Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

1 April 2013

When I was just a little girl I asked my mother, what will I be? Will I be pretty, will I be rich? Here’s what she said to me: NOPE.


We need a new programming language metric for the likely damage caused by accidentally pasting source code at a shell prompt.


If 2012 was dubbed “Year of the Bow,” 2013 will be known as “Year of the Evil George Washington.”

3 April


If Tetris has taught me anything, it is that errors pile up and accomplishments disappear.

4 April

Oh, it’s that week of the month when the Adobe updater wants to update a different app each day instead of I don’t know grouping them maybe.

Not-a-Facebook-phone is well designed, but without Twitter integration it’s dead on arrival. Only a neutral third-party can really do this.

On the other hand, they’re not trying to sell it so it doesn’t matter so much if it doesn’t completely take over the world.

Don’t know if it’s Android’s fault or Facebook’s that Home will be available on all of five devices at launch, but it’s ridiculous.

J’envoie un kbis à ma banque pour qu’ils enregistrent mon nouveau siège social, ils prennent l’adresse du gérant à la place.

5 April

Are we supposed to like Homeland? Because two episodes in I’m only finding it irritatingly false, going for shock value over story.

6 April

Disappointed that Bryan Fuller created Hannibal. It’s very well done but terribly dumb.

7 April

Must have been the worst Doctor Who episode of the century, but evidently no script can ever be bad enough to dampen Jenna-Louise Coleman’s magnetism.

8 April

Comme l’impression que la domiciliation de ma société a perdu trois mois de courrier à l’occasion de son déménagement.

J’en ai fait des conneries, mais si j’avais droit à un seul voyage dans le temps je me crèverais les yeux la veille de la création de ma boîte.

“In 1979, a number of Swedes called in sick with a case of ‘being homosexual.’” Ca vous dirait pas ? #jdcjdr

9 April

Didn’t Brienne sound much more feminine this week than before? Not that she was ever too talkative anyway, but… can’t be bothered to check.

Ils ont bien choisi le moment pour diffuser Real Humans en France. Le parallèle avec l’actualité devient vite inconfortable (in a good way).

10 April

Panic’s Status Board for iPad

Looks awesome. I’d rather have a Mac port than a pro version with TV out, though.

Pretty clear I’d still be better served by updating my own HTML status board. I’ll buy Panic’s app someday as thanks for the inspiration.

Tiens, le dév de l’application gayromeo a décoché la case “faire ramer sans raison.” Et le dév de nopic pendant ce temps il fout quoi hein ?


#WeCantBeInARelationshipIf you put the asterisk before the space in your pointer declarations.

11 April


Far Cry: Blood Dragon is the type of game every AAA dev team wishes they were making, halfway through the process of making a AAA game.

Following a Greek god on Instagram and only “liking” the photos of his cat because it’s too personal otherwise #socialanxiety

Euh… j’espère que c’est un bug temporaire, le fait que Twitter soit complètement perdu si on rajoute un slash après le pseudo dans l’URL ?

All I’d really want is for Apple to take the hint and add “pop that message back up in n days” functionality to its email apps.

12 April

Elisabeth Moss is nicely channeling Dana Scully in Top of the Lake. (That’s Jane Campion’s take on The Killing. She’s still got it.)

Pourquoi les opérations de janvier ne sont plus dispo sur le site de la banque s’il suffit d’appeler pour rececoir un double du relevé ?

Having to stop myself from checking the spelling of a word because Google might suggest another one I hadn’t thought of #letterpress

Operation “Find Music That Doesn’t Make Me Even More Depressed” fails again today.

13 April

Les gens qui trouvent ça signifiant d’insister pour appeler Frigide Barjot par son nom de baptême mais continuent d’utiliser l’appellation “manif pour tous.”

14 April

God damn. Hannibal is still terribly dumb, but it has managed to innovate impressively in the crowded field of nightmarish crime scenes.

The image in my room’s window is disconcertingly bright. Someone must have pressed the wrong button on the remote, and I can’t find it.

I don’t care for how many seasons your medical TV show runs, you can’t do spider-in-the-ear twice #nursejackie

15 April

Oh, c’est joli, “ultra-marin,” pourquoi on ne s’en sert pas plus ?

