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1 August 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a rather decent film, rather inexpertly directed. Still, probably my favorite of the Avengerses.

2 August

En sortant j’ai bien vérifié que j’avais rangé mon parapluie pour ne pas le trimbaler pour rien dans mon sac.

“Vous reprendrez bien un peu de bronchite ? Vous avez presque fini vos glaires.”

Le mec qui épluche son relevé de compte devant le distributeur pour décider s’il peut retirer de l’argent. Ah, the memories.

3 August

S’asseoir tout à l’avant dans la 14 et, à chaque passage d’une rame en sens inverse, être surpris et épaté qu’il n’y ait pas de conducteur.

I didn’t understand the need for a season 4 of The Killing, because I thought it would just be another case. I’m impressed they’d go there.

4 August

Character development in The Killing’s season 4 was great; it’s a shame the plot was more contrived than ever.

And then, that awful finale.


How do you assign genres to things in iTunes without imagining a tiny music critic standing just behind you rolling his eyes


Groundbreaking FPS BioShock is coming to iOS this year. See the first screens and video inside [pocketgamer.co.uk]

5 August


Thank you, Apple, for providing much needed ‘context’: [pic.twitter.com]


MOTHER OF GOD. Hairless guinea pigs: basically house hippos. (cc @pangmeli, every other Canadian) [pic.twitter.com]

Le paquet ouvert de Special K est tombé par terre sans se renverser. J’ai dépensé mon quota de chance pour la semaine sur… ça ?!

Ce coup de stress à chaque fois que j’ouvre les comptes de la société dans Excel et que le contenu reste vide pendant trente secondes.

6 August

I’m watching Transcendence and at what point did Johnny Depp decide that the alpha and omega of Acting was making up a silly accent?

I couldn’t bear for you to assume from the previous tweet that I’ve watched Transcendence all the way through.

Noah (2014)

I did not plan to say anything remotely positive about this film (except for how pretty it is) but, contrary to most of the reviews I remember reading, I found it to become much more entertaining the instant Noah turned into a sociopathic asshole. This may even be the one role Russell Crowe was born for. (As opposed to every single other character he played in his career.)

And, did I mention, the movie is very pretty. Plus, there’s Jennifer Connelly. Emma Watson’s a proper actress now. And Logan Lerman is scruffy. Ish. Well, he’s growing a couple hairs scattered around his facial area and it’s totally cute.

I’ve been using my 15MBPr without a second monitor since I came back from “vacation” and the results are in: Retina is so worth it.

I think I hate pretty much everything about Road Not Taken. Except the cute design, of course.

7 August

Disappointment. Besson’s The Lady is not bad enough to be entertaining.

“Casey Hudson leaves BioWare”

How far along was Mass Effect 4’s story before he left? Asking for a friend.

Godus looks very pretty on an iPad Air. It also looks pointless and the compulsory sign-in appears to be completely broken so screw that.

8 August

Touch Racing 2 for iPad is hardly the game of the year, but has the cleverest control scheme for controlling RC vehicles. And good physics.

Though a bit fiddly, Godus makes such obvious sense on iPad that it’s clear releasing it on the PC at all was basically a Kickstarter con.

9 August

I don’t know why I’m still playing Godus on iPad but I do know this: Sir Peter Molyneux has 100% turned to the dark side of the Force.

10 August

An actual Populous successor made with that tech would have been awesome, and a commercial success, and… it would surely have earned much less money than Godus will end up making.

11 August

Ah, donc dans Paris intra-muros les Monoprix ferment à 21h mais tous les autres supermarchés sont restés sur 22h. That makes sense.

12 August

I am rather horrified by how quickly my brain relearned all the Minesweeper patterns — even though I hadn’t played in a decade.

“Youpi, mon iPhone a chargé un nouveau podcast pour me changer les idées avant de dormir—oh, il est enregistré avec les pieds, inécoutable.”

I don’t get it. For Tomb Raider to be excusive to the Xbox One, Microsoft must have paid roughly as much as the game would have earned on PS4 and PC, right? (In part directly to Square Enix’s bank account, in part as a marketing commitment.) I can’t imagine the game will ever be enough of a system seller to justify the investment — especially when half the fan base will profoundly resent everyone involved.

This reeks of a panic move. “We need exclusives! Our IPs are waning and we don’t have any new ones coming! SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!”

“Paul McCartney Scores ‘Destiny’ Video Game”

What do you do when Activision’s money is burning a hole in your pocket?

There may be benefits after all to storing the food, and eating, in a separate room from where you spend your day.

13 August

I don’t play scary games, but that “P. T.” thing is really well done, and has lovely visuals (as simple as the setting may be). You shouldn’t expect me to buy the game it’s teasing, though.

