Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

1 October 2017


A ton of what journalism gets wrong is not at the reporting level, but at the framing level. This is a great example. [twitter.com]

Getting even worse lag on the PC version of Fortnite, and I’m afraid that means my connection would be just as bad in PUBG.

I played a short game and I have a headache from the stutter. No wonder I have trouble with VR.

Ooh, Snapseed’s new interface is really good. I think I’m switching apps again.

Shame that I can’t find proper split-toning controls — I should be able to manage with RGB curves, but that’s hardly as intuitive.

Il y a des gens — des professionnels — qui ont vu les rushes du pilote d’Inhumans et n’ont pas commandé des reshoots ni cassé la gueule au réalisateur.

2 October


This is the most amazing, informed, informative thread. And important right now too. [twitter.com]


The key result: Because speech can be used to suppress other speech, the speech maximum is not the zero-regulation point.


This still of Harrison Ford accidentally punching Ryan Gosling for real during a Blade Runner 2049 scene is amazing.

I find it infinitely depressing that in 2017 even Star Trek stars morally ambiguous characters sniping obnoxiously at each other.

I feel like I should have gotten a prize

Started looking for videos of hostile Thargoid encounters and immediately felt the pull of the cockpit view and that music and oh hell no I’m not falling for that again — closed the window.

Though to be honest I haven’t even had the courage to give Elite in VR a fair shake yet. (I’m gonna need to spend an hour first programming the Steam controller, since default pad controls are terrible. I’m dorky enough to own a wheel but don’t have room or budget for a HOTAS.)


5) The National Anthem at sports games will be used as a memorial and any athlete who doesn’t participate will be shamed as anti-American

3 October


The talent displayed by everyone on Inktober is depressing… I’m gonna do Drinktober instead.


You have to go back to 2013 to find an iPhone that’s as slow as a Google Pixel on the JS benchmark. The 5S scores 53 on the JetStream 😱

Found out today there’s an almost-A4 wireless graphics tablet from Huion selling for 100€ on Amazon and it’s actually getting good reviews and my brain has been stuck on “new toy want want want” for an hour now.

All drag-and-drop on iPad means to me is stuff randomly popping out when I slowly scroll through my feed or an article. Wish there was a global setting to turn it off.


Amazing thread on the game design of Breath of the Wild. [twitter.com]

Mais c’est trop bien d’écrire avec un marker dans le bon sens ! Maintenant il faut que j’achète un stylo-plume pour tester aussi.


And to cap it all off, Santa Claus is dead. Way to go 2017. [twitter.com]

4 October

Instagram now has magnetic alignment guides popping up when you place stickers 💜


The look of Las Vegas in “Blade Runner 2049” was inspired by photographs of the 2009 Australian dust storm.

At $49 I’m almost tempted by the mini Google Home but I refuse to call my voice assistant ‘Google.’

Now that Amazon’s putting cameras in all its Echos, the idea of having Google mics all over your apartment feels so much more mundane.

Damn, the Google Assistant stylus is a genius concept. I don’t think even the legendary Microsoft Courier thought of that.

Come to think of it, why doesn’t every camera handle low-light situations by taking a lot of short exposures and aligning them together, instead of a single, blurry long exposure?


Google’s giving free unlimited Google Photos storage to Pixel 2 users…time to step up, Apple.

Well, I feel much lighter knowing the Pixel 2 isn’t for sale in France anyway.

Isn’t this the first keynote where Google repeatedly makes a point of having the AI run, and the data remain, on-device? Thanks, Apple!


Real time translation with the Google Pixel Buds headphones. OK, that is super cool and I have nothing snarky to say about.

I don’t think anything prevents a third-party app from providing the same kind of real-time translation, but it would look really good for the iPhone to offer that functionality out of the box, too. (If Apple can find the right company to buy.)


