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1 March 2016

2 March


Spintires is regularly crashing due to code timebombs, possibly placed there by dev [pcgamesn.com] [pic.twitter.com]

Hey, game: you know exactly when was the last time I played you. So just pop up a diagram of the damn control scheme when it’s been a while.

Can you give me a reason why someone setting their Watch to DND would want their iPhone to start buzzing instead? I’m taking a nap!

3 March

Every. Single. Space movie. Should start with an establishing CG shot panning and zooming away from Earth all the way to the film’s setting.

If you’ve ever listened to a Bitcoin aficionado and wondered how a distributed currency could realistically handle the traffic involved in actually becoming the global player they thought it would, well…

The problem was that, early on, Satoshi established a limit on the number of transactions that could be processed by the network every 10 minutes. The cap was meant to ensure that the computers supporting the network, and processing the transactions, would not be overwhelmed by an enormous quantity of data. But Satoshi had suggested that the limit should be temporary, and as the number of transactions coursing through the network inched closer to the cap, delays started to occur and transactions were not going through.

When Mr. Hearn began pushing for changes to the core Bitcoin software to allow for larger blocks of transaction data, he faced immediate resistance. Gregory Maxwell, a largely self-taught programmer who had worked on Wikipedia and the Mozilla web browser, both open-source projects, said that larger blocks of transaction data would be harder for ordinary computers to process. The result, Mr. Maxwell warned, would be to hand control over the network to big companies that could afford powerful computers. […]

Mr. Hearn retorted that the technical issue wasn’t such a big deal; ordinary computers could mostly process the larger blocks of transaction data. More important, he argued, was that Bitcoin needed to succeed first as a cheaper, faster payment network, like PayPal or Visa. If Bitcoin wanted to ever compete with mainstream payment systems, which could process tens of thousands of transactions a second, it would have to do away with Bitcoin’s existing limit of fewer than seven transactions a second.

Yeah, that’s a big jump.

Cars just look a little too much like hovercrafts in Dirt Rally — again, only in external videos… so maybe it’s just an issue with replays?

Première fois depuis des semaines que je sors marcher avec la musique à fond dans mon gros casque. Je me demandais depuis quelques jours pourquoi je manquais d’énergie en ce moment, et j’avais complètement oublié que c’était ça qui me manquait, dans mon hibernation.

5 March

Fuck Forza Motorsport, once and for all. I just tried the trick of lowering all gear ratios in order to fool the gamepad-steering algorithm into making my car turn into corners, but of course the car’s too slow now.

I suppose if you want to be competitive in Forza you “just” have to fine-tune the balance, and find the highest gear ratios that will let you handle a hairpin turn without losing too much performance in the straights, but WHY IS THIS A THING I SHOULD HAVE TO DO.

Or, hey, I could buy a $400 wheel and get rid of the problem entirely. But, you know what, Microsoft, you haven’t earned it. And since I can’t buy a steering wheel that would work with both the Xbox One and PS4 (at a reasonable price) I’ll definitely get the one I can use with VR driving games.

And it’s all the more infuriating as I don’t have this issue with Forza Horizon, whose developers must have agreed with me and removed the offending code. So all it would take in Motorsport is a setting to enable Horizon’s steering controls, but Turn 10 has ignored the complaints for years so, you know, like I said — fuck Forza Motorsport.

Using Project Spark with a gamepad is such a pain in the ass I’m surprised they released it at all.

Can’t say the gameplay is grabbing me, but the presentation of Hand of Fate is lovely. I’m always a sucker for old-fashioned cards.

6 March

Le chat n’est absolument pas impressionné par le générateur de ronronnement de mon iPhone.


If you ever feel like OS X is running great and all is fine, spend a few minutes watching Console to clear your head of that feeling.

Parti attraper dans la pénombre un vêtement noir dans mon sac de voyage noir, j’ai failli étrangler le chat noir qui dormait dedans.


First OS X ransomware virus detected, maliciously encrypts hard drives on infected Macs [9to5mac.com] [pic.twitter.com]

7 March

The Transmission snafu is the best argument Apple could make in favor of the Mac App Store if the Mac App Store weren’t a shitshow.

Je passe devant la porte d’entrée de l’Apple Store Opéra et je n’entre pas “comme ça pour voir.” Apple is dooooooomed.

C’est fun, le tilt-shift, mais c’est pas facile de faire la mise au point manuelle sur le petit écran de mon appareil photo.

