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1 December 2017


“I’m a Depression historian. The GOP tax bill is straight out of 1929. Republicans are again sprinting toward an economic cliff.” [washingtonpost.com] #MAGA


Today in things that are my jam: model spaceships being blown up with internally LED-lit cotton-ball explosions, and fibre-optic sparks. So incredibly cool.


Merely unlocking my phone causes podcast audio to skip


A charity offered me the chance to adopt an elephant. the money goes towards increasing the number of elephants in the wild. thus decreasing the value of my own elephant


Pour se faire dépister, vous avez le choix, des autotests en pharmacie (30€), le laboratoire privé, le test rapide par une assoce ou le centre de dépistage gratuit et anonyme (on les appelle CeGIDD maintenant) : [vih.org] #WorldAIDSDay


Je sais que ça fait peur, parce qu’on a tou·te·s déconné un jour ou l’autre. Mais c’est pour ça qu’il faut savoir : Savoir, c’est bénéficier d’une prise en charge, c’est s’assurer de garder le maximum de cartouches thérapeutiques dès le début. #WorldAIDSDay


Au passage, la Prep n’est pas un truc d’inconscient : c’est un truc de personnes qui ont décidé de se prendre en charge, avec des check-up et des dépistages réguliers. Condamner la Prep aujourd’hui, c’est aussi bête que d’être contre le préservatif. #WorldAIDSDay


“Oh hey, it’s you! I’m so happy to see you!”

2 December

Turns out bosses do not stay dead in Dead Cells. So I guess I’m done with Dead Cells.

I reflexively installed 11.2 as soon as I saw it was available. What could go wrong. It’s not like they also rushed that update overnight, to fix a bug that was putting thousands of phones in a reboot loop.


Quand ton chat se prépare pour un rituel de sorcellerie


Latest macOS update has a “month 13” bug now that it’s December that’ll trash your battery life 🤔 [robservatory.com]


I was once told it would have to be a real damn emergency to release an iOS version on a weekend, so, here we are… 😂 iOS 11.2! 🎉

Played a couple minutes of Edge of Nowhere until 🤢 and it’s always funny how different a VR game’s perspective can be to what you expected from the videos.

We can disagree on how much time the devs should have spent on comfort options (there are none) but I don’t think it’s acceptable for a third-person game in VR to let the camera jump up when the character steps on a fucking pebble.

3 December

Michael Bay a fait énormément de mal à la civilisation


With iOS 11 and the iPhone X there are so many crazy-making inconsistencies across devices it’s a real hindrance to friction-free work.

The most frequently used gesture (swipe up) does three different things depending on the device . Total muscle memory fail.


1) The Twin Peaks Season 3 I thought I wanted for 25 years.

2) The Twin Peaks Season 3 I didn’t know I wanted, but did.

Fuck. It just dawned on me that my four-year-old MacBook Pro has been swelling over the last few weeks. (Or much longer if my issues with the trackpad’s button were the first symptom.) It’s awesome because I’m kinda broke right now.

Of course the batteries are glued to the case, why wouldn’t they, so I can’t risk trying to remove them and run the computer off the mains.

4 December


Hands On: ‘4D Toys’ is a Mind-Bending, Unique VR Puzzler @marctenbosch [ow.ly]


The biggest casualty to AI won’t be jobs, but the final and complete eradication of trust in anything you see or hear. [research.nvidia.com]



The Super moon rising over Nairobi, Kenya.

Stages during it’s rise stacked into one; timelapse failed



My daughter is 5. I don’t want her to have this, and I don’t want her friends to badger her into getting it. This is expanding the Network Effect of Facebook (& all its concomitant pitfalls) into childhood. It’s gross. [twitter.com]


2016: Should have bought some Bitcoin

2017: Should have bought some Kittens


One of my favorite samples from the Progressive GANs paper is this one from the “cat” category. Apparently some of the cat training photos were memes with text. The GAN doesn’t know what text is so it has made up new text-like imagery in the right place for a meme caption.

5 December

It’s bad enough that iTunes’ entire album view flashes distractingly every time the track changes — but why on earth does it flash twice.


