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1 June 2015

Démo d’Audiosurf 2. Il faut avoir pris des trucs pour y trouver un intérêt, non ?

Qu’est-ce qui m’a pris de me fier aux notes des acheteurs sur Amazon pour choisir un bouquin de programmation.


Voilà voilà… « Têtu » se place en redressement judiciaire [lesechos.fr] in @LesEchos

2 June

iPhone can call over wifi, Watch connects to known networks… the next step is Apple becoming not an MVNO but a global wifi provider, right?

Imagine the lock-in effect if Apple invested its war chest in platform-exclusive subscription-based wifi networks covering all major cities.

How can you remake Big Trouble in Little China without the lovably quaint touch of casual racism that isn’t acceptable anymore today?

It’s good that Game of Thrones tries to set up the stakes once in a while, but not if they’re going to film in the boring “modern action mess” style.

There’s a blog post somewhere about how Fury Road’s action is better because it’s center-framed, but it’s poorly written and I haven’t seen the film yet, so I’m not linking to it.


Enfin une coque/batterie pour iPhone qui ne dépasse pas d’un centimètre en bas ! [kickstarter.com]

“The best prototyping tool. Ever.”

I loved drawing with Flash. Adobe should rebrand, make a non-pro version again.

3 June

WTF, il y a un simulateur de corrida sur PS4.

4 June

I’m the last person who should complain about this but… how did Tweetbot 2 for Mac take so long for so little change?

Tweetbot 2.0 is out *sad face*

Literally the only thing I wanted from Tweetbot 2 for Mac was embedded tweets. (I know, “it’s coming.”) But pretty much everything they did change is for the worse:

  • the sidebar tabs’ highlight state is harder to read than iOS 7’s Shift key;
  • the account switcher now hides the currently active account from the list, like on iPad, which is disorienting because the order changes every time you open it if you have more than two accounts;
  • the indicator of new activity in the account switcher is completely invisible with square avatars, and I doubt it’s much better with round avatars;
  • the inverse-video highlight for the selected tweet is needlessly distracting and hampers legibility (I got away from that on iPhone by switching to night mode and forgot about it, but that doesn’t seem to be an option on the Mac version);
  • the delimiters between tweets and between columns are so thin and faint that the multi-column layout is an eye-searing sea of white;
  • the tiny, low-contrast unread tweet counter at the top of the timeline might as well not be there at all, especially when it appears on top of an image;
  • I might update that list later as more details drive me up the wall.

But hey, at least the half-pixel margin around the window is gone.

5 June


ECO, un MMO où les joueurs doivent utiliser les ressources limitées du monde sans le détruire [youtube.com] [strangeloopgames.com]

Dear Weather app: all information isn’t equal. Feel free to show an actual warning when fiery sun is gonna turn to cold shower in an hour #youhadonejob

Yup, it was probably an overzealous app reviewer

Yup, complaining publicly is now the correct way to handle it :(

That was your monthly reminder that App Review is Apple’s TSA screenings.

6 June

It Follows (2015) — 7/10

It Follows tries too hard to be more than what it is, but its core is strong enough for the movie to work.


Two space shuttles discovered abandoned in a Russian hanger…

#amazingpicture #unbelievable [pic.twitter.com]

7 June

Did the player’s bodily functions need to be so loud in Ark: Survival Evolved? Was it integral to the Dinosaur Island concept? #misophonia

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s an ugly low-poly spaceship!

Tomorrow my timeline will be all about Apple. Today it’s all about how shitty American air travel is.

8 June


“Real GTA” is astonishing work, but he doesn’t run into walls enough [youtu.be]


Remember when we made fun of Microsoft for making those cheesy corporate videos with actors #WWDC15


How can Apple know Siri’s word error rate? I almost never correct Siri errors, but it makes them all the time.


I’m assuming Apple just spent a couple billion to buy all these magazines and publish their stories for free.

A une époque je voulais faire une app magazine pour iPad. Aujourd’hui j’ai à nouveau envie de lancer une publication iOS.


Apple’s new task switcher looks like yet another motion/balance nightmare. Will Reduce Motion reduce its motion? If not: ARGGGHH.


