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1 June 2014

La Scream est désormais la home de Matinee à Paris. How the mighty have fallen. Si ça s’applique à la Leche je vote contre l’Europe.

If I’m gonna go clubbing on downers, maybe I should at least take caffeine pills or something. Surely ThinkGeek has caffeinated gum?

Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

Kind of an odd thing to say, but isn’t Tom Hiddleston a little weak in this? Or his character? Or maybe just too cliché? Or is it just unfathomably difficult not to pale in comparison to Tilda Swinton?

The Normal Heart (2014)

Off-Broadway in 1985, yes. On HBO in 2014, I really don’t see the point. Historical purposes would be better served by an original story than a vintage script. Actually, scratch that, because Angels in America. So let’s say historical purposes are not best served by adapting a self-aggrandizing autobiography written in the heat of the moment. Naked Matt Bomer notwithstanding.

2 June

Moral of The Normal Heart: if I want to get a Matt Bomer of my own, I need to act more like an asshole.

Le RSS ne va pas renaître de ses cendres ; à partir d’aujourd’hui j’auto-poste les articles de mon blog sur mes comptes Twitter principaux.

Fuck Iraq’s boss fight, its wall-hack-equipped immortal enemies spawning in the middle of the map and its repeated voice-overs #watchdogs


Every other show has to endlessly raise the stakes past the point of silliness. Game of Thrones just makes everyone deal with death.

For the pedestrian descriptions in Watch Dogs to have any actual incidence — to influence whether I’ll raid their bank account or not — they’d have needed to match their appearance and behavior perfectly. As soon as there was the first disconnect between the flavor text and the NPC’s routines, the illusion was shattered once and for all. And that is to say, it did not last long at all.

Blurrycam 10.10

Looks fine. Titlebars are miraculously non-white, and cloning Alfred / LaunchBar would be the most power-user-oriented new feature in years.

I wish you could set up multiple Tumblr timelines. I keep adding then removing porn blogs because they always take over the dashboard.

Now every time I see a QR code I have flashbacks to playing Watch Dogs. Well done, Ubisoft.

I had so lost the habit of drinking Coke in the morning that I feel a little woozy. But amped up. How is this stuff legal anyway?

Forza Horizon 2 announced for Xbox One… and 360. Not that it would have been enough to make me buy an Xbox One, but it would at least have given me pause. I struggled to understand the decision until I realized that Horizon’s developer is actually not owned by Microsoft. Just another file for the One’s “oops” folder, then.


Apple is in Oprah mode for competitors: YOU GET A FUCK YOU, YOU GET A FUCK YOU, AND YOU GET A FUCK YOU. ALL OF YOU GET FUCK YOUS!!!! #wwdc

Wouldn’t have expected iCloud Drive to support Windows. Now I’m not sure what to target for my hypothetical upcoming apps.


Handoff has been promised for 30 years. Finally. #wwdc

Yosemite looks great, except for the garish traffic lights — easily fixable in post. I’ve never been so tempted to install the OS X beta.

Not particularly happy with the new Messages app stealing Snapchat’s hold-the-button-to-do-stuff UX. (Nor self-destruct.) Push-to-video is fun for Snapchat’s target demographic, but you can’t ask grandma to keep her finger pressed on a virtual button while recording her message.

Fuuuuck I’m exhausted. Oh, my nerves. Somehow they did not over-promise the excitement of this keynote.

Coup de stress à chaque fois que vous parlez de déclaration d’impôts, j’ai envoyé la mienne tellement tôt que je ne m’en souviens plus.

I don’t understand what the fuck Threes does at launch in order to still take so much time on my 5s even after extensive optimization.

3 June

Everyone in my timeline is fawning over Swift while I’m crying in front of the code samples. Am I just too old to be taught new tricks?

