Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

1 April 2012

Poor planning: chipping your tooth a few days after going to the dentist.

The most addictive aspect of Pinterest is how your content keeps being repinned by people you don’t know. It’s like being famous.

Qu’est-ce vous avez tous à dessiner des cygnes qui murmurent “killlll meeee” quand ils arrivent sur mon écran ? #drawsome

Assassin’s Creed for Kinect

Now that’s a fun party game. (Though I’m disappointed by the lack of accidental punches.)

2 April

Deuxième fois que je visite un site où je ne suis pas identifié et je reçois du spam d’eux sur mon Gmail le lendemain. Coïncidence ou…?

Vivre dans la Manche, c’est comme faire une traversée en solitaire, faut apprendre à se faire ses propres pansements dentaires.

My favorite feature of Draw Something is when you get the “new drawing” chime but the list doesn’t actually update for another five minutes.

Je ne sais pas où mettre mon iPhone pour que le bruit du vibreur arrête de me réveiller la nuit.

3 April

If I douse myself in gasoline and jump in the fireplace it might make the itch go away. Worth a try at any rate.

4 April

Come on, what kind of nitwit really expects Apple not to be able to see user data in iCloud? There’s even a web interface to display it!

You should simply unsubscribe from any tech blog that calls Sparrow’s tentative background polling “push notifications.”

Everything tastes like clove since Monday. I must be having a stroke, or a brain tumor.


Evil TweetLonger alternative. Encode the text as part of a URL. Clients parse the URL to reconstitute the Tweet. Server wouldn’t need a DB.

5 April

I had the most vivid sci-fi-adventure dream last night. Amazing to think how much I must imagine each night and forget each morning.

Thankfully @leroncier assured me he had received and transcribed my brainwaves, so I went back to sleep satisfied I’d have his notes today and I could use them to write my first book.

It’s gonna take until this summer to release the edited ending of Mass Effect 3. So much for the theory that it’d been planned all along.

If you won’t give us a naked Cesare Borgia, what’s the point? Who cares about Rodrigo’s latest conquests?

Paris 2054 Renaissance — Les extraits m’avaient paru très mauvais ; le film est pire. Mal joué, atrocement écrit, et plutôt moche.

6 April

The Adventures of Tintin — Watchable, but boring. A pity they only start having real fun with the CG in the last half hour.

7 April

Community is even better if you watch it thinking about how Chevy Chase has no idea why any of the jokes are funny.

8 April

Le Matinee Easter Festival démarre, là, alors je vais écouter de la musique très fort, boire beaucoup et être de très mauvaise humeur jusqu’à demain.

Ca fait deux personnes qui m’envoient un dessin sur #drawsome que je ne reçois pas. Il y a une limite au nombre de parties simutanées ?

9 April

I don’t care how much you love the Sixaxis, thatgamecompany. Let me turn off motion controls so I can move my gamepad around.

Journey needs a “get rid of chatty teenager” button. What part of “I’m sitting down until you leave” don’t you understand?

Journey is genuinely superb, and a must-buy, but I’m afraid it tries just a little too hard to be mysterious and poetic.

Now that my #drawsome has been guessed, I can tell you: Oh how I want to have waffles.

Wow, Google Plus is now desperate enough to send me by e-mail the posts I haven’t gone to read on the site. Social networking 2.0.

Lego Skyscrapers

Reminds me of how I used to be in love with the few transparent bricks I owned.


Kodak goes bankrupt and Instagram is worth a billion dollars. 2012, y’all.

For the record, I think Instagram earned its buyout much more than, say, Draw Something. There’s good work and good ideas in that app.

10 April

I don’t think I’ve replayed Rez since I got my new, good headphones. Must do.

Downloaded Saturday Night Live exceptionally to see Vergara in it, and it opens on a lowest-common-denominator gay joke. Well done.

11 April

It’s gonna get worse before it gets worse.

Not convinced by the day’s speculation of a taller 4-inch iPhone: it’s not catching up with competition if the device doesn’t look bigger.

Is ICQ Messenger for iPhone a real thing? I’m pretty sure I’d never heard of it.

Getting tired of the Gmail web-app randomly failing to mark messages as read. It shouldn’t take a 100MB/s connection to handle that.

“PHP: a fractal of bad design”

Caution: this article may make you want to wipe your web servers clean.

Not sure what I think of the new Google Plus. Not sure I want to bother having an opinion, either.

12 April

I have 152 unplayed podcasts. Next time iTunes tells me it’s stopped updating This American Life, I should probably not protest anymore.

Damnit, I’m unable to properly draw a stick figure with a cap on its head.

I don’t get why the default state for the Google Currents app is to have a fixed list of my subscriptions take up half the iPad’s screen.

Did I miss the fawning in my timeline over Matt Bomer guesting in Glee, or are you finally all done with that shit show?

The A.V. Club is right, Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 is like a version of 2 Broke Girls with actual characters and funny jokes.

