Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

1 November 2012

Tous les jours fériés devraient commencer par des courbatures et des acouphènes.

2 November

How did Dark Shadows not make it obvious to Mockingbird Lane’s producers that it was a terrible idea?

Oh, American Horror Story. You’re back and I’m sorry I ever doubted you.

The shell companies of Google Europe

Starts out innocently enough (who isn’t based in Ireland?),then goes further.

FUCK. YOU. If you’d just LOOKED at the app instead of just searching for “emoji” in the store you’d know it’s not true.

It’s NOT FUCKED UP AT ALL that Apple would remove a whole bunch of apps from the store WITHOUT LOOKING AT THEM.

Ayant testé un autre bagel dans le 13e, je peux maintenant d’autant plus assurément réitérer ma recommandation de Morry’s, rue Charonne.

“Apple Removing Emoji Apps From App Store”

So my theory was right, they just searched for ‘emoji’ and booted everyone.

3 November

I’m guessing all the emoji apps are still online because Apple planned to review again only the apps who protest.

It’s still fucked up.

If I’m right, instead of simply careless Apple’s very aggressively disrespectful of their developer partners. And no surprise there.

Played with a Galaxy Note 2 for a while (my iPhone feels embarrassingly tiny now); can’t wait to get a Nexus 4 #newtoy #newtoy #newtoy

4 November

Chipotle : j’ai peut-être mal commandé, mais ça n’allait pas beaucoup plus loin que “comestible.” (Also, sauce douce, mon cul.)

The final frontier : aller seul dans un bar du marais. Ca serait bien pratique, là, mais non je ne suis pas encore prêt.

5 November

How did we go in five years from touch UI being the most obvious and discoverable interface to the most arcane, needing gesture tutorials?

Oh, it had never occurred to me that having dominant left eye and right hand was an objective handicap for shooting guns, bows, etc.

Frankenweenie — Not all that interesting, but cute, and it’s refreshing to watch a Tim Burton movie that doesn’t make you want to die.

Oh yeah, that black iPad mini is one fine device to hold in your hand. I’m still getting a Nexus 4, but I won’t pretend to resist the iPad.

Most surprising: typing with the iPad mini lying flat in landscape seems a lot more efficient than I expected. Not ten fingers, but fast.

Deuxième chance à Chipotle parce que le concept est tellement parfait pour moi : toujours pas, le résultat final n’a pas de cohérence.

6 November

Don’t have an opinion on CrashPlan yet but I wish I didn’t scan all 320GB of my home folder again every time I change a little setting.

Make a video review of a device, spend the first four minutes reading out quotes from other bloggers’ reviews. Uh, yeah.

Not sure if stomach flu or spicy food.

Looks like I should have taken advantage of spicy exotic food a lot more when I was young and my body could actually take it.

7 November

Au moins, ils ont l’air d’avoir installé deux-trois internets sur ma ligne de train.

“Kim Dotcom’s Me.ga domain killed before launch”

Why aren’t more bearded geeks working seriously on decentralizing DNS?

8 November

Fou comme les mauvaises habitudes reviennent vite, ici je dois faire un effort conscient pour ne pas grignoter toutes les cinq minutes.

9 November

My brother warned me the connection had gotten worse while I was away, and I didn’t believe him. Turns out, yes, it could get even worse.

Season 4 of Misfits is starting out with the same problem as early season 3: way too much Rudy.

Did they specifically ask Joseph Fiennes to play the part of Dylan McDermott this year? So wooden.

Not sure if it gets better or I just needed time to adjust to the new tone, but this American Horror Story was unwatchable in the best way.

Just realized why the Instapaper app’s margins jump around when text size changes (clearly not defined in px) and now it pisses me off more.

Surely I trust Rockstar, but I can’t imagine how switching between characters wouldn’t kill what little narrative immersion GTA can provide.

Xbox now supports 32GB sticks because people’s needs evolve and it’ll take at least until 2016 anyway before larger sticks are created.

Wonder if Molyneux has a switch in his office for when people get tired of Curiosity and it’s time for the next layer to be the last.

Ah, so you can turn off smart quotes in Tweetbot — it’s just hidden in the most bone-headed way in the pasteboard popup menu.

10 November

Psycho cat, psycho cat, you’re still psycho and I didn’t miss you at all.

