Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

1 May 2016


You’d think there was a limit to when refunds could be issued, you’d be wrong. [twitter.com]

You could call it confirmation bias but it really feels like the script for Veep’s premiere needed another pass or three.

2 May

“Bon ce mois-ci pas de dépenses superflues, on fait durer les dernières rentrées.”

achète des fringues et des chaussures le 2 mai

Gros avantage si je m’habitue aux Converse : je n’ai plus jamais besoin DE MA VIE d’aller dans un magasin pour choisir des chaussures.

J’avais déjà les T-shirts Uniqlo, il ne me manquera plus qu’une référence attitrée de Levi’s pour avoir mon uniforme comme Saint Steve.

3 May

Whaaaaat. You can use OS X’s Handoff from Google Chrome on Mac to your iPhone — that’s recent, right? I can’t find an article about it.

The sun is finally out and I’m immediately wishing again for an e-ink variant of the iPad.

“Bon par contre c’était une mauvaise idée les chocolats en solde la semaine dernoh ils ont des Nutella B-Ready !”

C’était quand même bien quand les spams et arnaques par téléphone se limitaient aux fixes, mais ça ne pouvait forcément pas durer.


please try this recipe i made using a predictive text imitator and The American Woman’s Cook Book (1938) [pic.twitter.com]

Don’t think I have the patience for Nioh copying every Dark Souls system but changing the buttons for the hell of it.

4 May

Deadpool (2016) — 3/10


I love this slide: “The weird things humans do with spreadsheets” #csvconf [pic.twitter.com]


It’s kinda sad when you read stories like this and think “Yep, that’s the App Store”. Instead of “OMG WHAT?!”


Minecraft is a terrible application for this (it only works if you know ahead of time what the user will do) but it’s fascinating.


Scientists named this velvet worm based on it’s resemblance to the Catbus - Eoperipatus Totoro [pic.twitter.com]


The look on his face is priceless. Windows 10 installs mid-game for ex pro-gamer/streamer [twitter.com] [pic.twitter.com]

Vraiment, Deadpool est le film que Ryan Reynolds voulait faire depuis des années ?

I’m watching someone stream Tilt Brush and my lack of VR headset is causing me physical pain.

5 May

The Martian (2015) — 6/10

Oh mais The Martian est interminable. Faut que je me mette à regarder des bons films au lieu de ceux qui ont eu du succès.

“Siri, où j’ai rangé mes putain de shorts cet hiver ?”

On se fait une soirée mots croisés ?


Apple should buy Microsoft just for this technology.


Overwatch is definitely fun, but too fast and hectic and oh my god so many heroes and powers to memorize for me.

6 May

7 May

Les gens qui postent régulièrement leurs Insta par groupes de neuf pour faire joli sur leur profil 😤

Tweetbot’s “Topics” needing titles & being permanent makes no sense to me. They should be “threads” that you refer to by the first tweet.

How come is nVidia pricing the new GPUs so aggressively when they already own most of the PC market? #notcomplainingbut

8 May

Spectre (2015) — 7/10

Dammit, I’m beginning to get into Overwatch. The random heroes mode is a godsend — gets rid of poorly balanced teams, and choice paralysis.

The one thing at which I find Overwatch really bad is communicating that you’re being hit.

Il n’a fait que 24° aujourd’hui et c’était déjà l’horreur dans ma chambre 👨🏻🔫


VR is undergoing a Renaissance. Painting, sculpting, and now this insane Graffiti Simulator [youtube.com] [pic.twitter.com]

Spectre aurait pu être le premier bon James Bond du siècle ; dommage que la quatrième heure parte un peu en couille.

9 May

La poussée d’adrénaline en voyant bouger à la limite de ma vision périphérique l’ombre de mon ventilateur oscillant.

Bref je déteste toutes les saisons.

11 May


TIL: [myfonts.com] deletes credit card data when you reset your lost password.

That’s a thoughtful and easy-to-implement measure.