So in another few years, iOS will have free-form window management, just like the Mac.

That Beats 1 radio seems very talky. Who still wants that nowadays?


Wow, looks like you no longer need a paid dev program membership to run your own code on iOS devices. :) [pic.twitter.com]

9 June

No UIKit for Mac yet, so my big plans for a cross-platform productivity app are on hold for another year. Good, I’ll focus on games.

Ok, il y a encore un peu des raisons de regarder Game of Thrones, des fois.

The more I think about it, the more I’m looking forward to Apple Music, and to deleting from my hard drive the hundreds of gigabytes of music I’ll never ever listen to again but have been amassing for years because you never know, I could “need” them someday.

10 June

As a child I would have loved that Tomorrowland managed to be live action. As an adult I feel the naivety and glaring lack of subtlety would be a much better fit for the cartoon stylings of The Iron Giant. And the retro-futurism would work better, too, without the photorealistic rendering turning the city of the future into a sea of silver reflecting the sky. I’d much, much rather live in San Fransokyo than Tomorrowland.


So basically Photoshop just photocopied @sketchapp’s Artboards [youtu.be]

That says a lot :)


Pretty grim security hole…

Beware authentication popups in iOS Mail: bug allows convincing-looking phishing attacks • [9to5mac.com]

11 June


Tiens, il semblerait que « des gens » réalisent que tout n’est pas rose dans le Play Store. [medium.com]


He lived longer and crammed in more than most. A model of getting shit done, while you’re alive. So long, Christopher Lee.

Vous me rappellerez que j’ai décidé de devenir #hashtagwhore sur Insta et Twitter parce que j’en ai marre de poster dans le presque-vide.

Putain, le racket du DUNS. J’avais oublié pourquoi j’avais créé mon compte App Store en tant que particulier.

Je devrais faire mes courses sur internet, finalement, ça me calmerait peut-être de voir le total avant de valider la commande.

From the photos, the Oculus Rift’s included headphones look like cheap crap. You can remove them, but for the price you shouldn’t have to.

Just remembered some people prefer in-ear torturephones. In that case I’d rather the headset came with no sound at all. Clearer message.

12 June

Throughout this week’s Wayward Pines episode I kept waiting for a Dharma logo. Haven’t decided yet what I think of the actual reveal.

There’s a purity lost to Geometry Wars 3 but it’s still damn exciting. And I sure am glad I didn’t buy it on iOS with touch controls.

Ca fait pas de moi un vieil aigri si j’ai envie de balancer du vitriol à la tête fu vendeur parce qu’il est trop joli, si ?

Personne ne m’avait dit que c’était plein de mecs bien foutus habillés serré, dehors.

Does iOS 9 include ad-blocker support for any other reason than forcing publishers to adopt News, where ads won’t be blocked?

Sketch looked really exciting in demos but now that I’m trying to use it for a project I keep bumping into walls.

13 June


NPR is on track to break even financially for the first time in 6 years—thanks to podcasts [wired.com]

UnREAL’s co-creator actually worked on The Bachelor. That’s a scary thought.

Le fait que je ne gagne plus de (vrais) followers quand je suis retweeté, c’est juste moi, ou le social graph de Twitter qui se calcifie ?

14 June

TIL que la grande ligne droite du Mans est simplement une route (via Apple Maps)


I had no idea how much screen real estate is wasted in Android compared to iOS. [imgur.com]

Why doesn’t Chrome offer me to automatically censor spider photos and Game of Thrones spoilers? Google has all the tech needed.

It’s like Little Inferno was designed just for me. And it’s the perfect game to play while listening to podcasts.

15 June

Ex Machina (2015) — 7/10

Ex Machina ne vaut pas Her, mais est quand même bien réussi.

Il est possible que je l’aie su puis oublié, mais je viens de réaliser devant Hannibal que noisette et gland ne sont pas la même chose.

The Fallout 4 demo is making me want to play it, which is a first for this franchise.

Fallout Shelter scrolls faster than my finger and that goes against every iOS convention.

C’est con, je vais devoir rater la Fête des voisins pour regarder les streams de l’E3.

