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1 August 2017

Un des meilleurs épisodes de Game of Thrones depuis longtemps, non ? Ni grosses ficelles ni effets, purement le développement de l’histoire.

Oh, j’oubliais : #branstarkistheworst


Proof that there are no original ideas anymore


Amazing what a cheaper iPad can do to sales. iPad sales up 15% year-over-year, but revenue is only up 2% year-over-year


Pinterest has ruined image search on Google. Tiny pics, no reliable routes to original source, garbage sites. Gah.

2 August


All tweets should come with the disclaimer that words were removed and thoughts were simplified in order to tweet <140 characters.


Personally, I would not expect UI layout to change. Status bar would get taller to integrate w/ the cutout. The extra bottom space for Home

Can’t you just see the little Hermès watch face inside the Home button if you own the right Apple Watch? With simulated gold reflections?

Putain de livreurs qui appellent depuis le même genre de numéro chelou que les spammeurs.

3 August

J’ai raté la table de chevet en posant mon iPad, et il est tombé dans une faille spatio-temporelle 😨


A Gigantic Buddha Statue Emerges from the Top of a Hill in Japan (via @Johnny_Strategy) [thisiscolossal.com]


Aziz Ansari in why he deleted Twitter, Instagram, and e-mail from his phone. [gq.com]

“My form is a filthy type of yours, more horrid even from the very resemblance” — Mary Shelley on the uncanny valley, 1818.

4 August

Frankenstein de Mary Shelley est (un peu trop long et verbeux mais) tellement plus intéressant que la plupart de ses adaptations.

5 August

6 August


moar crown kite: 28 foot diameter spinning kite that i saw today at ocean city state park

“Tolerance is not a moral precept”

That’s a great, definitive retort to “so much for the tolerant left.”

7 August


Sometimes you just want to take your teddy bear into the pool and drift away from all your problems


“Foxes are just cat software running on dog hardware.”

Je suis tombé sur une campagne de Call of Cthulhu enregistrée avec un micro binaural et tous les autres podcasts sont devenus inécoutables.


Paradoxe de l’obsolescence programmée : le Fairphone de 2013 n’est plus réparable alors que l’iPhone 4 de 2010 l’est [fairphone.com]


Clever use of ARKit by @i_pioneers: estimating the required box size to ship something. [vimeo.com]


Messages in iCloud has been removed from iOS 11 beta 5. Now coming in a future update.

On se passerait généralement bien des scènes de bataille dans Game of Thrones, mais celle-là valait le coup 😲

8 August

I feel silly for putting a spoiler warning on something everyone will inevitably know by sundown but it’s about PRINCIPLES, PEOPLE.


A letter from a male Mech-engineer Senior to his female classmates.

“…you and I can’t be equal.”

Ah ben voilà, c’est totalement depuis que je suis passé aux radios de Spotify que je ne suis plus productif !

Reinstalled Swarm. It says I’ve disabled notifications but iOS has no idea the app wants to send them.

Also, got two location prompts in succession — ‘while-in-app’ then ‘background.’ Said no to the second and iOS decided that meant “Never.”


Here endeth the ‘There’s one of these for everything’ joke. [twitter.com]

9 August


Word(s) of the day: “crown shyness” - phenomenon whereby individual tree crowns avoid overlap or touch, forming striking canopy patterns.

The card game form seems like a perfect adaptation of Dota for someone who finds the game’s many incarnations too overwhelming to play.


“I Almost Left Tech Today, Here’s Why” — @sweetyclem [code.likeagirl.io]


The future of journalism is fidget spinners on all content to maximise time spent on page [digiday.com]


I often think about this idea to implant the codes for a nuclear attack in someone’s chest.

TIL que les espagnols utilisent le @ pour dénoter les terminaisons gender-neutral. Mon inner language nerd est tellement jalou(x[-/.•’]se).

10 August


Sketch source file based on @charavel and @stroughtonsmith’s info with exact screen measures for iPhone 8. Download [d.pr]


reminder: lynx run around on massive paws, the technical term for which is “huge floofers,” i believe


Someone on the Hangouts team plays by their own rules.

Oh, look! It’s the first time Notes’ iCloud sync screws up for me! (I don’t use it all that often though.)

L’air trahi du chat quand je ressors une demi-heure après être arrivé 💔

I’ve just realized out of nowhere how much I miss Driveclub VR. Dirt is awesome but way too intense for me to play for more than twenty minutes at a time… and all the other games are made for hardcore fans who, among other things, don’t care about UX.

I was excited way back when inklings of a partnership between Microsoft and Oculus meant there was a chance the Forza franchise would suddenly sprout stereo vision, but Microsoft’s VR focus now seems to be miles away from the kind of hardware that can run a photorealistic car simulator.

I just can’t imagine putting PSVR back on my head, though.

