Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

1 March 2013

Les gens qui t’écrivent pour te demander si ton app à $2 va bientôt être en promo.

D’une adresse spammotel․com, encore plus classe.

Tiens, j’ai oublié de coincer le pépin derrière une dent avant d’avaler mon quartier de mandarine. Je vais donc mourir.

2 March

La certitude tranquille que mon casque audio sans fil tombera dans la cuvette un jour ou l’autre.

3 March

Rappelez-moi de faire une app “Liste de courses” qui ignore les clics accidentels quand l’iPhone n’est pas tenu bien droit devant soi.

It’s 2013, I’ll allow myself to make a website that simply doesn’t work if you don’t have Javascript and Ajax.

At least once a day I find out that Tweetbot Mac’s timeline is hiding new tweets without telling me.


Mon truc préféré quand je retranscris une interview, c’est m’entendre poser des questions stupides encore et encore.

4 March

Watching an animated movie with voice acting by Shia LaBeouf — the purest distillation of WHY.

Nausicaa — So much better, simpler, more interesting than any Ghibli feature of the last twenty years. (Except for the atrocious music.)


Tomorrow’s the big day. Make sure you’re ready for the API 1.1 switch by deleting all of your third-party apps. Please. Please delete them.

5 March

I see people repeatedly give out app․net invites in my timeline; has anyone been seen requesting one?

The best two songs of Dido’s new album are on the deluxe edition’s second disc. That’s one way to do it.

La comptable qui a mon bilan désastreux sous les yeux et me fait, “et si on vous rajoutait des charges sociales sur 3600€ pour 2012 ?”

6 March

Wreck-It Ralph — The boring, lazy writing doesn’t entice me to give them the benefit of the doubt in the homophobia controversy.

7 March

Moving my calendars back to iCloud; for some reason Google keeps adding alarms to my entries, and I’m never switching to Android anyway.

Way too often I go, “I’d post that link but it’s not worth the effort of working what I have to say into 140 characters.” Damn Twitte…

La nouvelle API Dropbox a l’air super bien conçue, à temps pour que je me lance dans mon app de liste de courses que personne n’achètera.

Quand même, quel est le chieur qui a décidé que les comma-joins de MySQL ne se liraient plus dans l’ordre où ils sont écrits ?

8 March

Comprendrai jamais comment la majorité des chats peuvent être trop cons pour tirer une porte entrouverte avec la patte.

The same conundrum every time you encounter an ſ in a captcha.

Several years in, there’s still no sensible way to follow an App Store link from within the Instapaper app.

Bordel, j’ai vraiment pas de chance avec les grille-pains que j’achète — même quand je ne prends pas le plus cheap pour une fois.


J’arriverai jamais à prendre Interpol au sérieux. J’ai lu Tintin : Interpol, c’est aussi réel que la Bordurie pour moi.

9 March

“This true story will make you believe in God,” the fictitious character said. Life of Pi is an ironic meta commentary, right? Okay, at least it is supposed to be meta.

Life of Pi — OMG BARF. But gorgeous, expertly directed and could be the best use of extensive photo-realistic CG in the history of cinema. Oscars deserved.

You know those groups that edit movies to expunge all the disgusting immoral material? We need an atheists’ cut of Life of Pi.

10 March

Still love Hedwig… but because of intrinsic qualities, or the way it touches me personally?

(You know, the whole botched sex change thing.)

You know that annoyingly hipster and entirely uninteresting documentary about a video game’s genesis?

No, the other one.

No, another one.

11 March

12 March

C’est dommage que Woodkid ait fait d’une voix voilée sa marque de fabrique, parce que c’est beaucoup plus joli les rares fois où il sort de ce registre.


It’s illegal to shine a laser pointer at a plane because a cat might attack the plane

Love how Carrie Diaries introduced its new character. “I know who he is, I meant what did he just say?” — twice in a row. #meta

13 March

Veronica Mars has been off the air twice as long as it’s been on. Let the dead shows die. Remember how sad Buffy was to be resurrected?


“Grandad, where were you when they announced the 266th Pope?”

“I read it on twitter, 300 times in 10 minutes.”

Glad that most of my timeline seems to appreciate Cloud Atlas. I was worried I’d gone crazy, afraid to watch it again and be disappointed.