I want to love Watch Dogs’ one-on-one online modes, but I find them seriously unbalanced in favor of the victim. Which makes sense since it’s basically forced on the players and you don’t want to completely scare them off — but I feel it would work better if it were an easily toggled mode (granting extra XP to reward you for turning it on) and, in exchange, didn’t telegraph the invader’s location so much.

Damn, this week’s Cosmos episode on global warming was fucking chilli—DOGGIE!

4 June

Je voulais me mettre à bosser mais c’est impossible, quelqu’un risque de me téléphoner à un moment d’ici ce soir.

Tu veux juste perdre deux-trois kilos et paf, tu en as pour 80 euros de courses au lieu de 40.

The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet (2013)

Most of the film was watchable (though clearly dispensable), but it lost me even before the Mass Effect 3 music started playing at a moment that was supposed to be emotional (what the hell?). That last third doesn’t belong in the same movie, and I suspect that Jeunet wasn’t much interested in it either.

Side note: for all that I despise taxidermy, I’d put that puma in my living room.

5 June


You think the iOS 8 Family Sharing icon is a man, woman, daughter and son. Look again. Gender neutral! 👍 [pic.twitter.com]


Les dessous de l’annulation de World of Darkness : [theguardian.com]

Apple introduces specs for Lightning-cable headphones. Of all the theories trying to justify the Beats acquisition, here’s the first one I actually like: Apple could quickly migrate half the Beats line to Lightning-only, and thus exploit the $300 headphones as a means to further lock buyers into the iOS ecosystem. Now that could be worth $3B.

Iovine said he had been asking Apple to buy him out for years. Guess what he would have answered when they tried to convince him to manufacture Lightning headphones.


“I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on earth, then I ask myself the same question.”


How good is this?? “@Techmog: Why has no one thought of this before. WHY. [pic.twitter.com]

Few people will use Instagram 6’s advanced options, but I guess hiding them is better than overcomplicating the UI.

On the other hand, Tinder’s new “Moments” (basically Snapchats shared automatically with all your matches) are a very interesting idea — could be an effective way to finally strike up new conversations. (Or dick pics.)

Republique (just part one, presumably) is free this week. I wasn’t confident enough to buy, but definitely curious enough to try.

6 June

Sleeping Beauty (1959)

I have the hardest time going through an entire vintage Disney feature without falling asleep. In what I expect to be quite redundant with a review I’ll get to write next week, this movie’s one and only asset — as watched in 2014 — is Maleficent. How come the only thing that hasn’t needed to evolve throughout centuries of storytelling is the depiction of villains?

Damn, Airmail on the Mac would be pretty neat if it didn’t keep crashing.

Spent a day trying every Mac mail client under the sun and, once again, I don’t understand how all those Apple Mail haters manage to live.

Les gens en T-shirt par 12° qui ne chopent pas la crève. Ceux qui sortent en pull en plein soleil et ne ruissellent pas. Je vous hais tous.

RoboCop (2014)

The change in premise, removing the lead character’s amnesia, also leaves the movie desperately scrambling for a story — or, worse, under the delusion that filming a guy in a sleek robot suit is enough to entertain people for two hours in 2014. There’s nothing egregiously wrong with the film; it’s just utterly and entirely uninteresting. Which is a shame, because the first few minutes actually promised to ask interesting questions.

On the other hand, why don’t modern news talk shows look like The Novak Element?

7 June

Third time in an hour shouting “Fuck you!” at the WWDC session video that explains a new trick in Swift. Good thing I wasn’t in the room.

On Swift

As I taught myself Objective-C, each new detail I learned struck me as magnificently clever and elegant — even as I was struggling with (or drowning under) its memory management concepts, I understood the rationale behind them. Now Swift spits on all of that heritage and it fails to convince me that it has reasons beyond the personal taste of its designers. Where Objective-C was governed by pragmatism in the face of technical constraints, many of Swift’s syntax choices strike me as simply motivated by the urge to be cute and fashionable. I’m not talking about fundamental concepts here (except for one), but the basic syntax — Swift tries to cram Cocoa compatibility into the silhouette of currently popular functional languages instead of honoring the C and Obj-C legacy, for no other reason than it wants to.