11 August


Here’s a doggo doing a costly miscalculate. 13/10 (vid by Tyler Burson)


Note the update at the bottom—Twitch reinstated the harasser’s channel. [twitter.com]

12 August


Why Don’t You Know About the Woman Who Wrote the First Simpsons Episode? Because Misogyny, Of Course [themarysue.com]

13 August

Alien: Covenant (2017) — 7/10

En coupant un peu d’Alien: Covenant on peut obtenir un bon film de 90 minutes, ce qui était très loin d’être le cas de Prometheus.

Le chat m’entraîne à l’autre bout de l’appart pour que je la caresse au fond de la penderie, où elle peut oublier que le monde existe #goth

Et je ne vous cache pas que c’est bizarre de caresser à l’aveugle l’intérieur ronronnant d’une penderie juste après avoir vu Covenant.

Les années 80, 90, l’an 2000… et tout ce que les générations futures retiendront de nos vies sera “l’avant troisième guerre mondiale” 😞


So, just a quick thread about the word “terrorism” and how it’s kind of dangerous to throw it around even with shit like #Charlottesville

I hope Miracle Merchant gets a “chill” mode where you never run out of ingredients, because that’s a frustrating way to lose


White people always telling everyone else to police their community but yall need to start talking to your racist ass family members.

14 August

Je suis sorti avec un T-shirt qui me sert normalement à dormir, du coup je rase les murs au cas où j’aurais raté une tache ou déchirure.

15 August

Beaucoup trop d’hétéros encombrent les jardins du Louvre et aucun n’a la décence d’être torse nu.


TRUMP: Mexicans are bad

TRUMP: Muslims are bad

TRUMP: Media are bad

EVERYONE: what about Nazis

TRUMP: let’s not single anyone out

Le Marks & Spencer du Marché Saint-Germain est deux fois plus grand et a deux fois plus de choses 😱 🍦

16 August


1/9 Note: When Trump says that there were lots of “fine people” at the alt-right rally, he means a very specific thing.


Please enjoy these photos of a lizard nestled in a rose 🌹🦎💕

(Photos by Cmycherrytree)

Je ne sais toujours pas ce que le chat veut quand elle m’engueule parce que je suis debout au comptoir de la cuisine.

17 August


Nazis coming to town? Here’s a positive and creative response. #Resist


Confirmed: Cloudflare has kicked “The Daily Stormer” off its network. CEO sent this email to staff. Incredible read. [zd.net]

Did Tinder rewrite its app in Unity? I’m pretty sure it used to work fine; now misses swipes and makes my phone burn up.

Right as I finished typing that tweet the screen came back to full brightness to signify the CPU was cooling down a bit.


They aren’t particularly scary, but surprise monsters in Oculus Home to promote a game is a mistake. Home needs to feel safe and inviting.


Zombie and zombie spiders making growling and skittering noises.

18 August

Transmit 5’s DockSend regularly plays the “Done!” sound without actually uploading the file. You had one jerb.

I just wanted a simple FTP client that works, not a fancy-pants UI that doesn’t come to the foreground when you click on a window in Mission Control.

I mean the one thing that’d make the game 100x better is a usable manual gearbox, but I’d be a bit sore buying the game again just for that.


No, the moral dilemma is not about the rights of robots. It’s about reinforcement of abusive & nonconsensual ways humans treat each other


Alan Turing, well-known and hugely influential computer scientist, was forcibly chemically castrated for being gay in the 50’s. [twitter.com]

19 August


Here is a visual representation of the pacing in Game of Thrones.

C’est déprimant, les ombres sont déjà super longues, ça y est on est en hiv… ah, oui, non, je sors petit-déjeuner à 17:00, aussi.

Y’a une connasse de grosse mouche qui marche comme une araignée dans mon champ de vision depuis cinq minutes.

20 August

Ca fait deux fois que je vais au Gibus en pensant que ça serait vide et que c’est complètement plein avant 1h. J’étais pas préparé à ça !


Seeing terms like “cuck” and “snowflake” make their way into mainstream vocab, via ironic use first, is disheartening.


Les mini-vidéos “informatives” sont la descendance des photos d’Einstein avec citation bidon : a thread. [twitter.com]


He said: “So the Renaissance followed the Romans? What about the part in between?”

I responded: “Oh, you mean the Dark Ages?”


He laughed. “Yeah, when y’all did nothing & much of the world prospered, and eventually you just went & stole everybody’s achievements.”

21 August

Tu m’étonnes que le chat passe son temps à lécher l’évier quand elle a soif. Le bol d’eau lui sert à se laver les pattes après la litière.

22 August

Mon dieu que cet épisode était mal foutu 😨

Au moins, avec le dialogue de Tyrion sur ce qu’on est censés voir dans les yeux de Jon Snow, tout le monde va bien être obligé de reconnaître que Kit Harington est une endive.


Real image. Shot from over 1.5 miles away with a very, very long lens. #Eclipse magick. By Coleen Pinsky.


After almost a year of work I’m happy to introduce Interface — a font family for computer on–screen text. [rsms.me]

23 August


Do it: “You must go offline to view this page” - [chris.bolin.co]

Le touriste japonais qui s’excuse de m’avoir coupé le passage, ça me donne envie d’aller vivre dans une ville où les locaux le font aussi.


