Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

1 February 2015

Il dit qu’il a plus de genoux.

Pénible la soirée où tous les couples se forment à 1h du matin et tu passes la nuit entière cerné par les mecs qui se galochent #findesoldes

Bonza Word Puzzle for iOS

I loathe their freemium business model (selling hints), but I’m addicted.

2 February


Don’t miss this gorgeous pixel version of The Simpsons intro [polygon.com] [pic.twitter.com]


Dieu a créé le monde en 6 jours. Le septième jour Il a lu les commentaires, alors il a créé les maladies, OneDirection, la guerre & l’enfer.

3 February

I need an intern to properly reclassify all my EDM mixes in iTunes.

The introduction of \o/ on the market has made lol so terribly confusing.

4 February

5 February

L’aménagement du tramway a été horriblement mal conçu pour les périodes d’affluence, on est d’accord ?


6 February

Jupiter Ascending (2015) — 3/10

Jupiter Ascending is a useless mess. But it’s fine, I hadn’t paid for Cloud Atlas, so we’re even now.

I’m guessing Paper by Fiftythree’s DLC tools going free is a matter of “it wasn’t selling anymore anyway” more than anything else?

Progress is when you can’t control your Hue lights anymore because Philips pushed an app update which crashes at launch.


I’m just sitting here in the Phillips-Hue-app-failure-induced dark in some awe of the coming failure modes of a society eaten by software.

Comment je vais pouvoir aller faire des courses par ce froid sans revenir avec trois pots de Nutella dans mon sac ?

Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail

“Organize your e-mail into columns” is a simple but quite appealing idea.

Casser une statue de bouddha en plâtre, je suppose que c’est encore pire que casser un miroir ?

Today is my day, so it is cold as my heart.

7 February

Magic Mike (2012) — 5/10

So there’s really nothing to Magic Mike beyond the exploitation — made worse by the film’s half-hearted pretense of having a story to tell.

I’m not currently googling youtube lessons on how to shake your booty.

Is it even gonna be possible to take a photograph in iOS 9 without having it take up its share of your iCloud quota?

How does it bother no one that Accidental Tech Podcast is a string of monologues instead of an actual conversation?


Apologies to the few of you still hoping for the iOS 8 keyboard extension, but Apple rejected it again, and I’m done jumping through hoops.

Qui connaît une boîte avec une bonne sono sur laquelle je puisse brancher mon iPhone ?

8 February

Je n’ai rien fait hier mais je suis fatigué comme si j’étais sorti en boîte. Une fois que mon corps a un rythme il n’en bouge plus.

9 February

Sur le point de sortir…

Oh, il fait 6°, je ne vais pas complètement geler \o/

Ah, non, c’est juste l’app Weather qui rame.

10 February


The early Rhapsody designs (from design doc) are fascinating; I’d love to see more like this (OS X, Aqua maybe?) : [flickr.com]

Boston Dynamics’ latest creation

Without a combustion engine, it now sounds like an army marching in lockstep.


Unexpected approval is unexpected. Either Apple is toying with me, or the keyboard extension is coming out today.

I can’t help being a drama queen when it comes to App Review, because I hate depending on someone’s — worse, an administration’s — whims.

11 February

Pride (2014) — 9/10

Reading that Flipboard made its mobile webapp in <canvas> I thought it was another case of idiotic over-engineering, but you only have to try it for a second to realize they had a point — seeing content animate so smoothly in Mobile Safari is properly uncanny.

I like that I only realized 45 minutes later what Russell Tovey’s scene was about, but I don’t know if it was subtle or I’m just thick.


That feeling when it takes 50x longer to open iTunes and wait for it to talk to Match to play the song you want than just searching YouTube


Apple’s great work rebuilding Photos gives me hope for music. It needs it.

12 February

Big Hero 6 (2015) — 8/10

I wish Big Hero 6 didn’t get so superhero-y, but the first half is just amazing — the writing, the design, the earnest nerd-positivity.

La choucroute dans le sandwich pastrami-choucroute… pourquoi ?

I can’t get over how awesome the design of Baymax is — from concept to animation to voice work, all so imaginative yet perfectly grounded.

Big Hero 6 had all the potential to be the new Iron Giant, if only Baymax hadn’t become a background character midway through the story.

\in-ˈkwī(-ə)r-ē, ˈin-ˌ; ˈin-kwə-rē, ˈiŋ-; ˈin-ˌkwir-ē\

There should be a sign in the IPA for “say it however your like, I’m busy right now.”


We’ve heard that Apple is rejecting games that show guns in their screenshots - [pocketgamer.co.uk] [pic.twitter.com]

13 February

Isn’t it possible that the framework in Photos might be called UXKit to avoid namespace conflicts when the next OS X includes it as UIKit?


[youtube.com] Le nouveau Florence and the Machine est dispo, joie et volupté \o/

I had never preordered a record before, but all I really needed was the assurance that Florence Welch still likes big drums.


It’s like we don’t know the difference between probing questions aimed at catching someone in dissonance or finding truth and just attacking

I feel dirty for giving a pageview to RPS’s Molyneux interview. Somebody is watching too many U.S. court shows.


I made some ugly code to see how often February makes a pretty rectangle. [vox.com] [pic.twitter.com]

Je ne peux pas être à la fois au régime et productif.

14 February

J’ai un épi, ma soirée est foutue.


