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1 February 2018


Do not attempt to adjust your newsfeed. We are controlling how much time you spend here. We control the horizontal. We control the vertical. Sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear. [twitter.com]

Doki Doki Literature Club (Mac) — ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Played Doki Doki Literature Club yesterday and I’m still conflicted. First act hints at a great exploration of mental health, and of tropey fetishism for neurotic women — then it jumps with both feet into exploitative Fatal Attraction territory.

But it remains pretty clever and interesting throughout, and it’s never fair to blame a game for not being what I wish it were. Plus, the meta twist might make the mental health stuff more palatable to players, allowing it to reach more people? So, on balance… I just don’t know.

The X-Files 11x05 — 4/10

No wonder Gillian Anderson is stopping The X-Files if that’s the shit you’re gonna make her play.

I’d never really seen ‘kite’ used as a verb outside of gaming, and never made the connection until today as to why kiting a mob is called kiting 🤯

2 February


Absurdly hi-res round OLEDs w/HDMI-to-dual-MIPI interface arrived from China today. 1.5” acrylic cabochons on top. Running Adafruit eyes code on Raspberry Pi 3. Nickel for scale and focus.


Procedurally animated salamanders with leg-count and fatness adjustable on the fly! #gamemaker @indiedev #procgen


Novembre : raclette

Décembre : le repas de Noël

Janvier : galette

Février : crêpes

Mars : tartes

Avril : chocolat

mai : soyez beaux en maillot de bain.

OMG les pseudo-mochi à la glace au lychee de Picard 🤤


The Real Supervillain

[smbc-comics.com] (click for full comic)

#smbc #hiveworks

TIL that Far Cry 5’s protagonist is customizable, which I should have guessed of course since that’s the only way they could make that game while trying not to “be political” 🙄

And sure I can understand Ubisoft not wanting to scare off the millions of people who were quite happy with 15 years of white saviors, but then nobody forced them to make their new game about killing white rednecks.


That’s some nice calligraphy you’ve got there…

The Good Place 2x12 — 8/10

3 February


When you use Safari to generate passwords, thank the person at Apple that had to go through popular websites and register their password requirements

Il y a souvent un Mikado complètement cramé dans la boîte, et rarement plusieurs. Ce qui implique fortement qu’ils les détectent et les répartissent pour ne pas avoir les jeter. SCANDALE.

J’ai trop mangé puis j’ai lancé Lisa Gerrard sur Spotify. On peut aussi bien fast-forwarder à cette nuit et dire que j’aurai encore rien foutu de ma journée.

Nice little mechanic in Six Match after you’ve run out of hints: Oh, you think you’re out of moves? Go ahead and kill yourself to cash in the remaining tiles. If you’re sure. [Evil laughter.]

Meanwhile my brain is having one hell of a time trying to internalize that game’s matching patterns.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 3x11 — 8/10

Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams — Kill All Others — 7/10

4 February

Ce trajet de merde où je ne sais jamais si je vais avoir une demi-heure d’avance ou devoir courir pour attraper mon train.

Y’a un gamin avec une Switch dans le train et moi je n’ai pas de Switch 😡

Damn, this game runs way too hot to play on the train, it would empty my battery in two hours.

pays to remove ads

Oh, never mind, it runs fine.

5 February

6 February


“Bitcoin is volatile, imaginary money and only backed by people’s faith in the system” said everyone right before the actual stock market imploded again.

Hmmm, it’s almost like both are ridiculous pseudo-gambling.

Counterpart 1x03 — 8/10


If an unexpected shutdown occurs, iOS will resume throttling regardless of whether or not you disabled it.


Visionnage essentiel : Là où les putains n’existent pas, réalisé par @Ovidieofficiel. Quand l’État suédois est érigé en modèle social alors que ses lois sur la prostitution sont meurtrières. [arte.tv]


Apron (a ‘napron’)

Umpire (a ‘noumpere’)

Nickname (an ‘ekename’)

Words that got their start with a bit of an “oops”: [merriam-webster.com]

7 February


Les mecs ils vont faire une blague sur Game of Thrones dans un Star Wars et y’aura des articles Slate qui t’expliquent que ça se passe dans le même univers pour le reste de ta vie. [twitter.com]


successful simultaneous booster landings. oh man this just looks like we’re a multi-planetary species


Elon Musk can synchronize the landing of two space rockets after launching a car into space and I can’t synchronize two threads in my code 😫


“Exploring the limits of real time rendering”

My latest work, rendered in @UnrealEngine.