Don’t tell me the pigeon storyline in The Borgias wasn’t written by an Assassin’s Creed fan.

One cannon, a hundred cannon? Why? (That second episode of The Borgias was uncharacteristically interesting this week.)

Damn, it’s only when watching the replay that I realize my #drawsome looked like the Doctor and I missed the opportunity to add a fez.

“Bomb Threats As a Denial-of-Service Attack”

Can society ever take a step back from security theater, or are we finished?


I thought (: was just a backwards smiley but it turns out it’s Frida Khalo.

13 April

Shame — Straight people are weird, sad, boring, and have unexpectedly photogenic penises. Also, that’s not a sex addict, it’s a sociopath.

On the other hand, New York, New York had never made me want to stuff my face with rat poison before, so at least that’s novel.

There are several dimensions of Hell where Carey Mulligan (and, cute voice, BTW) is still in the middle… of… sin… ging… iiiiit.

From where I stand, Quantum Conundrum feels to me like it’ll fail to integrate its mechanics into an actual believable universe like Portal.

I remember when I thought “hey, it’s a long weekend and I’m often more productive on weekends” and fuck that was seven days ago.

14 April

Surely I’m missing something, but the Fez demo isn’t blowing my mind at all.

“22 Secondes”

Ils ne vomissent même pas partout, c’est trop injuste.

Oups, j’ai pris du retard sur mon stock d’oeufs. Qui c’est qui va se faire des pancakes au petit-déjeuner les deux prochains jours ?

You’d think they would have found a simpler way to communicate between Fringe’s universes than playing a literal game of telephone.

I think it’s worrisome that the two foremost up-and-coming actors are Gosling and Fassbender, the best-looking sociopaths of the generation.

Drive — I feel kinda bad for enjoying that movie but, fuck, it’s really well done. Never thought I’d like a Sergio Leone film someday.

I’m confused by the comments about Drive’s gore. Those people have never seen a horror movie, have they? It’s part of the cinematographic language today.

Well, okay, the one with the eye, that was superfluous. But you’re not supposed to look at the screen when it happens, you know.

Speaking of Drive, and gore, at some point people are gonna get worried because of the number of bloodied stick figures in my #drawsome art.

15 April

Pandorum — The bonus points for getting both Ben Foster and Cam Gigandet naked bring it to just about average. Okay script, crap direction.

The backs of my hands look like I’m eighty. My skin used to be so smooth! (Sniff.) Guess I should stop washing them after I pee.

Had an omelet from breakfast, spent the day being lethargic and finally had to get potatoes for dinner. Not optimal.

Breaking Dawn, part 1 — The first movie of the series that really breaks the “so bad it’s good” barrier. Also, oddly good CG on Bella.

16 April

From what I’d read I figured #drawsome ended games at the 99th turn but, no, it just stops counting. That’s hilarious.

Faudrait que j’arrête de regarder des films de merde, maintenant que SensCritique poste sur Facebook.

17 April

I’m reading Exit Through the Wound, and can anyone in England really change their legal name at will just by filling an online form?


Twitter announces that its motto is “don’t be evil”. New golden age of tech surely just around corner for credulous people.

I’m offended by the way Pocket’s nice visuals simply stop at the bottom of the last item, with no border or anything (iPad, list mode).

Other than that, I think I like Pocket (not a fan of the font selection, though), but not sure I’ll bother switching all my shortcuts again.

At least the Pocket app uses iOS’s Twitter accounts, unlike Instapaper which forces me to set up just one.

18 April

Je vais faire un graphe pour savoir le jour où NoPic recevra plus de menaces de poursuites judiciaires que de paiements de compte premium.

Je n’avais jamais eu de “succès” comme NoPic, je ne savais pas à quel point l’univers entier s’acharnait à vous décourager de continuer.

I’m not sure that Girls is gonna hook me, but that first episode is interesting.

Wait, Pocket managed to get away with displaying progress in the status bar? I thought that was forbidden on the App Store.

Yup, Draw Something was made by morons. Share a drawing to your Twitter followers right before sending it: the picture says what the word is.

So a) your followers can’t play along, which would have been the point, and b) your “opponent” is likely to see the word written in their timeline before they have to guess it in the app.

Feel like crawling under a rock.

And then lifting the rock very high and letting it drop very fast.

Repeat as necessary.

Assassin’s Creed accused of plagiarism

Doesn’t sound quite as frivolous as those claims usually do.

19 April

I like Noomi Rapace and Stephen Fry in the second Sherlock Holmes movie, but that’s about it. Well—it’s always fun seeing Jared Harris, too.

Probably the novelty wearing off, but Jon Snow is getting to the point where his cuteness doesn’t quite make up for his whininess anymore.

If I eat packets of silica gel, will I die? I have, like, thirty or fourty grams. Should I look for something else?