A LIRE ! La Catalogne contre le néolibéralisme austéritaire imposé par Bruxelles, Berlin, et Madrid : [latribune.fr] @RomaricGodin


Imagine trippin balls at a festival and you look up and see this shit [twitter.com]


Why many developers still prefer Objective-C to Swift: [hackingwithswift.com] #swiftlang

5 October


Gameplay prototype for DmC based on the art direction (crumbling, floating architecture) Tried to incorperate this into gameplay #Blocktober

Fran Bow, which is otherwise a point-and-click, has a maze sequence with what appears to be a skip button 👍👍👍

Oh yay l’ouverture de chaque fenêtre diminue de genre 10 cm, vraiment quelle joie ce ravalement. Mais qui sont les blaireaux de copropriétaires qui votent pour des conneries pareilles ?

Now that iOS 11 has made the keyboard unbearably laggy in Facebook Messenger, what’s the best cross-platform (PC/Mac/iPhone/iPad) chat app?


Cube’s Comic Tips:

Please don’t do this to me

6 October


Ted Danson’s character in The Good Place (really great show) on frozen yogurt:

Je regarde I, Claudius et ça n’a pas super bien vieilli (télé publique de 1976 !) mais ça reste excellent. Et carrément moderne.

GRRM ne cache même pas que ça a inspiré Game of Thrones — au point qu’on se demande si ça ne spoile pas qui va finir sur le Trône de fer.


Louie, Mastiff mix (5), New York, NY • “He’s a very well mannered rescue who goes from one soft surface to another. The bed or the couch.”

I wouldn’t want to overreact just because I have lost access to constructed written thought after two tantalizing weeks, but hear me out:

What if Twitter was actually the Bad Place?


Inktober: all your artist friends flood your TL with beautiful new pieces every day

NaNoWriMo: all your writer friends go radio silent for a month and post cryptically about wanting to die

7 October


7 October, 1997: ‘The Velvet Rope’ is released in all it’s twisted elegance



Protanopia: Digital comic by Andre Bergs features animated frames which can change viewing angle by tilting device [prostheticknowledge.tumblr.com]


After a cement truck crash in Oklahoma, a resident spent an afternoon making the abandoned mixer look like a crashed NASA capsule.


Every so often my timeline includes a tweet from someone who has blocked me. I’m telling you, Twitter must be genuinely malevolent.


This it’s what the leap into adulthood is really like…


Incredibly Lifelike Insects Crafted out of Bamboo by Noriyuki Saitoh [thisiscolossal.com]

8 October


Obsessed with this 😍 Baby dolphins fascinated by squirrels.

9 October


How to get a 60 metre wind-turbine blade round a 90-degree bend on the A87 #SuperWingCarrier

Fran Bow is incredible. Beautiful, well written, horrifying, chillingly dark yet always sincere. I don’t wanna spoil, just buy it blind.

I’ve discovered this year some fantastic indie point-and-clicks. All I’d ever really known was the obnoxious frustration of LucasArts games.


Chinese thieves demand cash via QR code for return of stolen wing mirrors [buff.ly]

10 October

WTF? Isn’t that supposed to only happen when an app is removed due to a copyright violation?


📝 One of these is Apple asking you for your password and the other one is a phishing popup that steals your password [krausefx.com]


The problem is actually easy to fix: instead of asking for the password directly, iOS should tell the user to open the settings app

Xcode auto-indent has suddenly lost its mind


Today marks the third time one of my iPhones has vibrated itself out of alignment with its wireless charging pad over night.

11 October


The Midsummer Station #magicavoxel @ephtracy


The Swedish royal family has a private entrance to a hidden regal waiting room at the Stockholm central station [trib.al]


British Ministry of Information have scrapped series of three propaganda posters “plastered” across UK after public criticism for blandness.


UK public not happy with posters- 2.5 million printed. London Times calls them “insipid & patronising invocations”, waste of money & paper.


Evan Spiegel on why @Snapchat doesn’t “move fast and break things” [wired.com]

I really think Apple lit a privacy fire under everyone’s feet and the Google of two years ago would have answered “eh no big deal.”