J’ai pris l’habitude d’acheter des tomates Kumato car il n’y a que ça de bon à Franrpix, et maintenant je ne peux plus manger autre chose.

I don’t read much about Game of Thrones, so I don’t know if it’s been said already, but this week’s previouslies suddenly made me realize they must have switched around the previous episode’s two big sequences at the last minute because they felt it ended on too dark a note: I found it weird at the time how abruptly they cut away from ***’s face without leaving any breathing room after that terrible scene, but it makes sense if it was going to be followed immediately by the credits.

With backwards compatibility I don’t have a reason anymore to resist the Xbox One and Forza Horizon 2 — except I’m saving for a PC and VR.

Eve Online looks gorgeous, and runs perfectly on my Mac, but oh my god it’s even less of a spaceship ‘simulator’ than I ever imagined.

I think dystopian future works better when the corporate powers are faceless, but Mirror’s Edge certainly looks fine.


This EA press conference is what happens when a nerd and a jock have to work on a science project together for a whole semester.


Seems impossible to watch this Star Wars footage without a giant smile on your damn face.

16 June


1. love the game. 2. Aisha Tyler when not selling ubi stuff :P [youtube.com] (thx Fask :p)

If Elite: Dangerous is a mile wide and an inch deep, I’m afraid No Man’s Sky may be much wider yet even shallower — but, hey, so fucking pretty.


Fuck. Sony is BRINGING the games. And I feel like last year, they did the same. But then I look at the PS4’s library and…nothing.

Even Sony’s Assassin’s Creed trailer is cool. Clearly it isn’t games they have mastered, but the powers of deception.

I’ll believe in Sony’s Morpheus when they announce that it includes its own GPU.

“Photoshop CC 2015 improvements”

This is the “Oh shit Sketch is gaining momentum” update and I’m excited.

I think the last thing Sketch has that I really want in Photoshop is the ability to enter arithmetic operations in numeric fields /cc @adobe

Every once in a while I’ll type e.g. “768*2” in a size field and be infuriated all over again that Photoshop still can’t figure this out.

Does El Capitan fix Safari waiting to load Twitter’s non-gifs entirely before animating them?


Morph Cut in the new Adobe Premiere smooths out edited talking head footage. For documentaries, this is incredible: [helpx.adobe.com]

The way Nintendo integrates Amiibo into everything they make is pretty nice. If you’re gonna sell silly NFC figurines, give your players something in return.

Maybe it’s time someone explained to Japanese game developers that they can’t just use Times New Roman and call it done.

17 June

Little Inferno (Mac) — 7/10

Little Inferno is little more than a cookie clicker with pun-based riddles and nice visual effects. But what’s interesting is, that formula totally works.

No Man’s Sky was the main reason I was glad to have a PS4 and now I want a gaming PC more than ever before.

Ok, en fait l’app est naze. Mais de toute façon je n’attends que Steam VR pour m’enfermer définitivement chez moi.

Wow, that last shot in the latest Nurse Jackie. I wonder where they’re going with only two episodes left to put a bow on it all.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned again in the last couple of weeks that Nurse Jackie has never been as good as this final season.

18 June

Made an effort and tried Torchlight 2; the pets are adorable but I just cannot deal with attacking enemies by clicking on them like I’m hunting for desktop icons.

Folding@home still exists, and it doesn’t seem to integrate a cookie clicker game. C’mon!

I generally share the frustration of security researchers seeing that the issues they find aren’t fixed but, considering how wide-ranging, deeply rooted, and understandably hard to fix the XARA vulnerabilities are, it’s kind of a dick move for them to have refused Apple’s request for a delay, and released a 0-day exploit, isn’t it? This doesn’t look like one of those cases where Apple just doesn’t care enough.

As for the FaceTime camera, you’d think the priority, short of improving the battery life, would be to make the device as thin as possible.

Deux tweets différents du pape retweetés par deux personnes différentes le même jour dans ma timeline. WTF?


Wow, neural network based image recognition fuzzing is very similar to human hallucinating: [googleresearch.blogspot.com] [pic.twitter.com]

Inside Out is clever, very clever, but feels more like an overgrown student movie than a properly enjoyable Disney/Pixar.

