Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

2 October 2013

JE SUIS DANS MON LIT !!! Et en plus on en a profité pour échanger nos lits, celui-là est plus adapté à la pièce et bien plus confortable.

Me convaincre que dans un an Apple va lancer un iPhone plus large, et puis je serai riche, donc ça serait du gâchis de prendre un 64 Go aujourd’hui.

Une file de gens qui passent le temps sur leur iPhone en attendant de pouvoir acheter un iPhone. OSCOUR.

Y’a dérogation pour sauter un rang dans la file d’attente si c’est pour draguer le mec de devant, ou c’est à lui de faire le premier pas ?

La mousse au chocolat Michel et Augustin is the new pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

Déception de la B.O. de GTA V, le passage entêtant de “Gabriel” sur lequel on tombe toujours en voiture n’est qu’une partie minime d’un mix très bof.

Not certain whether it’s the subtly better encoding or it just needed a second listen, but I’m enjoying Cher’s new album a lot more today. (The album cover is still awful, but then my iTunes library reminded me they’ve always been.)

3 October

Damnit, at least if this were Skyrim I could kill Amanda and the kids #GTAV

4 October

Agents of Shield feels like a compilation of past Whedon characters dropped into Marvel’s universe, as it would. And that means… I’m bored.

Told you Sleepy Hollow would be much better once they hired professional TV directors! (And got the most absurd exposition out of the way.)

Who’s wearing Kristen Bell’s death mask on Parks and Rec? That’s… just rude.

Was Lord Grantham always that much of an asshole? Was the show always so obviously remaking Dallas?

Got depressed for the rest of the day after reading that article about the iPhone’s genesis and launch.

I wanted to change the world, too.

5 October

Finished GTA V. Strongly feel that the amazing tech, and astounding world building, were completely let down by the writing. “Wasted.”

6 October

Finally bought an app for tracking billable hours per project. I guess that means I’m a professional now. Kill me.

7 October

I don’t think I ever found Spader super hot or anything, but it’s weird to watch Sex, Lies, and Videotape now and see how much he wasn’t.

What do we want? Named parameters! When do we want them? Five fucking years ago!

8 October

Maybe I’m deluded, but I feel like all my own apps look much less dated in iOS 7 that Apple’s collection of first-party App Store downloads.

Le “swipe to delete” qui change de sens de façon tout à fait arbitraire après six ans, fallait oser, quand même.

I agree with comments I had seen in my timeline: the iPhone 5s’s Home button doesn’t feel like something that will keep clicking for years.

9 October

Feels so wrong playing with Siri when everyone else has had it for two years.

Je réalise lentement que le ciel au loin n’est pas juste photogénique, il va aussi être très humide si je continue dans cette direction.

10 October

11 October

Watched the first three episodes of Ally McBeal and there’s a lot of shame involved. Wish I could say I was twelve at the time; I wasn’t.

12 October

Thankfully I know better than to judge a season of American Horror Story by its uninteresting, disheveled pilot.

Desktopography 2013

Seems almost like a waste of time to focus on desktop backgrounds instead of mobile nowadays.

AHS:Asylum succeeded with an unexpected mix of oppressive and outlandish; I’m worried Coven wants to put all its chips on pseudo-controversial.

13 October

C’est dingue, je ne devrais plus grandir à mon âge, mais chaque jour mes pieds sont plus difficiles à atteindre pour mettre mes chaussettes.

Cat seems to be interpreting my dancing as a declaration of war. Must look further into why I always come back alone from clubs.

“Me regarde pas comme ça, t’avais qu’à ronronner si tu voulais que je continue.”

14 October

I can’t tell if After Earth is intended as a vehicle for the Smith spawn or just public torture from a prankster dad with a mean streak.

I feel like The Purge got worse buzz on my timeline than it deserved. It… works? I’m not sure what more you expected of it.

Plutôt que les bouteilles de True Blood, personne n’a pensé à vendre des fausses poches de sang en supermarché ?

Pourquoi je m’entête à essayer régulièrement de nouveaux trucs à Starbucks alors que le chocolat signature caramel est La Perfection ?

15 October

I’m finally using Reminders (and trusting iCloud… oh god this will end badly) instead of sending myself one-line emails. I like the future.

Fruit Ninja — the full, paid version — now looks and behaves like a freemium app. Full-screen interstitial ads, really? You’re so deleted.

16 October

I find the idea of Square Cash terrifying. American banking has to be the most insecure in the world for this to be authorized, doesn’t it?

I never expected The Originals to be any good, but it’s a proper Anne Rice show, and more enjoyable — less guilty a pleasure — than VD.


Both my book and my cigarette are running out of battery. Stupid future.

18 October

“Votre compte a été suspendu jusqu’à ce que vous payiez une taxe de 10 € par photo proctologique que vous avez infligée aux modérateurs.”

I’ve long thought it ought to be more common for TV shows with any sort of ambition to send skeleton crews abroad in order to make location scenes look more authentic than the usual green screen. So it was funny seeing Agents of Shield send an actress to Stockholm… for so little actual benefit. I mean, it had me googling their shooting location because the subway station looked too specific and too big to be faked, so the goal of making it feel more real was technically achieved — but it wouldn’t have changed the episode one bit to go the easier route and disguise a local station. But then, maybe I’m biased because I find the show thoroughly uninteresting.

A une époque je dormais comme un bébé malgré trois litres de coca par jour. Là, 50cl au dîner, paf, pleins feux huit heures plus tard.

Hop: email as a messaging app

I’m interested (though it may be too late to save email). I’m also # 47,478 in the queue.

