Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

1 December 2013

Se faire vouvoyer dans la queue de la Scream, c’est la grosse déchéance là ou bien ?

2 December

3 December

Too early to fully endorse it, but I think I really like the Boxer email client for iOS. Smart UI, good functionality—needs a Mac version.

“Tomorrow’s the one-year anniversary of the storm.” Well, that’s stretching it somewhat. #misfits

4 December

I’m so depressed that Allison Janney signed on as regular on a Chuck Lorre show. An actual, full-on, properly despicable Chuck Lorre show.

Le terminus de mon tram est beaucoup moins loin de Nation en été. C’est pas cool d’avoir déplacé la porte de Vincennes.

5 December

Henry Cavill’s CG chest in Man of Steel looks amazing. Wouldn’t be able to look in a mirror if I believed bodies like this actually existed.

Me suis dit que j’allais attendre d’être payé pour acheter mon fauteuil à 150 €. Alors j’ai pris pour 100 € de luminaires.

I have a problem.

I get why proper Star Trek movies can’t exist in this century, but not Superman — why make Man of Steel a generic alien invasion flick?

Est-ce qu’on peut officiellement renommer la Scream en “le Scorp” ? Parce que je n’arrêterai jamais de faire le lapsus.

Finally unlocked the practice dummies and they’re even worse than the punching ball as a mini-game. I’ll be done with Clumsy Ninja soon.

Game’s worst mistake by far, though, is getting you used to the high-fives then suddenly rationing them. Takes half the satisfaction away.

Petit papa Noël, FYI je vais bientôt plus pouvoir me retenir de balancer par la fenêtre mon vieil iPad 1 qui rame et qui plante #jdcjdr

7 December

Listening to an album from a new singer who has all the power and range of Céline Dion without the tics. And her name is… Céline Dion?

But then, without the recognizable tics, can you still be a pop diva or are you just the anonymous voice on a dance track?


The internet is a lot like ancient Egypt. People write on walls & worship cats.

9 December

I wanted to like Riddick for their earnest determination to keep trying, but that macho parody of Pitch Black doesn’t do much to earn it.

“La livraison est gratuite à partir de 75€”

“Oui mais ça me bloquerait toute la journée” pour ne pas dire “Je dors aux heures de livraison”

10 December

Man of Tai Chi — Have you ever wondered what’s going on inside Keanu Reeves’ head? Have you ever wished you could go back to not knowing?

Qui a inventé les roulettes autobloquantes qui empêchent de déplacer le fauteuil à vide, et décidé que c’était un progrès ?

11 December

Can’t quite decide how much the ending spoils The Wolverine’s good bits.

It’s fucking 2014 and The Wolf Among Us is unplayable on a non-qwerty keyboard. That’s just appalling.

The Wolf Among Us feels much more like a “press A to show the next panel” comic book than Walking Dead did. Reminds me way too much of the Heavy Rain demo… minus the promise that you could actually affect the outcome. Wish I hadn’t bought the whole season.

There’s a ball of white cold fire in the sky. Think I had heard of it before. I do not like it.

Tweetbot Mac’s broken streaming has made me go back to the Twitter app. I’ll miss iCloud Sync but might just get used to it.

12 December

Margin Call — Quite dispensable; nice to see Quinto excel in a “normal” role; not so surprising that only Badgley doesn’t have the chops.

Instagram Direct is incredibly stupid

This is not a knee-jerk reaction — I’ve actually already had the thought that it would be convenient to send an Instagram privately. But I can’t believe how much they’ve gotten it wrong.

First, there isn’t all that much congruence between my Instagram network and my actual social network. I follow people whose photos I like to see (that’s kind of always been the concept of Instagram, dummy). That includes a tiny subset of my friends list, along with a bunch of strangers that I don’t know anything about and have no interest in contacting. If I wanted to use Instagram Direct, I’d have to tell all my contacts to sign up (I’m guessing that’s the point, but why can’t a social app ever say “I’m happy with my growth now”? — especially now that Instagram belongs to Facebook and the focus should be on getting the user bases to converge, not diverge further) and then I’d have to add them to my Instagram feed. And, well, there are a lot of friends whose photos I have no interest in seeing there… because they’ll look like shit, and Instagram is not about seeing my friends’ photos that look like shit. We’ve got the Facebook feed for that.

Also, I have no idea what all my friends’ Instagram names are, so that’s a lot of time spent looking for them in the recipient list.

Second, you can send photos to everyone you follow, and I can’t find any way to opt out of the feature, or even restrict it. (Because, obviously, that would slow down adoption, and that would defeat the point and Instagram’s newly apparent delusions of grandeur.) There are a bunch of people I follow who have tens of thousands of followers — they’re not famous, I don’t think they’re even “internet famous,” but they just happen to be good photographers and their Instagram accounts have gotten a tiny bit viral. I wouldn’t want to be them today, or in the following weeks.

I can’t think of any other messaging platform, except for email (and the whole world agrees email is broken), that doesn’t prevent you from contacting people who haven’t opted into the relationship first. Facebook has hidden messages from non-friends under the carpet for years. Twitter recently tested an option to let everyone DM you, and abandoned it even though it would be actually useful to the many entities that use the network for any sort of community management. That should be telling you something, shouldn’t it?

I have no doubt that Instagram will quickly realize the error and publish an update that lets you restrict or disable Instagram Direct. (How long they take to correct course will be a determining factor in the app’s long-term survival.) But what does it say about them that they would ship the feature as it is now, penalizing the platform’s best ambassadors, its most proficient users?