Also, I feel like I got stuck on a bug after I died, blocking any further progression, but… it would be hard to tell, wouldn’t it. No matter — the idea that a bug forced me to quit suits me just fine, thanks.

Ca fait une éternité que je n’ai pas vu un film d’épouvante. Je crois que je suis tombé petit dans la marmite et je ne vois plus l’intérêt.

Ca fait un mois que je ne suis pas sorti danser et les Instagram du Circuit Festival me donnent des poussées d’agoraphobie. My life is over.

Even when “clarifying” whether Rise of the Tomb Raider is a timed exclusivity, Phil Spencer still muddies the waters — note how he liberally mixes usages of “the game” vs. “the franchise” so that you can’t quite tell if a version of Rise is gonna come out on PlayStation, or just ulterior games in the franchise.

I guess he wouldn’t need to be purposefully obscure if Microsoft did have perpetual exclusivity on Rise of the Tomb Raider itself, but… damn, fuck PR speak, and fuck Microsoft for making me parse announcements like a lawyer.

It looks so quaint to us when we see, in an American show or movie, the chief of police working for, and answering to, the town’s mayor. It’s like a sheriff in the Wild West! Except Ferguson is the other side of that coin, and then it’s not so quaint anymore.

Cat be all, hey, you got two hands, why you petting me with just one?

14 August

Le tiroir à poubelles de la cuisine est motorisé, alors je groupe mes déchets pour ne pas trop le déranger #animisme #pareidolie

15 August

A new gameplay video for Far Cry 4 shows you “fighting alongside a mythical white tiger in the spiritual world of Shangri-La” so… I think the meme would say “your argument is invalid.”

It’s still not going to be a preorder for me, though, because I’m terribly worried about the writing, what with the narrative director shitting on the previous game’s story only to introduce an effete-but-totally-heterosexual sociopathic villain ripped right out of 1970s cinema. But I’ll have my Amazon order ready as soon as the reviews come out.

By the way, Far Cry 3’s writer, Jeffrey Yohalem, is interviewed in this month’s Gay Times (to promote Child of Light). There isn’t much of note in the article; I’m just always happy to verify that my gaydar is properly calibrated. Also, I found out he’s responsible for the… uh, affective tension? between Ezio and Da Vinci, which makes me like him even more.

How cool would it be if the 12-inch MacBook Air was also an iPad Pro? Not dual-booting: both OSes running at all times, sharing the battery.

16 August

I just realized while reading an article about dog training that dogs are actually the first programmable robots we created.

Instantanément je regrette d’avoir descendu les escaliers vers Paris Plage.

Realized after the fact that Godus had turned me into an unwitting genocidal monster. I would have loved if an actual game had done that.

17 August


If you buy the Gilmore Girls box set, you get a book that’s a glossary of all their references. It’s amazing.

18 August

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

That was a tough movie to evaluate, because for once I had completely fallen for the online buzz. There were some perfectly credible people out there comparing this movie to the original Star Warses and… well, if it’s not exactly false, that’s more of a frustrating commentary of how modern cinema has lost its sense of fun and wonder than it is an accurate description of Guardians.

So the movie’s clever and pretty and overall more than enjoyable, but when trying to decide on a rating I ended up with the realization: it’s not memorable at all, is it. The characters certainly are, but memorable characters make for a good TV show, not a blockbuster movie. The action is utterly forgettable — especially the final set piece, which could be done in any other Marvel movie has been done in every other Marvel movie. Locations are varied and mostly well designed, but poorly exploited. (Inspired by the Star Wars comparisons, I kept wishing the action were shown in wider shots.) And, most of all, I felt that the movie suffered from how cartoonish all its antagonists were. It looked like the script had always dreamed of being a space fantasy epic when it grew up, but the movie reluctantly ended up stuck with its comic-book roots. Bottom line, Lee Pace and Benicio del Toro did not belong in the same movie as the protagonists. Even though two of them were a raccoon and a tree.

Speaking of Lee Pace, that was a body double for his first scene, riiiight?

It just occurred to me that the parts of Guardians of the Galaxy I didn’t like remind me of The Fifth Element. It makes sense then that most of the audience would enjoy the movie better than I did.

Un plan cul ? Oh, tu es mignon, mais je ne peux pas, là, je ne peux pas lâcher le démineur sur mon iPad.

“Twitter’s Latest Experiment Puts Favorites in the Timeline”

Can a social service ever resist its fear of stagnation? It’s like the entire industry learned the wrong lesson from the death of MySpace.


Quand quelqu’un me plaît en boîte, à 3h du mat’ après 5 vodkas j’y vais, j’y vais pas, surtout: rester naturel! [pic.twitter.com]


Lifehack: Turn a 5-minute task into a months-long ordeal by stressing out over it & avoiding thinking about it except right before bedtime.

