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1 August 2015


I’ve had this for so long I no longer remember who sent it to me or why. A peek at the original iCal icon being made. [pic.twitter.com]


If you think the floppy disk is an irrelevant analogy for save, when was the last time you searched with a magnifying glass?

2 August

I’d love to know how the “Looks like you’re using Pinterest for your business” algorithm works. Is it that I’m not pinning wedding dresses?

Le coup d’adrénaline quand tu croises iPhone en main un groupe d’individus suspects et que tu réalises que ton iPhone a disparu de ta poche.

Tout le monde prend des photos des volleyeurs sur la place de l’hôtel de ville, ça veut dire que ça ne fait pas creep ?


Nice try, gigantic death bot builders. Gonna have to be sneakier than this. [youtube.com]

3 August


Uh, this is gross. — Serious infections tied to medical scopes go far beyond issues with a single device [fw.to]

4 August

Autodesk is launching a game engine

I’m quite curious to see how it compares to the competition.

This is unlikely to happen again so I have to publish it

5 August

I could see myself spending a lot of money on Etsy’s listings for “apple watch band.”

6 August

Il me faut un assistant pour tagger mes Instagram. Ca me fait chier de le faire, et ça me fait chier que ça ne soit pas fait.

La bonne nouvelle, c’est que le coworking, ça marche. La mauvaise, c’est qu’il va falloir prendre l’habitude d’y aller.

7 August

“Add to Bag” sounds so awkward. And you don’t carry a bag around while shopping in an Apple Store — they give it to you after you’ve paid.

Les cadenas je m’en tape, mais faudrait pas refaire les planches de la passerelle des arts avant qu’un touriste tombe à travers ?

Sophie’s Choice 2: Meryl Streep is double-booked for cat-sitting and must decide which cat will spend the night sad and alone.


This is accurate. All the Jokers depict their era’s drug of choice. [pic.twitter.com]

8 August

Acheter un sac à dos de randonnée et le remplir de fonte, puisque la marche est le seul exercice auquel j’arrive à me tenir un tant soit peu.

9 August

J’aurais une meilleure ambiance et une meilleure sono si je faisais la fête seul dans ma chambre.

10 August

J’en ai tellement marre des touristes qui bloquent le trottoir qu’on m’entend quand je dis “Pardon !” pour passer.

Killjoys is the best sci-fi series you’re not watching, so go and do something about that before it’s too late.

11 August

I’m watching Life Is Strange on Youtube and it’s so awful and endearing at the same time.


Older people tend to seem wiser because they own a larger dataset of stories, that have been thoroughly A/B tested.

12 August

Je craignais que l’Anticafé du Louvre soit envahi de touristes, mais bien sûr ce sont des parisiens qui beuglent en jouant aux cartes.

13 August


If your Grindr profile says “No fats, no fems, no Asians, no Blacks, and no guys over 30”, you will love Roland Emmerich’s Stonewall.

Open Location Code

Google has designed a new notation for longitude & latitude, open to all and available in Maps.


This is how I want to be all the time (via k9instinct ) [pic.twitter.com]

It took me two months to get a cube to rotate properly in SceneKit and I still have absolutely no idea what was wrong with all the previous tries.

14 August

As much as I dislike the show Mr. Robot turned out to be, the Coney Island part of the reveal was really cool.

Mon cerveau a envie de se balader dehors sous la pluie fraîche. Et mon corps a l’esprit d’escalier, il va attendre demain pour protester.

If I could send a message to my 15-year-old self… I’d be completely unable to find a relevant memory to prove I’m me.

Apple has released a $15,000 notification display so who the fuck still cares whether the iPad is “just” a content consumption device?

15 August

I’m not an MGS guy but the base invasions look fun

…if they avoid the frustration of getting invaded too often in the middle of missions, and having to choose between interrupting what you’re doing or losing valuable resources.

I quite liked Gone Home until I reached the ending, and it’s impossible to even allude to what bothered me without spoiling the story.

Amazon: It’s Worse Than You Thought™

(Watch the outrage now that it’s not just blue-collar workers being mistreated.)