#3D #gamedev #game #gameartist #Unreal #UE4 #artbyrens


Maybe the reason it’s happening again is that people like you are casually admitting this in the times instead of squirming in front of war crimes tribunals


I spent 4 hours debugging a multi-threaded lock contention bug in a CLI tool.

Then I watched 2 rockets land up right on their assigned landing pads at the exact same time after launching a vehicle in space.

I quit.


My four remote camera shots from #FalconHeavy @NASASpaceflight & @ChrisG_NSF! Thanks again for the opportunity, this was above and beyond anything I could have expected!


Today’s beta of 10.13.4, if I have my builds straight, should improve text rendering consistency for people who disable LCD Font Smoothing.

8 February


What if Elon Musk’s just committed the perfect murder?


This C# compiles in 0.2 seconds, but the Swift equivalent won’t compile because the expression is too complex. Compilers are hard! 🤯


Les leaders de #BlackLivesMatter meurent un•e par un•e dans des circonstances “”mystérieuses”” [twitter.com]


Harry Potter and the Representation I Didn’t Actually Bother to Write But Still Want Credit For

The X-Files 11x06 — 4/10


#Quill released the animation feature update today! It’s hard to put in worlds how excited I am about this update. Quill created numerous memorable breakthrough moments for me as an artist since I started working in VR. Animation is the most exciting one to date.

9 February

Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams — Autofac — 7/10

Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams — Safe and Sound — ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


US Copyright Office rejects the American Airlines logo, but do they know design? [subtraction.com]


A world map that offers a new vision of every other world map.

All international borders on earth, classified by their age: [moverdb.com] via @heindehaas

Had to shuffle peripherals around to get my USB clone disk to boot up. Judging from the internets, it appears to be a thing in High Sierra (probably to do with power negotiation). How awesome is that.


christ alive if ’80s Japanese electronics in maroon lacquer finish ain’t an aesthetic [floppy-diskette.tumblr.com]


Slices of a Vikings Holiday by Marko Stanojevic

A chaque fois que j’entends parler des twists de Star Trek Discovery j’ai envie de m’y remettre. Mais non, scène après scène, je déteste cette série.

10 February


“A heuristic we follow is that whenever we feel the need to comment something, we write a method instead.” - Martin Fowler


Lithops, South African plants that have evolved to look like stones…

Quand on était jeunes, la neige de la veille sur les trottoirs parisiens était dégueulasse de pollution, non ?

11 February

Goddamn puns. I hate puns. Why do I put myself through this.


The thing that makes the most sense about Battlestar Galactica is modern humanity is descended from people suffering from massive PTSD

12 February

iFixit’s HomePod teardown is gruesome

“No wonder Apple’s repair price is 80-85% of the device itself.”

Took me a while to figure out how the tweeters work — looks like they send the sound down (not what you’d expect from the x-ray view), meaning the HomePod has to compensate for wildly different surfaces on which the sound will reflect, from wood to metal to glass 😲


Haha - they actually did it! They used mocap for the monsters in World.


This seems like magic, but it’s just Fourier transforms (expressing a function as a sum of periodic functions). Which are a kind of magic, I admit. [twitter.com]

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 3x12 — 7/10


Altered Carbon’s prefab cyberpunk style isn’t just cliche, it actually undercuts the stuff that made cyberpunk an interesting genre in the first place [theverge.com]

13 February

Counterpart 1x04 — 7/10


what if Boston Dynamics’ and Magic Leap’s business model is just to make viral videos


Google: “We think there are lots of consumer applications for this technology, like household assistants and—“



Alerte porn auditif et #asmr : patiner sur de la “glace noire” produit de sons incroyables, entre craquements et… tirs lasers. À savourer avec un casque audio [youtu.be]


Please don’t allow Google to subsume (even more of) the open web in exchange for “more interactive and engaging” emails. [theverge.com]

Toggling High Sierra’s “Use Grayscale” accessibility setting with AppleScript

Corrected from apetronix.com for High Sierra:

tell application “System Preferences” activate reveal (pane id “com.apple.preference.universalaccess”) end tell

tell application "System Events"
    tell process "System Preferences"
        tell window "Accessibility"
            delay 1
            tell scroll area 2 to tell table 1 to tell row 6 to select
            click checkbox "Use grayscale"
        end tell
    end tell
end tell
tell application "System Preferences" to quit

I’m now looking at every spot of color in my field of vision — the box of tissues, the chewing gum packs — and thinking they MUST go. I guess there was a subconscious reason all along for my tendency to decorate everything in shades of gray.