We’re supposed to be impressed that the language was entirely designed by a tiny secret group (and even started out as a single person’s project), but isn’t it actually terrifying? As pointed out in this week’s Debug podcast, there is no bigger, more qualified community in the world of expert Objective-C / Cocoa engineers than the whole of Apple. Why on earth would you design the fundamentals of a new language (I know they’re reserving the right to change details, but you can hardly expect dramatic changes to the syntax) and announce it publicly without asking for that community’s input first? There is absolutely no advantage to secrecy for secrecy’s sake when it comes to an undertaking of this magnitude.

I’ll spare you the list of every little detail that annoys me (why “in”? what the fuck are closure parameters doing inside the braces? and so on) and jump back to the one profound implementation change I have a beef with: the disappearance of nil messaging (by default). Cocoa, in itself, was pretty much structured around the fact that you could link a long chain of method calls and the whole thing would harmlessly revert to “nil” if any individual step failed — and it was lovely. Now we have to wrap everything in question and exclamation marks because… it allowed people to make mistakes? Well, that’s ironic considering how illegible Swift will be when it falls into the hands of developers too clever for their own sake.

Swift was announced as “Objective-C without the C” and I’ll never agree with that premise. C works, C is legible, C is consitent. Pretty much everything Swift brings to the table could have been integrated into a descendent of Obj-C — the most important additions, the ones that will actually make our daily life simpler as app developers, were already available in C# fifteen years ago. Speaking of which, I’d have happily taken proper exception support over all those new compiler-enforced “safety features.”

But then, I guess I’m just an old fart.

8 June

Climbing onto the elevated train tracks to find my online hacker from a vantage point. Forgetting I’m on the train tracks. Splat.

I absolutely love that my Retina MacBook Pro remembers to change the integrated screen’s resolution when I unplug the external monitor.

Oh. La 4G gratuite jusqu’à la fin de l’année, je m’en fichais pour les downloads mais je ne m’attendais pas à l’upload Instagram instantané.

Ah, bien sûr, j’avais oublié que l’été sur Instagram c’était la saison des pieds.

Je cherche un truc dans mes vieux cartons, je tombe sur des cassettes audio deux titres et des disques SyQuest.

9 June


Twitter adds new email options checked by default. Meanwhile, DM links still limited to “prevent spam”

Harder and harder to cheer for them

Il fait plus frais en première. Qu’est devenue la démocratie ?

Never had headphones fail so suddenly and irrevocably. Not a hiss before, not a sound after. The EarPods are magical, even in death.

A peine arrivé, vite vite rebrancher le MacBook… pour pouvoir recharger le téléphone #priorities

Lensbaby Muse Test

Three hundred photos and this is pretty much all I could salvage. It’s a cute toy and a cute effect, but I don’t have quite enough disposable income right now (and I’m not sure I’ll ever have enough patience) to keep it.

Maleficent (2014)

A terribly dull and idiotic movie, written and directed by hacks, in which Angelina Jolie is rather charismatic because duh.

I didn’t realize her career was in such a slump that she needed to accept a script about the fairest and sweetest and awesomest of all the fairies whose given name happens to be Maleficent oh I guess it’s an ancient powerful name from a dead language or something I don’t know who cares right.

Je suis à Bastille et le ciel clignote. Vous croyez que j’atteins la ligne 14 avant de me prendre un grêlon sur la gueule ?

10 June


Headers are not repeating yourself! Get over your lazy ass typing fetish. Headers are your promise to other programmers. Respect your pals.


Let’s be as Expressive* as possible!

*Expressive overloaded to mean fewer characters typed.