And Walter White. And Tyler Durden. There is no shade of grey so dark that people won’t unconditionally root for it, apparently. [twitter.com]

Interesting that the new Oculus controllers switch to trackpads. I always thought Touch’s joysticks were an asset compared to Vive.

The new Oculus Dash and Home look excellent. Can’t wait.

Didn’t know, and kind of amazed, that Gear VR includes streaming. Rendering VR plus encoding video plus uploading it. In a phone.

Facebook offers a billion dollars for your company. The cash enables you to flood the world with your product, but Zuckerberg and other Facebook people and products will take up half the air time of every future keynote. Tough choice.

I refuse to believe that Medium and Quill artists live in a world where anyone cares what dregs are published on their Facebook feed.

Uh oh, Sansar et al. are spending a lot of time and money trying to build a metaverse while Disney can whip out its own full-fledged social app for Coco instead of building a level in someone else’s world.

There may not be so much of a value-add to a Second Life-style universe in VR, when game engines and platform frameworks provide everything a developer needs to quickly make a social app.


“Nan mais ça va vachement mieux. Arrêtez de crier en permanence à l’homophobie !”


ME: dies in battle

CAPTAIN: We must keep fighting, or Matthew’s death will be in vain.

GHOST OF ME: Actually, that’s the Sunk Cost Fallacy.


Weinstein is addicted to abusing women, to humiliating women, to violating women. Weinstein is addicted to power and his ability to abuse it

12 October

Every single time I update my drivers I think, fuck you Nvidia for the ads and storefront.

That can’t be good for the brand.

I shouldn’t have posted that before the update was over. It failed, of course, and I’m now in 640×480.


Hier on moquait Rousseau et Angot, ce matin Cantat est en couv, maintenant on accuse les femmes agressées par Weinstein de s’être tues.

Funny how package delivery is so obviously, universally, acceptedly terrible that it’s the only service which never asks users for a rating.


Remember when Apple killed backward compatibility of apps with a new OS and then made it impossible to revert to the old OS? Good Times!

The Fidelio Incident sure is pretty

Did a bit of spring cleaning in my Steam backlog; I really need to stop buying crap just because it’s on sale and somehow has okay reviews.


Smart idea for making sliders on mobile a lot more usable from @virgil_pana. Love the fluid bounce! [dribbble.com]

After playing Scanner Sombre in VR — and that being one of my best VR experiences — it feels so wrong to play a walking sim on flat screen.

Gave up on Valley much faster than I did The Fidelio Incident (even though it’s also very pretty, and the forest sprites are cute)

Fun fact : Le nombre 120 est intraduisible en anglais

13 October

Found out last night there was a Gran Turismo Sport demo. Got an error when I tried to download it; learned today it was time-limited.


It’s almost as if, once you have committed fully to a politics of pure resentment, you can learn to hate anything or anybody, if told to [twitter.com]


Until 1935, Disney had the monopoly on technicolor. Other studios, like Fleischer and Iwerks, settled for a two-color system.


Some alt-right dickbag tweeted my phone number last winter, and when I reported it Twitter denied it was a violation of terms of service [twitter.com]


This was @twitter’s response when I reported a guy who tweeted 34 consecutive violent death threats #WomenBoycottTwitter

Not sure I’ll be able to make it an entire day, but — #WomenBoycottTwitter

14 October


Tu l’embrasse sur le quais, tu le laisses monter dans la rame, puis tu te mets à flipper pour lui. [twitter.com]

Paperclips is pretty clever (though its supply-and-demand math mystifies me) but it’s absolutely obnoxious as an “idle game” that never gives your brain a rest.

#inktoshop2017 (a.k.a. j’ai acheté une tablette graphique à 100 balles alors il faut bien qu’elle serve)

L’interface de configuration des brushes de Photoshop est devenue complètement imbitable pendant que je ne m’en servais plus, non ?


