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1 May 2018

Mon dieu ce que Westworld s’écoute parler cette année.

En même temps, faut bien, vu comment tout le monde murmure.

Westworld 2x02 — 6/10


Beat Saber Original Soundtrack by @Sqeepo is out! ✨

🔉 Listen now: [fanlink.to]

*Only few hours left until Beat Saber release on Steam & Oculus Store! #StayTuned


This is amazing: in an online community, simply telling misbehaving members that their account may have been compromised, asking for a password change made them stop the behavior — giving them the opportunity to save face instead of openly berating them [acawiki.org]

I’m a bit disappointed that Beat Saber fails out of a song if you miss too many beats—I thought everyone agreed that was bad.

Also disappointed that it doesn’t come with the green-screen studio they used in their mixed-reality videos.

I managed to knock the wireless connection out of one Touch controller 😅 (Removing and reinstalling the battery fixed it.)

My Rift’s foam interface has never been so disgusting with sweat. Beat Saber is just as good as it looked 💜

2 May

This visual atrocity has been in my news feed for days and my brain only just parsed it 🤢

John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City — 10/10

“That line never gets a laugh, but once you write it it stays in the act forever.”


The universe is an egg and the moon isn’t real: notes from a Flat Earth conference [trib.al]

I figured I’d play Beat Saber for just a little while to put myself in a good mood and start working. I emerged three and a half hours later, hungry and with sore arms.

Worth noting the tracks are about 2:30 long and there are only four or five I actually like.


When The Handmaid’s Tale becomes reality in the US, it’ll thanks to men like this who use a massive platform to normalize misogynist terrorism less than 2wks after a man killed 10 people - 8 of them women - because he believes he is entitled to women’s bodies.

3 May

I didn’t realize the software solution used to make those videos was free

So now I’m looking for a way to get rid of most of the furniture in my bedroom and set up a green screen studio. Liv supports Beat Saber and Tilt Brush, what else could you need.


The dark surrealism of Japanese painter Tetsuya Ishida (1973- 2005)


Peut-être la meilleure minute et demie de Solo: A Star Wars Story, déjà dispo sur le net. [youtu.be]


Just learned an useful sentence (with apologies to Arthur C. Clarke) “Sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice”

Archer 9x02 — 6/10

I’m gonna need to build or buy dedicated handles for the Oculus Touch so I can get into the Beat Saber zone without accidentally triggering the Oculus overlay every other song.

4 May

Les cours commencent à neuf heures du matin, si je fais l’école je ne pourrai pas sortir danser de l’année 😱


Dans l’Allemagne des années 30, des gangs de garçons prostitués [sexes.blogs.liberation.fr]

5 May

Le Gibus qui a embauché un mec de deux mètres expressément pour regarder par-dessus la porte des toilettes ce qu’on y fait, c’est pas un tout petit peu limite ?

Going to the club like, I wish I had lightsabers and cubes were floating at me.

Bien sûr on invite un bon DJ qui fait un truc un peu intéressant tout le monde se barre du club 😡

Don Jon (2013) — DNF

J’ai essayé de regarder Don Jon (j’ai tenu un tiers du film) et je crois que je ne veux plus entendre parler de Joseph Gordon-Levitt

de ma vie.

6 May

Les parcs sont plein de gens et de pollens et tousse je ne peux quand même pas m’empêcher de me retrouver au lac Daumesnil dès qu’il fait beau tousse tousse 😠

Sink or swim: d’ici octobre soit j’aurai lancé une toute nouvelle version avec plein de fonctionnalités inédites, soit je résilierai le serveur.

7 May

Lego DC Comics Super Heroes SJustice League – Gotham City Breakout — 6/10


Your fear of looking stupid is holding you back.

Ugh évidemment les replays de Burger Quiz sont sur le site de TF1 où il faut s’identifier pour avoir le privilège de voir leurs pubs 🙄🤷🏻‍♂️

How awesome is it that I get to disappear into Beat Saber for several hours at a time without ever feeling guilty because it’s my workout.


