhone battery half empty after just listening to music on the train for two hours. Better be beta trouble and not aged battery.

OVH se décide à envoyer le premier avertissement d’expiration du serveur… à trois jours et alors que mon client et sa CB sont en Inde.

“Spoilers don’t spoil anything”

Warning: the link above displays a spoiler about Harry Potter 6 because people on the web are looking for nothing if not a license to print spoilers.


This is an amazingly stupid story that’s been on the web the last couple of days, and the reason why it’s stupid is in the first sentence of this paragraph:

The first thing you probably noticed is that people don’t like literary stories. (And that’s a shame, because Updike’s “Plumbing” is a masterpiece of prose: “All around us, we are outlasted….”) But you might also have noticed that almost every single story, regardless of genre, was more pleasurable when prefaced with a spoiler.

Yeah. The study showed that people who don’t particularly enjoy reading won’t enjoy it any less if they’re spoiled, and they might even be more interested in what they’re reading after being told that something’s gonna happen in the end.

That’s certainly interesting (and Hollywood seems to have completely integrated that idea, judging by how they produce trailers), but it has absolutely nothing to do with the very people who are hung up about spoilers — those of us who are actually interested in stories in the first place.

So just stop linking to this bullshit “study,” okay?

It’s sad that Google considered games to be such a high priority on the G+ to-do list… and that I don’t know if they were right or wrong.

The rumors of iCloud launching on Sept. 7th are unacceptable. My apps will never be ready in time.

C’est quand même tout de suite beaucoup plus confortable avec un écran externe.

14 August

Tout semble marcher dans iOS5b5 sauf… l’appli SeLoger.com.

This settles that.

C’est de l’arnaque, Sensodyne : ils utilisent le mal aux dents pour vendre… du dentifrice ! Pour se laver les dents ! Pouah !

15 August

So did Google really buy a $12B, full-fledged (failing) handset maker just because it needed patents to defend itself? Sad state of affairs.

Oh, so you ARE supposed to be able to open Safari’s Downloads popup when done. Did I enable a hidden setting that auto-empties it, or what?

Nope, it’s not even a hidden setting, it’s in Safari’s prefs even though it all but breaks the interface.

Listened to the Wired.co.uk podcast, mentioning the riots + Twitter; I was amazed they didn’t make a single parallel to the Arab Spring.

16 August

Gonna have to disable extensions again in Beachball Safari, then back to Chrome to keep using 1Password. Grr.

Just occurs to me that I’m bitching about the spam on Twitter but haven’t found a way yet to stop the Benin scammers on NoPic.

How uncharacteristic that Google Maps doesn’t volunteer to display an automatically populated map of all my contacts’ homes.

I like how the rumors have canceled the iPad Pro so I don’t need to have any hesitation left about buying a MacBook Air.

I just wish I had actually been in an Apple Store to compare the sizes of the 11” and the 13” with my own eyes. And fingers. And tongue.

Is the concept of launching a wifi-less PSP in 2011 completely moronic, or am I missing something?

17 August

Oh, 10.7.1 fixed Finder forgetting icon placement on the desktop. HAHAHA JUST KIDDING.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet seems nice, but I’m hesitant to buy it — seems like a game that would quickly piss me off.

Ditto for From Dust. Gorgeous, but I should probably wait for Journey instead.

Who’s the new hot guy in that Assassin’s Creed trailer? Doesn’t look like Desmond.

18 August

Maybe I should try to find out why I’d commented out this functionality in my production code? Ah, fuck it, I’ll just put it back in.

Pour la prochaine version de NoPic, frames ou Ajax ? Fait chier de coder des trucs complexes juste pour le plaisir d’être moins compatible…

Looks like Photovine is yet another iOS app limited to the US App Store for no discernible reason. Keep those stupid Europeans out.

Someone will go to hell for sending me an invite for The Sims Social.

Les gens qui enregistrent leur podcast sans retour audio et passent la demi-heure entière à taper dans leur micro / dans la table / etc.

19 August

Isn’t it unusual that we’re up to beta 6 already, almost two months away from the rumored release date? Cloud stuff is hard.

Hey, remember when “iPad” was a ridiculously stupid name that we would never be able to get used to?

What if the idiots at Sony sold new PS3s with a whopping 256MB more RAM, so those models could do cross-game chat and stuff? It’s not like there haven’t been functional differences between different hardware iterations already (hint: rhymes with ass-backward compatibility).

20 August

Fiona Shaw, soft-core porn, and a few awesomely outlandish scenes — the perfect True Blood season.

I hope the $100 HP Touchpad clearance sale doesn’t reach France, because I’d have the hardest time resisting it. For no good reason.

I’m a couple password prompts away from turning off Adium for good. Guess it forgets the password every time a connection fails, whatever the error?

I said I’d sell my PS3 wheel when a decent one came out for 360

Stick to the plan or own both? Either way, Forza 4! Yay!