20 August

Paul Rudd… is a superhero now?! I know there will eventually exist more Marvel franchises than recognizable actors, but still.

Matthew Weiner is on this week’s Nerdist. He’s really smart and really funny and I shouldn’t be surprised at all, but I always assume the worst about people.

I have a vague recollection that my main gripe with Mailbox was its lack of a desktop counterpart, making it useless since I do almost none of my email handling on iOS.

It’s ironic that the Mac version is coming out now that I’ve switched my main e-mail away from Gmail. Damnit.

Brazilian judge tells Apple and Google to pull Secret from people’s devices Oops, I don’t think anyone envisioned that when they both announced that their App Stores had remote kill-switches.

Google Photo Sphere is really impressive. I’m not gonna post a picture of my bedroom on Google Maps, so why don’t you try it for yourself instead.


All of my wife’s friends switched from iPhone to Android for the bigger screens. Every single one intends on buying the iPhone 6.

J’ai dû manger presque équilibré ces temps-ci, les m&m’s crispy sont complètement écoeurants. Alors je me force à finir pour me réhabituer.

21 August

You’re Jon Snow in TV’s Game of Thrones. Hollywood is yours for the taking. You choose… a fucking gladiator movie by Paul W.S. Anderson.

I’m not sure anymore whether The Leftovers is about cults or werewolves. But, hey, it’s fun. (Well, not “fun” fun, clearly.)


Finally, see through solar panels. Now windows can be energy sources. [sciencedaily.com][pic.twitter.com]

22 August

Didn’t think the Walking Dead comic could still pull of an “oh shit” moment at this stage. Wonder where it is going from here.

23 August

I feel like at this time last year I had grown much more accepting of iOS 7’s design than I have today of Yosemite’s. Am I misremembering?


Sinon, Dishonored à 3,74€ sur Steam et gratos ce week-end, si vous ne l’essayez pas je vous tabasse. Bien cordialement.

I wasn’t thrilled with this season of Korra, but that was a great finale. (I’ve tweeted the same thing every year, haven’t I?)
A discussion on Twitter clarified why: I enjoyed spending time with The Last Airbender’s major characters, even when there was no action, whereas the entirety of Korra’s cast is annoying, so the show is only fun when big story moments happen. Jinora is pretty much the only exception, but she is more of a plot device than a developed character.

24 August

Je rentre chez moi avec mon écharpe et ma bronchite, devinez où j’ai passé mes vacances d’août. Hint : je n’ai pas fait de ski.

D’un côté, le nouveau “jardin” des Halles est complètement déprimant. De l’autre, on peut le traverser à une heure du matin. Choices.

Pour une fois que j’avais une idée de jeu iOS dont je pouvais faire les règles, les graphismes, et l’app… je ne sais pas faire le serveur.

25 August

I’m not saying it will be missed when it’s inevitably cancelled, but Extant is not nearly as bad as you’d assume from the clichéd premise.

Does HBO donate to suicide hotlines in order to offset The Leftovers’ depression footprint?

Sidenote: I was annoyed last week by the way The Leftovers turned *** into a cackling villain, but this episode actually managed to justify it pretty well.

26 August

I can’t quite decide whether I had already watched the assembly cut of Alien 3. Either way, I still love that movie, dodgy CG and all.

27 August


Wow—all those sweet photos in the IKEA catalog are just rendered 3D scenes. [cgsociety.org]

Ahh, apparently Twitter Analytics doesn’t count impressions in third-party clients. Fine for brands, not so much for geeky users. (Also not great for end users: Analytics doesn’t give a fuck about the stuff you retweet.)

28 August


Reminder: This is when Apple’s graphic design department breaks open the adult beverages and laughs silly over invite tea-leaf reading.

29 August

I’m listening to a podcast of people playing a D&D campaign and I totally wanna do it, too.


Interesting… UIImage on iOS 8b5 will load a @3x image in preference to an @2x one, even on a @2x device. Not so on iOS 7. Bug, but also hmm…

I have poor eyesight so I wouldn’t know, but is anyone really bothered by the pixels on an iPhone’s anti-aliased graphics?

30 August

10/10, would dream that dream again.


The lack of attention to detail in Yosemite: if Apple doesn’t care, there’s no use in the rest of us getting upset! [switches to Comic Sans]

31 August

Fais confiance à ton instinct quand il te dit de ne pas aller à la Scream un soir où il faut payer pour le privilège d’entrer.

The latest rumors of multiple price points make me wonder if Apple’s wearables will be a complete from simple Fitbit bracelet to proper watch.


Feature idea for Twitter or Facebook: “WARNING: Before posting that, would you like to read the Snopes article about it?”


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