Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

1 February 2016

I didn’t expect Battlefield 4’s campaign to be good, but I didn’t think it could be so frustrating and boring.

Battlefield 4 manages to make me hate Michael Kenneth Williams.

2 February

Belatedly finishing up Sunset (it works much better in Windows of course) and it’s painful to me how unprofessional the game wants

me to be.

I think I like Star Citizen’s flight model much better than Elite’s but it’s hard to tell at 5fps. And the gamepad controls are… unpleasant.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer

That was very nice, until they misused BB-8’s lighter #itsamiddlefinger

The Long Dark is beautiful but I’ll never understand why people want to play survival games. Is your own life too easy for you?

Forza Horizon was already my favorite driving game franchise, but the Mediterranean coast adds such a lovely nostalgic tint to it for me.

3 February


Charging an Apple pencil from the iPad exemplifies the difference between design as ‘what it looks like’ and design as ‘how it works’

Je réalise d’un coup qu’après You’re the Worst et Catastrophe, la nouvelle saison de X-Files a aussi pour thème la dépression. Yay 2015-16.


I wonder if the 3D drawing tools in VR will create a few traditionally animated 3D movies. that would be pretty damn cool.


One unexpected consequence of the Apple Watch: learning that standing up and getting away from a computer to think is more productive.

4 February

The unexpected good side of Battlefield 4′s dreadful campaign is that it’s made me want to get back into MGSV.

5 February

Every time I go to a friend’s and Citymapper doesn’t offer to load his address from my contacts I want to delete the app in a fit of rage.

6 February


Might just get American Truck Simulator and go full Duel on the first car to mildly inconvenience me.

As an IRC veteran I’d find it very funny if Twitter screwed up its product so much that everyone fled to Slack.

Of course the drawback would be worsening the echochamber aspect of Twitter, but… the communities are quite closed already.


Curious how stuff like this happens? Here you go. No one in Silicon Valley talks to anyone outside Silicon Valley. [twitter.com]

7 February

Difficile de prendre Rob Lowe au sérieux dans You, Me and the Apocalypse après Parks & Rec et Grinder. Pas le top de l’acteur-caméléon.

8 February

You, Me and the Apocalypse était quand même bien prometteur jusqu’à ce qu’il s’embourbe dans des histoires de soap-opéra de merde.

Enculé d’age-picker de Grindr qui te re-fait scroller depuis 18.

9 February

Aw. GameTrailers’ video reviews were the best.


Ahh, so here’s why Amazon spent so much money on CryEngine: [gamasutra.com] (As I reported last year: [kotaku.com])


I hate that Inbox/Gmail does not use modifier keys for shortcuts. How is that good idea in an app where I spend most of my time typing?

10 February


Apple just sent back my radar about [t.co] urls not working in Safari, saying it’s fixed in latest 10.11.4 beta. #finally

11 February

Well that’s annoying. I think I might like Driveclub’s new “hardcore” handling model better than Forza’s — for which I just bought the Xbox.

Thankfully Forza Horizon on the other hand is still unequaled in almost every respect.

Driveclub also has time-trial lobbies, which are a godsend. (But hardcore and regular players don’t appear to be segregated — for now?)

12 February

Replaying Driveclub then going back to the Xbox made me realize how much better the PS4’s pad is, regarding stick and trigger resistance.

That’s it? No more information? Way to inspire confidence, 2Do.

It’s one thing to see videos, and another to play it: the visuals of Rise of the Tomb Raider are incredible.

Time for the weekly “Reboot iPhone, open App Store’s updates tab to reinstall the apps iOS silently deleted when the update failed somehow.”


If Apple strived to make the Sanbdbox fulfill more needs, I think many more apps would be sandboxed. Four years ago: [red-sweater.com]

One 9GB patch later, I’m in the mood for another game instead. (Thankfully that one only needs a 750MB update.) The future sucks sometimes.

13 February

It’s a little thing that makes all the difference — I like spending time in AC:Syndicate because the characters are fucking human.

I also enjoy the new combat, and the visuals are prettier (less drab) than Unity’s. But traversal is still a huge pain.

Oh, and I’m not a fan at all of every item and enemy displaying a level number because the game was developed during the Destiny era.

14 February

Je ne croyais pas trop à cette idée que les boîtes seraient pleines de couples, mais en fait un peu quand même.

J’oubliais que quand on est jeune et célibataire on tend à prendre la Saint-Valentin comme un affront personnel.

Ils trouvent toujours de nouveaux moyens de m’ennuyer : voici le DJ venu avec son photographe attitré, qui emmerde tout le monde devant la cabine pendant son set.

N’empêche, je ne dois pas être le seul à sortir de mon hibernation, je ne m’attendais pas à ce que le Gibus soit bondé toute la nuit.