THE RIGHT: Yeah he’s a serial child molester but he’ll confirm the guy I want on the Supreme Court

THE LEFT: Yeah she’s good on global warming and tax policy and race relations and expanding healthcare to poor families but I can’t vote for someone who gave paid speeches to Goldm


En vrai je vais pas m’autoquoter, mais il faut cesser de dire « GAFA », ça amène à une confusion qui confine a l’absurde et biaise les analyses : croire que 4 entreprises font la même chose et ont les mêmes intérêts commerciaux.


En très gros :

Google : vend de la pub et des données.

Apple : vend ses produits cher.

Facebook : vend de la pub et des données sur d’autres canaux.

Amazon : vend les produits des autres.


(i.e. an 8-hour MacBook [Pro] starts looking a lot less attractive beside a Windows-on-ARM device with a 24-hour battery & LTE)


I’m trialling a new experimental laptop from Apple. The return of USB-A and SD Card slot is genius. Touch screen and pencil support is surprisingly useful. Touch bar is gone but I won’t miss it. Face ID is 👌

The new logo on the back is an odd step but I could get used to it.

6 December


Via @heatherrivers, an anonymous Microsoft quote about the fuckery of stack ranking

daaaaamn 😂

Je viens seulement de me rappeler les heures que j’ai passées, collégien, à regarder des choses comme ça, et des circuits de billes métalliques, au rayon jouets du Printemps.

Je vais redécorer toute ma chambre.




7 December

I visited San Francisco 📸 then broke Walmart’s truck 🙊


Pokemon: in our new movie pikachu talks

people: thats the stupidest thing I’ve ever h-

Pokemon: he’s ryan reynolds now

people: wha-

Pokemon: pikachu says “fuck”

When I heard “Reigns, but with the queen” I assumed ‘Elizabeth I,’ not ‘the king’s wife.’ Definitely has potential to be more interesting — but I wish they’d done away with the Tinder UI.


It’s just like that old saying; “Do what you love for a living and the increasingly unclear distinction between your personal and professional identity will make it extremely difficult to feel emotionally secure at basically any point in the process”


Check out the crazy origami Ethernet port on this new Fujitsu laptop (yeah they’re back making laptops now)


In summary: ten years ago bankers gambled with all our money, lost most of it, caused a global financial crisis, which resulted in austerity, that was manipulated into anti-migrant rage by billionaire tax-exile press-barons, revitalised the far right and brought Trump and Brexit.


Here’s a frightening additional thought: if the financial crisis was the equivalent of the 1929 crash, then we’re now roughly around 1938.


so what you are saying is, Century Fox is now Disney

which means the Alien franchise is now Disney

which means Xenomorphs, being born from the Xenomorph Queen, are now Disney princesses [twitter.com]


I honestly find it pretty troubling how much of the reporting of the Disney-Fox acquisition is just squee over the Marvel possibilities rather than real concern over the insidious nature of a growing media monopoly.


This is the Christmas performance we desperately need. She sings for all of us. [twitter.com]

8 December

Euro Truck is making me think about the logistics of every single package I’ve ever received and it’s so weird, really. (I do not usually mail-order bulldozers.)


If your in-flight Coca-Cola and Biscoff cookies taste a bit off at 30,000 feet, it’s not you. It’s the searing sound of jet engines [trib.al]


IMAGE : La foudre frappe une éruption volcanique au Chili (photographe : Francisco Negroni)

In the Valley of Gods looks 😍

I love this setting and, if anyone can convey the sense of wonder it should inspire, it’s definitely Campo Santo.

It’s funny how we were all a little worried about High Sierra’s switch to APFS and it seems to be the only thing they didn’t screw up. (Talking general OS reliability, not mis-attributed UI fields in Disk Utility.)


