Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

1 May 2012

J’ai passé une soirée pas trop mauvaise à Rennes, alors évidemment il fallait que j’aie des problèmes de voiture au retour.

Veep 1.02 was better — more real — and qvq rkcybfvir qvneeurn orggre guna Oevqrfznvqf, but it’s still hardly a must-see.

It’s worth it for those times a user contacts me just to congratulate me on how good the site is.

Or is it worth it?

Yeah, it is.

Or is it?

The lack of complaints over my use of ROT13 in my TV tweets can only mean one thing, and it’s not that you went on a website to decode them.

2 May

Ils se foutent du monde, à la Poste ? Timbre de base à 0,60 €, la catégorie suivante est à 1 €, et il n’y a pas de timbres à 40 centimes ?

3 May

Va, va, va te coucher serein après avoir complètement cassé la page d’accueil de ton site en uploadant le mauvais .htaccess.

I desperately need to learn how to land in a couch, Van Der Beek-style.

I thought The Verge was supposed to do journalism better, not post fifteen articles in an hour on the same subject.

Dix minutes de la démo Dirt Showdown et c’est un sauna dans ma chambre (hmm, sauna…). La console va devoir rester éteinte jusqu’à octobre.

4 May

Reading about The Elder Scrolls Online (meh), having lots of ideas for an awesome MMO, but it’d be depressingly futile to write them down.

Seems like I missed the episode where Phil Dunphy went to the diversity store to buy a new friend, and that makes his sudden appearance even funnier.

5 May

Aww, ‘cygnet’ is an actual word. So cute.

Huh, the Gaydar app for iPhone opens a third-party payment page in Safari when you want to upgrade. Tsk, tsk.

I’m finally productive on my app yesterday, and not only does an old client come out of the woodwork with urgent requests, but the Facebook API breaks and I can’t test sharing.

L’enveloppe à fenêtre qui est deux fois plus grande que le TIP qui va dedans. Plouf, l’adresse !

This week’s Fringe pretty much ruined its big reveal by making every little turn of the plot a lazy coincidence or an absurd logical leap.

6 May


I’m beginning to suspect that Prometheus isn’t really a movie, but just an ongoing web series of sci-fi vignettes.

Je n’ai absolument rien suivi de la campagne mais pour le coup je vais peut-être vouloir descendre au salon voir le discours du perdant.

I find the new style of Facebook’s “Friends” box in timeline profiles disturbingly un-Facebooky, even if it’s pretty.


La taille de l’Afrique, par Kai Krause – http://t.co/9maEpc15

The rules of pro-bending matches make no sense to me. You can clearly tell it’s an American sport.

J’ai beau savoir que c’était un discours de campagne pour 2017, je suis surpris et impressionné.

C’est triste, Martine Aubry qui ne sera jamais jamais présidente.

Le convoi du président nouvellement élu, sublime tradition de merde de la télé française.

Si je devais! Choisir un président! Uniquement en fonction de leurs discours de ce soir! Je choisirais! Pas trop trop! Celui-là!

Non mais rien que sur les deux discours la gauche perd les législatives, non ?

Oh ben vas-y, t’as gagné l’élection, le perdant a été digne comme on aurait jamais cru possible, et tu sors “toute l’Europe est soulagée qu’il soit viré.” Classe.

7 May

Ca doit être la première fois que j’écoute des journalistes français parler politique depuis, bah, cinq ans, et j’ai juste envie de mourir.

Once Upon a Time 1.01–1.04 — More than a little schlocky, but how could it not be? And it is a huge load of fun.

Don’t refer to Once Upon a Time’s IMDb page while watching, because with the whole double-identities thing, it’s spoilery.


Got fed up with need to “unlock” documents in Lion. Found option to disable it, stupidly located in SP>Time Machine>Options.


I ran the full Creative Cloud numbers a while back; seem to recall that subs remained cheaper than Master until year 7.