19 June

“XARA, deconstructed: An in-depth look at OS X & iOS cross-app resource attacks”

We could live without Keychain ACLs, couldn’t we? (I don’t nearly care as much about the rest.)


So… that tweet yesterday about how VR will mess with IMAX’s game? Looks like IMAX agrees enough to try censoring Ars: [arstechnica.com]

It never ceases to baffle me that the same political correctness has banned “handicap” and is even phasing out “disability” yet labels the slightest neurotransmitter imbalance a “mental illness.”

20 June

TerraTech was the first build-your-own-vehicle game I found well made and enjoyable… until it launched over-powered enemies at me then respawned me without a radar so I couldn’t make my way back to the base I had built.

21 June

Moon rocks + great music = one of the best nights in quite a while.

Taylor Swift: “It’s great that Apple Music is offering a free trial in its endeavor to finally make paid streaming music popular, but Apple, who is keeping up to 28.5% of the revenue for itself (not the profits, mind) should be the one paying for it.” Um, what?


Taylor Swift’s Apple Music issue seems predicated on everybody getting the same 3 months free at the same time. Only true for initial launch

The whole argument hinges on the idea that Apple intends to get rich with Music, which is absurd — it will only ever be drops in a bucket.

Apple Music won’t even generate lock-in since it’ll be on PC and Android. At most, it’s advertising, but there isn’t gonna be a halo effect.

22 June

Je suis malencontreusement tombé sur des photos de moi il y a quinze ans et aucun rapport mais qui connaît un bon chirurgien esthétique ?

L’effet social de la MDMA serait dû à une production d’ocytocine. On peut acheter de l’ocytocine en France ? C’est pour un ami ours.


So Taylor Swift is now the most powerful person in music, and tech, right? [twitter.com]

Didn’t the Apple Music negotiations stall for years precisely because of the free trial terms? And now, poof, gone in just a few hours.

I was quite surprised by how widely negative the reactions were against Apple, so I guess they were too.

The previews of next week’s Nurse Jackie ❤️❤️❤️

23 June

I wouldn’t have decided to start making games if I’d realized how much math is involved. That stuff is more annoying than AutoLayout.

Turns out it’s not just the new Tweetbot Mac — both Tweebot for iPhone AND the Twitter site truncate quoted tweets. WHY. GOD. WHY.

The new Spider-Man looks too young to be properly fantasized about. That won’t work.

La sortie de samedi m’a foutu comme un gros coup de printemps, il était temps.

24 June

25 June

J’hésite à racheter des rollers, mais toutes les rues qui partent de chez moi sont genre inclinées à 70%.


Apple pulls all Civil War-themed games from the app store because they contain the confederate flag. [toucharcade.com]

It doesn’t seem like Apple to inspect its own catalog for Confederate flags. Wonder if an internet brigade has been mass-reporting them.


Censorship or not, the move by Apple is a regressive, overly broad response that reflects their disdain for games as a medium.


And given that the App Store is a serious platform moving millions of dollars that contempt from on high should absolutely be worrisome.

“We Need to Talk About the Furiosa Comic”

I’d read that it was bad, didn’t imagine it could be that awful.

Killjoys has a decent Farscape vibe and Luke Macfarlane (overcompensating a bit for B&S) as a cage-fighter in the pilot — so that’s something.

Wow, Hannibal is in full-on horror-movie mode this year.

26 June


“Sushi” actually only refers to the vinegared rice. The rolls with seaweed and raw fish are actually called “Sushi’s Monster”.

I just might switch to Chrome for the worst possible reason — because Safari takes too long to render Twitter’s un-gifs.

Can’t believe Chrome still doesn’t support text-decoration-color.

Je voudrais tellement être un de ces millionnaires aux Etats-Unis qui ont la clim.

27 June


The Language Strangeness Budget: [words.steveklabnik.com]. On which features does Swift spend its language strangeness budget?

“Tiens, je vais aller à la Marche en bus pour changer.”

“Suite aux manifestations, ce bus a pour terminus Place d’Italie.”

Y’a toujours des cons de manifestants pour faire chier.

Si tous les chars à grosses basses continuent à passer du hip hop, je rends ma carte.