E3 2014

This morning I kinda want to have an Xbox One just because of Sunset Overdrive’s trailer. (There were so many ways the idea for that video could have turned to obnoxious shit in the hands of other studios, but Insomniac knocks it out of the park.) And if Crackdown delivers on half its promise, that would be a nice bonus.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity is more of the same, but fucking gorgeous. And the new traversal controls visibly make movement more fluid while alleviating one of the franchise’s biggest annoyances, your character jumping off in the exact opposite direction of what you intended. Pretty sure I’m gonna have to give more money away to that franchise, for which I kind of hate myself (especially after buying the undercooked standalone Freedom Cry on PS4 just so I’d have something to look at).

Far Cry 4 is also more of the same, but in that case that’s a very good thing. And it, too, looks gorgeous. The best part is a very interesting marketing gamble: you can invite a friend who doesn’t own the game into your sandbox — campaign missions will be closed off, so they’ll have a great taste of the game and then have to buy it for themselves (or wait until you’re done and can lend it to them).

Meanwhile, on the Sony exclusive side, H1Z1 looks… like shit? At least I’m glad I’ll be able to play Grim Fandango, but even that appears to only be a timed exclusive.

Wait, was I supposed to care about Little Big Planet 3? As charming as the franchise has always been, there’s nothing significant about it anymore. Or Uncharted 4? They only showed the smallest sliver of a cutscene, I’ve never liked that series anyway, and episode 4 appears to have been rebooted mid-development and taken over by the creative leads of The Last of Us, which I enjoyed even less.

At any rate, co-op is the name of the game this year, and it’s time I found myself more gaming friends, now that I’m not stuck on dialup-like bandwidth in the boonies.

I’d consider buying GTA Online on PS4 if it were available separately. No way I would play through — let alone pay for — the campaign again.

11 June

I miss the 360’s obligatory demo for all arcade games. Entwined looks quite sweet, but I expect to find the gameplay frustrating, so…

God damn, the last mission in Watch Dogs is fucking bullshit.

Watch Dogs (PS4)

Quite hard to decide on a rating for this game — it gets so much right, and so much wrong. In the end the gameplay mechanics (mostly good, if you ignore the driving) are more important than the writing (terrible all around) — but there were so many times when I wanted to strangle this game with my bare hands.

Kotaku has a really good review, in which I agree with every point except for the final assessment: Should you play this game? Yes. But probably not buy it at full list price.

Do I have high hopes for the inevitable sequel? If it is a direct sequel, no — but if a semi-reboot forgot all about this game’s characters and was directed by a different team, maybe. (Does anyone direct Ubisoft’s big games anymore? now that their development is always parallel-processed by thirty different studios all over the world, and they all follow the same template anyway.)

Watch Dogs was pretty much the game that motivated me to buy a PS4 this spring. Well. Oops, I guess.

Moon Hooch

Via the All Songs Considered podcast #jump #jump #jump

I still dislike how every Quicksilver descendent (except mine) makes you pick the action (e.g. “IMDb search”) before entering the object.

I intend to do something about “The Wire.” Google it? IMDb it? Wikipedia it? How about all of the above, without having to type it again.

Mettre Ubuntu sur une Dedibox. Ne pas pouvoir m’y connecter parce que j’ai donné un mot de passe trop long à la web-interface d’install.

12 June

OMG, the Spider-Tank mini-game (which I somehow hadn’t tried yet) is the best thing ever.

Rocksteady peut retourner chez sa mère avec sa Batmobile #spidertank #spidertank #doeswhateveraspidertankdoes

“Swift Is Not a Functional Language”

It just wants to look like one because all the cool kids are doing it.

I just realized that I don’t like wordy sex because my language center basically shuts itself off so I can focus on sensation.

Mind you, I realized that while reading an interview of Umberto Eco, not having sex.

Why doesn’t Tweetbot have a unified inbox for mentions? (Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to realize it needs one.)

The Assassin’s Creed controversy is offending my sense of fairness because it’s pretty much the least guilty of Ubisoft’s major franchises. Although it occurs to me that I only played half of AC3, and none of AC4, so maybe they’ve been evolving backwards since characters like Aveline de Grandpré or Caterina Sforza.