8 March

Leviathan Wakes (James S.A. Corey) — 6/10

Hearing about Pillars of Eternity’s “Story Time” difficulty I figured that might get me back into it, but then…

Déçu par Leviathan Wakes qui, après une première moitié de SF minutieuse et efficace, sombre d’un coup dans le roman d’aventure idiot.

I wouldn’t count on Valve to design a great UI but, come on, you can do better than just projecting Big Picture in the middle of the space.


This video is incredible. They’re building 4D geometry and using it to generate 3D play fields. [youtu.be]

Mass Effect 3: “Humans First”
The ending was so bad I’d forgotten the rest of the game already rubbed me the wrong way.

9 March

Steve Jobs (2016) — 3/10


“I’m always amazed when people don’t realise that a character called Luke S. is a self-insert.” omg [pic.twitter.com]


When I’m waiting at an extraction point in The Division, trying to look as intimidating as everyone else.. [pic.twitter.com]

I mean I’ve played it for two minutes and I don’t think I like it, but even the quasi-Newtonian flight model is pretty close to what I wanted.

And the flight model was the main reason I wanted to make a game like this, because I dislike Elite’s so much.

On s’adresse où pour demander son interdiction volontaire d’Amazon ? Parce que c’est plus possible, là.

Bon, ben j’ai détesté Steve Jobs à peu près autant que prévu, tout va bien.

10 March

John Oliver s’enlise, prenez de l’avance sur le buzz et mettez-vous dès maintenant à Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.


This couch-blanket-thing understands what we want. [bit.ly] [pic.twitter.com]


A game where you play as a cat living in Kowloon Walled City. Yes, please. [hk-devblog.com] [pic.twitter.com]


Google’s DeepMind beats Lee Se-dol again, now with incomprehensible, beyond human moves. [theverge.com] [pic.twitter.com]

Sérieusement, pourquoi personne ne parle de Colony ?

11 March

Mon système digestif après l’intoxication alimentaire d’hier

12 March

The Futurama game has funny / badass quotes for all characters but Leela goes “That’s so sweeeet” on big combos ಠ_ಠ

14 March

Oxenfree’s dialogue is fantastic but I’ve had to restart chapters twice in an hour because Jonas got stuck, so… make it a visual novel, ok?

I can understand bugs, but refusing to load the next scene because an NPC hasn’t caught up with me is a choice, and it breaks the game.

15 March

Until Dawn tricked me with a metronome into answering the ‘worst fears’ questions honestly and I’m gonna be sorry when it plays out.

At 960x1080 pixels per eye I can’t imagine that you’ll want to use the virtual theater mode all that much?


I can understand Sony not including the price of 2 Moves with the PSVR, but if you really need the camera too, that should be factored in.

16 March

Un lévrier afghan qui mâche un bâton dans la rue. Vision d’un squelette de cheval, le destrier de la Mort rongeant son frein.

Mais sinon c’est la pleine forme et il ne fait pas du tout un temps à être dans un Tim Burton.

J’ai acheté un pantalon à 30 € sur Amazon

Cette météo d’hiver est super propice au tilt-shift, en fait. J’entends la B.O. de Giorgino dans ma tête.

“The perverse ideology of The Division”

A weird contrast with the whole “NYC felled by its consumerism” premise.

17 March


Rez Infinite’s new Area X being designed with VR in mind. “Particles moving with the music.” [pic.twitter.com]

18 March

Trying out VMWare Fusion. Had to look up a guide to find out there’s an “Install from disc or image” option here.

Modular phones won’t happen because the smaller the better, but it’s time for consoles to have an interchangeable CPU/GPU module.

Mais c’est horrible, depuis le début je regarde la VR comme un truc qui va me tomber dessus, pas quelque chose sur quoi je peux bosser.

Je suis persuadé que la nouvelle révolution tech est à nos portes, mais je continue de travailler sur des sites web à la con.

19 March

Impossible de trouver un bracelet nylon pour Apple Watch sur Amazon France, mais que fait la mondialisation ?

I wish Apple would release a VR headset so I could make stuff for it without having to learn a whole new platform from scratch.

But then they’d half-ass it, and wouldn’t allow games to require controllers, because they intrinsically don’t and can’t understand gaming.

20 March

Une heure à me demander si c’était moi ou la soirée, jusqu’à ce que je voie un mec qui danse. Ah, oui ! Il manquait bien quelque chose.

21 March


The new Apple Store “we’ll be back” message is not only unctuous but optimistic. “Just about to” >= 7 hours [pic.twitter.com]

3D-printed “programmable” magnets

(Video’s annoying but worth watching for the applications.)

