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2 February 2013

The return from cancellation hiatus is when you realize that why the fuck were you still watching 666 Park Avenue? It was always this terrible.

Wondering if it’s a failing of Letterpress that the player starting the game is much more likely to win, or it’s just plain unavoidable.

Not a fan of people playing the losing last word in Letterpress. Don’t rob me of my coup de grâce !

5 February

I wasn’t interested in God of War: Ascension following the narrative clusterfuck that was GoW 3, but it looks way too awesome to ignore.

“Apple Needs Big iPhone To ’Regain Its Mojo,’ Analyst Says”

I don’t like to quote analysts (and I don’t like to link to Forbes blogs), but this is an excellent point:

More importantly, we believe AAPL needs to reclaim high-end leadership as that is what its brand is about.

It was okay for Apple not to have a 7-inch tablet because that segment was mostly defined by cheapness until they entered it. It’s okay for Apple’s laptop line to start at $999 because the only advantage competitors have is price — and unprofitable margins.

But there are people out there not buying iPhones (either holding off on their purchase, or moving to Android altogether) because they want a higher-end device, a potentially more expensive device, than anything Apple is willing to offer. That’s just wrong.


(Okay, the Mac Pro hasn’t been a worthy purchase in years, but I don’t think its potential market compares to that of 5-inch smartphones.)


Donc, le Parlement britannique a voté le #MariagePourTous à 400 pour et 175 contre après… une journée de débats. UNE JOURNÉE. Voilà.

Du mal à m’habituer à cet âge où les amis n’ont plus besoin de mentionner “oh et je suis toujours avec machin !” à chaque fois qu’ils donnent des nouvelles.

6 February

8 February

Pretty sure that Community premiere would have felt lame even without the added scrutiny.

But then, why would you fire Community’s showrunner if you weren’t gonna transform it into a lame sitcom that takes its jokes at face value?

12 February

Anna Karenina — Like that recent American Dad episode which satirized hipster stage plays, minus the benefit of being parodic. Barf.

13 February

Seems like every Echofon update on iOS breaks something new. I’m gonna force myself to get used to Tweetbot, it’s time.

14 February

Les gens qui sont dans mes amis Facebook et ne me préviennent pas quand mon site est hijacké par des pubs #lesgens

15 February

Breaking Dawn: Part 2 takes a while to get going but the last third is rather awesomely ridiculous. Those death scenes! Plop!

Wow, okay, Community’s toast.

I love that Qwertee’s business model is to release as many copyright-infringing T-shirts as they can before they’re shut down.

17 February

So Les Misérables isn’t just a crime against music, the filmmaking is also insufferable. What’s with the hand-held Dutch extreme closeups?

As much as I loathe every choice that movie made, Marius and Eponine prove that live recording in itself was not the horrible idea I thought it was. Provided you hire singers.

18 February

Listening to a podcast in Italian, and pleasantly surprised by how much I’m still able to follow after twenty years without practice.

19 February

Every few months I rediscover that Skyrim is just not particularly fun to play.

21 February

Does it sound to anyone else like Sony learned from its failures and decided to let the American branch design the PS4?

I must say turning the PS4 into not just a Gaikai client, but also a server, is a genius stroke. (Though not for my countryside DSL.)

I’m both surprised and pleased that Sony’s emphasizing gaming so much — when Microsoft is likely to ruin the Xbox with Windows 8 synergy.

It takes a certain kind of Jonathan Blow to use one’s appearance at a console reveal to trash-talk every other game ever.

22 February

Oh, that’s awesome, I’m at the quest where Skyrim crashes if you try to save your progress.

No idea why I’m still playing this thing.

And now I’m completely stuck in the main quest because of a bug, unless I join the Empire, which, ew.

I could bite the bullet and join them just so I can proceed, but what’s the point if there’s gonna be bugs like that all along the way?

“I don’t want to sound racist but…” “But you’re gonna power through it.” #archer

Archer hadn’t been this awesome since the beginning of the season. Not coincidentally, this ep was back to the show’s most basic premises.

C’est un coupe-faim génial, le chocolat noir. Bien content qu’assez de mes papilles soient mortes de vieillesse pour que je puisse en profiter.

J’ai la flemme de monter le thermostat parce qu’il faudra que je le rebaisse dans trois jours. #howhopelessami

23 February

Rubber-duck debugging

Sounds like a great idea but I’d be afraid to lose my last shred of sanity.

24 February

Holy Motors — Passé d’inoffensif à insupportable avec le speech transparent de Piccoli.

Snow White and the Huntsman — Theron does all she can (and Stewart does… what she can) but it’s just a profoundly boring, humorless movie.

Daniel Knauf debriefs Carnivàle: part 1, part 2.

25 February

L’app de la Banque Postale tellement mal nommée que je n’arrive jamais à la retrouver dans Spotlight.

Bizarrement, après s’être pris un gros coup de ciseaux dans la gueule, l’écran de mon MacBook a une rayure maintenant.

26 February

I shouldn’t have watched Tiny Furniture; now every supposedly ironic self-indulgence in Girls looks suspect.

I love buying software with a Paypal account I haven’t logged into in years. Free money!

27 February

It was unavoidable, but I’m disappointed that Carrie Diaries chooses to be “Young S&tC” instead of an honest depiction of young Bradshaw. Carrie’s first job at 16 wasn’t for Interview. Carrie’s first best friends weren’t two smart, caring girls she never saw again in NYC. (Or do they both get killed in the series finale?)

“Opera lights.” That’s such an awesome name for them.

Don DeLillo, Cosmopolis — Kinda feel like I enjoyed it more than it really deserves, but at any rate a fascinating read.

Kathy Bates in talks to join American Horror Story. Isn’t that a little too… facile?

Web UX peeve: sites having signup and login forms on the same page so that 1Password doesn’t know which one to fill and submit.

“Drobo Standard Warranty Expires in 30 Days”

Ominous ‘courtesy’ email out of the blue is ominous.

I was feeling sorry for @tweetbot Mac that I was using ten API tokens for one purchase, but now I’m annoyed instead cuz the UI breaks down.

28 February

I find Tweetbot Mac’s menubar item a lot more convenient for navigating the app than the sidebar buttons. That’s a clear sign of UX trouble.

Why do we lose all the best Twitter clients? Echofon Mac, Twitter iPad… is the platform hexed?

Oh, wait, Twitter deliberately killed both.

How sad is it that the “Discover more of New Myspace” email opens with “Share GIFs” as the first of its three points?

FYI, the second point is that you can finally search for your Facebook and Twitter friends on Myspace. (Not that I could find any.)

“What the hell was I thinking the last time I rated this song in iTunes I must have been drunk.”

Oh shit. I just completely changed my idea of how I want the new NoPic to look — again.

“Pouvez-vous réaliser mon application ? Je n’ai pas moi-même d’iPhone et ne suis pas très branché internet.” OH HELL NAW.

Want to try Twitter clients, get “Twitter is over capacity” when I try to authorize. Can’t we just all give up on that platform today? Do we really have to wait and attend to its death throes, can’t we just decide it’s done already?

You don’t understand: I am this close to having an anxiety attack over being forced to use one of those Twitter clients I don’t like.

Two-factor authentication, helping you appreciate Gmail’s lovingly crafted login page while you wait five minutes for the text message.


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