The Sleeping Dogs demo is pretty tempting. I like the fighting much better than Arkham’s (is it faster?); wish the demo had some driving.

Hold on, the Forza Horizon intro video, where did they film this? I never thought those “festivals” were a real life thing.

And, yeah, Forza Horizon goes to the top of my wishlist, as it would. But I need a decent wheel for it, so it’ll have to wait.

I only hope the controller bugs (losing acceleration every so often) are limited either to the demo or to my third-party gamepad.

11 November

The Avengers — Boring, mostly. But I’m not the intended audience: I don’t give a shit about any of those people and their interactions.

Au moment de m’endormir, je me mets à imaginer quelqu’un qui passe une IRM avec un prince Albert. Je ne sais pas pourquoi, alors je partage.

Google gives HTC patents to fight Apple; HTC gives Apple a 10-year license and reportedly moves to focus on WP8. Is that a heist or what?

Donnie Darko — I didn’t remember it being so slow. But it still totally works.

12 November

Fruit Ninja and Paper now crash at launch on my iPad 1. Both of these apps are big enough that they can afford testing, FFS.

13 November


The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was getting everyone to pay $100 extra for another 16GB of flash memory on their gadgets.

14 November

Revenir de Paris avec quinze gigas de musique, ça veut aussi dire passer une semaine à capitaliser proprement les titres dans iTunes.

I love that if I dare disable iCloud sync in 10.8’s Contacts, my address book simply ends up empty #preparingforanexus

No option I can find to move the iCloud contacts back to “On my Mac”, short of exporting it all (and I’m sure I’ll lose my groups then).

WTF? Export my address book, turn off iCloud, import my address book back, IT TURNS ICLOUD BACK ON.

Play Letterpress from two alternating devices and keep wondering which games are new and which have been resurrected by Game Center sync fails.

15 November

Interesting (and fortunate) that Apartment 23 has all but forgotten the creep from across the alley.

Poser les glaces sur le congél en se disant “ouhla, je vais les oublier là, moi.” Retrouver les glaces sur le congél trois heures plus tard.

Rock of Ages — Why? I don’t know, I’m not staying to find out.

Holy shit, the director of this week’s American Horror Story went all in, with awesome results. #dutch #omg

16 November

First time I try to write a post on Tumblr: ten minutes to get it formatted properly, and I couldn’t do it from the iPad. Not gonna work.

Kill the Password”

The only convincing case the author makes, actually, is: kill the motherfucking password reset systems. And yes, I realize you can’t have passwords without some kind of password reset, but the problem here lies with the implementation more than anything else:

Apple: Can you answer a question from the account? Name of your best friend?

Hacker: I think that is “Kevin” or “Austin” or “Max.”

Apple: None of those answers are correct. Do you think you may have entered last names with the answer?

Hacker: I might have, but I don’t think so. I’ve provided the last 4, is that not enough?

Apple: The last four of the card are incorrect. Do you have another card?

Hacker: Can you check again? I’m looking at my Visa here, the last 4 is “5555.”

Apple: Yes, I have checked again. 5555 is not what is on the account. Did you try to reset online and choose email authentication?

Hacker: Yes, but my email has been hacked. I think the hacker added a credit card to the account, as many of my accounts had the same thing happen to them.

Apple: You want to try the first and last name for the best friend question?

Hacker: Be right back. The chicken is burning, sorry. One second.

Apple: OK.

Hacker: Here, I’m back. I think the answer might be Chris?

He’s a good friend.

Apple: I am sorry, Brian, but that answer is incorrect.

Hacker: Christopher Aylsworth is the full name.

Another possibility is Raymond McAlister.

Apple: Both of those are incorrect as well.

Hacker: I’m just gonna list off some friends that might be haha. Brian Coca. Bryan Yount. Steven May.

Apple: How about this. Give me the name of one of your custom mail folders.

Hacker: “Google” “Gmail” “Apple” I think. I’m a programmer at Google.

Apple: OK, “Apple” is correct. Can I have an alternate email address for you?

Hacker: The alternate email I used when I made the account?

Apple: I will need an email address to send you the password reset.

Hacker: Can you send it to “toe@aol.com”?

Apple: The email has been sent.