Tesla pledges its patents open

Wow. I can’t imagine Musk isn’t gonna regret — or recant — this. I’m afraid it’s not gonna improve EV adoption rate significantly — it’s just gonna bite Tesla in the ass when EVs are finally popular.

13 June

The Enchanting Beauty of Ori and The Blind Forest”

One of the more unique aspects of Ori is the Soul Link mechanic, allowing players to create checkpoints and save their progress only if they have enough of a resource called Spirit Energy to do so. Spirit Energy is hidden amongst the levels and earned through killing enemies, but it’s not exactly common. It’s important to create Soul Links strategically, as Ori and the Blind Forest is surprisingly difficult and you only have so much Spirit Energy to spend to create checkpoints.

I can’t imagine any universe in which that would be a good idea. You’re the ones who know when I’m gonna need a checkpoint. I don’t care how beautiful and enchanting the game looks, I stopped reading forever at this paragraph.

“The Art of Fiction No. 203, Ray Bradbury”

In the old days I knew I had to dredge my subconscious, and the nouns did this. I learned this early on. Three things are in your head: First, everything you have experienced from the day of your birth until right now. Every single second, every single hour, every single day. Then, how you reacted to those events in the minute of their happening, whether they were disastrous or joyful. Those are two things you have in your mind to give you material. Then, separate from the living experiences are all the art experiences you’ve had, the things you’ve learned from other writers, artists, poets, film directors, and composers. So all of this is in your mind as a fabulous mulch and you have to bring it out. How do you do that? I did it by making lists of nouns and then asking, What does each noun mean? You can go and make up your own list right now and it would be different than mine. The night. The crickets. The train whistle. The basement. The attic. The tennis shoes. The fireworks. All these things are very personal. Then, when you get the list down, you begin to word-associate around it. You ask, Why did I put this word down? What does it mean to me? Why did I put this noun down and not some other word? Do this and you’re on your way to being a good writer. You can’t write for other people. You can’t write for the left or the right, this religion or that religion, or this belief or that belief. You have to write the way you see things.

Programme d’échange des adaptateurs secteur d’iPhone A1300 : il faut un microscope pour voir le numéro de modèle.

14 June

To anyone having trouble with Apple Mail: I think I’ve now used Postbox enough to recommend it. Thunderbird’s engine in a nice, modern UI.

What the hell, Watch Dogs? “You have two queens. I have four. Your move.” Is this Star Trek chess?

La PS4 qui ne trouve plus internet depuis que j’ai branché le ventilateur dans ma chambre. Suffisait de déplacer le point d’accès wifi.

Damnit, it was enough of a struggle to stay awake during The Wolf Among Us episode 4, I didn’t need it crashing on my Mac, too.

Someone uploaded a twelve-hour audio clip of the Nostromo’s ambient sound to YouTube. Because…? So I downloaded a copy. Because…?


During a dream last night, a notification sheet came down over my field of dream-vision with an incoming tweet reply. I’ve hit rock bottom.

15 June

I’d be hard pressed to say how they belong in Watch Dogs, but I do love the chess puzzles. They’ve got good mini-game teams over there.


You can make a giant pancake in your rice cooker. Mind = blown. [en.rocketnews24.com] via @focalmatter

Wonder if the negative reaction to Watch Dogs’ dull cityscape could bring the end of present-day open worlds. Imagine the same engine, same mechanics in an actual science-fiction universe. (Which, one way or another, also gets rid of the crappy driving.)

16 June

The horrible mess that is Swift’s named parameter syntax

Also note that you can NOT change the order of parameters in a call. Oh, scratch that — you can, but only with parameters for which a default value is defined. Because fuck you that’s why. (I guess because implementation details of the parameter not being part of the function’s signature anymore.)

