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2 March 2014

Room Service : ambiance de merde parisienne puissance dix, mais hâte de retourner au Yoyo pour une bonne soirée. Ca, c’est des basses.

Nouvelle passion-haine : les connards qui traversent la piste de front comme si la Mer Morte allait s’ouvrir devant eux.

Jusqu’à la coupure à 5:50 et l’inévitable boucherie au vestiaire, j’avais un nouveau club préféré. Oh wait, c’est pas mieux ailleurs.

Aucun barista n’a jamais eu de difficulté avec mon prénom.

Un instituteur sur deux était incapable de le lire.

Tirez-en les conclusions.

3 March


The parallax scrolling on the Carplay landing page is just so great. That’s the Apple I like!!


I was this close to taking control of the group of survivors when my iPhone buzzed me awake.

4 March

“Choosing Secure Passwords”

The examples of algorithmically cracked passwords are scary.

Volvo’s CarPlay integration

Running as a pane within Volvo’s own interface. I suppose it’s powered by AirPlay.

Demoing CarPlay in a Ferrari

Much less enticing than the previous video. Look for the Motorola ROKR moment at 7:40.

5 March

Can’t believe Almost Human had the guts — or is it the gall? — to finish season one without advancing any of its thin plot threads.

I’ve seen the “Olympic rings vs. tank” meme three times now. Three times the exact same layout, three different tank tread designs #WTF

Il faut vraiment que ma procrastination soit à 150% pour que j’ouvre Sens Critique pour lire sans rien avoir à noter.

6 March

“If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel”

Swiping on an iPad really brings the point home. And, yes, I gave up.

7 March

J’allais passer ma compta dans un script PHP pour ne plus mettre cinq minutes à lancer Excel à chaque fois, mais finalement changer d’ordinateur ça marche aussi.

Les salauds, ils ont foutu des chocolats de Pâques partout. Eh ben j’ai quand même résisté !

For now.

8 March

I had previously seen a bunch more Friends episodes than I thought. Can’t quite account for why I’m enjoying them better this time around.

9 March

Instant Tinder nopes:

- guys with suits

- guys with babies

- guys with friends

- guys with other evidence of active life

Warning: going for a walk on the first day of global-warming spring while listening to Avenue Q runs a risk of flashing smiles to strangers.

Les promenades d’été au soleil, c’est quand même mieux quand il n’y a personne la nuit en hiver.

Les appareils photo existent encore, en fait, et ils sont tous de sortie.

Je suis jaloux de tous ces gens qui peuvent flâner tranquilles à l’ombre en T-shirt, voire en débardeur, sans choper une pneumonie.

10 March

J’ai à moitié pris froid hier, à moitié pas dormi cette nuit, je vous préviens, cette fois je ne pourrai pas résister au rayon chocolats.

11 March

People stopped worrying about what happened to Ross and Rachel after two years, right? Because screw them, right?

12 March

I loved Weekend because I could take a semi-ironic perspective on their “love story,” but Looking now makes me think Haigh was dead serious.

I haven’t gotten into Threes — it requires much more concentration than I’m willing to give an iPhone game. 2048 is the clone I was hoping for: it’s playable as a brainless time-waster, yet quite addictive.

13 March

Si je veux me remettre en forme j’aurai plus vite fait de me suicider et me réincarner, pour repartir d’une base saine.

Watching the Friends episode where they all freak out about turning thirty.

Good thing we have a gas oven.

Mystery solved on my bad impression of Friends: some episodes I’d seen were from later seasons. Still, five good years is huge for a sitcom.

2048 is a tool of the Devil. I’ve never felt like I’ve accomplished so little after I’ve lost an entire day to a single activity.

15 March

Mais c’est très charmant, en fait, votre petite brume. On n’a pas ça, dans ma banlieue.

♫ Tous les garçons et les filles de mon âge emménagent dans de beaux appartements deux par deux ♫

On ne peut plus faire ses courses après 21h maintenant ?! Il est vraiment temps de quitter le pays.

16 March

Passion sortir en soirée-événement dépassée par son succès.

Je reformule : passion soirées de merde et envies de meurtre. Avec option “m’apercevoir a cinq heures du mat que l’autre salle était mieux.”

Le Redlight direct au top de ma liste #neveragain avec sa piste-carrefour où il n’y a aucun endroit qui ne soit pas au milieu du passage.