If you weren’t enough of a risk-taker to buy bitcoin at $30, you also aren’t enough of a risk-taker to not have sold it the minute you had multiplied your holdings ten-fold, so don’t beat yourself up over hypotheticals


We wish every cement truck was a disco cement truck. Is that too much to ask? [thisiscolossal.com]


“Bubbles are mathematically impossible in this new paradigm.” is like a bad parody of the type of thing people say during a bubble. [twitter.com]


Here’s what I think is happening with @Patreon - this year they raised $60m in Series C venture funds at a valuation of $450 million (after raising $30m last year and more than doubling the company’s size - almost always a mistake). Yet they make about $8 million per year. 1/10


Most sane company valuations are 10x-20x revenue, with 20x being a high-end for desirable acquihires by Google/etc. Under that math, Patreon should be worth $80-$160 million. Yet they raised at $450m. 56x revenue! This means they’re under intense pressure to increase $$$. 2/10


Nothing better than christmas chocolates to explain #UVmapping to your kids #CGI #3D #material #texture

9 December

I got Hue for free with PSN+ a while back and it’s got great puzzle design

I particularly like the balance between levels where you can take your time and the few that rely more on reflexes.

Venice isn’t quite all they say it is

“Apple’s widened ban on templated apps is wiping small businesses from the App Store”

There’s an app for that, they said. And users eagerly forgot about websites, so that if you didn’t have a presence on the App Store you might as well not exist.

My iPhone has become so unresponsive while playing music I think I’m gonna look for an iPod nano to borrow.

OMG Monster Hunter World has customizable kitties (look at the bottom two devils)

After fifteen minutes with the beta, I’m not sure what Monster Hunter is supposed to be but I’m just gonna go ahead and assume it isn’t for me.

I’ll reconsider when Monster Hunter has a photo safari mode. I don’t even understand how they can spend so much time designing and animating all those creatures and not want to offer more peaceful interactions.

10 December


「空想ジオラマ」の技術的な話、 #ViveTracker でトラッキングしてるのはいつも通りで、初めは背景真っ白だけど手に取ると車の周りのTerrainに色を付けていく処理が毎フレーム入ってるので、処理が重くなってしまうのだけど、なんとかできないだろうか。

Godot 3 sounds too good to be true

I haven’t looked at the API yet but I really like the fundamental design choices shown here.


« Le ridicule ne tue pas »

Maxime favorite des dictateurs.

According to CPU DasherX (free on the App Store) the 6 Plus I’m using runs at 840MHz, while the 6 whose battery I replaced in February goes a full 1.4GHz 😨

It’s presumably intended as a workaround for devices going from 60% to shutdown in a few minutes after the iOS 10 update, but I’m gonna be hard-pressed for arguments the next time someone cries “planned obsolescence.”

“I’ll play Archangel real quick so I don’t miss out on the free weekend, then I’ll work” was a bad idea. I quit in a hurry as soon as it started moving but I still have a headache.

Seeing the mech’s head and hands mirror my movements during the tutorial was pretty cool, though.

Did I miss something or is there still, 36 hours before release, zero official word on mod support in Fallout VR?


Ready Player One, c’est un grand « j’sais pas ». Trailer. [youtu.be]

11 December

J’avais bêtement oublié que, pour qu’un film de Besson soit si mal reçu, il fallait qu’il soit encore pire que ce à quoi je m’attendais. Si seulement ça avait fait un bide suffisant pour ruiner sa carrière.


Cat Person is reverse Ernest Cline fanfiction

12 December


Inside and Gorogoa are now available to pre-order on the App Store, in what appears to be a brand new system Apple has rolled out to allow people to pre-order upcoming iOS games and apps: [toucharcade.com] by @hodapp


I can’t find lightning headphones this morning so I’m walking to work playing music on my old 6S. I’ve been forced to invent the iPod. This is the dumbest thing that has ever happened to me


Someone tried to film a ren fair with a drone and the result is one of the best gifs I’ve ever seen.

How does a bitcoin crash work if the slightest activity on the market already means transactions take hours to process?

Twitter “introduces” threads

1. Encouraging tweetstorms is bad

2. But hiding them behind a “read more” link is great

3. But god knows what will happen in third-party clients

4. It’s y’all’s fault in perpetuity for rejecting the 10,000-word attachment idea


after the tweets about our uncool cyberpunk went viral, /r/cyberpunk rode to the rescue [twitter.com]

13 December

A whole proper survival game with MGS V’s engine and mechanics doesn’t seem like the worst thing

I don’t like survival games, nor zombie games, but I mean, in general, for other people, why not?