“Bitcoin security guarantee shattered by anonymous miner with 51% network power”

Researchers from Cornell University say that on multiple occasions, a single mining pool repeatedly contributed more than 51 percent of Bitcoin’s total cryptographic hashing output for spans as long as 12 hours. […] So-called 51 percenters, for instance, have the ability to spend the same coins twice, reject competing miners’ transactions, or extort higher fees from people with large holdings. Even worse, a malicious player with a majority holding could wage a denial-of-service attack against the entire Bitcoin network.

That article must be making incorrect simplifications, right? I’ve never “believed” in Bitcoin, but they can’t seriously have designed a crypto currency with this kind of liability and thought, “eh, that’s fine, it’ll never happen”?

That part with the tree was a bit of a… tonal shift, but everything else was amazing. Maybe it’s finally time to get started with the books.


Shocking ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale Concludes With Arrest Of 5 Million Viewers For Piracy [onion.com]

Un couple s’enlace dans la rue et je lève les yeux au ciel après être passé devant eux. I’M THAT GUY NOW.

J’espère que dans iOS 8 Siri pourra prendre rendez-vous chez le dentiste à ma place, parce que sinon je n’irai visiblement jamais.

Now that I’m back to my portable Sennheisers I feel a little silly/guilty for using the EarPods since September, convenience or not.

17 June

Je vais économiser 200 € par mois, mais le stress d’appuyer sur le bouton “Restituer mon serveur dédié et tout effacer”…


OMG Gay of Thrones this week is a MUST SEE. Don’t spoil the end!!! SO GOOD #gameofthrones #gayofthrones [FunnyOrDie.com]

La nuit dernière j’ai rêvé que j’avais des pecs. Le réveil a été douloureux.

From the buzz around Slingshot, it sounds like Facebook fell into the “MySpace is successful so people must enjoy bad UX” trap. How ironic.

18 June

Paris l’été et ses feux piétons indéchiffrables en plein soleil.

Adobe’s Line and Sketch apps aren’t bad at all. Not quite as nifty as Paper, but Paper doesn’t have a seamless “Send to Photoshop” button.

“Fab buys a furniture company.” The second internet bubble will really be about startups that don’t produce anything but pivots.

“Meet Far Cry 4’s Handsome Star”

Couldn’t they save him for a third-person game? I hope there are functional mirrors.


Again and, as always, do you want your phone to be a pocket computer, a billboard or a vending machine?

Amazon Fire Phone

Fancy lock screens are great for demos, but otherwise the 3D UX seems as awful to me as expected.

And Mayday strikes me as untenable. The Genius Bar’s queue is a feature: it forces users to try and think by themselves for a minute first.


With no innovation on price, hard to see the Fire Phone changing the market much. Lots that’s nice but nothing game-changing

Watched Weekend at Bernie’s, since it seems to be referenced by every recent comedy. Well, it’s shit. But the blond guy has the most adorable legs.

19 June

Oh fuck, Far Cry 4 is gonna suck

Far Cry 4’s narrative director hasn’t played the same Far Cry 3 as I did, evidently. Everything he criticizes from the previous game — the disconnect between sandbox mayhem and the friends you’re supposed to care about, or the white-savior trope — was actually addressed by Jeffrey Yohalem’s writing, in a subtle and understated way. Clearly too subtle and understated for his successor’s taste. There must have been some heated meetings while they produced that game.

Here’s the thing: from what I understand about everything we’ve heard and seen, Far Cry 4’s hero is not a white savior because he’s not white. Whereas Far Cry 3’s lead was not a white savior because he was not a savior, even though he thought he was. Guess which of the two “twists” on the trope I find more interesting.

Far Cry 4’s trailer hadn’t convinced me, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt because I assumed the same team was at the helm. But it’s gonna be another of those self-serious stories with a sociopath or two for added color, isn’t it? See also: Watch Dogs.

Well, at least the mechanics, and visuals, will be good. But this is not an easy preorder for me anymore.