Dad ranted about how LGBTQIA+ identities were getting too confusing to keep up with, my 88 year old grandma shut him down. “The way things are now is better than when people had to hide away or killed themselves because nobody understood who they were. Respect costs you nothing.”

I don’t have the room here but I’d love to mod my Touch controllers so they get not only a proper lightsaber hilt but also a physical blade to prevent them from intersecting in-game.

And maybe — I’m just spitballing here — make the blade searing hot, too.

8 May


Android will also create “wind down mode,” where the phone goes greyscale and into do not disturb mode before bedtime. Google exec admits on stage that color screen is “far more stimulating for the brain.”

I can’t imagine what miracle would ever allow me to progress from hard to expert difficulty in Beat Saber.

9 May

I wish the Apple Watch could detect, and warn me, that I’ve taken it off and put it down but didn’t correctly set it on the charger.

The street is completely blocked by an 18-wheeler desperately trying to maneuver into a gate and I feel better about my performance in ETS2


Le sport c’est un milieu privilégié ! On veut lutter contre les injustices profondes, pas juste effleurer la surface.

On lutte contre les génocides, contre les expulsions, contre les milices fascistes transphobes et anti-migrant.e.s, on lutte pour nos vies !

#PourUnePrideRadicale [twitter.com]

Combien de temps avant de me faire arrêter si je me balade comme ça pour éviter les allergènes ?


Today I’m writing the chapter titled “Permission to Fuck it Up.” It starts – “Fuck it up. Fuck it up. Fuck it up.” I felt so much catharsis scrawling those words wildly into my Moleskine. 37k+ words and counting.


Permission to fuck it up.

Permission to fuck it up.

Permission to fuck it up.

Permission to fuck it up.

Permission to fuck it up.

Permission to fuck it up.

Permission to fuck it up.

Permission to fuck it up.

Permission to fuck it up.

Permission to fuck it up.

Vous imaginez, avoir des chats et un gros ventilateur Dyson, et ne pas aménager votre appartement de façon à ce que les premiers sautent régulièrement à travers le second ?

10 May


You have been asking about our scoring system a lot. Here you go! 💪

I figured Beat Saber’s scoring system was optimized for maximum workout, but not to that point — didn’t expect to have to complete a 150° arc to get the maximum score on each cube 😳


the gays when they’re asked to prove their masculinity via Grindr voice notes


First there was “skeuomorphism”

Then came “flat design”

We took a little detour and put in glitter because it is fun

Introducing “glitterism”

in Scribble Together

with 💖 from @bridgermax and me [itunes.apple.com]

(P.S. I’ve wanted to do this for years)


This is horrifying. CBS bought four used copy machines. Downloaded the hard drives. Here’s what they found: [cbsnews.com] h/t @BenedictEvans, @thememoryhole2


Imaginez ils nous la mettent à l’envers avec l’affaire naomi et au lieu d’ouvrir un débat sur le mauvais traitements des personnes racisé en milieux hospitalier. Ils transforment ça en ” le service publique est ineficace il faut virer plus de gens dans les hôpitaux “

11 May


Je viens de réaliser que les USA ont @Janefonda et nous, on a Deneuve 😱😱😱 [twitter.com]


We can finally hear Alexander Graham Bell’s voice for the first time. Amazing. [spectrum.ieee.org]


Alyx’s teeth brightness linked with lips animation. It’s not a shadow, it’s a hardcoded effect. #HL2 @simonschreibt


Me: Hey, I’m left-handed, and I can’t use your product.

Dev: But all of the creators love the product this way.

Me: I know, but your product hurts me when I try to use it.

Dev: But everyone else who’s tried it can use it just fine.

(How it feels discussing motion sickness in VR.)