8 May

Once Upon a Time 1.07 disappoints me — vs gur Rivy Dhrra qbrf erzrzore urefrys, vg znxrf ab frafr fur jbhyqa’g whfg zheqre gur vagreybcre.

9 May

Wow, the Google+ app for iPhone went from one extreme to the other: it’s pretty, but a huge waste of screen space. And still no iPad version, despite the Flipboardish layout?

Dans la série balancer tout ce qui traîne dans une poêle avec des oeufs : raisins secs (blonds) ✔

10 May

Fuck House Greyjoy. (Sorry, I did try to make that tweet more interesting and elaborate, but it just really boils down to this.)

Que celui qui n’a jamais balancé une chatte en chaleur par la fenêtre pour être tranquille me jette la première pierre.

11 May

Wow, it’s fun to see Alexis Bledel all grown up and everything, but casting her as Howard’s ignored wife is beyond ridiculous. #madmen

J’ai assez sur mon compte pour acheter un iPad 3 et mon vieil iPad rame et lagge et plante (par manque de RAM). Must. Resist.

Who wants to bet that the rumored non-Google maps in iOS 6 will be shit outside the U.S.?

J’avais oublié comme c’est sucré, un Twix. Faut croire que je me suis mis à manger plus équilibré ces temps-ci.

That piece of shit Theon Greyjoy is Lily Allen’s younger brother. I don’t know why I posted that, I’m bored and nobody’s tweeting tonight.

12 May

Fringe’s finale was mostly fun (with the eyes, and the operation), but almost all aspects of that story were dumb. Or hopefully it just looks that way because they were rushed by possible cancellation.

Well, it’s only taken me three months longer than it should have to add those few dozen lines of code to my app. I’m so fucking efficient.

13 May

Le twit-spam s’est calmé, ces derniers temps, ou c’est juste que j’ai moins parlé d’iPad ?

14 May

The Fall — You can tell it’s the movie he’s always wanted to make since The Cell. And you can ask why, and what, and why again.

And I did shed a tear, but it felt more like extortion than anything else.

On the other hand, Lee Pace is unexpectedly hot, both as an unkempt patient and as a mascaraed bandit.

The Fall does pose the question of why Hollywood has forgotten how to make a movie this gorgeous. Monumental settings trump blurry action, any time. Well, not so much here, but any other time.

The Once Upon a Time finale went in a very different way than I expected. Still not the show it could’ve been, but at least stuff happened.

The most amazing thing about Girls is that Dunham manages to sell those scenes. Her two setpieces this week could have gone wrong so easily.

The Borgias was more fun when it wasn’t about crazy-eyed religious fundamentalists.

Insecticide doesn’t keep them away. Leaving the lights on doesn’t keep them away. They’re leaving me no choice but to slit my wrists.

What? What kind of magic makes a game incompatible with FileVault? #diablo3

15 May

The language bug in Facebook’s SDK is still not fixed, ten days later. Wanna bet that my two iPhone apps will be rejected because of it?

I know it’s just a soap opera, but I’m still somewhat horrified that Gossip Girl ends up playing as a foil the one and only relationship of theirs that ever had any chemistry on screen.

“Tactics, not strategy.” Ah, geeks. #gameofthrones

16 May


Ce mois de mai avec plein de ponts vous est offert par Jésus et Hitler. Jésus et Hitler, partenaires de vos loisirs.

Ah merde, c’est vrai que c’est trois jours fériés, mai. Mais vous êtes tous des putain de grosses flemmasses, c’est pas possible.

I’m glad I watched The Prestige a second time, because it’s damn clever in its glorious absurdity, but it’s also a bit slow and boring and overly serious.

I like watching TV so much better than working. I don’t understand how come y’all don’t.

17 May

Submarine — Well written, cast, and acted, but slaughtered by the obnoxious directorial affectations. Who’da thunk Ayoade was a hipster.