33 million people have installed Facebook run spyware on their phones under the guise of ‘securing personal information’.

And Zuckerberg wants to run for President?



You know what one of the cheapest things you can get if you are trying to maximize calories is? In the US, that is. Because of how our subsidies work.

Cake mix. In a cruel sort of twist, we really can let them eat cake.


You cannot pretend a bag of chips and a bag of apples being the same price in a store—even if they are, and often they aren’t—means people are just making bad choices.

A bag of apples doesn’t have enough calories. That’s the baseline.

14 February


Weird thought: Is there any way to know if any given online game has a crypto miner embedded in it?


No matter the weather, the default temperature for drinking water in China is lukewarm to hot. But it may not stay this way [trib.al]


I want to live in the world where this is the real reason for web browser’s convoluted user-agent strings.

“Dearest server, I am Chrome, the 64th of that name, child of WebKit, grandchild of KHTML, a disciple of Gecko, follower of the great Mozilla/5.0, running on Windows NT 10” [twitter.com]


So I signed up for 2 factor auth on Facebook and they used it as an opportunity to spam me notifications. Then they posted my replies on my wall. 🤦‍♂️


This is a map from Marathon called 5-D Space. All of those overlapping corridors exist on the same plane, and there are no scripting tricks to toggle the intersections—the renderer just makes it work. This is the only thing that makes me want to write a 3D engine from scratch


How ruins would look if they were built under Martian gravity.

Chesley Bonestell, 1956.

I’ve gotten somewhat used to “countdown” instead of “count down,” and you could argue it’s just a sentence fragment — but “when will the sunset,” seriously?!


Qu’on soit bien clair : le #Servicenationaluniversel c’est une mesure populiste de droite pour plaire à ton oncle pour qui les jeunes ne sont bons à rien et devraient “faire un tour à l’armée pour respecter l’autorité”. C’est coûteux, inutile, et une régression absolue.

You can’t mute visual memes, but thankfully this one is still text-based


Honestly, why don’t we reverse the fields? Write your message, THEN sum it up with a terse and helpful subject line, THEN add the right people to the message.

Do any mail clients do this? [twitter.com]

I wonder what’s the acoustic advantage of pointing the tweeters down when it means the sound quality is gonna be so dependent on what kind of surface you place the speaker on.

I bought Shadow of the Colossus on PS3 and gave up before the first fight because I didn’t have the patience to deal with the controls. The PS4 graphics are nice enough that I pushed through two colossi but I’m not sure I’ll ever care to start the game again 😞

The funny thing is that, until the PS3 remaster came out, anytime someone said SotC’s controls were terrible I thought they were insane. The only thing I remembered was how clever it was to have a dedicated “grab” button.

15 February

Soul Music (Terry Pratchett) — 5/10

I want a multiplayer version of Six Match to exist — two players or more on the same screen, having to choose between cooperating or messing with each other — but the game’s mechanics are a little too specific to be copied.

HomePod profit margin estimates are surprisingly low

I have a theory that Apple launched the HomePod as a thank-you to the audio engineers who do great, unnoticed work on iDevices and Macs. Maybe they lobbied to keep the price somewhat affordable?

It’s already been speculated that the Apple Watch was made to keep Jony Ive happy — but in that case he wanted to make a fucking solid gold watch so he was not about to object to any price.

Wow, ordering Steam wishlists was already a pain in the ass, they had to go and make each entry five times as tall as it was.


Photoshop tip: if you’ve never customized the appearance of the Layers panel, you’re in for a treat. Hit the pancake-stack button to the right of the word Layers, go to Panel Options… Enjoy!

“What the Grayscale Challenge Taught Us About Phone Addiction”

As far as I’m concerned grayscale mode would be perfect if I could just automatically exclude a couple of apps (Darkroom and Instagram on iOS; Xcode and BBEdit on Mac).

16 February

I bounced off of Spintires: MudRunner at release because too many annoyances hadn’t been fixed, but got back to it last night, finished two areas and all challenges and had to force myself to stop playing today — so I guess I’m not sorry I preordered it after all.

17 February


So, how long until Twitter cut off API access to 3rd party apps? They’re cutting it off for their 1st party app…

Three days ago I followed a tip to switch my Mac and iPhone to grayscale in order to improve productivity by removing the shiny colors distracting my silly monkey brain.

It totally works! Twitter and Reddit feel less exciting — so instead I spent the day driving trucks on my PC.