I want to get a tattoo that says “Strength,” just so I can say “It means strength in English.”


Dear @biz: This is the platform you created. Nazis are coming here because they know you allow them. What are you going to do about it?

15 October

Les gens qui font leur jogging le dimanche à huit heures du matin 😨


Marie was not a “white lace and piano lessons” sort of girl: instead, she made death masks from guillotined heads [trib.al]


here is a rabbit playing in leaves to brighten your day


USB-C is such a mess, and Apple bears a central role in just why it’s so fucked up. For shame. [marco.org]

“There’s this thing in comp sci I remember—recursion?” 🙄

Halt and Catch Fire was never the show I wanted it to be but I’ll miss these characters. I mean, just Cameron, really.

16 October

“It’s still an open question whether people will accept self-driving cars.” Huh? Oh, yeah, sometimes I forget I live in a tech bubble.

Le soleil est trop bas pour profiter du beau temps. Vivement que les pays riches envahissent les tropiques à cause de la fonte des glaces.

Il y a quatre bancs au soleil dans tout le parc 😒

17 October

Growl allowed you to assign different settings to an app’s different notifications like, what, ten years ago?

This tweet brought to you by the Instagram messages I miss because I’ve had to disable sounds for the ‘Like’ notifications.


My life has gotten easier since I realized that if I’m not sure which decision to make, it probably doesn’t matter which I choose.


Given the rise of #MeToo, I want to say something about a comedy show I saw this weekend and rape culture in comedy.

Microsoft: We need something on the VR store.

343: Uh, but we’ve neve—



The most important and telling line in EA’s cancellation of their Uncharted-inspired Star Wars game is this. They want a Destiny.


Seriously, there’s room for what 2, maybe 3, service based open world action games? It’s like the fucking MMO “gold rush” all over again.


Every linear single player game from a published studio that comes out over the next 2-3 years is a miracle. Support them if you like them.

WTF. C’est pas juste ridicule, c’est illisible.

Et maintenant cinq minutes de discussion philosophique sous-titrée pendant un concert de rock. C’est du troll ?

18 October

On dirait bien que je vais abandonner Mindhunter avant qu’apparaisse Anna Torv. Snif.


Butterfly Specimen Boxes Painted as Multi-Story Murals by Mantra [thisiscolossal.com]


I’d always disliked DxOMark after owning poor phone cameras with high scores, but MKBHD’s explainer clears it up. [youtube.com]


reading this has changed my work as a journalist.


Cool feature in iOS 11: add Magnifier to Control Center. Even with healthy vision, handy for reading tiny/inaccessible text (via @foozmeat)


Introducing an abstract notion to Trump’s brain is like that video where they toss a cinderblock in an old washer

Copying folders, there are two duplicates.

For the first macOS offers to stop, replace or merge.

Only the second I’m allowed to skip.

19 October

Si les migraines sont causées par une déficience en sérotonine, est-ce que ça veut dire que c’est une forme de dépression ?


An 80-Foot Steel Kraken Will Create an Artificial Coral Reef Near the British Virgin Islands [thisiscolossal.com]


Mais vous vous foutez VRAIMENT de notre gueule en fait. C’est sur ÇA que Le Canard fait son putain d’édito…


Puppies are body language experts who can manipulate their owners with every scowl or grin, say scientists [u.afp.com]


Et si on retirait la capitale, quel effet sur la richesse d’un pays ? (Ou comment mesurer la décentralisation économique) :

20 October


accidentally mouses over Safari’s ‘Open Page With’ menu, hangs for 30 seconds while LaunchServices spins up all my external storage


Fun new feature in Photoshop CC 2018—it can read the depth mask from Portrait Mode photos from iOS 11 & let you use it for your own effects

Or geeks are surfing The Pirate Bay at work and don’t give a shit, I guess.