Mike Capps’ Twitter account is @epicactual. Love it. Too bad I don’t actually like my own company’s name.

Je ne sais pas si c’est le beau temps, ou juste mes dents qui ne se souviennent plus de la douleur après un mois, mais j’ai des putain d’envies de Coca en ce moment.

The Artist — Au-delà du gimmick, le vide, l’ennui, et la tête de Dujardin, tout le temps, partout. Béjo sauve tous les plans où elle apparaît, mais ils sont trop peu nombreux.

DayZ looks amazing

And I don’t even like zombie games. Watch the whole series (via the PC Gamer podcast).

18 May

I’m not sure I’ve laughed out loud once at Modern Family this year.

Jurassic Park has aged incredibly well. Some puppet shots are a bit too noticeable, but the CG is somehow still flawless.

19 May

Nothing makes you less qualified to run Community than being willing to take it over this way. Imagine any of the characters doing that?

Le montage de plans fixes touristiques en ouverture de Midnight in Paris, ou le degré zéro de la cinématographie.

Midnight in Paris — Wow, this could be the most vomit-inducing, intellectually insulting, unabashed Mary Sue of all time. “Look at how much Hemingway and Gertrude Stein would have loved me and my writing if they’d only known me!”

Le bal des actrices — Parfait contrepoint à Midnight in Paris: aussi narcissique et aussi artificiel, et pourtant authentique, touchant et drôle.

20 May

Apple iPhone Charger Teardown

“The circuit to do this is surprisingly complex and innovative.”

Using a Nokia Lumia 900 as a hammer

Wow. I don’t think you could do that with an iPhone — and I’m not trying.

The Ides of March — Can’t say it’s bad, but I don’t see how any of this was worthy of a movie. Oh, and the note bluff was stupid.

21 May

Lady and the Tramp — Annoying as hell. There’s almost only one good scene, and everybody knows it by heart.

I hadn’t had an app rejected in a while. It’s so humiliating.

John Carter — I appreciate the earnestness, and the eye candy, but that story needed to stay in 1912 where it belongs, seminal or not.

22 May

Awesome episode of Girls this week, that hits particularly close to home for obvious reasons, and I don’t mean the sex, I’m not a talker.

Well, I’ll never know what’s new in Coda 2 because it’s all in a video with no playback controls that stutters on my slow connection.

A growing number of my contacts actually go to the gym now: sign of the times, or sign of our aging? (That’s a rhetorical question.)

Wouldn’t the key to enforced-stealth missions be smart checkpointing that takes you back to the moment before you were detected?

It would “just” need to be smart enough not to drop you back in a situation where you’re about to be detected no matter what you do.

Oh, better yet: unlimited rewind, à la Braid. Now that’s exactly what a Hitman game needs. As soon as the next generation of consoles has enough RAM for that.

Disabling Lion’s automatic app termination

Gotten somewhat used to tolerating it, but can’t see any reason _not to disable it.

23 May

Ca sert à quelque chose, de rajouter des trucs dans l’eau des oeufs durs pour les parfumer, ou ça change rien ?

Nope, it did not occur to me until right now that I might want to have some usage statistics on Tarot Royale’s new sharing functionality.

16 May

Can’t wait for Sorkin’s movie to explain how everything Steve Jobs did was to impress his estranged daughter, or some comparable tripe.

23 May

Don’t tell anyone, but I think my web server has been configured by a lunatic.

The beginning of Game of Thrones’ season 2 was a bit hit-and-miss and made me want to read the books first — now I’m changing my mind again.

24 May

Damnit, I’ve unsubscribed from all the photography subreddits, and I still get a spider a day on my home page. I hate spring.

Facebook releasing Facebook Camera for iOS weeks after buying Instagram: that’s some Microsoftian shit right there. “What’s a ‘strategy’?”

I do hope Instagram inherits the revolutionary technology that allows filter thumbnails to use your photo for preview.

