Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

1 July 2017


.@radiatoryang’s (spoilery) dev notes for his new game The Tearoom are Extremely Good Content. [blog.radiator.debacle.us] https://t.co/cw8bNAqikZ


Edited an old RAW image in #AffinityPhoto #iPad today, so fun to use! Here’s a quick time-lapse video: https://t.co/EEIpEFD5JX


If we designed houses like we design cities—there wouldn’t be a lot of room for living left. [pic.twitter.com]

Trying VapoRub to overcome the association of Oculus smell with discomfort. Works great, but can it end up ruining eucalyptus for me?

VR menus in House of the Dying Sun look stunning. Not convinced by gameplay. And why would you let me invert vertical but not horizontal.

Fruit Ninja VR is a lot more fun than I ever expected. Simple but refined, never threatening — most enjoyable of the sword games for me.


Bloodborne’s Hunter will be joining the figma series, ready to be posed taking on the biggest bosses! #Bloodborne #figma https://t.co/FK2HyRO4st

2 July

Hey, Twitter, feel free not to send me an e-mail notification when I’m added by someone who already follows 14,000 people.

Vous aurez du mal à me faire croire que la même personne ait vraiment écrit ces deux épisodes


▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░ 50%


life-size reproduction of a Neanderthal man, Homo neanderthalensis, dressed in modern suit in the Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann, Germany. https://t.co/Es6TRK8uNZ

3 July

Animal tracks, with and without hunter vision (which you can enable permanently but it killed my framerate)

The Desolation of Smaug en 48fps par curiosité. Mais, tant qu’on évite les mouvements de caméra et les mauvais acteurs, ça marche plutôt bien, en fait.

Et Smaug lui-même : encore plus 💜💜💜

4 July

Rechargeable AAs used to be recognizable at a glance to avoid the obvious mistake. Good that I use a modern brand-name charger that went 🚨🚨🚨


Tilt Brush but anywhere your camera can see stuff and infinite volume. Insane! #arkit #madewithunity @madewithARKit https://t.co/9e4950RT9P

I’m happy to report that while SpringBoard looks lovely in 120Hz it has not pushed me to throw out all my devices.

All the third-party drawing apps looked terribly laggy compared to Notes. Does faster Pencil support need special code?

5 July

I’ve only just watched the WSJ’s interview video for the iPhone’s anniversary. There isn’t much in it that we didn’t know before, but I enjoyed the software keyboard’s story, as told by Scott Forstall:

One year away from launch, they couldn’t figure out the keyboard; Forstall froze development of all system applications for a few weeks so that every engineer could offer their own take on it. One of them (I wish we knew who) came back with the intelligent keyboard we know and its dynamic hit regions.

I feel like iOS and watchOS would have a better UX if Apple did this more often. If you got ten people each trying to reinvent the Notification Center, surely you’d get a better result than the incremental deterioration of the last few years. Or the Watch’s awful Weather app. Or…

I made an app to tweet textshots of my blog posts \o/ Now to find out if I’m able to write entire paragraphs again.

Les sauterelles font tellement de bruit le long des Maréchaux que je ne suis pas encore certain de ne pas faire des hallucinations.

6 July

The Lego Batman Movie (2017) — 4/10

J’ai été réveillé à 10:00 par le bruit du déluge dehors et il va quand même faire une chaleur de damné cet après-midi


Now Available on Steam - Blocks by Google #SteamNewRelease [zpr.io] [pic.twitter.com]

Les deux Franprix à côté de chez moi viennent d’être réaménagés, visiblement par la même équipe totalement incompétente, et je ne vais plus pouvoir y aller tellement ça m’énerve de voir le bordel et la non-optimisation de l’espace.

Le système de bornes de commande de McDo me fait presque le même effet, mais la différence est que je n’ai pas d’alternative si je veux des McNuggets.

Mais comment ils ont réussi à faire un film Lego Batman aussi mauvais 😦

7 July

Split (2017) — 6/10


In which we set out to fulfill an order for a product that does not exist.

[blog.camposanto.com] [pic.twitter.com]


Creo que este es el mejor StreetArt de la historia [pic.twitter.com]


What I appreciate about FFXII’s art is how they captured that painted style on the character models – means the game’s aged really well. https://t.co/3XmuWz9Xwt

J’ai lancé Split en me disant, eh, une connerie de Shyamalan, ça me détendra 😦

8 July


At $1200+ would cause me to not buy it and I’d probably skip the s model too. If I can’t have the best why bother?


Si la série Castlevania continue, j’espère qu’ils vireront les responsables de l’enregistrement VO. Le script vaut bien mieux que ça.

Goddammit I’m not gonna reboot my Mac just so the emoji palette manages to find valid screen coordinates, am I?

9 July

I’m not gonna do much in “Blocks by Google” until they add mirror planes, but I love this app already. The classic idea of modeling by extruding faces and moving vertices and god knows what else has always seemed completely unfathomable to me (whereas I’m perfectly at ease with the way Rhino or Fusion 360 works) but moving your head around the model and adjusting its faces and vertices with your hands is so much more natural.