17 March

I love how Mrs. UK English Siri says “Playing your Mix playlist… shuffled!” like she’s announcing an Academy Award winner.

18 March

The Veronica Mars movie is light on story, but as a (dispensable, forgettable) reunion it’s fun enough, and what more should you expect?


J’ai demandé de faire un selfie chez mon psy, il n’a pas voulu

19 March

21 March

Damn, Feedly’s “Organize” screen is a humongous pain in the ass.


J’ai bu un demi gin tonic au boulot et je suis incapable de travailler. Je. ne. comprends pas mad men.

La petite fille qui se pend aux poches arrière de mon jean dans la queue du Casino, on est d’accord que je l’assomme ? #ew #cooties #gross

Now that we all own a dozen iOS devices, I want the web-based stores to offer a “download to that device” list like Kindle books have.

I’m giving large thumbnails a try in the new Tweetbot for Mac and I may even start illustrating my tweets, as attention whores now do.

22 March

You’d think maybe my iPhone would set a little slice of its wifi connection aside so it could still be usable while downloading a big game.

24 March

Il y a un mot allemand pour quand quelqu’un t’envoie sa photo et tu réponds avec la tienne en espérant qu’elle ne lui plaira pas non plus ?

Frozen is basically all irritating filler and one good song. Thank god I didn’t let myself be roped into seeing it in a theater.


The most interesting thing about a possible Apple fitness device is that it might be the first real Tim Cook device: [macw.us]

Quite impressed with Continuum, again. Season three starts with more time-travel mindfucks than ever, and still no major misstep.

The cable-network fetish for cheap fight scenes still grates, but how often do you get decent, properly planned scifi stories on TV?

25 March

The Ender’s Game movie is inevitably rushed but knows to hit all the right notes, earnestly and masterfully. A huge surprise.

It’s weird to remember how much I disliked Hannibal’s first couple of episodes.

Her, Frozen, Gravity, Rush… How is it that single-word titles have become so popular right when Google makes them most inconvenient?


Well, there goes my plan of buying a gaming PC. PS4, here I come.

I expected ‘Her’ to be some highfaluting poetic allegory, but it’s actually the best hard-science-fiction movie I’ve seen in ages.

26 March


I just absent-mindedly flipped through several pages of apps on my iPhone TO FIND MY PHONE. I WAS LOOKING FOR MY IPHONE. This is rock bottom

I have vague memories of the first Kick-Ass movie being decent, but watching its horrendous sequel makes that seem completely impossible.

Still not a fan, but far less bored with the second Hobbit movie. Plus, Lee Pace and Benedict Cumberbatch are both sexy as hell.

A couple hours into The Last of Us, I’m not having any fun, and I feel like half my deaths were unfair. Unlikely to finish.

Sinon, depuis la dernière Scream je veux m’acheter des échasses urbaines #oscour

I mostly watched 47 Ronin because it has Zombie Boy on the poster. Rip-off.

What. The hell. Happened. To Keanu Reeves’ career?

27 March

So I guess Interior Leather Bar is just a documentary on James Franco seeing how far he can push and manipulate his actor “friends”? Gross.

For the last few years Franco has been alternately kicking and feeding the puppy to find its breaking point. It’s called being an asshole.


VR is cool. Java-based network computers are taking on Windows. Interactive TV is the next big thing. We’re living in 1994.

I hadn’t been taken with the first Wolf Among Us, but things do pick up in Part 2. Still lacks the illusion that I affect the world, though.

Some days I want to build myself a proper gaming PC, and then I try to run a newly installed game. “Remember Me has stopped working.”

28 March

29 March

Remember Me has stunning design and interesting combat, but movement / traversal is wonky and there’s a lot of — testing my patience.

I loved Alias but, come on, how did Jennifer Garner get hired to make constipated faces at Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto?

30 March

I tend to like every other Von Trier film, so I guess I should watch Nymphomaniac vol. 2 as well.

I may never be interested in sex again.

At least I learned something: you do rack the slide of a semi-automatic pistol before firing — the first round.


Google looks at Glass and sees search. Facebook looks at VR and sees social. Solipsism. [mobileopportunity.blogspot.com]

31 March

August: Osage County is basically an abridged version of Six Feet Under, and that’s always a fun ride.


The old Apple logo is still so delightful. I wish they would pull it out every once in a while for a special product.


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