12 May


A ‘Knocker-up’ was hired to ensure that people would wake up on time for their jobs. Mary Smith earned sixpence a week shooting dried peas at sleeping workers’ windows in East London in the 1930s


“In a peer-reviewed study we published this month, we find op-eds do change minds. After reading opinion pieces, we found people were far more likely to agree with the author’s point of view.” [washingtonpost.com]

découvre Koltès

lit Koltès

fait une dépression

J’avais oublié que la solitude des pédés, c’était pas une nouveauté moderne créée de toutes pièces par Grindr.


Dear Europe,

Please vote for the UK in #Eurovision tonight. If 🇬🇧 wins, it will have to host Eurovision in 2019 and showcase a celebration of European integration and unity after leaving the EU.

Europe. Do your duty. This your chance to troll the Brexiters.


13 May


So far everyone I’ve put in @BeatSaber has had the same reaction… it’s not ‘wow this is immersive’ or ‘I totally see how VR could change the world’… it’s just ‘omg this is fun can I go again?’ Which is actually a really different kind of reaction than most VR content instills


Les notifications du Safety Check de Facebook, pour 1 tué et 4 blessés dans une ville de plus de 2 millions d’habitants : un poil anxiogène


When a whale swam up to this woman and wouldn’t leave her alone, she was freaked out — until she realized he was saving her life 🐳 (via @caters_news)


watching Charlie’s Angels (2000) and the villain’s technological plot that they’re trying to stop is just…wow

14 May


An element of Beat Saber’s success that should be paid attention to by other VRdevs is the way that one (can play it in a way that) looks COOL playing it.

Much as many pancake games are built entirely around the Streamer economy, MR + looking sweet/powerful is a big opportunity.

J’ai fait un chèque pour mes cotisations sociales, je ne me rappelle plus le montant et il n’apparaît pas en ligne dans mes opérations à venir parce que c’est un putain de chèque.


En France, on peut plus rien dire, mais on peut quand même dire que c’était mieux quand les meufs faisaient la vaiselle et se laissaient violer en silence.

15 May


The TV show Westworld exists in a universe where either Jurassic Park was never a film, or it was and someone thought “that, but you can bone the T-Rex first”.


In which Ali Wong writes a perfect punchline for one of the oldest joke setups in the world


The new Surface Hub 2 rotates and has a 3:2 aspect ratio like other Surface devices [theverge.com]



Moi : Il faut que je découvre et apprenne tous les auteurs de théâtre pédés d’ici la rentrée !

Also moi : Il faut que j’arrête de lire des textes anxieux déprimés dépressifs désespérés.

16 May


In an age of performative cruelty, kindness is punk as fuck.

Be punk as fuck.


Occurs to me I never posted my finished custom Settlers of Catan board on twitter! Finished the box last weekend.


That moment of disappointment where you are introduced to a beautiful and fascinating new game world, only to realize you must kill nearly everything inside of it.

Barry S1 — 8/10

Dans la solitude des champs de coton (Bernard-Marie Koltès) — 8/10

La nuit juste avant les forêts (Bernard-Marie Koltès) — 9/10

Archer 9x03 — 5/10

Westworld 2x03 — 4/10

J’ai pris une semaine de retard, du coup je viens de me taper deux Westworld de suite, et c’est un tout petit peu une torture.

Westworld 2x04 — 3/10

17 May

Juste la fin du monde (2016) — 8/10


Sonuvagun…all five seasons of Babylon 5 will begin streaming on Amazon Prime next month. At last it’s someplace where people can actually see the freaking thing and newcomers can find it while browsing. [comingsoon.net]


Ceci est la définition de l’Enfer. Nos luttes dévitalisées, absorbées et anéanties pour servir de vernis à un gouvernement fascisé, raciste et ultra répressif. [twitter.com]

18 May

19 May

Well I guess instead of spending five minutes trying in vain to get my iPhone to display the AirPod case’s battery level, I could just plug it to the charger to be safe.


snow leopards biting their tails: a thread

Archer 9x04 — 3/10

20 May


“J’aime beaucoup ce type”, dit #Macron à propos de Philippe de Villiers, dans @leJDD

Pour rappel, en 2000, De Villiers comparait la gauche aux nazis dans le cadre d’un débat sur L’IVG à l’assemblée nationale. Via @humanite_fr

On a les amis qu’on mérite…

21 May


After some thought, I think this is more accurate for #Gamedev.