14 March

With the number of paid Reader apps, no doubt there’ll be subscription-based API-compatible services. But how many competing, and how poorly made?


Bigger revelation: Google built a service that you configure with all your interests and biases. They couldn’t make it profitable.

YouTube playlist of Mass Effect 3: Citadel

I’m not giving Bioware any more money, and this looks complete.

And fun.

How sad is it that it never occurred to Bioware, before this DLC, to pretend to get the whole crew together for a fight?

Who’s still using Google Reader?

Since the announcement yesterday, more than 10% of my personal timeline has complained about the impending death of Google Reader. I’m not talking about Silicon Valley pundits here, but French people I know personally: geeks, to be sure, but not professional ones. Actually, just the kind of early adopters, of influencers even, that Google would so desperately like to see using Plus.

And that’s the rub, isn’t it? They’re not shuttering Reader because it can’t be monetized — there are so many ways it could be — or because it’s dying a natural death, but because they’re annoyed that we haven’t obeyed their orders to move over to Plus. So obviously the rational response, the efficient reaction, is to pettily get rid of the social tool we’re actually using, the service they could be monetizing. That’ll teach us.

Here’s a hint, Google: conquering the social space is not about designing a service behind closed doors and telling people to go and use it. It’s about observing what people are doing and what they want to do, and letting them do that. The example to follow here is the way Twitter adopted mentions, and retweets, and so on; not the way Twitter is currently trying to shed its third-party clients now that it has succeeded.

“The RSS Apocalypse”

Then I got home and my wife was really upset about it. My wife is a bit of a nerd too but she travels in circles of electronically connected paper-crafters and they are absolutely up in arms about this. To them, Google Reader is RSS. They don’t know of alternative services and as far as they know, new services will never again exist. They think RSS is going to die on July 1 and that’s that. Now some of them will figure out they can go elsewhere but some won’t. Those people will stop reading blogs via RSS and those blogs will lose readers.

That got me thinking. I’ve spent years building up MacSparky.com. There are thousands of RSS subscribers. How many will bother to sort out a new RSS system and subscribe again? The closing of Google Reader is going to result in the great RSS purge of 2013.

Oh, it’s Pi day. Hug a tiger.

Je suis presque à court de ramen, il va être temps de retourner à Paris.

15 March

Samsung’s S4 introduction show strikes the most perfect balance of self-aware yet actually lame. So glad they’re streaming it.


If the Google Reader thing scares you, the only thing you should seriously consider doing right now is taking your feeds off of FeedBurner.

Oh, c’est moche. Ca serait pas du luxe si Letterpress permettait de prévisualiser quel territoire on aura capturé après avoir joué un mot.

Of all the companies I expected to buy Mailbox, …well, Dropbox was definitely not one of them. They’re in the acquisition business now?

16 March

Captioning your iPhone photos: Over has the awesome fonts, Photolettering has the usable UI. Why isn’t Instagram in the race?


J’avais remarqué que dans Bob Marley – Get up stand up il disait « on peut pas tromper 1000 personnes 1000 fois »

I wanna sing like a dolphin.

17 March


“Raccroche, mais raccroche internet, je veux téléphoner!” #Remember90s

Silver Linings Playbook — Is it miserabilist or sincere? Bad or just messy? At any rate, only Jennifer Lawrence makes it at all watchable.

I’m particularly concerned that the internet appears to classify Silver Linings Playbook as a comedy. Or even a semi-comedy.

Couldn’t we have multitrack MP3s embedding mixing profiles that the player would use depending on how good your headphones/speakers are?

“D’accord, j’ai tout faux, je sors, tant pis, j’ai 20 ans jusqu’au bout de la nuit.”

Far Cry 3 for 30 €, or wait for the Easter sales?

I like bows.

18 March

Paris Is Burning — Well, if I wasn’t depressed before, I am now.

Nowhere Boy — John Lennon ought to be interesting enough as a character that a biopic couldn’t be this boring, even to a non-fan.

Google blocks the app from using geocoding because it doesn’t display Google Maps anymore.

iOS doesn’t offer geocoding below 5.0.

Oh, well. Thank you, Apple Maps.

The fuck happened to the musical direction in that Girls finale? Was it ironic? It felt very unironic.

Y’a pas à dire, on s’éclate vraiment avec le nouvel album de Zazie.