14 December


Une décision lamentable et raciste. Une fois de plus, soutien à @RokhayaDiallo ✊ [francetvinfo.fr]


I would not be surprised to find that some iMac Pro owners sell their space black accessories for a tidy profit on eBay.


“Your Collective Decision” by @studioolaf. ~200 silvered and partially painted glass spheres. 👀🌈

Second time I change an iPhone 6’s battery and those adhesive strips are still assholes but INSTAGRAM IS SCROLLING SMOOTHLY AGAIN. (Ish. Feels like they preload images a bit late? But scrolling used to overwhelm the proc so much it would misjudge swipes and skip entire screens.)

With this hidden throttling bullshit I’m kinda feeling disgust at the idea of ever giving Apple money again. So that’s awesome.

I keep scrolling in Tweetbot for Mac and thinking “oh my god it’s so smooth” for a second before remembering it’s the iPhone that used to stutter.


You don’t have to buy a new iMac Pro to improve Swift compile times, you can just switch back to Objective-C. There, saved you $15,000.

15 December


Interesting language note: newt, apron and Uber are backformations from ‘an ewt’, ‘a napron’ and ‘Anuber’.


A peek at another painting made inside Fallout 4 VR using OVRdrop and Autodesk Sketchbook. I had to kill a yao guai to get here.


This contemptuous view of public transit (and by extension, urban infrastructure that relies on people sharing space generally) is so gross and distrustful and condescending. I hate the idea that people like this are trying to shape the design of cities. [twitter.com]


OMFG the iMac Pro needs a DFU restore if it bricks during a software update 😂 [twitter.com]


In Super Mario Odyssey, various sound effects dynamically harmonize with whatever background music’s playing. NEAT [youtube.com]

Not sure the Trico experience was worth the trouble of plugging PSVR back in. Token interactivity, gamepad controls, predictably pixelated visuals, and it lasts five minutes.

But I’d forgotten quite how much better that screen is. Shame it’s wasted on the PS4.

16 December

Je ne sais pas si c’est l’effet d’avoir traversé 2017, mais j’ai vraiment du mal à supporter les trois beaufs de The Grand Tour, cette année.


when people say “The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads” it’s important to remind them that, tbh, those are really not the best minds


Anti-Fascists You Should Know: Bunny Roger, couturier, sometime drag queen & RL model for John Steed. Served with exceptional courage in WWII (once dragging a wounded officer from a burning building) & remarked “Now I’ve shot so many Nazis, Daddy will have to buy me a sable coat”


This was a really bad move on Mozilla’s part. Things like this and “April fools” Easter eggs in important software backfire much more often than they land. Avoid. [theverge.com]

Me: I should work a couple more hours before billing my client so I have a bit of extra cash to enjoy the holidays.

Narrator: He never billed his client again and became homeless.

Il y a des bébés-dinobots dans le dernier film Transformers et ils n’ont même pas fait de version jouet ? Poupée ? Peluche ? RIen ?

17 December


Collomb va réussir le tour de force de faire passer Pasqua pour un humaniste, en comparaison [twitter.com]


This is just…wrong. On so many levels.

Le kit officiel du dragon du film Ninjago est une grosse déception, j’étais prêt à commander dès qu’il est apparu à l’écran


100 Fiberglass and Resin Skulls Fill a Room at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne [thisiscolossal.com]

18 December

Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi (2017) — 3/10

L’écran est loin et je n’ai pas pensé à prendre mes lunettes. Ca n’arrive pas quand on reste tranquillement chez soi.

Vous avez tous bu avant d’aller voir The Last Jedi ? C’est exactement ce qu’on craignait il y a deux ans de la nouvelle trilogie : un film d’action sans cerveau, sans coeur, sans âme, sans fin. Sans intérêt.