It’s all y’all’s fault for complaining that Instagram still hadn’t updated its icon for flat design.

On the other hand I really like the new app’s white UI.


My rough estimates always showed the top apps make most of the App Store revenue, but 94%?! [twitter.com] [pic.twitter.com]

12 May


Apple needs a “Chief of Getting Siri Ahead of Everybody.” Voice control is 110% crucial to many future software markets. No surrender.

Something about the lighting in Naughty Dog’s engine uncanny valleys the shit out of Uncharted 4 (and The Last of Us) for me.

All anyone needs instead of Tweetbot’s “Topics” is automatically skipping the @ and copying the tags whenever you reply to yourself.

And I guess a button in the tweet compose window to say it’s a reply to my last non-reply tweet. There. Done.

And a button, when composing a new tweet, to attach it to the latest public tweet I posted. There. Done.

J’avais littéralement marqué dans mon agenda que je passerais l’après-midi à l’Anticafé pour bosser et, paf, c’est le déluge dehors.

Le gros mystère de cet Eurovision, c’est pourquoi ils ont une scénographie souvent magnifique mais un réalisateur simplement mauvais.

Ratchet & Clank is beautiful and enjoyable but I have zero urge to keep playing beyond “it’s still running from when I turned the PS4 off.”

Well, that and I can’t quite muster enough masochism to put the Bloodborne disc back in, even though I want to.

13 May

14 May

Couldn’t Microsoft keep a few legacy servers online? It’s not like they run their own scalable cloud service. It’s nice that they’re giving (unspecified) store credit to customers, but that doesn’t compensate for those who sunk their time and creativity into it.
Games-as-a-service sucks ass.

Serious question: If body/head transplant is becoming a somewhat credible possibility, shouldn’t it be easier (no rejection) to put a human head on a robot body?

Le nouveau Viennois caramel est juste un Flanby avec de la “chantilly” au-dessus ☹️


And the winner of #Eurovision 2016 is: the floor. The floor is upstaging every single act so far.


The stage floor shows them where everything goes when each intro’s playing [pic.twitter.com]

J’ai du mal à l’admettre (surtout que je ne comptais pas avoir d’avis) mais je crois bien que la France a la meilleure chanson.

15 May

Twitter apps need a button for “okay I’ve seen this meme twenty times already and I never want to see it again.”

Pas bien sûr si le chat rapporte pour jouer ou si elle a décidé que la place de ce jouet est sur ce tapis et je la fais lourdement chier.

16 May


I’m so angry these mock ‘90s Lucasarts games by Andrew Scaife don’t exist [pic.twitter.com]

17 May


Digital Foundry reviews the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080. It’s fast. It’s monstrously fast. [eurogamer.net] [pic.twitter.com]

“You have a match!”

“Pff bon ok j’envoie un message mais j’espère qu’il ne répondra pas, j’ai la flemme de me lancer dans une discussion.”

18 May

Ces sales jeunes qui tweetent “JPP” sans se rendre compte que ça déclenche à chaque fois des putain de flashbacks des Guignols des 90s.


Squall - After Effects to iOS. Convert animations to code & preview them live. In one click. [squall.no] [pic.twitter.com]


Qd je dis que je suis devenu végé, outre les blagues connes j’ai plein de “Mais…Pourquoi?”

Voici 90% du “parce que”:



The pitch for Google Assistant basically boils down to “It’s like Siri, but we’re actually good at this stuff”


Non snark: the most impressive thing about Alexa is that it understands kids. I suspect Google can match. Siri certainly can’t.


Google’s new messaging app Allo lets you use automated “smart replies.” Why just chat with bots when you can BE A BOT!


I’ve thought FaceTime should do this “Knock Knock” thing for years. Makes video chats work like it did in movies in the 80’s.


Absolutely dangerous for Apple that the future isn’t about devices, at all, but web services and AI.


Oh, good. Now Android Apps can install maleware instantly, no need to actually install the app! [techcrunch.com]

19 May


Are you fucking kidding me, Apple?