Blocks is somewhat limited at the moment but you can see where it’s going — assuming it’ll follow the same path as Tilt Brush — and it has every chance of becoming quite awesome and quite useful.

The fact you can’t save mid-day in Stardew Valley is completely discouraging me from launching it again. Maybe I should count myself lucky.

I was watching a video about the realism (ha!) of Assassin’s Creed: Origins’ fauna and just realized: you could solve the absurdity of its magical hovering drone-eagle by giving it autonomy — instead of controlling the eagle, you just move the overhead camera freely, and the eagle circles around the view to symbolize the way it’s gathering information (and transmitting it to you via long-range wifi, I don’t know).

I refuse to fly an eagle that has a pause button. But then, I don’t intend to play Origins anyway, so who cares.


Always knew chimps were strong, but didn’t realize how much their hair covers the musculature [imgur.com]


JavaScript 4K demo competition! Build an amazing app with fewer than 4096 dependencies


crusty has discovered how to fidget spin. i fear for my life [pic.twitter.com]


This Amazon bot is generating thousands of phone cases from random photos, and it’s amazing. (via @rjurney) https://t.co/n63W4eo9Q5 https://t.co/VX2Ch7xn9v

TIL that you can access Lightroom’s “Clarity” setting (and the others too) in Photoshop’s “Camera Raw Filter” \o/

Il va falloir intégrer l’idée que rester chez moi à comater par grande chaleur me coûte bien plus que les 20 € d’une journée de coworking.

Dammit I keep forgetting that I’ve bought Prey in the Steam sale.

10 July

Do you realize how offensive this is to a number of your prospective users?

Trying to sort my projects by likeliness of having a shippable MVP in a month because I just need to ship something.


This should be read along with the New York magazine article. [twitter.com]


Marisa Tomei is actually a year older as Aunt May in Spider-Man Homecoming than Rue Mcclanahan was when she started filming Golden Girls. https://t.co/QUTvME7LTW


Blobbing in the studio today w/ the Vive + ARKit. Definitely some huge mixed reality potential here. 😍😍😍😍

#arkit #vr #indiedev #gamedev https://t.co/C1zANBuSrx


1) Pick an industry

2) Ask people in that industry what they use spreadsheets for

3) Build something better

11 July

Waiiit does this really mean if I saw the eye then someone was watching me, and I don’t know who? 😳 I can’t find any confirmation elsewhere. (From Fantastic Contraption’s lovely manual.)

The Villain of Edith Finch”

That video doesn’t retroactively make me like the game but I appreciate and respect a writer who puts that much depth into their story and characters. It’s ironic that there is so much detail and hidden depth when the lack of subtlety is what turned me off in the game: for me the execution was too forced, too unrealistic, and relied on emotional blackmail (notably with half the vignettes preying on every parents’ fear for their child’s life — no wonder that left me cold). You don’t get points for world-building that needs a one-hour YouTube analysis to be revealed if the first-time experience itself doesn’t feel good.

The exception being, of course, Lewis’ story, which is such a masterpiece of… ludo-narrative harmony, I guess? that I do agree it’s worth the price of admission.


TWITTER, 2009: this is neat, Shaq responds to people and stuff!

TWITTER, 2017: the insane president’s idiot son is live-tweeting treason

12 July

Prey’s universe has awfully low-resolution screens

As pretty as those visuals are, they’re actively detracting from the sense of place - I have a hard time thinking I’m in a space station

Personne ne semble s’être rué sur l’Oculus à 450 €. Le futur est à la porte, je suis le seul à avoir lu de la SF quand j’étais jeune ?!


Il y a quelques jours Le Monde a partagé un article sur sa page fb en utilisant le mot “autrice” en encart.

13 July

Creating a control scheme for the Steam Controller is a lot of fun. It’s like designing a game without having to actually make a game first.

It was easier to tell myself “the world needs this!” when I made utility apps. (I was also younger and more delusional.)


Tenez puisqu’on parle des #migrants & réfugiés je vais vous raconter une toute petite histoire vécue par un militant de @assoAIDES

14 July

15 July

I swear I’m trying to give the ME:Andromeda trial a fair chance, but I can’t shake the feeling I’m watching The CW.

Most interesting thing that happened in the first two hours was when I found out the Paul Bettany AI is a heavily processed woman’s voice.

16 July

Je considère comme un grand compliment qu’un mec me demande de la MD d’un air entendu alors que je n’ai pris que de l’alcool 😁


Interesting bonus: fans talking about The Doctor as a whole (not specific regens) will have to get familiar with gender neutral pronouns.

Killjoys enfin de retour après deux épisodes foireux visiblement écrits en urgence pour expliquer l’absence imprévue de Stephanie Leonidas.

17 July


Reputa, Husky mix (7 m/o), Plymouth Rock, Plymouth, MA • “The first thing she ever played fetch with was a head of lettuce.

18 July


There’s a power cut in my tower block. The room where the engineer can fix it has an electronic lock. It’s broken. Cos there’s a power cut.