17 August

I’m not much better at Rocket League than at real-life soccer. Americans are lucky the game isn’t bringing back school memories for them.

Once a week I think “now I’ll take the Apple Watch off and give the original Pebble another shot,” turn it on and oh my god I forgot again how much the UI annoys me.

Meanwhile I have to decide whether to buy the Apple Watch, and I’m not gonna wait months for the new OS to be available on the old Pebble.

The Pebble has four buttons and in default operation two of them are used to… cycle between ugly watchfaces that can’t be disabled. How could it take them two years to realize that’s terrible?


I know it’s only Monday, but Tumblr 4.3.1 for iOS has already won release notes for this week.

18 August

I wonder if petting a cat and opening a box of biscuits don’t satisfy the exact same impulses #diettips

Impossible de trouver une app de gestion de projet qui me plaise. Argh.


The expression “cutting a check” comes from this, which punches numbers out of paper. [instagram.com] [pic.twitter.com]

Implementing responsive design has finally killed whatever sliver of fun I might still have had writing HTML.

Principle - Animated Design

Looks fantastic. If only I could let loose on it and pay someone else to code my apps.


Open iTunes

Open a playlist you made

Click “Edit Playlist” in upper right


How many years of your life did you spend editing tweets down to 140 characters?

19 August

I never pay much attention to the art in comic books but I’m in love with The Wicked + The Divine’s pages by Jamie McKelvie (and those covers!).

Mais comment c’est possible qu’en 2015 la boutique en ligne Lego ne propose pas des gros sacs de briques d’une même couleur ?


Chastity belts were a joke, then a metaphor, then a hoax [boingboing.net] #sex #history [pic.twitter.com]

The best, easiest improvement to iOS customization Apple could make would be to let the user change an app’s icon. It’s just a square image.

Les salauds de mon Franprix avaient des oeufs de Pâques à la liqueur à la caisse. Dix minutes plus tard, j’ai mal aux dents.

Why are people excited about The Martian? I feel like the trailer has showed me all I ever needed to see of it.

Ah, to be a fly on the wall when Apple’s reviewers receive the companion app for Samsung’s new smartwatch.

Pac-Man 256 could have used a tiny bit of subtlety in emulating Crossy Road. Textureless isometric look doesn’t work nearly as well here.

20 August

To Be Takei is well done, and more interesting than you might expect, not being a Star Trek fan.

I’ve been looking at issue trackers / project managers, and only FogBugz’ UI doesn’t make me want to die. Plus, free for solo artists. Yay!

My new app has been approved!

But they forgot to approve the IAP so it crashes when I click the “Remove Ads” button.

I mean, there’s really not much point in slaving to build 1:1 landmarks if players can climb all over them in five button presses.

21 August

Giphy a sorti une très bonne app pour faire des selfies en gif, et ni Twitter ni Facebook ne les acceptent comme avatar. Pft.

If you aren’t a conspiracy theorist, it’s pretty easy to see that Spotify’s new privacy policy, while poorly worded, is just trying to cover all of the app’s bases — such as (voluntarily) looking for your contacts on the service, or offering you a relevant playlist when you go running.

Shame on Wired for carelessly starting a lynch mob. (And I don’t even like Spotify.)

22 August

Attack on Titan (version anime) est assez fascinant quand il y a de l’action, mais putain les épisodes entiers de soliloques mièvres.

Fine, I’m not resisting Trello anymore. I’m still not a fan of being locked to a kanban view, but the overall UX is too good to pass.

J’ai l’impression de ne pas être sorti en boîte depuis une vie antérieure.

“Ouhla, il va falloir que je rachète une brosse à dents—SADENTS!” ou comment se foutre la honte à soi-même avec un flashback improbable.

23 August

J’assumais mieux le T-shirt tétons-qui-pointent quand j’allais en boîte à pied dans la nuit, plutôt qu’en métro.

It would be really cool if you could touch your iPhone’s screen in your pocket and have it vibrate the count of your unread notifications.

Les mecs qui font Yepah! dans les clubs. Ou sifflent. Ou ne dansent pas. Ou dansent mal. Et les moches. Les mignons. Bref. Vivement l’apocalypse.

