Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

1 March 2012

How does the Readability app access my Twitter account without OAuth? (It’s not using the iOS 5 account either, there would be a system prompt.)

Anyway I’m glad someone’s finally doing the read-later thing mostly right, so people will stop overlooking how flawed the Instapaper app is.

Well, scratch that. The UX to archive a document after reading it is even more cumbersome in Readability than Instapaper’s stupid popup. FFS, there are TWO things you do most often in a read-later app: 1) read; 2) archive.

Ah, tap the article to show the toolbar. So, two taps as well. Still worse than Instapaper, though, because the animation adds a delay.

I intended to have completed a lot more work before Mass Effect 3 came out.

I’d really like to know what Instagram does that it can have the upload progress bar slowly reach completion, then tell me “Failed.”

I love having a Readability bookmarklet that sends articles to my Kindle, but I wish they were automatically archived in my Reading List.

2 March

The App Store front page seems to consistently crash my iPad. The 25-billion countdown, presumably. Nicely done, Apple QA.

De passage à Smallville. Que de commerces ! On ne réalise ce qu’on avait que quand on l’a perdu.

Assassin’s Creed III Screenshots

I thought I was kidding when I said I looked forward to killing bears and cougars.

Must say, if the game actually had you climbing trees, it could well be awesome.

Si l’iPad 3 est haptique à coups de décharges électriques, je vais avoir besoin d’une chambre à Paris dans dix jours, parce que je veux toucher ça.

3 March

Hey, Facebook: if you want people to use Pages as their main PR hub, how about you stop compressing images so horribly?

Le piège des mini Kit-Kat : puisque tu ne vas de toute façon pas en manger qu’un, pourquoi ne pas en manger douze d’un coup ?

From an article about NoSQL:

First, we should note that SQL and relational model in general were designed long time ago to interact with the end user. This user-oriented nature had vast implications: […] No one can expect human users to explicitly control concurrency, integrity, consistency, or data types validity. That’s why SQL pays a lot of attention to transactional guaranties, schemas, and referential integrity.

I had always wondered about that, and it never occurred to me that SQL could have been designed primarily for end users. So it does make sense that, when accessing my database from PHP, I feel no need to use stuff like foreign keys constraints in the schema itself, for instance.

(Can’t vouch for the rest of the article, still haven’t read it. It’s long, and I have to be in a more open and productive state of mind to appreciate what it’s offering.)

An otter is like a chibi cat.

Taking out my Twitter page’s background. Really can’t stand having it show up for ten seconds every time I go to someone else’s page.

4 March

Sérieusement, il y a deux apps de signalement de radars dans le top 10 français des apps iPhone ?

Today for the first time in my life I’ve defined an object class in PHP.

Damnit, I’d really like someone to tell me where I misplaced my old Beware The Frog scripts. Don’t wanna relearn ImageMagick from scratch.

Last night I used my home-made Google Reader client for iPad for the first time in months, and I realized I like it again.

Wish I knew what put me in such a productive, optimistic mood today. All I did differently yesterday was eat sautéed mussels & lose the lottery.

Damn you, UTF-32. Damn all your bytes to hell.

5 March

My name idea for the next app is so good that the domain name is available, even though it’s just two simple words. Wait. Maybe I meant bad.

Does the Dropbox app for iPad really not let you view an image full-screen? How am I supposed to check my interface mockups?

I’ve tried putting some linen in my new app where it made sense, for consistency’s sake, but no matter what I do it’s just too ugly.

6 March

American Horror Story’s returning actors

Hard to complain about any of them, even if they’re playing it too safe.

Chaleurs finies, le chat réclame toujours des caresses, juste maintenant elle mord et griffe quand elles les obtient.

So… Mass Effect 3 comes out today in the U.S., I guess it’s time to unplug the internet until I get it.

Même avec le port, ça me coûte 5 € de moins de commander Mass Effect sur amazon.co.uk que la VF en France. Cherchez l’erreur.