Geekbench data on iOS slowing down devices with worn batteries

Looks like it’s also happening for iPhone 7 with 11.2.0. No one’s ever going to install an iOS update again.



• find a human

• sit them down in a pile of snacks so they don’t wander away

• now you talk

• human will eat and not reply which is perfect

• keep talking until you solve plot problem yourself

• what a team!

I still have trouble with the idea of a global conspiracy because, how could they hope to get away with it? but maybe they just think the iPhone’s so popular nothing can hurt its sales.


OK, I’ve put this TLJ tweet through a substitution code website so I won’t accidentally spoil anyone: Arire tbaan tvir lbh hc, arire tbaan yrg lbh qbja, arire tbaan ghea nebhaq naq qrfreg lbh [rot13.com]

Maintenant qu’on en est arrivés au point où je déteste un film Star Wars par légitime défense, j’ai envie de redonner une chance à la trilogie de préquelles. Enfin, aux épisodes 2 et 3 que je n’ai vus qu’une fois chacun — le 1, c’est plié.

I’m amazed that Twitter (or at least one of my timelines) rediscovered ROT-13 for The Last Jedi. I guess I am following the right people.


Dec 17, 1903. It’s been 114 years since Wright Brothers 1st powered flight. I met Orville - he was impressed we broke the sound barrier just 44 yrs later.


“[The paperclip maximizer AI] scenario sounds absurd to most people, yet there are a surprising number of technologists who think it illustrates a real danger. Why? Perhaps it’s because they’re already accustomed to entities that operate this way: Silicon Valley tech companies.” [twitter.com]

Je n’avais jamais compris pourquoi Padmé tolérait Anakin, mais ça passe beaucoup mieux si on imagine qu’elle est la prof qui n’arrive pas à résister au puppy crush d’un élève pas très malin mais trop sexy (j’ai bien dit qu’il fallait de l’imagination).

Jamais il ne vient à l’idée d’un jedi, dans les films, d’utiliser la Force pour soigner quelqu’un ? Tout ces discours pacifistes et personne n’investit jamais ses points dans les talents de soin parce que c’est pas assez flashy 🙄

19 December

Il n’est jamais trop tard pour m’apercevoir qu’en fait je n’avais jamais vraiment regardé Revenge of the Sith.


Pretty tired of the “haha doing UI is awful” or “haha I hate UI” joke especially during conference talks.

For the love of player experience, hire someone who loves/knows what they’re doing. Your game will be better for it.


Stated as if it were a bad thing 🙄 I’m not so keen on Facebook automagically building a database on me without my consent, which is of course what they’re doing even though I don’t have a Facebook account [twitter.com]

20 December

This thing is a damn pain in the ass

Clonk! This thing is a damn pain in the ass.


Apparently porgs are in the new #StarWars because it was easier than digitally removing the hundreds of puffins living on Skellig Michael island where it was filmed. Which means they’re basically SPACE PUFFINS!!

Il y a dans mon cerveau plusieurs millions de neurones exclusivement dédiés à analyser l’aspect et la trajectoire du moindre objet en mouvement pour déterminer la probabilité que ce soit une araignée. Et on s’étonnera que les machines nous remplacent.


-Trier les migrants jusque dans les locaux des assocs

-Demander aux préfets d’inciter à la délation

-Lacérer des tentes et confisquer des vêtements en plein hiver

-Souiller l’eau avec du gaz lacrymo

“A feature”

“Smooth out the peaks”

“When needed”

Go ahead and explain to me how come the throttling happens even when the phone is plugged into a charger.


Apple ships batteries that can’t support an iPhone’s normal operation for even 18 months. I think we should all consider this a defect.

Papering over it with software is dishonest.


As you read all the “move along, nothing to see here” tech-blog posts on Apple slowing down old iPhones, keep in mind that the company’s PR strategy involves cultivating friendly reporters and freezing out those who criticize it.


Apple Stores are not allowed to bring a phone in for battery replacement unless there’s a failure. Mobile Genius software blocks you from doing it.