Former Facebook employee who initiated custom gender kicked off site for being trans. It’s a good look. #Facebook #wtf

Quand tu vois Bastille arriver, que tu te dis “ouf, c’est fini” et que le cortège ne s’arrête pas du tout


C’est la saison spéciale du tourisme italien à Paris ? Et pourquoi ils partent tous du principe qu’on (ou que je) doit parler italien ?


“My name is only real enough to work at Facebook, not to use on the site” by @zip [medium.com]

Si la mairie de Paris filait la place de la République aux établissements gay pour la soirée ça éviterait le bordel dans le Marais #jdcjdr


I’d love to use the system share sheet in my app, but A/B tests show it substantially reduces sharing.

Est-ce qu’on salue quand on croise des twittos qu’on suit sans réciproque ? Moi, je sais que non, évidemment, mais vous ?

28 June

Plus personne ne donne de chiffres pour la gay pride ? Ils ont réalisé qu’on ne pouvait pas s’être moqués de la MPT et faire pareil ?

Vu le nombre de taxis occupés qui passent dans la rue, vous avez tous bien vite oublié qui les conduit.


This Touchable Midair 3D Laser Display Is Pretty Magical [zoot.li] [pic.twitter.com]


This is a “Geneva drive” — basically, a way to convert continuous motion into discrete motion.

Mesmerizing. [pic.twitter.com]

Tout content de découvrir que mon appel à cotisations sociales était moins élevé que je ne m’y attendais, jusqu’à ce que je me rappelle que le “tri” dans “trimestre” ne veut pas dire qu’il y en a trois dans l’année.

Pout une fois qu’on a des gogos qui savent danser, c’est con, au Yoyo il n’y a pas de spots placés pour éclairer la scène.

Ces soirs ou je ne sais pas si je ne plais à personne ou si j’ai précédemment fait la gueule à tous les mecs suceptibles d’être intéressés.

Le mec qui se fait visiblement un selfie pour Grindr sur la piste de danse, je l’avais encore jamais vie celle-là.

29 June

A force de passer mes samedis en boîte j’avais oublié comme c’est agréable de traverser à pied Paris déserte un dimanche nuit, alors que tous les gens normaux dorment.

Si j’ai la crève demain ce sera à cause des fontaines d’eau potable de l’Hôtel de ville qui ont assez de pression pour faire karcher.

The Nurse Jackie finale was a sloppy mess that ended in the right place — just like the show, then.

30 June

“We used to sleep twice each night”


Oh my god. I just asked Siri what zero divided by zero is and she brought too much realness into my life.

Il y a des ventilateurs Dyson phalliques et là tout de suite je ne peux rien imaginer de plus sexy.

Nikon P900 Megazoom Range Test

(via a blog post I don’t want to link to because of their idiotic editorializing)

Setting up Apple Music on my iPhone, it’s asking for my preferences at random instead of just looking at what music is on the device?!

“Passwords are over, sign into Medium by email.” Because you access your email account with biometrics.

Not opposed to email sign-in at all — I do think it’s a good idea, even — just the general angle journalists are using.

I expected personalized playlists to be longer. You can’t just start playing when you get to work and never think about it again.


ProTip: Open ‘Audio Recording’ in QuickTime and you can listen to the audio on your iPhone w/o AirPlay shenanigans. [pic.twitter.com]

Oh, never mind, there’s also a “start station [from a song]” option if you look hard enough.


How many people are hearing this song right now?

Kind of cool to think about the scope of this…

For some reason when I switch from playlist to radio the ♥️ button becomes ⭐️ and I can’t set the song’s rating anymore. This app is weird.


I don’t need station identification, Apple. I didn’t stumble upon Beats 1 on an FM dial, I know what I’m listening to.


Bon sinon y’a QUELQUES options dans Apple Music oO [pic.twitter.com]

The Apple Music app is a perfect example of iOS tab bars making a mess of your view hierarchy by limiting the number of top-level choices.

The value of Google Cardboard clearly stops at checking whether you can spend five minutes in the worst VR possible without barfing, but those five minutes are a lot of fun and, most importantly, I’m really glad to see that my brain can endure and appreciate VR — with my lazy eye, it wasn’t a given.


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