7 March

ME3 War Assets

Not canceling my order because I ”need” to see the end, but it’s probably the last Bioware game I ever buy. Too much user-hostile crap.

“Live coverage begins in your local timezone at: Wednesday, March 7 at 7:00 pm” — gdgt showing once more how it’s done.

Dear tech blog: if you’re rushing to post articles with only a title and “Developing…”, you’re an asshole and I will burn your place down.

Every time I open the Readability app I want to throw out all the work I’ve done on my RSS reader’s interface.

The iPhone 4s’s camera shooting 1080p with the overall heft of an iPad and an integrated 10-inch preview screen, now that’s filmmaking material.

I don’t care how much prettier the new iPad makes Infinity Blade, it still doesn’t have sticks and buttons.

I figured that calling it “the new iPad” precluded keeping the iPad 2 as an entry point, but no, they’re not afraid of making no sense.

Well, the rumor mills have done it again. Apple introduced a Retina iPad, yet I’m disappointed because it doesn’t have haptic feedback.

The iOS update server is also unavailable now. I should probably take the hint, play it safe and wait a couple days before updating.

8 March

In Saints Row 3, I never feel like I’m in a real city. Not sure if it’s the city’s fault or just because you get everything from the start.

Wow, 400MB? It’s time to delete iMovie from my iPhone.

The Binary Domain demo plays a lot better than I expected. Filing this under “when it’s in the bargain bin” (which should be soon enough).

I was this close to buying Warp, then I got to the part where you must run away and the enemy’s way too fast. Screw that.

I Am Alive has a bunch of interesting ideas, but it’s damn annoying to play. Stamina was handled much better in Shadow of the Colossus.

9 March

I’d love for Readability to stop trying to be too clever with the article titles; I never know what half the articles in my list are about.

Comment ça, ça sert à rien de rafraîchir la page de suivi Colissimo toutes les dix minutes à quatre heures du matin ?

C’est quoi cette dictature fasciste où les éboueurs refusent de prendre mes poubelles parce qu’il y a des bouteilles en plastique dedans ?

10 March

Found a cool concept for my first iPhone game / interactive story; just need to have actual game ideas to flesh it out now.

I have to reboot my printer between each document. Go figure. #samsung

This week’s Archer episode must be the funniest thing I’ve watched this year. Fantastic season they’re having.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes — The apes are amazing, but that movie is dumb as hell and Franco’s a terribly bad choice.

11 March

What’s that disease called, where you can’t help but add double or triple negations to everything you say?

Interesting choice: Pinterest doesn’t suggest people to follow when you sign up, it just adds them for you and offers to unfollow them.

I’m taking my Ctrl-P shortcut away from Google+ and giving it to Pinterest. #2012

I’ve just generated an SQL file with 15,000 lines of “DELETE FROM CHAT WHERE PROFILE_ID1=…”. I don’t quite dare load it into Sequel Pro.

Tsk, tsk. Pinterest refuses to send an RSS feed to my PHP script unless I fake the user agent.

Cancelling back from the filters screen all the way to the Instagram home screen, go through three cancel buttons in three different places.

Watching ME2:Arrival on YouTube in preparation for ME3. I’m so glad I didn’t buy it, and sorrier yet I ever played any Mass Effect at all.

12 March

I’m redesigning the Dendrocom site and saying “Screw you IE6, enjoy the white borders around all my PNGs, I don’t give a shit anymore.”

13 March

Wow. At least they’ve finally made the locations feel really epic this time. #masseffect3

So far, I’d say the Turian homeworld’s environment is several orders of magnitude better than anything from the previous two Mass Effects.

Sure, it helps that they’re depicting the final conflict, but still, they’ve made great strides in the fucking-whoa department.

And here is Shepard, witnessing entire worlds being annihilated while whining “But Earth! Earth is the most important!”


Zut, non seulement leurs conneries de vidéos sur le site de l’iPad me font ramer, mais il n’y a plus non plus de PNG pré-détouré à piquer, du coup.