150 € le fauteuil qui grince au bout de quinze jours et ne tient plus en hauteur après six mois, merci Office Depot.

Ah mais ça y est, la Foire du Trône est terminée, le bois est à nous !

La concierge me souffle dans l’oreillette qu’il ne va y avoir personne à la Fête de la musique à cause du foot, c’est l’occasion d’y aller.

I’m not good enough at math to do it myself, but I sure hope we get a third-party keyboard for iOS 8 that just lets you draw the letters.


In the next 4 months there will be folks who release kick-ass updates to products OR become experts in a new language.

Choose wisely.

“The Art of Fiction No. 211, William Gibson”

We could conceivably go extinct and our creations would live on. One day, in the sort of science-fiction novel I’m unlikely ever to write, intelligent aliens might encounter something descended from our creations. That something would introduce itself by saying, Hey, we wish our human ancestors could have been around to meet you guys because they were totally fascinated by this moment, but at least we’ve got this PowerPoint we’d like to show you about them. They don’t look anything like us, but that is where we came from, and they were actually made out of meat, as weird as that seems.

20 June


I wrote an app called Hodor because Hodoring someone is so much cooler than Yoing someone. #yo #hodor #got [pic.twitter.com]

I’m consistent. I want the biggest iWatch, the biggest iPhone, the biggest iPad and the biggest MacBook Pro. Size matters.

This week’s iMore podcast makes me want to use IFTTT integration in Launch Center, but I can’t think of anything useful to me.

So in the meantime I’ve set up a geofence to turn my screen’s brightness down when I leave home (to conserve battery).

That Team Fortress short proves that you could totally make a TV-worthy cartoon with the minimal cost of animating within a game engine.

MGS Ground Zeroes is quite all right mechanically (I must admit I’m a bit surprised) but the writing completely discourages me.

It’s odd that no third-party client has ever implemented Markdown (as far as I know) — RT @FarshadNayeri: Twitter wish: italics/emphasis.

21 June

Has anyone noted that, even on PS4, Watch Dogs does a lovely depth-of-field effect when you toggle your phone — with no noticeable slowdown?

Air Stylus turns your iPad into a small Cintiq. I want to play with this a lot, but not to the tune of $20. I can’t draw well enough to justify the cost; the iPad will never really be great for this as long as it’s stuck with only a capacitive touchscreen; most importantly, the demo video fails to convince me that the (inevitable) lag is bearable.

Hey, by now there should be cheap secondhand Surface Pros around, shouldn’t there?

J’ai trop joué à Watch Dogs, j’ai envie d’enjamber toutes les balustrades, parkour-style. C’est gênant quand je traverse un pont.

Je sens venir le jour où je vais percuter exprès un mec qui fait du vélo sur le trottoir pour avoir une raison de lui casser la gueule.

Trigger warning : étalage de bonbons Haribo à la Bastille.


Mind Blown: Real Image of T4 bacteriophage (a virus) via electron microscope. (Via @Microscopepics) [pic.twitter.com]

I’ll say it again: if you gave up on Nurse Jackie when the show completely forgot what it was about, you should really watch season six.

Defiance is back and the season premiere makes me wonder however I managed to endure the entire first season.

22 June


Posit: as celebs’ emotional maturity is fixed the day they become famous, so startups’ view of their space is fixed the day they’re bought

23 June

Je me suis cassé la gueule en reculant pour faire rentrer le bousin dans la photo. Mon iPhone est couvert de rayures \o/

I SURVIVED. HAHAHAHA. Je peux au minimum ajouter cette journée à mon CV.

24 June

30 seconds into Killzone Shadow Fall—oh, it’s about Palestine, not the Berlin Wall. Ugh. Well that’s how you know the game’s made in Europe.

Good grief. Shadow Fall didn’t have stellar reviews, but I never imagined I’d find it that frustrating.