The problem with that is that the majority of people coming in w battery issues have software or usability problems, not a hardware problem. It would also cause repair times to balloon when they’d like repairs done within 30-60 mins

21 December


For the next reboot that makes men angry I’d like to submit for your consideration Lupita Nyong’o as Indiana Jones. She steals artifacts from museums and returns them to their rightful cultures.


Great anecdote on @bbcr4 woman’s hour about a woman who cut the end off ham when she baked one. Her daughter asked why. “because that’s what my mum did”. So they rang her mum to ask why. Same response. So they rang her mum who was in a home. “We do that as the oven was too small”


Great story. “Because we’ve always done it” is always a red flag answer.

Awkward workarounds tend to stay around much longer that what required them. [twitter.com]

La boutique du MK2 Bibliothèque semble avoir récupéré les restes du Château Éphémère Ghibli 🙀

OMG not only does Instagram’s story designer have alignment rulers, it shows a dummy header when you drag stickers to the top of the screen 💜

It’s somewhat meaningless because the image might be framed differently on the viewing device (e.g., on iPad) but, still, nice thought.

Je manque de mots pour exprimer à quel point je hais ces nouveaux immeubles avenue de France, avec leurs façades tout en verre qui devaient être très jolies sur les rendus architecturaux mais reposent sur des piliers hideux balancés en mode yolo-osef-ràf à l’intérieur.

Oui je rage tout seul dans la rue en allant faire mes courses parce que je vois les piliers des immeubles à travers leurs baies vitrées, et non j’ai pas choisi ma vie.

Gorogoa makes me feel like I’m stuck in one of those French animated movies that fascinated and terrified me as a kid. But in a good way.

22 December

I put it off for a long time, but finally bought my own tractor. Look at my new buddy!

I just love the realism in this game 🙌


I would always have picked better performance over better battery life, because a portable battery pack is an easy thing to tote — and it would have been obvious that a new battery was needed; you can’t work around an artificially strangled CPU — you have to buy a new device


Guillermo del Toro saw a UFO when he was younger and he hated the design

Help je suis dans un thread Reddit sur The Last Jedi je vais encore être de mauvaise humeur pour le reste de la journée mais je n’arrive pas à fermer la fenêtre.

Extraits choisis, pour la postérité (spoilers)

The Last Jedi discussions are giving me flashbacks to Mass Effect 3. I’m on the same side of the debate, for eerily similar reasons. Interestingly, once again, the other side is wrong.

23 December


Happy Christmas weekend! The only thing I plan to do to celebrate is turn off motion smoothing on every TV in every house I go to


how did they even film this scene without laughing


NEW: Russian submarines have dramatically stepped up activity around vital undersea data cables that provide internet & other communications connections to North America & Europe.

NATO is so concerned that they’re reviving a Cold War-era command center.



Skeleton screens improve perceived performance over loading spinners.

Here’s how to create them with CSS: [codepen.io]


À l’hosto j’avais croisé une femme qui n’avait plus que 30cm d’intestins, son petit joint du soir sur la terrasse c’était un peu le seul truc qui la faisait tenir. Merci les sales races, tant qu’à crever, autant crever vraiment malheureux. [twitter.com]

24 December


C’est le dîner de Noël en famille, cette allégorie multi-millénaire du combat entre les végétariens et les racistes.

25 December

La torture d’une télé en permanence allumée sur une chaîne française de merde. (Si vous me pardonnez le pléonasme.)

Et le seul chat de la planète qui me déteste.

Unfollow tous les gens qui ont reçu un iPhone X pour Noël.


Elon Musk moms is walking around like this and people still haven’t figured out that they’re comic book villains

The beginning of Assassin’s Creed: Origins is making me wonder if I accidentally pressed a “skip everything you can” button. There’s “in medias res” and then there’s “WTF has been happening for the last ten minutes?”

On the flip side I found the shortcut to photo mode after five minutes and now there isn’t a single line of exposition I haven’t interrupted to take a picture.

26 December

Love the internal emails explaining away the bullshit Animus machine from the movie. It’s always nice to know that someone cared.