Je dois réécrire les descriptions de toutes mes apps pour rentrer dans le nouveau layout du site de Dendrocom. #environdemourir

Je ne sais pas ce qui m’arrive depuis une semaine, je n’arrête pas de mal orthographié des participes passer.

14 March

I only want to romance Freddie Prinze Jr., or maybe the Asari dancing behind the bar at Purgatory. Doesn’t look like either is an option.

The switch from Gears of War encounters to Team Fortress in single-player Mass Effect is a bit jarring, but not really in a negative way.

Sony smartphone detects hover

The world would be different (not necessarily better) if that tech’d been available to Apple in 2007.

Stephen Wolfram’s personal analytics

Now that’s a geek’s geek. Wish I had the same data but can’t be bothered.

I’m sure there’s a reason for Apple not to buy or build its own assembly lines and component factories, but I can’t figure out what it is.

Agonizing over the Liara flirt lines, every time. But I just can’t bring myself to select them. We’ve grown apart, haven’t we.

15 March

The making of Sparrow

Sparrow (for Mac) makes a lot more sense to me when explained by its developer. Might give it another try.

Maybe it’s silly that what’s making me reconsider Sparrow is the ability to hide the Tweetie-like sidebar, but that’s how it is.

As for the iPhone version, you just can’t use an app that isn’t the one which opens when you select a notification. I tried with Twitter.

Woke my Mac up and Sparrow, which I’d left as a sidebar-less single column, was suddenly full-width, preview pane and all. Nope.

I didn’t care about $AAPL when it was low, I don’t congratulate myself when it’s up. Filed under evidence that I’m not a fanboy.

16 March

So far, really enjoying Mass Effect 3. Only disappointed by how much my Shepard speaks without giving me a chance to alter his tone.

I can’t believe Mass Effect 3 has Tron-looking puzzle levels. Was there a particularly popular keynote about them at GDC two years ago?

17 March

Looks like I should have mentioned the limited Retina update in the new Uniconsole’s release notes, to get approved faster. (Unless they just look at whether there’s a @2x launch screen, which I haven’t made.)

18 March

I’m not quite sure what I chose in the Mass Effect 3 ending — made a poor job of conveying the meaning, I felt.

But overall it was somewhat fitting and, dare I say, a satisfying end to the trilogy. No, really.

And I’m glad we’re back to Faunts for the end credits.

The problem with the ending may well be that it’s a sci-fi geek’s ending, while Bioware did all they could to make the franchise mainstream.

Mass Effect 3 ending videos

So you can fuck up and have a really bad ending. But they’re all way too similar indeed.

The Final Hours of Mass Effect 3, the making-of on iPad, confirms they had no clue how to end their story until the last minute. Amateurish.

19 March

It’s slowly sinking in tonight that I’ll never ever chat with Garrus or Liara again. Sniff. Could use a hug.

Not liking the new layout of Pinterest profile pages. More confusing than convenient.

20 March

Quand tu laisses traîner un mal de dents jusqu’au point de rupture et tu découvres que les dentistes du 50 sont tous bookés jusqu’à juillet.

Et ensuite tu te dis que le seul dentiste de Granville à avoir une place dans la semaine est forcément un arracheur de dents.

Quelqu’un peut m’expliquer Draw Something ? Parce que le concept du Pictionary à un contre un, ça me paraît suprêmement absurde.

21 March

Hugo [Cabret] — All the artifice of Amélie with very little of the charm. And yellow lips. But it’s incredible that the automaton is real.

Comme si je n’avais pas assez de mal à dormir avec ma dent, voilà les oiseaux qui draguent sous mes fenêtres. Censées être du double vitrage.

I just set my alarm to 7:50am. My iPhone assumed it must have been stolen and started blaring a horn.

Draw Something is such a perfect fit for Zynga: it’s not a game. The best way for both players to win is to cheat together.