As someone using colored Hue lights in my room I’m not sure I want my iPad’s screen to reflect ambient color temperature.


Apple’s jumping through crazy hardware hoops to try and ‘fix’ the bleached white iOS 7 UI style 😜

Trying to decide if I’m selling my 12” iPad Pro to buy a 9” that I’ll sell again when they finally release an iPad mini with Pencil support.

Wonder if Watch 1 remains on sale, even further discounted, after Watch 2 is introduced in just a few months.

22 March

I’m back to Safari on the Mac and I’d forgotten about the magical translucent title bar and ughhhhh.

Guess who just paid 10€ to find out you still can’t add Apple Music tracks to playlists without iCloud Music Library

…even though you’re now supposed to be able to add songs to playlists without adding them to your library

You’d think Sony would have kept Evolution on life support until it had released the VR edition of Driveclub?


Nixon Policy Advisor Admits He Invented War On Drugs to Suppress ‘Anti-War Left and Black People’ [jezebel.com]

The deer is immortal and regularly teleports (for variety’s sake, I assume) so I’m thinking of:

23 March


We’re failing to get anything done in the office today thanks to a light by @clarkson_rich. [instagram.com] [pic.twitter.com]

24 March

Not sure what it is about the visual design, but watching Dark Souls 3 on Twitch makes me want to play it much more than any previous D.S.

Les monstres des voisins beuglent du Lara Fabian dans leur bain. J’irai me couper les cheveux un autre jour.

25 March


Quand Ben Affleck à un flashback de sa période “Daredevil” [youtu.be] #BatmanvsSuperman


Just how similar was The Force Awakens to A New Hope? Shot for shot: [vimeo.com]

Thanks to Blackmagic for the Thunderbolt capture box delivered without a Thunderbolt cable, right before a three-day weekend.

26 March

I hate just about every aspect of the game design in Crimes and Punishments but I really want to see the other investigations.


Check out the updated @SteamVR tutorial! It’s absolutely perfect and feels like a whole experience of its own. [youtu.be]

I may not be patient enough to play a game like Bloodborne.

Who thought it was a good idea for Bloodborne to let you respawn with zero blood vials? Gotta love a game that gets harder as you fail.

27 March

Checking out Mad Max: I can’t stand the laggy, floaty camera of recent third-person games with their cinematic ambitions. Hello, migraine.

Similarly I haven’t gone back to Rise of the Tomb Raider for weeks because I don’t look forward to the headache.


Do real-life cops and robbers say, “this isn’t the movies, this is real life”? Or does it only happen in the movies?

J’espère que c’est le pantalon made in China qui a rétréci au premier lavage, et pas moi qui ai pris deux kilos en une semaine.

28 March

200 personnes dans un club prévu pour 2000 mais tu te fais quand même bousculer toutes les 30 secondes par un blaireau de 100kg qui ne connaît pas le mot autrui.


Wow [booking.com] literally put every URL they had into their site association file. 2.3MB download [pic.twitter.com]


Reproducible: installing [Booking.com]’s app will break link handling across iOS. Uninstalling it will fix it


Farlands was described as Viva Pinata meets Pokemon Snap in VR. Oh snap! I’m in. [youtube.com]

Two hours in a phone call and the battery level hardly changed. Guess it took 9.3 OSes for the iPhone to handle weak cell signal properly?

29 March

I’ve decided to wait until I’ve finished my app before getting a PC and VR headset but arghhh so much buzz around the Rift’s release.

Redécouvrir que “chicken and waffles” est un plat, avec une page Wikipédia et tout, me rappelle pourquoi je voulais acheter un gaufrier.

30 March


It is not April 1. Bash is on Windows now. [pic.twitter.com]

“I took a taxi last night and Cortana found out going through my email.” Phrasing! #build2016

I absolutely love that we’re coming back in 2016 to text-based chatbots as the new frontier #build2016


Having used Hololens and its awful FOV, I’ve taken this image and tried to show what these dudes can actually see. [pic.twitter.com]

The Mass Effect: Andromeda leak sounds to me like we’re disturbing the fragile equilibrium between two local races, rather than “invading.”

31 March

The Twitch app for PS4 won’t launch if you’ve disabled HDCP to use an external video capture box. Well done, team!

That external capture box is necessary in order to stream from PS4 without the stream metadata being completely wrong. Yes, that’s a $200 bout of OCD.

The Apple Store app’s self-checkout still looks for the barcode off-center so the camera is free to focus on the floor instead.

I don’t understand Tesla’s motivation for the “put $1,000 down on the outline of a car” operation. Makes everyone involved look like fools.


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