The Xbox One has Elite and Forza Horizon; if Microsoft announced an upcoming VR headset I’d seriously consider skipping Playstation VR.


Smug Valentine’s Day people used to bug me, until I realized that statistically, they’ll almost all either break up or watch each other die.

15 February


If you watch TV shows until characters start randomly acting against their interests to create drama, you don’t finish a lot of TV shows.

16 February


Need lots of accessories for your Surface? Just slap a LEGO baseplate on it and stick them to it [m.imgur.com]


Love the idea that Apple software isn’t bad, “people have always complained.” Also we’ve always hated bankers, so there was no 2008 crisis.


That Ferrero Rocher can rotate like gears is probably the most important thing I’ve learned today. [pic.twitter.com]

How do I stop OS X from replacing TM with ™ and how does anyone type “TMI” on a Mac? I’ve removed it in System Prefs, no change.

17 February

No. No. No. Bad X-Files! Bad!

Oh, I was wondering why Reddit comment threads suddenly made Chrome unresponsive — it was just the Pocket extension’s HTML injection. Yay.

Je me retrouve à participer à des threads Reddit sur une série télé alors que j’avais réussi à raccrocher, merci bien Chris Carter.

I’m confused by “A Message to Our Customers”. As explained by news reports and in Cook’s letter itself, the FBI request and court order aren’t about adding a backdoor to future versions of iOS to be installed on customers’ phones (that’ll be coming soon enough from the legislature), but to install a hacked OS on one individual phone that’s currently sitting in an evidence locker.

The whole point of device encryption was that Apple said for the last two years that such a process would be completely impossible. Yet the open letter never says so, and implies that they could absolutely do it, they just don’t want to. Am I missing something?


This isn’t even REALLY about crypto. It’s about whether developers can be conscripted to write spyware. [apple.com]


The Constitution doesn’t permit the govt to force companies to hack into their customers’ devices. [aclu.org] #Apple #FBI

It bugs me every year that the file picker isn’t at the bottom of this page

Thanks a lot for the total lack of UI on this, Apple

Guess I’m rebooting in safe mode to access the keychain in a clean system?

Most of my timeline is completely misrepresenting the FBI’s demands and it annoys me that Tim Cook did all he could to fuel that confusion.


I looked at the Fox News comments on the Apple encryption story so you don’t have to! Here are the winners: [pic.twitter.com]

The more I think about it (and I can’t seem to stop), the more puzzled I am by Apple’s strategy here. I imagine the crux of the issue was avoiding at all costs to be in the headlines for helping the FBI’s case by hacking into an iPhone. Or, yeah, maybe they’re sincerely that hung up about privacy, whatever — aside from questions about the legality of forcing a company to develop software to aid an investigation, from the pure privacy and ethics perspectives this case isn’t very different from all the earlier times Apple helped law enforcement get into a locked iPhone. It’s an obsolete iPhone; it’s less secure than more recent iPhones; Apple is able to access its data.


  • They’re emphatically acknowleding that an iPhone’s data is completely vulnerable and, in an effort to muddy the waters and make the case appear more general than it is, they’ve even avoided pointing out that any iPhone 5s, 6 or 6s would be completely immune from this form of attack.

  • Instead of fighting the issue on broad, abstract terms when it is inevitably discussed in Congress, they’ve taken their stand on a case where their opponents can literally accuse them of aiding terrorists.

  • By making a big splash now instead of waiting for legislative debates, they’re making it a presidential campaign issue — and I’ll bet that very few candidates will choose to be on Apple’s side.

How on earth can this be a good PR strategy? Oh, sure, they have the nerds’ support. Fat load of good that will do, for them and for us.

18 February

I keep forgetting how much Forza Motorsport’s gamepad steering annoys me. It’s so weird that I don’t have the same issue with Horizon.

And because I’m an idiot, instead of calling it quits I’m now looking at how tolerable a cheap force-feedback-less steering wheel could be.

Dear MMOs: Making users type their password at every login encourages unsafe passwords. Just save the password and add a PIN code at login.

“Apple Unlocked iPhones for the Feds 70 Times Before”
(The article is muddy on the differences between unlocking different iPhones but, as I wrote yesterday, that’s Apple’s fault.)

First ten minutes with The Division: as expected, it’ss beautiful and I wish I didn’t have to experience it as a loot-based RPG.

Because 1) it kills immersion and 2) comparing, equipping, modding items is fun with a mouse and a pain in the ass on a gamepad.


Ubisoft carved a PS4 out of stone because Far Cry Primal [pic.twitter.com]

J’ai encore acheté un putain de jean brut sans faire attention et maintenant mes chaussettes sont bleues et mon jean délavé par aplats.

Je viens d’ajouter du Danao à ma liste de courses. Je vous laisse deviner quelle chanson de merde j’ai dans la tête maintenant.