22 March

Dentiste à neuf heures du matin de la nuit. S’il avait dégainé la roulette j’étais tout prêt à tomber dans les pommes.

“Keep Calm And Carry On”

What, there was a time when governments didn’t try to encourage panic and fear?

La dictature de la commune impose les sacs poubelle transparents, maintenant. (Mais toujours pas de collecte des recyclables, mind you.)

23 March

Days are so unfathomably long when you start them at 8am.

Ah mais c’est pas mal, le “versus” de SensCritique, surtout l’idée de la section “Seuls contre tous.”

Who puts CDs in their stereos anymore? There’s no excuse for a videogame soundtrack to be limited to 70 minutes nowadays.

Comment on fait, quand on veut acheter sur internet quelque chose qu’Amazon ne vend pas ?

24 March

Les loyers parisiens ont l’air d’être presque redevenus normaux pour le printemps.

25 March

Damn, this week’s Fringe episode is the grossest they’ve been in quite a while. And the Nina scene was great, and the rest as well.

26 March

Pas cool de me mettre un changement d’heure dans la face alors que j’étais déjà en plein jet-lag.

I feel like Draw Something is gonna reveal to the world (or at least my contacts) that I’m an idiot after all.

I bought extra frying pans so I wouldn’t have to do the dishes so often, but forgot I only have three bowls to mix the eggs in.

It’s not even April and I’m already stewing.

Ok, Draw Something est probablement le jeu le plus drôle du monde quand la personne en face bute sur l’orthographe d’un mot.

Je réalise que je devrais répondre aux gens qui contactent le webmaster en disant juste “salut” mais je ne pourrais qu’être — au mieux — condescendant.

27 March

The cat is simultaneously begging to be petted and afraid to be near me because I might try to lock her out of my room for the night.

When the iPad can keep CPU+LTE running for more than 24 hours, you’ve got to wonder if the Retina screen is worth the cost on battery life.

“Ex-OMGPOP Employee: I Believe That Zynga Is Evil”

It’s funny because Draw Something is a nickel-and-diming ersatz of Charadium.

My day hasn’t started until I’ve had real breakfast. So if I only eat candy all day I never have to start working!

I like Mondays: when you want to procrastinate, you can reopen your RSS reader every hour and there are always new articles. Oh. It’s Tuesday.

At least once I’m done eating all the chocolate there won’t be any temptation left. Coincidentally I need to go to the supermarket tomorrow.

28 March

Le jour où Draw Something permet de tweeter ses dessins, vous avez intérêt à avoir un client Twitter qui permet d’ignorer certains tags.

Not sure why I bothered drawing Hong Kong, it’s impossible not to guess from the letters alone. #drawsomething

Choose a word, start drawing… NOPE. Home screen, kill application. #drawsomething

When you’re tempted to pick a one-coin word because you’ve already drawn the other two successfully. #drawsomething

29 March

Ah ouais, tiens, mes cronjobs quotidiens se déclenchent toutes les minutes de 01:00 à 02:00.

Been struggling for years to choose a memorable keyboard shortcut for locking my screen and only today thought of setting up Ctrl-Alt-Del.

“Et un Spray…pax. Non. Spregal. NON ! NON ! Derma-Spray, voilà, un Derma-Spray.”

Il y a une Z4 en vente sur la route d’Avranches. Du coup, j’hésite sur mes priorités, entre ça et l’iPad 3.

I love the way you can try out new tools in Paper before buying them. And it’s impossible not to buy the whole bundle, because they’re amazing.

30 March

Not sure if I’m becoming properly insomniac or it’s just too damn hot in here. And it’s not even April yet.

Let’s have a petition for Zynga to use its blood money to license the drawing engine from Paper by FiftyThree into Draw Something.

My iPad’s battery hadn’t gotten such a regular workout in a long time #drawsomething

And it’s only occurring to me now that I wouldn’t need to always keep my iPad on mute if I just silenced the notifications themselves.

31 March


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