Every time I update my portfolio it reminds me that some of the most interesting designs I made were for my blog, and blogs are dead 😔

And also everything is flat now 🙄


Sticks and stones may break my bones

Words will also hurt me

Compliments make me uncomfortable

I have social anxiety

I’m a wreck

Just go

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 3x13 — 6/10

18 February


Windows 10 is a genuinely fantastic operating system, but shit like this undermines the great work people are doing at Microsoft turning it around [howtogeek.com]


Hearing Republicans say that, look, massacres of kids are very sad but we just can’t limit people’s basic freedoms…

…is weird if you’re a trans person who’s been listening to a years-long debate about whether you need to be banned from public bathrooms TO KEEP CHILDREN SAFE.


Mechanical Ostrich Sculpture constructed from three mechanical arms by British artist Tim Lewis

19 February


Polychromy, painting sculpture or architecture with color, was widespread in antiquity—a very different vision from the white marble statues we’re used to seeing at classical museum galleries [trib.al]


If you’ve ever tried to put your finger up a straight guy’s ass during sex, you’ll know that they actually understand ongoing consent, withdrawal of consent and sexual boundaries very well. They act confused when it’s our bodies.


Man Still Trying To Find Right Work-Anxiety–Life-Anxiety Balance [trib.al]


One of the most insightful things I’ve read about privilege was someone on Tumblr who pointed out that when we talk about “respect”, people in power think it means “respect my authority”, and marginalized people think it means “respect my humanity”.

Counterpart 1x05 — 6/10

20 February

La version livre d’Altered Carbon commençait assez bien pour que j’achète l’e-book, mais maintenant j’en suis à la description de seins qui rebondissent sous une combinaison, suivi peu après la superbe incise “she said freezingly.”


Twitter blames their poor handling of abuse on Ruby on Rails? What’s next blaming verifying Nazis on MySQL? Way to insult our intelligence.



I love that the subtext of the game Clue is that if you gather a bunch of white people for a dinner party, one them is statistically certain to be a psychopath murderer, but everyone’s enough of a psychopath that this person doesn’t automatically stand out.

21 February


“Une chasse aux homosexuels” est organisée par l’État tunisien “pour cacher le naufrage économique du pays”, dénonce une association [francetvinfo.fr]

Non mais c’est bon, on a eu les trois jours de neige, c’était marrant mais c’est fini, à quoi ça sert qu’il continue de faire froid ?!

Je suis sorti sans mes écouteurs pour aller à l’épicerie, en cours de route j’ai décidé que ça me ferait du bien de marcher, maintenant je suis seul avec mes pensées à des centaines de mètres de chez moi, sned help


games media: i mean yeah he’s racist but do creative directors really influence games that much?

also games media: kojima personally kisses every pixel before adding it to death stranding. miyazaki invented the game over screen. phil fish willed fez into being by staring at a pc.

Altered Carbon (Richard Morgan) — DNF

Some nice ideas, but not nice enough to get over the sloppy writing and the unabashed heterosexuality.

22 February

It’s pretty nice to walk around Alexandria without hearing the soldiers’ angry barks every thirty seconds.

Alexandria is so pretty in the light chosen for the interactive tours that I’m beginning to wonder if the realism of progressive day-night cycles is worth the loss in eye candy.

23 February


Made an SVG animated login avatar, with the help of some trigonometry & GSAP. #animation #UX #gsap


Looks like Aya doesn’t have Bayek’s sweet little animation putting out his hand and caressing the tall grass while walking slowly. She never knew how to stop and smell the roses, did she.

And yes I’m obsessed with that animation.

Ancient Egypt is so beautifully peaceful without enemy behaviors. Every open-world game should provide a similar mode, regardless of educational value.

I’ve refrained from posting illustrations from Assassin’s Creed Origins’ guided tours because, well, that’s not photography - but I can’t get over this one. It looks like a felt-tip illustration for a webcomic. From three thousand years ago.


Literally hundreds of Amazon orders placed over nearly 2 decades, but I ordered some batteries 2 days ago, so…

Le podcast que j’écoute était en train de me convaincre d’aller voir Annihilation en salle :(


Stuffed Animals With Dentures at Pediatric Dental Offices

I figured AC:Origins’ exploration mode would be a nice replacement for Euro Truck Simulator as a podcast-listening game, but it insists on playing voiceover reminders while I walk around.

I’m not a fan of how hyper-feminized Aya’s walk animation is, but I can’t say it’s better when the game suddenly forgets she’s not Bayek

I guess it’s time to buy Titanfall 2 and forget forever that it’s hidden away in the Origin client wait now that you mention it I’ve already done exactly that at the last sale haven’t I. (Narrator: He had.)