Those are mistakes you could expect from an independent social network that’s willing to forget its roots, and what made it successful, in order to maximize its user base before it sells out. It’s inexplicable when Instagram already belongs to Facebook. Especially when there was a mind-bogglingly obvious solution to every single issue with the feature:

“Send as a Facebook message.”


Putain les bâtards, ils ont mis plein d’années (qui n’existent pas) pour m’obliger à scroller tout plein jusqu’à mon année de naissance.

If I had superpowers, I’d send myself a message to stop watching Misfits two years ago. What a shit finale.

13 December

Irrational outrage over Twitter’s new understanding of the word ‘block’… on the very same day Instagram Direct has been launched.


OkCupid does silent blocking for exactly the reason Twitter does: informing the blockee encourages circumvention.

Turns out Instagram asks before allowing a stranger to send you pictures, and I found the Block button. First half of my post still stands.

14 December

L’inconnu du lac me rappelle que je suis venu au monde pour réaliser un film dans un lieu de drague. (On peut se passer de bites à l’écran.)

Mark my words: dans deux ou trois heures je vais regretter lourdement d’avoir eu la flemme de sortir ce soir. Top chrono !

Heureusement que Beyoncé n’existait pas quand j’étais petit, son album vidéo me donne envie de mettre une robe et une perruque.

15 December


The two “original Avatar” episodes of “The Legend of Korra” prove there’s nothing wrong with this season except the characters all suck.


Hey, Korra, you’re like the Buddha but with magical powers. How about not being such a gullible whiny grumplepuss all the time?

Pour un peu je serais resté à la Scream jusqu’à la fermeture parce que la musique me plaisait. Science-fiction ?

16 December

Le GTD du Dépôt est un peu un bide. Pas étonnant mais dommage : le nouveau rez-de-chaussée est vraiment pas mal du tout.

Le Dépôt a tout comme la Scream en mieux, et pourtant il n’y a plus rien à faire que tout brûler et mettre un Monoprix à la place.

A chaque fois que je remets mes vieilles Nike pour sortir danser (ou patauger dans la boue) je regrette d’avoir acheté des Reebok en juin.

J’aurais voulu recevoir un badge “First time you’ve checked in anywhere in the AM” #foursquare

Le secret pour avoir une boisson au café chez Starbucks qui ne soit pas dégueulasse est donc de la demander à base d’espresso doux.

Quand tu jettes un mec poliment et qu’il répond poliment et que tu te dis merde, un mec civilisé, j’aurais peut-être pas dû.

17 December

Not to be a grinch, but Apple’s Christmas ad is barf. Fine, I’m a grinch.

18 December

Adding an ajax load to my web chat: five minutes. Throwing random offsets at strrpos() until it deigns to traverse my chat log: two hours.

19 December

Les mecs qui mettent un photomaton sur leur profil et qui sont jolis dessus. Cette envie de les frapper.

Those damn Instagram borders always make a mess of any attempt at a fancy design involving user avatars — rounding, hexagoning, anything.

Daedalus Touch

Not sure yet if I’ll reorganize my workflow around it, but this notes & drafts app has great ideas.

20 December

The Huracàn’s design is surprisingly (and thankfully) tame for a Lamborghini born in the 2010s. I’ll take two.

Fantastical for Mac 50% off: still not exactly cheap but worth it so I don’t need to pick up my iPhone every time I want to enter a new calendar event.

22 December

Nice Christmas-episode tradition of giving shelter to a gay teen who’s been kicked out. Carrie Diaries after My So-Called Life; any others?


How did I not know about this? Seems to be THE app for people who like to arrange files on their desktop.

23 December


An entrepreneur is a person who will spend years building a system to save themselves 10 mins

24 December

Même avec l’iPad 1 dans l’autre main pour comparer, le poids de l’iPad Air ne m’impressionne décidément pas autant que vous tous. Bizarre.

I hate that it makes me so happy to spend 700€ just nine hours after they have materialized on my account.

Ok, sur l’iPhone, ça allait, mais sur l’iPad, la parallaxe du fond d’écran, c’est vrai que c’est limite mal de mer.

25 December

Je n’ai jamais utilisé la version précédente, mais j’ai quand même envie de dire que, ouais, c’est de la merde, les Smart Covers d’iPad Air.

Le retour à Paris qui commence toujours par le métro qui pue plein de gens qui font le gueule. “Ah, tu l’as voulu !”

26 December

Now playing Euro Truck Simulator 2. Damn Steam sales.

27 December

I feel like I’ve spent an hour stuck inside Steven Moffat’s fever dream. What a mess.

Fuck winter. Let’s move south.

29 December

Customer support could have done without Apple inventing the ambiguity of “in the app’s settings” vs. “in the Settings app.”

Comme j’avais la crève j’avais envie de lire un truc facile, qui me fasse rêver un peu, alors j’ai acheté Slaughterhouse-Five.


30 December

Trois semaines que je teste Actifed et Dolirhume, histoire de varier, pour réaliser qu’en fait l’important dans le Rhinadvil c’est surtout l’Advil.

31 December

New objective: I won’t date a guy unless he’s able to perform the Cirque du Soleil’s wireframe cube number for me.

Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away est terriblement mal filmé, mais au moins maintenant je vois de quoi on parle. Et pourquoi on en parle. Wow.


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