19 October

Danette avec “+75% de lait,” y’avait quoi à la place avant ?

Un achat par carte bleue de vendredi matin pas encore affiché en ligne, ma banque espère que je vais faire moi-même mes comptes, ou quoi ?

20 October

I am loath to say anything positive about Beyond’s demo, but a proper game around The Experiment’s frustrated poltergeist would be awesome.

21 October

It’s crazy how much GTA Online hates fun.

22 October

Strikes me watching the keynote that Google Glass must be the ultimate presenter’s tool, to see your own slides and notes while talking.

I get the rationale (your files belong on Thunderbolt arrays) but it’s still weird to see the $3000 Mac Pro start with… a 256GB drive.

The new Mac icons for iPhoto and iMovie look straight out of Windows Vista. Some in-house designers are overcompensating for iOS 7.

The word of the day is “need.”

Waiiiit. No Touch ID on iPad Air? I don’t want to have to type passcodes anymore! What is this, 2012?!


That “Free Upgrade” terminology on Mavericks in the App Store just begs one to imagine the “Paid Upgrade” alternative for apps.

I don’t get the choice to favor backward compatibility over power and functionality for Finder tags. Who cares if older Macs don’t see them!

23 October

Quite unhappy with the new way labels/tags are displayed. I used them to quickly see important/obsolete files in a list; now it’s too muted.

Damn that bugs me. Surely I’m not the only one who colored files to make folders (and desktop!) more legible. Why did you break my workflow?

Good thing I didn’t pay for Mavericks; so far it only annoys me. I just switched back to 10.8’s limited but workable multi-monitor support.

Mavericks is my iOS 7. It’s slow and buggy and I hate the interface changes, as minor as they may be.

25 October

Never loved Tapbots’ designs and Tweetbot 3 is no better. Instead of disliking the visuals I can now roll my eyes at the animations.

Still, there’s no denying Tweetbot’s the best client on the platform, and it looks less out of place on iOS 7, so I’m fine with my purchase.

And one that’s not a matter of taste: content that keeps switching from light-on-dark to dark-on-light is demonstrably terrible UX #tweetbot

LinkedIn Intro is the perfect, timely solution to Mavericks: a proxy to make Mail treat Gmail like regular IMAP. (But don’t do it.)

Have you tried opening more tabs in Safari on Mavericks than fit in the tab bar? The last tab becomes a multi-tab. Biggest UX WTF all week.

Am I confused or is The Originals actually good, no further qualification required?


“I want the iWork apps on my iPad to be as powerful as those on my Mac.”


Gravity is more of a ride than a movie, but it’s the best ride you’ll see in a theater. And 100% worth bothering to see it in IMAX 3D.

26 October

Do IMAX theaters have AirPlay? I want to listen to some good EDM on those speakers / rumble pads.

Oh mais OMG, Schwarzenegger est vraiment redevenu acteur pour de bon ? (Repensant aux horribles trailers en VF de mon ciné de banlieue.)

Woodkid est la bande son parfaite pour rentrer de voir Gravity. C’est dire si ce film donne dans la subtilité.

Pourquoi ce n’est pas pratique courante de foutre des caissons de basses sous les canapés ?

Tenir la porte de la copropriété à un chien par réflexe avant de réaliser que je ne sais pas si son humain, dix mètres plus loin, entre là.

27 October

Le double-clic sur les écouteurs pour passer au morceau suivant qui marche une fois sur vingt, on en parle ?

Inconvénient de n’avoir que des appareils qui se mettent à l’heure tout seuls : l’heure d’hiver est passée, là, ou c’est dans une heure ?

Carnivàle’s serious, self-important style worked because it was a story about Good vs Evil. For Dracula’s personal vendetta, not so much.

I’m trying out Reduce Motion for a bit, but it feels like I’m betraying my iPhone.

I can imagine the Misfits of a few years ago doing the same story, but not being so callous about it. Not sorry it’s the final season.

28 October

Pacific Rim — I was fine with the silly premise, but I didn’t expect it to be so insultingly stupid every step of the way. Painful to watch.

Tiens, all this time j’avais l’accès gratuit aux musées nationaux et je ne le savais pas. Je suis un artiiiste mossieur.

29 October

30 October

“Walking Dead season 2 will put players in the role of Clementine.” How the fuck would you have meaningful dialogue choices as a 9-year-old?


Now that Twitter shows cropped pics in the web timeline, it’s gonna become Reddit — nobody will see any Tweet that doesn’t include a picture


Fantastical is a great example of an iOS 7 redesign that avoids the bleached look of Apple’s apps while still pulling off delightful UI

How not to use iOS 7’s systemwide font size: Fantastical 2’s event list is unreadable because I like my mail and tweets written small.

Fantastical 2’s birthday view is the perfect touch of whimsy that my apps are sorely lacking. Oh well, can’t change your spots and all that.

Confused by Twitter’s feature rollout. I have inline images but still no “let everyone DM me” checkbox that I can find.

On perdrait pas autant de temps à parler des mises à jour d’iPhone, de Twitter, etc., qu’on en gagne à les utiliser comme outils ? #zerosum

Damn, somehow I had no idea the Pebble watch vibrated. Now I want one.

When’s the last time you intentionally slid from one letter to another on iPhone? Slide-for-variants belongs just as much as on iPad.

31 October

Testé à nouveau, et je continue de douter que quiconque ait jamais réussi à faire marcher un transfert sur AirDrop.

La gravité terrestre dans la station spatiale est 90% de celle sur Terre (c’est évident quand on y réfléchit, mais on y réfléchit rarement).

“This disk needs to be repaired using the Recovery partition.” Do not want.


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