“Je vais manger vite fait avant d’aller à Monoprix pour être raisonnable.”

rentre avec des oursons à la guimauve, les premiers oeufs de Pâques Kinder et une brioche de Nanterre


I’ve watched this GIF at least 100 times now, cry-laughing the entire time.


How bad is the ‘Heathers’ reboot?

I watched—or, rather, endured—the premiere and it was a Trumpian, LGBT-bashing nightmare:


24 February

How on earth can Facebook expect a positive result from pestering me with “Random contact of yours updated his status” notifications.


Une histoire d’amour en sculpture dynamique [golem13.fr]


And then it hit me, the endless list of corporate partners and the discounts they provide is the glue that’s been holding the NRA membership together. Absent those incentives, will their formidable voting block survive? Because that’s what they need to get their way.

“That’s weird, I can’t find any google result for images failing to load in West of Loathing.”


“Oh, the drive I install all my games on has disappeared.”

To be honest, I did consider there might be a bit of a risk when I set up my PC with drives that had been running in my NAS for years.

25 February

Kingdom of Loathing (PC) — 8/10


This article about Facebook’s auction system, which Brad Parscale just endorsed, says that Facebook systematically charged the Clinton campaign more for ad space than the Trump campaign because Clinton’s ads were less “provocative.” [wired.com]

I expect we know enough about the internet nowadays to realize that the idea of letting online players control NPCs in an authored single-player experience would not work in the real world?

Counterpart 1x06 — 7/10

Those last three hours cleaning up West of Loathing’s map to get a better ending (and it would be nice if the map did get cleaned up) have made me impatient to play Red Dead 2 in a way that I wasn’t before.


hey all, this is is my latest Photogrammetry Reel!

I’m a Photogrammetry fanatic looking to apply my creative abilities with new projects and companies. DM’s are open and retweets appreciated!

email: az@azadux.com

26 February

Est-ce que tous les chieurs qui ne savent pas utiliser leur iPhone pourraient me laisser de la place au Genius Bar que je fasse changer ma batterie de MacBook qui va exploser 😡


I pick up my iPhone, glance back nervously, bring it close to my face and whisper: “hey siri, tell John I’ll be late.”

“I’M SORRY. YOU’LL NEED TO USE YOUR PHONE TO DO THAT.” HomePod bellows from across the room

Don’t you start fucking threatening me

“Any type of media you like except text posts” seems like a rather silly way to position your new social network but what do I know, I’m old.

Si j’avais passé ces deux heures à bosser au lieu d’attendre que le Genius Bar ait de la place, ça aurait largement amorti les 140 € que je vais économiser en ne passant pas par un revendeur agréé — mais bon, on sait tous très bien que je ne les aurais pas passées à bosser.


The “virtually impossible” of 2014 is now basically a party trick. And with a whole year to go! [xkcd.com]

27 February

I can’t really blame AC:Origins’ deserts for being boring because, well, they’re supposed to be deserts — but the game could manage expectations better by not having these huge fog-of-war areas on the map teasing you with the promise of untold discoveries.

And I don’t want my horse to die of exhaustion but, come on, what’s the point of a bunch of desert areas you have no reason to cross if they’re not even gonna kill your horse.


Objective C always reminds me of nursery rhymes. -(id)doYouKnowTheMuffinMan:(TheMuffinMan *)theMuffinMan;


Quand il s’agit de saccager les protections et les droits des salariés, on utilise les #ordonnances, quand il s’agit de protéger l’environnement (glyphosate) ou de faire avancer l’égalité des droits (PMA), il faut prendre le temps. Curieuse conception du “progrès”.

World of Tomorrow Episode Two — DNF


Sort of unbelievable to be looking at this, but here’s the Facebook CPM (price per thousand ad) breakdown for Clinton vs. Trump campaigns. Facebook just released it after mass outrage over claim that Trump campaign paid far lower rates. Claim seems murky at best now (via @boz)

28 February

I am devastated to find out that my ears appear to be shaped ideally to enjoy the AirPods’ sound and it would be a waste of good fortune not to buy a pair.

I went to get my Mac fixed at the Apple Store because it was 120€ cheaper than at a reseller so it makes… perfect sense… to spend that… and more… on AirPods I had no intention to buy until today.


This thread is a testament to how “No, you aren’t stupid” and “Yes, Blender IS an unknowably dark thing beyond man.” [twitter.com]

Coco (2017) — 8/10


Man, “American Gods” is apparently more of a documentary. [twitter.com]


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