Shit, it didn’t even occur to me that it could lack force feedback. Forget it.

“‘Real Names’ Policies Are an Abuse of Power”

Article’s more interesting than the title lets on. (via @donaldjenkins)

Evidemment, comme on est en août, il n’y a personne chez HP France pour répercuter la baisse de prix du TouchPad.

I just don’t know how one designs a shopping-list app, makes it the prettiest on the market, and decides not to have it ask for quantities when you add an item.

Je suis épaté que le nombre d’abonnés payants sur NoPic n’arrête pas de monter (tout doucement, mais quand même). J’avais surestimé l’attrait du push.

21 August

I’m playing Angry Birds in Google+. Shut up. Besides, judging by the high scores, everybody else has played it too.

I supposed somebody else already pointed out that Sergey Brin seems to be #1 among my contacts on all Angry Birds levels.

Huh. I’m ashamed to admit that boxing is kinda hot when it’s Silas Botwin pummeling a guy.

Ouais, ça aurait beaucoup mieux climatisé toute la soirée si je n’avais pas pointé la sortie vers le sol #thermodynamique #pourlesnuls

Thanks so much, Twitter, for obfuscating Foursquare checkin URLs behind t.co even in the official app. ‘Cause my time’s worth nothing.

Occasionally I click a Formspring link in my Twitter feed. Then I see the answers — and questions — and I’m glad I closed my account.

Rio — Jesse Eisenberg is a terrible choice for voice acting, distractingly playing himself. Beyond that, the usual mediore fare. Watchable.

Source Code — Just about as absurd as Inception; not sure if it’s actually more entertaining or just less annoying.

Se brûler sur le bord de la poêle en versant les oeufs, et en envoyer voler la moitié à travers la pièce.

Two things about Source Code: the coda doesn’t “last ten minutes”, and it’s not tacked on at the last moment, but clearly the point of the movie.

22 August

The horror of house renovation: communal radio. I’ve had that silly Rihanna song in my head for a couple days, and now it’s the new Mika.

Août, où tu te dis qu’internet est soudain passé de mode et personne ne t’a prévenu et ça ne sera jamais plus vivant comme avant.

Visiblement il y a du monde qui attend le TouchPad à 100 € en France, ça ne durera pas longtemps, et je serai pas devant mon écran.

Yes, Virginia, there are bloggers who dare write that the week’s lesson is for iPad competitors to sell iPad-equivalent hardware for $100.

I’m guessing there must be a connection between my iPad failing to download anything from the App Store, and its refusal to install beta 6.

23 August

Ended up on the OmniFocus page, wondering again if it could work for me, got money to burn… nope, at $80 I’m still not even gonna play with the free demo.

The post-PC world? That’s when your computer becomes unusable because iTunes is syncing your iPad, so you throw it out the window.

“HP brings the Pre3’s cost in Europe down to $75 sans contract.” What? WHERE? And what the hell could I do with one? Must. Find. Reason.


At the top of my list on “How to identify a smart person” is “Notices everything”.

“Refurbished iPad 1 drops to $299.” This is why I’m hesitating to buy two TouchPads.

Um, was hesitating. It’s disappeared from Amazon and the HP store, so I guess the sale happened this morning?

24 August

“New Approaches To Designing Log-In Forms”

Most of what’s in the article is pretty bad for security / privacy and shouldn’t be applicable in many instances (showing a searchable list of users before login precludes hidden accounts, and showing you which account goes with a given e-mail address is awful for privacy), but these are two excellent ideas:

Facebook’s mobile Web experience tackles this in a small but useful way. If you enter an incorrect password when trying to sign in, the website will change the password field to plain text so that you can actually see your input. Facebook also offers an alternate way to log in, using your email address or phone number (screenshot below). It’s a small enhancement but one that can go a long way on mobile.

“iOS Machinarium is iPad 2 exclusive”

“The game is performance and memory demanding”. Bullshit. The Flash port is.

Don’t like the effect of the trimmer on my beard; wonder if it’s looking less natural because all the hairs are now the exact same length.

Why doesn’t Etsy have a Facebook option on the “Find your friends” page? I will never give a third-party access to my Gmail account.

Ca y est ! Mon Sim a baisé !

Je trouve ça naze que tout le monde s’en foute. Le pauvre gars, ça faisait des JOURS qu’il était avec un mec, et pas de sexe !

25 August

Is “Chairman of the Board” completely honorary bullshit? Because it doesn’t make all that much sense otherwise.

If I were Him, it would bug me that I couldn’t die as the CEO of my company — all because of having to anticipate the stockmorons’ reaction.

Seriously, we need to stop letting kids play with the stock market. What’s the fucking point of selling Apple stock NOW?

“Steve Jobs, the Patron Saint of Perfectionists.” Well put. That’s why I have a sad. Well, one of the reasons.