I was gonna give up on the BBC’s Great Expectations, because so grim and unpleasant and overdone, when, suddenly, Harry Lloyd.

20 April

How does one dance to dubstep? All that comes to mind is a revival of The Robot.

Le moment gênant où tu réalises que dans Mass Effect 3 tout le monde danse la tecktonik.


The commenters don’t read the article, the writers don’t read the comments, and no one clicks on the ads.

The dreamatorium episode makes up for a lackluster first half-half-season of Community. And probably used up all its budget, too.

The change of setting in Avatar: The Legend of Korra is… surprising. But it makes some sense and it’s much better than repeating themselves.

21 April

I wish read-it-later-clone makers would someday realize that an overly aggressive text-mode algorithm makes the service strictly useless.

It just occurred to me that maybe you’re not supposed to wait until your socks have holes to retire them.

22 April

Fringe 4.19 — Holy what the fuck.

They lose one point for thinking there was any mystery to their final reveal, but they can afford to.

Pour me punir de passer la nuit sur Reddit, j’ai la chanson de Pour l’amour du risque dans la tête au moment de me coucher. Donc je partage.

Si j’étais un site d’information francophone d’un pays limitrophe, je fermerais pour la journée. Ca ne leur rapporte strictement rien.

The Uncharted games as movies

Spares me the trouble of a gameplay I don’t enjoy. Though Uncharted 2 does seem much better than 1.

23 April

I understand that, structurally, what the knee accomplishes is far from trivial, but there’s got to be a way to redesign so it hurts less when you bump it.

The lesson of Uncharted 3 is, if you have a spider problem, just torch the place. Just what I always said. #famouslastwords

Uncharted 3 has excellent dialogue and Charlie Cutter is an awesome character. Also, yes, the game is fucking spectacular.

But I’d really like to see an Indiana Jones story where the beautiful lost city isn’t obliterated in the end. It’s such a tiresome cliché.

The fact that I just created a “Tattoos” pinterest board probably means trouble.

Um. Okay. I’m still not sure what kind of show Game of Thrones is. Or is it just the “holy shit wat” genre? You know, like Lost, only better.

24 April


Dear iPhone: 100% of the time that I delete a capital letter and type the same letter again, I mean I want it lowercase.

J’ai envie de me faire des pâtes mais la flemme de laver mon unique casserole. Help. Ca va finir avec des oeufs durs, pas besoin de laver.

Thinking again of this week’s Game of Thrones, I’m afraid the show’s beginning to rush from setpiece to setpiece too fast to be enjoyable — lacks context. This time I’m starting on the books after the season finale.

‘Send to Kindle’ for Mac

Doesn’t sound like it does web pages natively, but “print to Kindle” should be close enough.

25 April

Frustrated. I like the Pocket app a lot more, but I’m going back to Instapaper because it doesn’t cut out half the content.

26 April

Argh, do I buy the Walking Dead season pass or just the first episode?


Introducing Session 103: Your code is bad and you should feel bad.

Veep 1.01 has a couple funny bits but doesn’t work for me as a whole, no matter how much I love Louis-Dreyfus.

27 April

Just got it: Veep mixes the absurd characters and plots of a sitcom with the authenticity and stylings of West Wing. That just doesn’t work.

I don’t know that you should write jokes about Jon Hamm in blackface if you’re not gonna dare show him in actual blackface on NBC.

On the other hand, Hamm’s two sketches were the only ones I found funny in the live 30 Rock episode, so I probably shouldn’t complain.

The Secret Circle is mind-boggling — it has so many good things yet the end result is so mediocre. Gale Harold was awesome this week.

And that scene was a perfect example, going from a horribly contrived, unbelievable “Vf ur zl sngure, qnq?” to Harold’s spot-on reaction.

Tequila shot every time two hot guys stare meaningfully into each other’s eyes in Vampire Diaries and you want to shout “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”

28 April

Stop pinging at me so I activate that last carpet, I want the incomplete bridge trophy. Even in Journey, other players are an annoyance.


Nothing is sexier than someone claiming to be really bored.

29 April

The mechanics of Playstation All-Stars don’t sound good to me. It’s not fun losing because your opponent ground his way faster to the nuke.


After a period of time of not doing something you said you would, the shame of doing it late becomes higher than the shame of ignoring it.

For a moment I was actually afraid that Mad Men was going to qvfnccrne ure, Fvk Srrg Haqre-fglyr, orpnhfr fur unq orpbzr vapbairavrag. Great episode, great character development as always.

30 April

The Muppets — I can’t stand Segel and don’t know how much that’s coloring my judgment, but at any rate that was painful to watch… except for the actual Muppet Show part, which was nostalgic and good and got all of ten minutes of screen time.

Chronicle — Minor, but well cast, well written, mostly well done. Only the final showdown is unfortunately made more annoying than fun.

Wikipedia says the junkyard car implosion was all practical. How? Magic.


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