A litter of piglets rescued from a barn fire have been served up as sausages to the firefighters who saved them [thetim.es]


Machine-learning systems are so convinced “woman” is associated with “kitchen” that they label a man cooking “woman” [wired.com]


there’s a Polygon piece going round about how crunching during development is good. Don’t read it, it’s not worth it. Read this instead: [twitter.com]


What’s the smallest undefined C program? The one in the picture is about 40 chars. It returns 3 with clang and 4 with gcc.


Compiler optimizations only required to be correct with well-defined programs. gcc correctly transforms the code as below:

I haven’t found any regular booze in the cupboards so I’m trying all the fancy stuff. That’ll fill up the remaining week nicely.


#Blog Nouvelle note, intitulée “Six Pieds en l’Air”. Qui parle de lévitation.


24 August


(the dynamic range of today’s cameras really does feel like cheating sometimes) [dpreview.com]

Daily challenge scores are disheartening when you’re competing against the entire world rather than just your friends

25 August


Am I supposed to read this straight across from left to right? Or each sign on its own?


white supremacists only learning after they lost their jobs why the klan wore hoods

that’s the importance of institutional memory i guess

If anything it really compounds the issue of all assistants being female. Female robot is one thing; lifelike woman is much worse.

J’ai une nouvelle idée de concept d’app de rencontres. Kill me.

26 August


Wow. Imaginez si ça vous faisait ça avec 95% des films. Des séries. Des livres.

Et du monde réel.

J’ai fait un poutou à un golden retriever. J’avais oublié l’odeur des gros chiens 💜

I was importing in Photos and seeing blotches in the title bar and started moving windows around thinking, is my graphics card dying?

It’s now taking almost as long to delete 3,000 photos from my iPhone as it did importing them. (At least my MacBook’s fans calmed down.)

Le Death Note de Netflix est… regardable, mais cent fois moins intéressant ou intelligent que l’anime. A quoi bon ?


Apparently you all didn’t know “Torn” is a cover? Do I have to break the news to you about “Ray of Light” too? [youtube.com]

27 August

Three times a year I go to a sunny park and wish I had an e-ink tablet. Talk about a niche market.

Il va falloir que je boycotte cet itiniéraire, les Maréchaux me donnent systématiquement envie de pousser des cyclistes sous les voitures.


If you want a project to show off iOS 11, this demo uses ARKit to add 3D labels to items detected with CoreML. [github.com]

28 August

Et dire qu’ils ont bâclé la moitié de la saison pour nous infliger cette tannée d’une heure et demie.

Ce que ça doit être frustrant pour GRRM de voir la série gâcher ses twists prévus depuis vingt ans avant qu’il ait pu donner sa version.

Je crois bien qu’il y a un groupe dans l’immeuble qui applaudit GoT comme si c’était du foot 😁

29 August


Dear ladies

Today we have curated a collection of appropriate photo responses to unsolicited dick pics and creepy sexual comments.


Evidemment, fin août c’est trop tard pour acheter des petits frères au T-shirt sans manches qui me va bien en boîte 😠 #nomoredancing

Du coup j’ai juste deux nouveaux jeans et Axelle Red dans la tête #shoppingfail


Really cool feature of ARCore is it has multiplayer out of the box. “VPS” helps you interact with other people’s AR!


It’s a daunting task to get AR efficiency and accuracy across hundreds of camera and CPU and IMU combinations. Good luck!

30 August


George Orwell wrote: “Never use a metaphor, simile or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print” [econ.st]

Évidemment j’ai été un peu trop optimiste hier sur ma taille de jeans 😞


You asked for SUBSURFACE SCATTERING in @unity3d.

Your requests have been heard.

#MadeWithUnity #gamedev #unitytips


The design Magic Leap was going for as of 2015

Good direction assuming CPU & battery hang on a wire behind the neck.

Le casino des RSA, où même si exceptionnellement tu gagnes une rencontre sympa, tu vas forcément rejouer et partir en haïssant l’humanité.

31 August


Web AR experiment running on a Pixel, using ARCore.


And the same Web AR experiment running on an iPad, using ARKit.


Smartphone AR looks so hot on twitter, but the demo underwhelms. VR is the opposite: hard to screen cap, but more impressive in person.

I wonder what happens to iPad design after 2017 iPhone. A notch-shaped thumb rest on a bezel-less tablet wouldn’t be bad.

Oh so now there’s a Dark-Side BB-8 because of course there is 🙄😷


Kinda hope that the evil BB-unit The Last Jedi gets hyped and cut from the movie like C2-B5 did from Rogue One. A new Star Wars tradition.

Et bon retour de vacances !


The web will be key for AR. To kickstart things, we built experimental AR-capable browsers for iOS & Android: [developers.google.com]


Blows my mind that it’s 2017, every functional adult human has a mini computer in their pocket, but we still pass out paper business cards.


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