I mean, if isolating you from the world was the problem of VR/AR, sharing what you see with everyone is certainly a solution.

19 July

“How We Resurrected a Dragon”

The page in question hijacked scrolling so I never went far enough to notice it was interactive WebGL 😒


Que fait la @PoliceNationale ? Elle fait ça. Courage @AubergeMigrants 💪

20 July

ME:Andromeda didn’t close properly last time and I was almost spared the remaining 8 hrs of trial(s) but Origin eventually figured it out 😕

You don’t know how lucky you are


You may want to install that iOS 10.3.3 update ASAP if you don’t want a remote takeover of your phone via WiFi

I like Ansel (was afraid it wouldn’t have gamepad support, it does) but why the hell does moving the camera a bit reset its roll.


Instagram is reshaping the restaurant scene and it’s wild. Chambongs, ham walls, flamingo murals and more —> [theverge.com]

21 July


Very disappointed with the results of his Schrodinger’s test

Is Apple paying for NPR’s suddenly automatic “Listen to it on Apple Podcasts [or wherever]” line?

Vivement qu’on interdise les moteurs à combustion dans les villes putain de scooters de livraison de bouffe.

22 July

Pour une fois je pars de Bonne-Nouvelle avec de la place dans mon sac pour un stock de ginger ale M&S.

Que je vais descendre en une journée.


Mr. Monster, Goldendoodle (8 m), Union SQ, NYC • “He loves water – if there’s a water bowl he’ll stick his whole face in and blow bubbles.”

23 July


Dat color. Dat composition. Dat deliberate character posing used specifically for this design instead of terribly photoshoped floating heads

(J’ai juste un problème avec la façon dont les bras de Cate Blanchett croisent ceux de Hulk) #lastRT

24 July


L’oiseau Lyre est un excellent imitateur ! Mais la proximité des hommes lui a appris de nouveau son assez inédit ! ( sans trucage !)


Cleopatra lived closer in time to today than she did to the building of the Great Pyramid.


The Machines running on #ARKit powered by #UE4! [bit.ly] @EpicGames @UnrealEngine #ar #AugmentedReality @Apple


I laughed so hard at this I almost choked on my own saliva. THAT CAT’S FACE OMFG.

Watching a Beyond: Two Souls playthrough; I couldn’t have endured the bad parts — or the gameplay at all, really — but it has some fantastic moments.

Using third-party auth removes friction at signup but it’ll only make your life harder later (user complaints + cumbersome edge cases)

25 July

I find it so depressing — in its symbolic appropriateness — that Apple went from “Mac vs. PC” to “The Rock × Siri” in less than a decade.


‘hi, yeah my name is Naomi, I’m calling about the, uh, job listing you have up on craigslist?’

I now have a small white spot on my 3½-year-old rMBP’s screen and I strongly suspect it overheated one night after failing to go to sleep when closed.


When people watch this 24-year old mega-blockbuster, they point and laugh at the totally obvious disappearing raptor on each viewing, ya?

26 July

J’habite au septième étage et il y a des gens à ma fenêtre qui font du bruit depuis huit heures du matin 😡


I wouldn’t say he’s good at digging but he gave 110%


Microsoft: “No more Paint”

World: Aww, Paint, we liked that

Adobe: “Hey no more Flash!”

World: …

Adobe: …

Not that Oculus Home is all that great but the dedicated button to get back there is the only one that pretty much always works.



[smbc-comics.com] (click for full comic)

#smbc #hiveworks

27 July

Je sais que c’est idiot de tweeter ça le jour de Valérian, mais — ouhlala, Ghost in the Shell, quel gâchis d’un joli production design (et rien d’autre).


Adding drunk people to fitness quotes makes things interesting

A quand les espaces coworking dans les parcs parisiens ? Wifi, barista, chiottes propres et verdure.

Je devrais envoyer tous mes pokémon à l’usine de bonbons et effacer l’app plutôt que la rouvrir tous les deux mois.


Intermeshing rotors of the Kaman K-max helicopter.

28 July

Colossal (2017) — 6/10

J’aime beaucoup l’idée, et le script, de Colossal mais je ne peux pas m’empêcher de penser que le film est un peu raté sur les bords 😕


This station has kind of a brutalist, vintage mars colony feel so it’s hard to explain how comfortably proportioned it all feels?


Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics - the only writing system that uses letter rotation to indicate vowels. Clever and beautiful!

29 July


Triangulation - A new kind of #minesweeper! #free #html5 #indiegame #webgame #indiedev [tortue.itch.io]

I’m playing The Surge’s demo and I kinda want to buy it just for its prologue. But the gameplay that follows isn’t encouraging.

Bloodborne may have ruined my appreciation for Dark Souls and other Souls-likes because of how much quicker and lighter its combat feels.


Tesla cars automatically open the door when the owner approaches. Handy feature! #doored [systemicfailure.wordpress.com]

30 July


How bad is American healthcare?

Read the reviews for aquarium antibiotics and decide for yourself.


“The brain is amazing. It can write poetry. Compose symphonies. Paint masterpieces”

“Let’s have depression”



31 July


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