That’s three spam notifications plus non-stop nags to enable health data, even though I keep force-closing the app — bye bye GoBee

It’s been a while since Assassin’s Creed has been in a position to pull off something like the Alexandria reveal, hasn’t it? 😲

I just want these environments to be available in VR someday.

27 December

This is the best graphics settings menu I’ve ever seem. Each option has a thumbnail that changes with the selected value.

All of Bayek’s lines are run through a filter when he wears this mask 💜


Fully Functioning 1:24 scale LEGO Crane is over 24 ft tall and can lift a chair [Video] [brothers-brick.com]


fuck whatever shite currency yous have got, new scottish notes have OTTERS on them

Steven Moffat a miraculeusement réussi à partir sur une bonne note \o/

28 December


My latest in @nytimes: We built a bot that hunted Nazis. Then Twitter suspended the bot—and left the Nazis. It’s time for social media services to do better. [nytimes.com]


Twitter doesn’t fight harassment or hate speech. They support it.

@jack et al. are likely of a common tech-male neo-Libertarian mindset (with not-subtle undertones of misogyny and racism) to let anyone say anything, disregarding the human costs, as long as their metrics go up. [twitter.com]

Allies go down instead of dying in Assassin’s Creed: Origins. Imagine that.

If Assassin’s Creed were moddable I would spend the rest of my life in the Nile Delta.


The publisher knew who Yiannopoulos was when they gave him a $255,000 advance. The editor’s brutal comments are somewhat entertaining, but none of this should distract from the fact that they sought to make his bigotry both digestible and marketable. [trib.al]

29 December

Les demoiselles de Rochefort (1967) — 8/10

C’est drôle comme on se souvient toujours des couleurs vives à l’écran, et pas du contraste avec la noirceur que cachent la majorité des personnages.

J’ai voulu sauver du froid le ficus que mon coloc avait exilé sur le balcon, la bête a essayé de me tuer dès que je l’ai ramenée dans ma chambre. Fuck la nature (et les allergies).


Being included in a Twitter moment – and this has happened a few times now – always ends with trolls and bots filling my mentions.

Twitter Moments feel like a punishment for the tweet’s author, not a reward. Toxic feature for a toxic platform.

Finally went back to Thumper and managed to pass the asshole at 4-11 (I never want to play it again, which is a shame because I enjoyed the following sub-levels a lot). Was not prepared for the heart-attack-inducing entirety of level 5 😵


Meanwhile at the intersection of toxic gamer culture and unaccountable police violence [twitter.com]

30 December

Trolls (2016) — 6/10

Death Note: Light Up The New World (2016) — 7/10


F—ing blockbuster bonkers criminal allegations against Uber. This is like reading a spy flick script: [thein.fo]


Just for shits and giggles, and, you know, huge spoilers, I fixed The Last Jedi: [jacobbacharach.com]

Blue Planet m’a donné envie hier soir de mettre des loutres de mer ou des dauphins en fond de Lock Screen, mais je ne trouve pas d’images qui vaillent le coup :(

Finally checked out TheWaveVR’s reruns and there are some new effects and toys I absolutely love. (Mostly the ‘Aktual’ show.)

Still torn between using them as inspiration to make my own VR music visualizer… or just giving up because why bother.


Interesting breakdown of the subtitling best-practices videogames usually ignore, and why they matter: [md-subs.com]

31 December

Black Mirror 4x01 — USS Callister — 8/10

Some very well done, and sometimes very difficult, character moments, but I have a hard time forgetting that HUMANS ARE NOT XENOMORPHS AND DNA DOESN’T HAVE A MEMORY.

Statik (PSVR) — 10/10

Gorogoa (PC) — 8/10

Just because Tilt Brush does it, I assumed it would be trivial to capture system audio in Unity.

Ha. Ha. Ha.


It’s amazing how many people have told me “Bitcoin wasn’t invented to facilitate payments”. Has anyone even read the first page of the Nakamoto paper?

My 2018 resolution is to turn the Shut Up extension back on for Reddit, and only disable it temporarily on /r/blackmagicfuckery when I want to know how a trick was done.

(I give it a week.)


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