Play a girl in Gaza: rejected

Play an Israeli missle: A-OK!

HT @molleindustria [pic.twitter.com]

Honestly, Android Wear 2.0 looks nice

And, yes, I still think the gesture keyboard is a valid idea.


Liquid Marble Installation in France by Mathieu Lehanneur [bit.ly] [pic.twitter.com]


Can’t believe how quickly this VR mod for Grand Theft Auto V is improving [youtube.com]

Je ne me ferai jamais à l’idée qu’ils n’aient pas conçu les voies du tramway pour que les véhicules d’urgence puissent les utiliser.

20 May

21 May

22 May

Instagram still doesn’t think it would be useful to remember which “Publish to…” options I had checked the last time.

23 May

J’aimerais bien savoir comment cette scène se passera dans le livre, parce que là c’était un peu con de bout en bout. (Ce qui s’applique un peu à toute la série, certes, mais je suis particulièrement curieux sur cette scène, pour des raisons.)

C’est à la fin d’un mois où je n’ai pas fait de dépense superflue qu’il me reste de l’argent sur mon compte. L’univers se moque de moi.

J’ai mangé une pomme juste avant d’aller à pied faire mes courses et là je suis en train de mourir d’indigestion aiguë.

Après, le but était de ne pas me ruer sur la junk-food à Carrefour et ça a parfaitement marché \o/

Je vais être obligé de changer de petit-déjeuner

24 May

Zootopia (2016) — 5/10


Why do web articles have pull quotes? You are not flipping through a magazine looking for something interesting to read.


I just found out that ‘4’ used to mean 5 and now I don’t know what to believe any more [pic.twitter.com]

But I’m surprised they’ve even given up on what could have been a big selling point — the ability to easily replace a broken screen.


Seven more characters for tweets? This changes evrthng.


Twitter Rules: No way to tweet at someone without broadcasting. This could be a mess - we’ll reply to random tweets to avoid broadcasting.

Odd that Twitter isn’t taking advantage of the overhaul to drop the @ altogether from replies. The reply-to ID is all they should need.

And switching the focus over to the reply-to metadata would make it much easier to allow users to “unsubscribe” from a canoe.

“No, Twitter’s update won’t make all your replies public.” Also, they always were public, so use DMs if you want privacy, ffs.

Zootopia est tellement subtil, je me demande s’il y avait un message caché ?

25 May

The most unlikely follow-spam I’ve received yet — on an account that only shows my Tumblr posts

Why do I have a LinkedIn account? To how many of its users does LinkedIn provide actual value? I do not have a LinkedIn account anymore.

26 May


I do not own a turntable, and yet, I kind of still want The Force Awakens vinyl that has fricking holograms on it. [theverge.com]

27 May

Quick replies have existed in iOS for how long now? and 95% of the screen is still a big “lose everything you typed” button.


[User requests feature already in product]

Junior dev: “lol dumb user”

Staff dev: “Closed - fixed”

Senior dev: <opens usability bug>

28 May


Did you know that you can sign and return email attachments directly from your iPhone? [pic.twitter.com]

Réaménager la salle de bains pour pouvoir me couper les cheveux la tête en bas devant le miroir.

29 May

Coming Out (1989) — 8/10


Remember when we used to say “brb” all the time when we were online? We don’t say it anymore. We no longer leave. We live here now.

Wish Google Images could sort by oldest so you could identify the original source of a 9gag meme.

30 May

Gods of Egypt (2016) — 6/10

Gods of Egypt : mieux que Jupiter Ascending.

I bought Hero Emblems for iOS as a simple, mindless game to play while listening to podcasts, and it’s the opposite of that but I’m hooked.

Cornet de glace célébratoire parce que mon colis de Joylent est finalement arrivé, donc toutes les calories seront pardonnées.

31 May

Ma tendance à devenir incohérent quand on me parle comme à un idiot se marie mal avec les professionnels de santé.


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