16 April


HODOR #RemplaceUneCitationDeNietszcheEnAllemandParHODOR

I don’t know in what ways the Facebook app for iPad is supposed to be new, but it still ignores orientation at launch.

17 April

On pourrait pas inventer une forme de transition progressive entre “putain il pèle” et “je me liquéfie dans la voiture” ?


Je me demande si j’arriverai un jour à reprendre au sérieux cette histoire de pays des droits de l’homme.

Si je tape sur mon ventilo avec un marteau il arrêtera de faire des bruits bizarres irréguliers ?

18 April

I need to get out of my own head.

Drilling air holes: is that still recommended?


Area schizophrenic admits he’s “just been A/B testing”

19 April

A chaque fois que je lis mention d’une année en 199x je passe par le même chemin : “il y a un peu moins de dix ans, quoi… oh… wait… fuck.”

The new Florence + the Machine single makes the new Daft Punk seem that much more memorable by comparison.

20 April

Wait, I don’t actually remember ever taking a bath with someone. That can’t be right, can it?

21 April


La France aime ses homos (Ruquier, etc.). Mais jamais nous n’avons leur compagnon/compagne en une de journaux sur un tapis rouge ou autre.

22 April

“It’s very real and true and sad and hopeful just like me.”

Ah ben voilà que le chat donne des coups de patte sur l’iPad éteint parce que mon reflet ne réagit pas à ses regards #condechat

A force de donner des coups de ciseaux dans l’écran de mon MacBook, il va être composé de plus de dentifrice que de verre.

Wow. By now I figured The Borgias would be playing coy with this relationship forever.

Faire du bricolage avec un casque sur les oreilles, c’est prendre le risque de ne pas entendre où est tombée la pièce irremplaçable.

23 April


“I don’t do code reviews. Or interviews. Or really any type of views. I’m more of a controller type. Also models, I’m into models.”

Ca tombe bien qu’il y ait un programme de remplacement gratuit du fond de mon MacBook, moi qui avais perdu une vis en changeant le disque.

24 April

First world problems: you just can’t watch anything for hours after a Game of Thrones episode like this. And I’ve got a Mad Men waiting!

Defiance doesn’t seem awful and I could imagine it going somewhere, but they made an inexplicably shitty casting choice for their lead.

It’s sad that they were clearly shooting for a redux of Ben Browder as John Crichton and landed so very far from the target.

I’m feeling personally offended by his readings of last week’s “41.” and this week’s “Dead.”

For real? Drogon the Dragon, named after Drogo? Is that in the books, because it’s fucking cheap.

I saw a “How To Train Your Drogon” poster earlier today and the main reason I didn’t retweet it was I thought the pun was pitiful.

25 April

Ah, ça y est, après quinze jours de chaleurs, enfin cette période joyeuse où elle réclame des caresses, puis griffe et mord.

Flashback du ronronnement des moteurs, et des odeurs mêlées d’embruns et fioul, sur le car-ferry Marseille-Bastia.

Vous vous rappelez quand on pouvait présenter son mec comme “mon mari” parce qu’il y avait absolument zéro ambiguité ? #cetaitmieuxavant

I’ve never been an skeuomorphophobe but I find all the Delicious Library 3 screenshots horrendous.

Awww un gros berger tout poilu est venu me dire bonjour sur la plage #woof

26 April

Just because Marco Arment deserves the payout he must be getting doesn’t mean I can’t be jealous.


Loudly tapping your fingers at the cashpoint, to assure the queue that you’ve asked for money and the wait is out of your hands

Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things

Didn’t know how neurotic I was til this gave me an orgasm (via @jujupiter)

27 April

Ca fait des mois qu’il s’est rien passé d’excitant en technologie ou je suis blasé ? Y’a pas qu’Apple qui hiberne, là.

29 April

I’m confused by Game of Thrones’ obsession with sexual prowess. Am I being a prude?

30 April

Lady Brienne does the best reaction shots. Anyone feel like confessing their deepest secrets in a bathtub?

Why couldn’t Apple set its laptops up to optionally charge on Thunderbolt when connected to a powered dock? #onecable

Isn’t it time for Apple to introduce waterproofing as a killer feature on its devices?


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