“Why, yes, this Apple e-mail account does have a folder named ‘Apple’. Nobody could have guessed that, and our conversation has given me every reason to think you are who you say you are.” Jesus.

Ironic that Apple’s horrifying password-reset procedures come from their seeing you as a customer they want to help rather than an eyeball.

Ok, les oeufs, c’était clairement pas dix minutes à partir de l’eau froide. Bah, on n’en meurt pas, de la salmonellose.

“Don’t build anything for Twitter”

Well, that’s a welcome clarification. Call me naive but I say it’ll cost them.

Oh putain, les chieurs d’Apple, ils te fournissent des Photoshop des iDevices, les pixels des écrans sont même pas à l’échelle 1:1 (ni aucun autre facteur utilisable).

Going through the traditional series of “Oh come on, they still haven’t fixed that?!” when using a new version of Photoshop.

What the hell does Transmit do with its window that it ignores my “Assign to Desktop” settings? #overdesigned

17 November

Tous les trois mois : “Je sais que j’ai défini un raccourci-clavier pour créer et ouvrir un .htaccess dans le dossier courant !” (Suivi de : *bonk* *bonk* *bonk*)

Vu le bruit que fait ma chaise quand je m’appuie sur le dossier, je vais bientôt finir empalé, en plein milieu de la colonne vertébrale.

Oh, Enslaved… your messy controls, obnoxious camera, and checkpoints before unskippable cutscenes.

18 November

Le changement de layout de l’App Store dans iOS 6 m’a tuer.

For fuck’s sake, it’s 2012 and the latest Adobe suite still installs random crap in the Documents folder.

That’s. Not. What. It’s. For.

Fringe is getting so dark, it’s now inevitable they’re heading toward a reset button. Still, enjoying the ambitious final ride so very much.

Can’t change Enslaved’s difficulty mid-game (actually, mid-chapter). I’m stuck with unfun combat between the two watchtowers. I’m out.

Who thought it’d be a good idea to have entire stretches where the upgrade shop is unavailable? Save for an expensive upgrade, get stuck.

Loving The Darkness 2, but why the hell did the demo spoil something the enemy reveal that happens several hours into the game?

19 November


People complain about the slow bureaucracy of telcos, but when was the last time SMS went down for customers of a major wireless carrier?


I think @gassee has a point. iOS is mature enough for casual users and now it’s time to refine + please the business users and nerds.

Ars reviews the Philips Hue lights

The HTTP control possibilities make me want these so much.

I just noticed that Instapaper finally has a “Report a text problem” button, since August. I’ve been waiting for it since the app exists.

It’s like the Misfits writers went, “we’ve been pretty good at subverting sexist clichés for three years, time to exploit them straight-up.”

I accept Paper by 53’s unprecedented undo gesture because it brings a lot of power. But the new color mixer makes no sense to me at all.

20 November

Whatever they did to Gordon-Levitt’s face in Looper, it’s distracting, it doesn’t help, it wasn’t needed.

21 November

Looper — Not sure how a movie so pretentiously boring got so much buzz. Mainstream scifi exists in a weird parallel universe.

“Ooh, it’s a time paradox but I understood everything! That means it’s awesome!”

Please explain to me Bane’s voice?

The Dark Knight Rises — A complete hodgepodge of genres and tones. Competently done, and mostly entertaining, but pick a damn movie.

Y’a plein de gens dans ma timeline qui ont besoin d’une grosse cure de West Wing pour se rappeler les réalités de la démocratie.

Je ne sais pas ce qui est pire, la connexion internet un peu lente ou les poubelles qu’il faut emmener à la déchetterie en voiture.

Je répare mes vieux pulls à la superglu, mais j’ai l’impression que ça ne tient pas au lavage.

22 November

I haven’t scribbled idly on a piece of paper since I’ve had an iPhone or iPad, and I’m a bit worried of what that means for the brain.

I love that Boot Camp Assistant automatically detected and pre-selected the ISO that was on my desktop.

You know, the kind of little detail that the Mac was always good at, and that Apple is trying to exterminate with sandboxing.

The mark of a great OS is sixty seconds of “is it broken?” black-out between the pretty boot screen and the pretty login screen #windows8

I’ve just set up a working Steam on a working, activated Windows 8 on my Mini. The Black Friday sales are on. And I’m broke.