Start downloading a new game in Steam, leave computer alone for 24 hours, come back: it has updated every game I own but the one I want is at 5%.

J’aime quand même décidément beaucoup “20 ans.” Pas que pour les paroles, mais pas que pour la musique.

19 March

Black Mirror — The first two episodes distort human nature to fit their cynical postulates, as bad scifi does, but the third is pretty good.

Je critique les développeurs qui ont attendu le dernier moment pour passer à l’API 1.1 de Twitter, mais j’utilise encore Google Maps v2.

Je suis le seul que ça ennuie de voir même des médias gay utiliser l’appellation “manif pour tous” comme si elle était légitime ?

C’est un peu comme si on parlait de la scientologie comme d’une religion, ou du FN comme d’un parti de droite.

20 March

Empire of the Sun — I only wanted to see the insufferable little moron die, but he never fucking does. And now I’m throwing up.

22 March


Friends are like penguins… if you stab them in the head, they die.

Is there a reason why our visible color spectrum covers almost exactly one octave? Seems like an odd coincidence.

23 March

Bunheads starts out good but gets boring and dumb. Not coincidentally, Kelly Bishop disappears halfway through. Why isn’t it her show?

The best part about Gilmore Girls was the interactions between different generations. Most of Bunheads is teens being teens between teens.

And Bunheads’ lead adult and lead teen look like multi-talented clones of Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, inviting unfortunate comparisons.

A chaque écoute du nouvel album de Zazie je l’apprécie plus que la précédente… un peu complètement l’inverse du Woodkid.

As bored as I am with the whole “we are the real monsters” trope, In the Flesh looks promising.

24 March

Max Payne 3 — Not enjoying the gameplay enough to endure the writing and gimmicks. Not enjoying the gameplay much at all, in fact.


J’ai abandonné les chaînes infos pour la radio. Je facepalmais en continu, l’image ne me servait plus à rien.

Ooh, Far Cry 3 starts out awesome. I’m gonna be so disappointed when the story goes to shit.

25 March

Je peux avoir une feuille de brouillon, s’il-vous-plaît ? Non, une rose.

À minuit j’annonce lequel de mes followers restants j’ai décidé de forcer contractuellement à m’épouser. #socialnetworksuicide

26 March

Pretty much my only problem with Far Cry 3 is the audio — I find it impossible to tell where a predator’s growl or hiss is coming from.

I think it’s because the sound unrealistically moves all the way to the left or right as soon as its source is a little off-center?

Toutes ces années j’ai écouté Muse en 128kbps #lahonte


Elaine refuses to change her profile photo to support gay rights, because she finally likes her pic. Her bf dumps her for being a “bigot.”

27 March

Might be because I read spoilery discussions and explanations beforehand, but I’m loving the writing and characterization in Far Cry 3.

Seems to me the writers had the exact same idea as those of Spec Ops; they were just more subtle about it — possibly too subtle.

Dividing Far Cry 3 into two areas / difficulty tiers was clever. But that results in front-loading all its personality and character before settling in militialand, which is disappointing.

Pas résisté au rayon chocolats. C’était déjà un bel exploit la dernière fois, faut être réaliste, aussi.

28 March

Huit heures du matin en 2013, j’ai la révélation que le mot “ethernet” a une étymologie qui saute aux yeux.

Well at least Goodreads will soon be integrated directly with my Kindle, the way god intended it to be.

Qui part avec moi en vacances dans le Pacifique se faire capturer par des pirates pour que je puisse révéler mon inner warrior ?

29 March

Please don’t make a sidequest that requires me to eliminate all three other players from a poker game. Especially when they’re chicken.

Je ne m’attendais pas à ce que ça marche de répondre STOP à un SMS de spam ; au moins je ne suis pas déçu.

Trois MP3 chargés sur Amazon dans le temps que ça m’aurait pris d’avoir l’album entier sur BitTorrent. Et en plus c’est du 256kbps.

30 March

Why, I was just telling myself this is a perfect day for the start of WW3.

Far Cry 3’s “good” ending unravels all the previous meta irony. I guess I was not supposed to choose it, in character. But I was weak.

Il fait un temps à écouter des disques sous la couette, alors je crois qu’on va faire ça.

31 March

Uploader un avatar égalité sur nopic #SOBRAVE


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