Ohh, c’est fun et tout plein de petites boîtes magiques, la nouvelle Freebox. J’ai hâte d’en avoir une à moi pour pouvoir jouer avec.

26 August

Steve’s patents

Interesting — I thought he’d rejoined Apple too late to give significant input on the original iMac.

27 August

Why did the lunatic tell me to attack a big daddy, and why the hell did I listen to him? Eek!

Killed the same big daddy twice and it respawned twice, cause the little sister wasn’t around. Dunno if intentional, but I call that broken.

Limitless — I used to like Bradley Cooper, but now I find him douchey in everything he does. Though I guess it is kind of a douchey movie in the first place.

28 August

I’m wishlisting video games instead of buying them, not for lack of money, but for lack of time. I do not like that.

N’apu internet, Free a visiblement coupé ou transféré la ligne en avance du déménagement. Et nous, on est en retard sur le déménagement.

Décidément, j’aurais dû prendre la 3G sur l’iPad. (Et j’ai bien fait de démarrer le redesign de mon blog hier soir, tiens.)

Sirens 1.01 — Hurray for gay naked red-head Lord Stark with whatever accent that is. And, yeah, show seems okay, whatever.

29 August

Le point d’accès SFR a disparu après avoir marché une heure ou deux, et il y a deux Livebox privées qui me narguent. Grargh.

That’s when you’re glad you still have a stash of porn movies in a corner of your hard drive.

Le forfait SFR qui s’ajuste automatiquement à la consommation pour 7€ minimum est l’idéal pour un usage irrégulier, non ?

Enfin je regarde les clés 3G-wifi mais c’est pas comme si ils allaient avoir ça en stock à Avranches, que ce soit chez Orange, SFR ou autre.

30 August

Pourquoi les Livebox ne font pas hotspots Orange Wifi, au fait ? Juste la flemme de coder ça dans le firmware ?

Not sure if I’ve said it before, but Google Web Fonts is so wonderfully convenient and well done.

I figure, since nobody reads blogs anymore, I can afford to load a bunch of custom fonts on garoo.net — won’t matter to anyone.

31 August

Making LESS Useful

I’ve already posted about my web development workflow, and the bit of AppleScript that lets me upload the local file I’m editing to its rightful place on the web server by hitting a simple hotkey in TextWrangler.

But there was a problem with this: it made a pain of using the awesome LESS.app (which allows you such awesome and simple things as defining a color in a variable in the beginning of your CSS file and using it a bunch of times, so you only have to change the value once if you want to make adustments — just as an example among a bunch of more elaborate stuff). Since I was editing the .less file and I wanted to upload the compiled .css file rather than the file I was editing, my workflow just didn’t work. As a result, I just didn’t use LESS unless the benefit was really huge.

That’s until I finally realized I could automate that process, too — AppleScript should be powerful enough to automatically detect that I’m trying to upload a .less file, and then work with the .css instead, shouldn’t it? And I should be able to make it do that, right?


So, here goes the updated script:

set fileName to ""


tell application "TextWrangler"

save document 1 of window 1

set fileName to (file of document 1 of window 1) as string

end tell


set AppleScript’s text item delimiters to "."

if fileName contains "." then

set {fileBasename, fileExtension} to {text 1 thru text item -2, text item -1} of fileName


set {fileBasename, fileExtension} to {fileName, ""}

end if


if fileExtension is "less" then set fileName to fileBasename & ".css"


ignoring application responses

tell application "Transmit"

open fileName

end tell

end ignoring


Reminder: for this to work, you have to set up your favorites in Transmit with “DockSend” enabled — that’s the bit of magic that makes Transmit upload a file where it belongs on your server depending on where it is on your local hard drive.

“HP producing ‘one last run of TouchPads’”

Despite announcing an end to manufacturing webOS hardware, we have decided to produce one last run of TouchPads to meet unfulfilled demand.

What? Wait, I’m sorry, whaaaaat?

The devices they’re selling at a huge loss are sold out because they’re sold at a huge loss, so… HP is going to manufacture a few more devices to sell at a huge loss?

I may be missing something important (like, at $99 they’re actually not sold at a loss? that’d be hard to imagine), but my immediate reaction is that they’re working really, really hard to make sure everyone knows they’ve gone absolutely insane.

Unless they’re going to sell them at full price (or at any other price than $99), in which case they’re not insane, just insanely stupid.

“They’re listed for hundreds of dollars on eBay! Quick, we need to make more!”


P.S. This explanation makes some sense. Doesn’t excuse the awfully stupid communication around the whole affair, but then what would?

Wacom Inkling

This looks properly amazing. Magical. And probably not all that convenient or useful. But still, wow.

I’ve had Wacom tablets for… what, fifteen years? And just now while reading a blog post I discovered they’re Japanese, not German.


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