25 May

Next Skyrim update to bring mounted combat

Might just be the motivation I needed to finally pick it up again.

After making the same mistake over and over again, there’s got to be a time when you finally learn from it and stop. Someday I’ll get there.

It’s so hot in here I don’t even have enough energy to procrastinate.

26 May

I downloaded Coda 2 but can’t be bothered to install the new toy and play with it. I’m pretty sure that means I’m getting old.

Mountain Lion changes

“Ask to keep changes when closing documents” should make autosave even less intuitive. Yay.

Clearly they realize we hate autosave in OS X, but they’re trying to please us without taking it out, and it may very easily make it worse.

I’m told that “Ask to keep changes” may in fact do the right thing: essentially switching autosave to temp files. If so, yay! (via @Hixair)

27 May

In Time — God DAMN that’s stupid. Well done, and stuffed with eye candy, but so fucking stupid at every turn. What the hell, Andrew Niccol?

I’m so existentially bored that I’ve spent the last few hours typing comments on Reddit then closing the window without posting.

28 May

Merde, je comptais faire ma déclaration d’impôts aujourd’hui, dernier jour férié avant le 31, et c’est un jour ouvré ? Que faire ?!

Water is off in the house, so of course every single thing I can think of doing today suddenly involves running water.

Acheter VueScan parce que les drivers de mon antique scanner ne marchent plus sous Lion, ou acheter un nouveau scanner ?

Vu que le scanner de ma mère fait en deux secondes ce que le mien fait en trois minutes dans VueScan, ça sera : nouveau scanner, un jour.


Regardless of production/distribution costs, digital media should be cheaper for the simple fact that you can’t resell when done.

With the temperature in my room, I don’t know if I’m more afraid of running SuperDuper or not having an up-to-date backup.

C’est impressionnant comme Grindr s’est peuplé, dans le coin, sur les 12 derniers mois.

29 May

What a season — every Monday I get to watch three episodes of TV that all make me think “best show of the year!” (The third is Girls.)

Every time I tweet something like “every Monday” I have to check again if it’s supposed to be capitalized #tuesdayconfession

Damnit, pinterest, there’s no reason for the bookmarklet to fail when presented with a direct link to an image.

Stop using Javascript to force fixed-position overlays on your iPad-specific layouts, it makes my iPad 1 crash.

Argh. My Mac mini doesn’t just look like a hot plate, it also feels like one to the touch. None of my gear is gonna survive the summer.

Heh. Heh. Je m’étais naïvement dit que je pourrais glisser-déposer les colonnes dans LibreOffice pour les réorganiser.

What I said the other day about the great TV season we’re having? I hadn’t even seen the latest Mad Men yet. Damn.

I wish I’d noticed that tap water was suspiciously cloudy before I made boiled eggs. Oh well, what’s the worst that can happen?

Who wants to go play badminton in the garden?

30 May

J’étais comme motivé à bosser un peu sur NoPic, mais vue la gueule de ma maquette dans Photoshop, l’inspiration ne suit pas.

Do you remember the time when it was unthinkable for a site to go two years without a redesign? Do you remember the time when we fell in love?

Le sachet de crevettes à l’huile d’olive et à l’ail est mon nouveau produit Picard préféré.

Where’s Don Draper when you want to rewrite the tagline for your site? Well, or Ginsberg, he’s fresher and cuter.

31 May

“Japanese for the Western Brain”

Fuck that, I’m too old to rewire my brain, I’ll never learn Japanese.

Pas flippant du tout quand le Terminal se met à te dire “You have no name!” et “Go away, you don’t exist!” — oh, c’est rien, faut rebooter.

Real-World iAd Stats

Better than I expected. (But of course it must depend on what kind of audience you have.)

Four Lions — Funny, and I know it’s not supposed to be realistic, but I was hung up on Omar and his wife not making sense in this story.


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