So, yeah, I know I’m not gonna surprise anyone, but Windows 8’s UI? All-around awful, pretty much.

23 November

Windows 8 automatically created a user directory in my name, with the accent; there’s already an app (from Microsoft) that screwed it up.

I keep opening the Maps app like it’s gonna magically transport me elsewhere. (Which would be inconvenient, I’m wearing my PJs.)

I suppose I should find it comforting that the Steam client is just about as crappy on Windows as it is on OS X.

I bought Psychonauts in a previous sale and only got around to trying it today. God I hate WASD+mouse. I just can not play that way.

24 November

My first blue screen and it’s because of Apple’s HFS drivers.

Not sure if Battle Royale sold its premise better than Hunger Games or we just went: oh, those wacky Japanese.

The Hunger Games — Eminently watchable, but doesn’t stand comparison for a second, and it wouldn’t be fair to judge it in a vacuum.

Clash of the Titans (1981) — Shows its age, but at least that’s a proper mythological story. A straight-up remake would have been fun.

25 November

J’ai été faible, j’ai acheté des Trésor. Je ne sais pas si je pourrai un jour retourner à mes Special K.

Argh, j’avais pas envie de jouer à Quantum Conundrum mais à 3,74 € ça serait jeter de l’argent par les fenêtres de ne pas l’acheter, non ?

26 November

Finally figured out that Psychonauts supports 1080p and gamepad (I’m new to this PC thing, okay?) and it all went from Hate to Glorious.

I’m now feeling guilty that I only payed a couple of bucks for Psychonauts. You quickly realize it’s worth a lot much more.

Paid. I knew that tweet looked weird but I couldn’t figure out why.


OSS zealots love Samsung and hate Apple. Samsung’s contributions to OSS: nada. Apple’s: Webkit, LLVM, Clang, Darwin, MacRuby, zeroconf.

27 November

Of all the things that suck about Once Upon a Time, I just can’t stand that pompous Charming anymore.

Psychonauts comes from an era of game design in which figuring out puzzles and bosses was supposed to be hard.

I’m not a fan.

Yes, I’m lazy.

Bilan des soldes Steam : Witcher 2, Walking Dead, Just Cause 2, Magicka. J’en ai pour une semaine à tout charger.

28 November

Faut faire avance rapide jusqu’à où, pour arriver au moment où La classe américaine devient drôle ?

29 November

Dexter’s writers ruined Ray Stevenson’s character for most of the season by trying to keep his obvious secret under wraps way too long.

As soon as it was revealed and said out loud, he started having great good okay, interesting scenes.

A special mention for his delivery of “I think I could come up with something better than ‘likewise,’” as signposted as the line was.

Oh, right, that’s why I’d unsubscribed from Polygon — Instapaper always misses half the content… and in my opinion it’s Polygon’s fault (the overly elaborate layouts don’t just mess with Instapaper, they also make my iPad 1 slow to a crawl and/or crash).


Ce soir il y a ceux qui ont téléchargé iTunes 11 et ceux qui essaient de le télécharger chez #free

D’un côté j’ai plus d’argent, de l’autre je vais mourir si j’achète pas enfin un gros casque avec des vraies basses #dilemse

First step: uncheck “Use custom colors for open albums, movies, etc.” — looks garish as hell #itunes11

I like the UI overhaul in iTunes 11 a bit more than I expected. Surprisingly well thought-out.

Biggest surprise is that the podcast library is significantly more pleasant to use. But I like small touches like the way iOS devices mount.

Pressed Space to pause a podcast, it restarted from the beginning instead and lost my location #becauseitsitunes

I miss Lucida Grande #itunes11

30 November

Many shows have tried guest-starring the Angel of Death for an episode of melancholy, but very few had the tonal flexibility required to pull it off. American Horror Story is not just flexible, it has no spine at all — in the very best way.

And their casting choice was particularly perfect, too.

Fantastical for iOS is really well designed, but uncomfortably sluggish on my iPhone 4 — it actively interferes with typing.

Every time I catch iTunes’ status display in the corner of my eye, I think I’ve received a notification.

Funny how Parks & Rec and Raising Hope take the two opposite views on the same week about supporting your partner when they’re irrational.


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