19 February

This exact screen at the beginning of every game, please #TheDivision


[first date]

her: so what do you do for fun

me: tweet about hypothetical situations

her: oh wow that’s really cool and sexy

Do we all agree that The Division’s inventory management interface is a pain, or are we going with “it could have been worse”?

20 February

Admit it: it would be cool to climb towers and unlock parts of the map in The Division.

Exploring The Division’s Dark Zone by yourself certainly feels appropriately apocalyptic.


Apple asked FBI to request iPhone hack under seal—FBI went public. So it’s not just one phone—Feds wanted showdown. [nytimes.com]

Colony a très bellement hérité de l’esprit “il n’y a pas de bonnes décisions” des meilleures heures de Battlestar Galactica.

21 February

Listening to a professional Twitch streamer answer repetitive stupid questions about the game from the audience is excruciating.

Anyway, watching Twitch grind The Division confirms it’s not for me. I bet I’d have enjoyed its earlier, non-Destiny iteration.

Went to have one last look at New York, selected “Close Application” because the game failed to reconnect, and… it disappeared from my PS4.

I can’t be certain that I didn’t accidentally / unconsciously select “Delete” instead, because I think the confirmation prompts look the same.

I extracted a thing! \o/

Alone! \o/

I extracted more loot \o/ I need to stop playing before I’m completely addicted.


When you consider cost for VR, think about what you spend on airfare. That’s what you are already willing to pay to go somewhere. Once.

Twitching from PS4: wrong title in the tweet, correct title and game in the Dashboard, wrong title and game in the archived video.

And there seem to be complaints about that bug on the internet as far back as the introduction of the feature, FFS.

The kicker being that if you edit it all in the Dashboard before going online, the PS4 will still manage to resurrect the previous info.


My comic book store took every single Leia pop and covered “princess” with “general” [pic.twitter.com]

Je suis dans la rue et ça sent le kebab quelque part dans l’arrondissement

22 February

Three days later I find out on Twitch that there is fast travel in The Division.

You don’t turn your nose on and off; wouldn’t it be more logical and interesting for FC:Primal’s smell-o-vision to be a permanent overlay?

Depict the prey’s scent realistically (fainter and more dispersed the older it is) instead of a GPS path and you get a fun tracking game.

23 February

“Remember The X-Files? How cool would it be if they made new episodes?”


Massive Attack, Young Fathers - Voodoo In My Blood [youtube.com]

Playlist Discover faiblarde sur Spotify cette semaine. Il faut croire qu’on a fait le tour de toute la musique qui me plaise dans l’univers.


This microscopic view of a spider embryo is strangely… adorable? [thisiscolossal.com] [pic.twitter.com]

24 February


Hey @AppStore, I fixed your “Games Are Art” feature by using text directly from the App Store Review Guidelines: [pic.twitter.com]

Je l’ai rêvée, cette période de Brooklyn Nine-Nine où les personnages étaient humains et les histoires un peu réalistes ?


These rising/falling/spinning screens are impressive and probably under-reperesented in the TV coverage. #BRITs [pic.twitter.com]

25 February

Factorio seems so amazing, and its controls are so incredibly busted
Zero internal consistency to what a right vs. left click means, or to modifier keys, so you keep pressing the wrong button.

Here’s hoping that Siri on OS X was held up while they improved the handling of multiple devices and multiple voices with Hey, Siri.


today I learned that woodpeckers’ tongues wrap around their brain & it made me uncomfortable [pic.twitter.com]

Odds that calling it “9-inch iPad Pro” entails changing the entry model to 32GB and $599?

What’s the benefit of tying the Pencil to the “Pro” tag? I can’t be the only one wishing for a Pencil-enabled iPad mini.

26 February

Une loi pour imposer que le rayon chocolats de Pâques soit caché derrière un rideau et des mannequins dédaigneux en sous-vêtements.

Les podcasts entre collègues* où tout le monde est intelligent et drôle me dépriment, ils prouvent que j’aurais pu en fait trouver quand j’étais jeune une boîte où tout le monde est intelligent et drôle. (C’est bien trop tard maintenant pour me mettre à avoir des collègues et des horaires.)

Heureusement, je me console en me disant que ces podcasts sont très rares.

27 February


How can Apple keep their iOS signing keys secret & secure if not a custom FBIOS ramdisk? 😜

28 February

Fallout 4 is quite beautiful when there are no humans on screen.

I’m now compulsively cleaning out Sanctuary even though I don’t even really like the game. Argh.

29 February

As Candy Crush clones go, the new Futurama game for iOS is distinctly not awful.


“You’re splitting my attention into a thousand tiny pieces”, [medium.com] – chat as the primary/sole mode of collaboration is 💀🔫


par défaut, on devrait mettre des rideaux devant les miroirs et on les soulèverait que si on veut vraiment se voir


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