I don’t have any powers yet in Second Son but my jumps are floatier than Master Chief’s. I now realize what always irked me in Infamous.

25 June

So far Second Son is precisely the polar opposite of Watch Dogs: the story and characters are great; the side activities are boring.

Oh, and I forgot, the traversal is awesome fun in Infamous where Watch Dogs had that terrible driving.

PC Gamer’s review of Grid Autosport is really enticing but, come on, you know I’m not gonna pay 60 euros for a previous-gen driving game.

It took ages, but Android L finally looks pretty, rather than tolerable. I may even like it slightly better than the stock iOS apps’ look.

Android has a great new “only Google can do it” with search result links directly opening the relevant app instead of a web page.

Android Auto looks much nicer than iOS CarPlay. And I can’t quite imagine an iWatch could do much more / much better than Android Wear.


Why do Chromecast and Android TV feel like completely separate products instead of a product family?

I’ve never watched a Google I/O keynote before so I lack comparison points, but the Android UI/UX announcements looked pretty strong to me.

I strongly feel that any Apple geek who finds Android Wear uninteresting is having wildly unrealistic expectations of iWatch.

Tim’s Vermeer is not — at all — a good documentary, but what it describes and demonstrates is absolutely fascinating.

26 June


This is one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen :) [pic.twitter.com]


Google’s Cardboard VR: we heard Facebook bought Oculus, so now we’re going to poison VR out of spite. Let’s all hope it never hits volume.

27 June

Another (semi-)pro first-party Mac app bites the dust. Why would anyone still invest in Final Cut or Logic and expect them to last?

28 June


After a day of playing with Actions for iPad to organize my workflows (and giving up because, no matter how excellent the app is, I still find it a bit inconvenient to get my hands off the MacBook Pro and reach the iPad every time I want to trigger an action), here is my latest “productivity” setup:

BetterTouchTool lets me define triggers for gestures such as “three-finger tap” or “two-finger swipe down from the edge of the trackpad”; those gestures emulate an obscure keyboard shortcut I set to activate a DragThing dock that’s full of scripts (and for which I spent a couple hours designing the icons in Photoshop because I’m a Mac, not Linux, nerd), and place the mouse pointer in the middle of that dock. It’s crazy how many things BetterTouchTool allows you to do — I’ll need to devote another afternoon to exploring what else I could achieve with it.

Those scripts: open a bunch of sites I check regularly (for which I had previously set up inconvenient hotkeys); pause and rewind Downcast (I never got around to creating keyboard shortcuts for that one because I had run out of easily accessible keys); lock the screen; activate Fantastical; etc.

So far it’s working pretty well. I’m not sure why I felt the need to write it up, though — either in order to thank the relevant developers for making it possible, or just because I’m bored and I’ll seize any excuse for procrastinating.


La foule des jeunes qui est contente d’être la malgré la pluie »»

We’ve all internalized the lie that our only choices are a ringtone disturbing everyone or a vibration you can’t feel in your pocket #iwatch

29 June

Le Red Light se spécialise donc dans les soirées de merde sauvées in extremis par une heure ou deux de musique sympa.

Mais le coup d’arrêter la musique pour lancer le “show” en bois pas préparé pas répété avec des gogos à deux balles, ca commence à lasser.

Finally figured out Steam’s trading cards and badges. Whole thing could be pretty fun if the inventory and profile UI wasn’t a dire mess.

Premiers métros

Drôle que Tumblr me mette ça en avant juste le jour de l’année où j’ai pris un premier métro.

30 June


“This conversation window will lock in 3 days” is a pretty good idea that Tinder should steal back.

I gave up on my iBeacon / Launch Center experiment after a few days— it was completely unreliable. Guess I have to try again in 7.1.2.

No, I don’t know how serious they are about this, but I just like the idea of choosing an emoji handle, like a Native American name.

The Leftover’s pilot is actually good, which is unfortunate because the only possible outcome is disappointment, one way or another.


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