Brilliant: Timehop offers you different experiences today based on what you’re up for emotionally. [pic.twitter.com]

Roses are red

Violets are blue

If you weren’t too self-centered to read what other people write you’d know that joke has already been done to death today

15 February

J’avais toujours supposé que les épiceries de Bastille faisaient nuit blanche, jamais pensé qu’un commerce pouvait OUVRIR à 5h du mat.

Les couples hétéros qui s’engueulent dans la rue \o/

16 February

Je vais arrêter de me promener le soir si à chaque fois des mecs me demandent de les aider avec leurs problèmes de voiture.

Dans ma chambre j’ai donc un bouddha, un maneki neko et un Baymax… Ils ont tous la même silhouette.

17 February


Interviewed a little girl this morning that feeds crows and they bring her gifts in return. Here’s her collection. [pic.twitter.com]

“He is able to eat more than 100 Chicken McNuggets in one sitting” — MY HERO.

18 February

I love the construction of Cucumber and Banana but oh my god Cucumber is depressing.

Does anyone in Manchester not live in a fancy hipster loft?

I had an episode of Looking left to watch and it’s really hard to go back to that after binging an actual gay show.


Another nonsensical, dumb rejection by the @AppStore. Bravo Apple on continuing to be hostile towards developers 👏. [blog.mattcheetham.co.uk]


My story on the Alabama attack on @qzindia: Why America rallied behind an Indian grandfather but abandoned Ferguson [qz.com]

Apple Stores getting jewelry scales to check you didn’t scrape off some gold makes more sense for an annual upgrade path than just occasional returns.

19 February


Artist Converts Her Tiny Studio Into Absurdly Elaborate Dreamscapes [bit.ly] [pic.twitter.com]

Self-diagnosing your personality type/disorders on Wikipedia is the new horoscope.

FFS un mini rayon chocolats de Pâques dès la mi-février #torture


Venez découvrir l’évolution de la couverture #3G#4G sur le réseau #RATP qui sera complète en 2017 #RATPScope [scope.ratp.fr]

20 February

J’avais oublié le Mille bornes. Je ne me souviens pas du jeu, mais j’adorais les cartes.

I liked Tesla being the Apple of cars. I can only imagine drawbacks to Apple trying to be the Apple of everything.

Spend ten minutes editing a thought down to 140 characters only to leave a grievous typo that looks like an actual grammatical error.


Where do I apply for the teaching otters how to float job so my heart can explode [youtube.com]

21 February

I just subscribed to ten more podcasts. I have a problem.

Once again I wish I were making podcasts myself so I could convert all that wasted time into something remotely useful.

22 February

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 (2014) — 8/10

It’s weird that the tripe that was The Hunger Games managed to engender a movie as dark and ambitious as Mockingjay, Part 1.

The one and only criticism I’d make of Mockingjay is that Moore is wearing awful colored contacts which make her look like a zombie.

Have I ever told you how much I hate colored contacts? Dark irises are better than looking like an android for lack of pupillary response.

23 February

Un petit temps d’adaptation pour me rappeler que dans le centre je peux descendre jusqu’au bout de la liste Grindr sans me retrouver à 10km.

24 February


Please consider contributing to my charity which teaches designers on Dribbble that the  Watch screen doesn’t run edge to edge

Wow, you really had me going, guys — so many people tweeted about Looking this week, I actually believed something was going to happen.

I’d be very interested in the Pebble Time if I thought Apple might let third-parties in on iOS’s soon-to-be-improved smartwatch integration.

Don’t care how much prettier the Apple Watch’s display will be, color e-paper was the right choice. I’m impressed it does animations at all.

Conundrum: I totally want to see that cat again, but I totally don’t want to see its human again.

26 February

Je comprends mieux pourquoi Goldman ne sort plus de disques #toutelavie

Tiens, Vélib a prélevé deux fois le renouvellement de mon abonnement. Va falloir aller dehors en journée pour envoyer un recommandé, ugh.


Cool, Apple Maps now animates in 3D mode. London eye moves and Big Ben shows the right time.


llife cycle of memes is converging on zero seconds


Remember that time the FCC voted to protect the future of the internet but then llamas walked across a road & everyone was all “WHOA LLAMAS”

27 February

Woohoo j’ai fait une app pour iPhone qui ne servira jamais qu’à moi \o/


The dress meme is hacking our firmware. An emerging AI is testing us systematically for weakness. All hail Roko’s Basilisk #TheDress

Llamas yesterday, blue dress today — I always thought I’d live to see the downfall of western civilization, but I didn’t imagine it happening this way.

Couldn’t the Fire Phone have used its cameras to detect your finger before it touches the glass, introducing mouseover on mobile?

C’est moche de vieillir, j’ai systématiquement une impression de déjà vu juste après avoir posté chaque tweet.

I accidentally liked three guys on Tinder yesterday because I was sleepy and somehow misremembered the gesture. Today, still no match…


Sans Bullshit Sans: The font that uses ligatures to replace every marketing buzzword with a censorship bar. [sansbullshitsans.com]


I don’t why it weirds me out that snails have mouths, but it totally does. [i.imgur.com] [pic.twitter.com]

28 February

La même journée je découvre une rayure sur l’écran de mon iPhone, et mon iPad refuse de s’allumer \o/


“We tried following the iOS App Store trend by pricing Vesper at just $2.99 for months. It didn’t work.” [daringfireball.net]

FFS, les putain de jeux Unity sur Mac où rien ne marche jamais correctement — ni le gamepad, ni le clavier azerty.


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