21 October


“It’s the first time that AI has generated art that really looks good.” [hyperallergic.com]

I, Claudius est plein de gens — sur un siècle — qui pensent que la démocratie va revenir dès que le tyran du moment sera mort 😞


BOOM —> A Suspected Network of 13,000 Twitter Bots Pumped Out Pro-Brexit Messages In The Run-Up To The EU Vote [buzzfeed.com]


Quand t’as fait le tour des problèmes de l’humanité

Le mec en mini-short qui est allé au Franprix juste pour acheter un stock de chewing-gums se prépare une soirée plus fun que la mienne 😬

Ahh, le samedi soir et les couples hétéros qui s’engueulent low-key dans la rue.


“What do you want to do when you grow up?” I dunno. CIA? What about you. “Medical school then Star Fleet I guess.”

22 October


Modern China looking cyberpunk (Beijing, Chongqing, Xiamen, Beijing)

Grindr est enfin revenu à l’ordre normal des choses : le mec le plus loin dans la liste est à 1km, et personne ne rencontre personne.


Le chanteur pop russe Zelimkhan Bakaev arrêté, placé dans un camp anti-gay, torturé et finalement tué en Tchétchénie [back2stonewall.com]


A photo of you on the toilet to a group chat waiting to happen. [twitter.com]

Life-defining choice: do you spend the night optimizing the very first puzzle with leaderboards, or just move on.

23 October

L’ascenseur a été dexterisé 😱


#museum #modernart #concept #voxel #voxelart #magicavoxel

I like Sigmar’s Garden (much more than I did Shenzhen Solitaire), which makes these optional goals torture.

Vivement que les villes soient des bunkers souterrains avec ciel et soleil artificiels au beau fixe toute l’année.

I just instinctively tried to pay by putting my thumb on the pictogram and wow it really feels like that’s what it was designed for

I never really believed the rumors that Apple had removed Touch ID-through-the-screen at the last minute, but I’m reconsidering.

As slow as this is, it feels much more civilized. And still, some players manage to produce slower solutions — how?

24 October

25 October

26 October

En 2016, porte close au Château Éphémère qui a fermé en avance. En 2017, ma recherche Google me donne une adresse complètement fausse.

De mes avatars d’Halloween [dont tout le monde se contrefout] ce sont ceux de @garoocomplains qui me donnent le plus de joie.

You thought Big Dog was scary

They designed it explicitly so controlling it is like becoming a giant mech in VR 😵

Both the smoothness of motion and the intentionally human-like proportions of the arms and shoulders do a lot for the creep factor.

I feel like the last five Assassin’s Creeds have all been reviewed as “the one that’s beginning to get better again.” Fool me twelve times…

It’s a pity Ubisoft wasted Egypt on a Division clone. It would make a great setting for after they’ve digested Breath of the Wild’s lessons.

So is there an active Twitter app for Mac that displays unified mentions? Or is TweetDeck my only choice? Maybe I could get used to it.

Belated realization that using Twitter in a web app, instead of always visible in a corner of my desktop, could only be a positive.

Ugh. Children. Why did it have to be children!

I mean obviously what was awesome about Courier was the software UX, not the hardware, and the final Windows-based thing will be shit.

But that’s just the way of the world.


I want to run around historical cities, in weird “What if?” scenarios, and beat like ten dudes in a fight because it looks cool. #ACOrigins

Quand j’achèterai mon moniteur 4K rappelez-moi de ne pas le prendre chez @AmazonFR où c’est la croix et la bannière pour avoir une facture.


I feel like they don’t teach the parable of the frog and the scorpion in schools anymore. So many frogs today ask-but why,it makes no sense?

27 October

“25 items from your Steam wishlist are on sale!” Oh hell no.

Je n’aime ni Funko ni Saga mais je veux le Lying Cat quand même 🤦🏻‍♂️


On n’est pas bien là, en pleine esbrouffe à la française ?


“You likely have to get management approval for a $500 expense… but you can call a 1 hour meeting with 20 people and no one notices.”