Au cas où vous n’auriez pas remarqué, j’ai la 3G maintenant sur la piste du Gibus. Et la musique m’emmerde.

La petite marche post-clubbing par 20°, y’a rien de mieux. Enfin, si, je peux facilement imaginer beaucoup mieux là, mais vous me comprenez.

24 August

25 August


iOS 9 offers the option to turn off “Shake to Undo” in Accessibility. FINALLY! Getting annoyed of clicking dialogs away on bumpy buses.

Engager une femme de ménage juste pour plier les T-shirts.

La correspondance de la 14 à la 4 à Châtelet qui fait traverser la gare RER de bout en bout et revalider trois fois son ticket 😡


[Blog] J’ai fait une note très longue avec de belles images/animations. Elle s’intitule “Brassens dans le Cosmos”.


La tentation de l’Apple Watch ne revient vraiment que quand je ne suis pas chez moi. Il faut donc juste que je tienne jusqu’à dimanche.

26 August

J’ai testé pour vous le plantage de clés dans la paume de la main, et je ne recommande pas, en fait.


8. The pattern of more guns, more shootings, holds internationally: [tewksburylab.org] [pic.twitter.com]

Pocket’s new ‘Recommended’ section appears to be surprisingly accurate and useful at first glance.

Of course I shouldn’t be surprised — they’re the only service with enough data to avoid showing me stories I’ve already marked for reading.

I’d sooner buy a tiny Bluetooth headset than a smartwatch… if only iOS offered to read notifications aloud (without enabling VoiceOver).

Je suis presque sûr que je n’ai jamais utilisé spontanément le mot “texto” #old

Depuis que je tweete des images pour faire djeune la pellicule photo de mon iPhone est pleine de conneries, c’est lourd à supporter.

27 August


If Instagram really wanted to respond to how people were using their app, they’d introduce regramming and sharing before unsquare photos.


Facebook doesn’t disclose mobile-only DAUs, but the monthly data is clear enough. Mobile-only is now 44% of the base. [pic.twitter.com]

28 August


Amazon’s paying Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson $46mm for 3 years — $7mm budget per episode [businessinsider.com] [pic.twitter.com]

Dans une librairie japonaise avec un ami, il sort ça totalement au hasard du rayon — bien obligé de l’acheter.

29 August

Me: I uploaded the app, attached the IAP in iTConnect, you approved the app but not the IAP.

Apple: You need to attach the IAP in iTConnect.

I’m not using push anywhere; are you telling me the AdMob SDK is trying to register notifications on my app’s behalf?


Thank you EU commission for completely and royally fucking over so many business [euobserver.com] /via @brucel

Je me demande quel âge j’avais la dernière fois que j’ai acheté du S. Merci Uniqlo !

Le mec qui choisit d’attendre samedi pour faire la tournée des magasins de chaussures.

30 August

Je ne sais pas si c’est le fait d’arriver a 1:30 ou si c’est la force de Scruff, mais c’est agréable d’arriver et trouver le Gibus plein.

Je me plains des parisiens, mais la vieille pintade outrée “Don’t push me please” n’était pourtant visiblement pas française.

Heureusement qu’il y a les DJ latins pour savoir ce qu’est un rythme. (Et l’ambiance est miraculeuse, je devrais peut-être passer plus de temps sur Scruff.)

Il m’a fallu du temps pour réaliser que l’ambiance doit beaucoup au fait que personne n’est défoncé au G, et la MD est visiblement en force.

31 August

Lara Croft Go is almost perfect so far—except for the lack of arachnophobia mode. I can usually deal with spiders in games, but those are too much for me.


Would you like to see a video of Android Wear running on an iPhone? Well then! [theverge.com] [pic.twitter.com]

The one thing I needed Android Wear on iOS to do was filtering notifications per app — and it does. I’m gonna have a tough choice to make.


reminder: jailbreaking your iPhone is an increasingly terrible idea [arstechnica.com]


I wish Pebble Time or even Apple Watch let me tweak notification behaviors right on the watch like this. [vine.co]


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