I may have misjudged the expected size of this response


It’s becoming a cliche at this point, behind every troubled EA game is: “We had to add a lot of systems that Frostbite didn’t support.”


Eleven from #StrangerThings is the Pokemon evolution we all need.

Transferred my Windows from a hard drive to an SSD. Has Microsoft made a total mess of boot volumes or what?

28 October

Started the Tormet:ToN free weekend last night and maybe 2am wasn’t the right time for it but oh my god I did not enjoy the prose.

En direct, ma réaction au meme de cette année, “couples costume idea”

Facebook Messenger web app keeps throwing me this error. All I want is a goddamn text field to type a reply.


Guess what other calculator is also utterly broken 💩 /cc @stroughtonsmith


still need a halloween costume? here are 28 ideas i gave to friends, who called them “too complex” or “stop trying to make me do blackface”

29 October

Ten minutes of Obduction made me reconsider my wish for The Witness in VR. Moving around large areas is a lot more frustrating than in flat.

Google Earth VR has added a human-scale mode (removing the diorama effect) and without the parallax it’s like looking at a low-res photo 😨

I had never really thought about the fact that this diorama effect was a deliberate choice — and boy was there a reason for it.

30 October


Well done Kev. You stay silent on your sexuality until the time comes when you can conflate it with an alleged sexual assault on a minor.

Hey, that’s kind of a lot of PSVR games being announced. Okay, they weren’t considered worthy of the main event, but still.

Even if Oure’s trailer gives a bit too much of a Journey-knockoff vibe, I’m totally up for playing as a Chinese dragon.

I’m curious to see how interactive Concrete Genie manages to really be, but you can probably count me as a sale.

As great as Far Cry 5 looks, as fun as full co-op must be, I don’t think I can give them money if their PR sticks to “we’re totes not trying to be political.”


Ubisoft confirms that Far Cry 5 is a Ubisoft game


This year on the David Cage Emotional Manipulation Hour: Same Dirty House, Different Bullshit Premise!

I think this is the first Sony event I’ve seen where the director bothered to switch between trailer and stage cam at the right moments.


A remaster of Shadow of the Colossus every two or three years to make it keep up with the way you remember it.


Seriously can we fuck off with using abuse as a shortcut for selling how bleak a game is in marketing material.


“Pas de meilleur moment pour être un gamer ! Et pour terminer le show, voici une scène de pendaison et de torture.” Bon.


It’s not needed. Games can cover this stuff but doing it out of context for shock value does a disservice to victims and the game.


Not sure having a woman being held down while a man breaks her arm with a hammer is the first impression I’d want people to have of my game.

Je n’ouvre pas le robinet de l’évier. Le chat boit dans le bol prévu à cet effet en me fixant : “Tu vois ce que tu m’obliges à faire 😾”

31 October


Er, Apple only gave reviewers 24 hours to review the iPhone X [theverge.com]


replace all machine learning with crow learning. teach crows to drive cars and categorise my photos. [panarmenian.net]

I generally use the DOM Inspector to make article excerpts but the NYT’s HTML is such a mess I had to combine paragraphs in Photoshop.


Talking to people your age who have their lives figured out


my favorite part of the algorithmic omniveillance future is the evolution of black bloc into shoggoth dazzle camouflage bloc, faces painted with extra eyes and noses and mouths to jam recognition engines


Nice testing of Face ID with different haircuts and obstructions (won’t work on Hallowe’en!) [youtu.be]


What’s up with the weirdly-shaped notch defect/distortion on @AppleInsider’s review unit? 😳 [youtube.com]


When downloading an app on iPhone X, instead of home button Touch ID it’s a double click of power button and then Face ID does the rest.


The Miss Peru 2018 beauty pageants gave statistics about women’s rights instead of saying their bust and waist sizes #NiUnaMenos


Assuming roughly 300,000 iPhones fit a 747-8F, this group of planes near Alaska alone is currently hauling $2,100,000,000 worth of iPhones.


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