22 May

Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife — 8/10

Didn’t think I’d ever reach 10,000 again. And again I lost because of a mis-swipe 😡


C’est la première fois sous le mandat Macron que des contrôles en amont d’une manifestation sont organisés. Ma pièce d’identité a été photographiée à République pour « fichage » selon la BAC présente, afin de « vérifier les diffusions des images après manifestation ».


Ce contrôle et cette menace de fichage ont été légitimés par une seule chose seulement, par le policier en civil : « nous, on veut pas voir nos visages sur les vidéos et les photos, donc on vérifiera les images qui seront diffusées ».

23 May


Our street is being renovated and they brought this badass Blade Runner vehicle. I had to take pics.

Who on earth thought it was a good idea to have “set a calendar alarm for any spam e-mail you read” enabled by default in macOS?


Je viens de découvrir qu’Obélix, ça vient d’Obèle, †, ce signe typo qui peut être utilisé «comme appel de note en complément de l’astérisque». #TIL

I can’t get over what a cruel taunt this visual is for us, critics of flat design


Un musulman “modéré” : un musulman non pratiquant.

Un catholique “modéré” : un catholique qui n’assiste pas à la messe en latin et qui ne manifeste pas contre l’IVG.


The airport is a lawless place. 7am? Drink a beer. Tired? Sleep on the floor. Hungry? Chips now cost $17


Amazon’s corporate mantra is all about putting customer’s first. And Jeff Bezos has personally supported the First Amendment and spoken out against the discriminatory Muslim Ban. Rekognition runs counter to all of those underlying values. /15


Amazon should prohibit governments from using Rekognition, full stop. Join our action and urge Amazon to act swiftly. ACTION [aclu.org] /END


Rappel que les vannes sur le physique des gens (même ceux qu’on n’apprécie pas) ne sont toujours pas drôles 👋


Or maybe, I dunno, don’t try to undermine independent journalism in an era when the president can lie without consequence. Just a thought. [twitter.com]

24 May



Just letting you know you can’t use your lights anymore because we’re slathering your data around and GDPR is here.

good luck! bye!


Furious, I storm into the men’s bathroom where an asshole wrote “call for a good time” & my number. What an utter bastard I mutter, as I take out my pen to scribble out “call” and replace it with “text”

L’échafaudage est parti, je retrouve enfin ma vue sur le périphérique et le Leroy-Merlin

Archer 9x05 — 5/10


People sometimes ask why there wasn’t more improv on Arrested Development.

Westworld 2x05 — 5/10

25 May


Watching Elon Musk seamlessly moving from “the free market solves everything” to “trade unions sow social division among classes” and “we need a watchdog to discredit lying journalists” is like watching capitalism decay into fascism in real time on twitter.


If a site is happily turning away EU users, saying it can’t protect their personal information, this should really worry you as a non-EU user


THOUGHT EXPERIMENT AI: Since AI can be perfect and process much faster than humans, it can be massively safer than humans. Human drivers will probably be so much worse they’ll be outlawed!

ACTUAL AI: We concluded brakes were distracting users from the ad flow so we removed them


“Why is Youtube suggesting conspiracy nutjob videos to me? What the hell did I click?!?”

“Oh. Oh, I just wasn’t logged in. Thank god.”

26 May


It isn’t easy for a man to rip a screaming child away from his mother. Most of us couldn’t do it. This is where “animals” comes in. Declare he isn’t really a child, she isn’t a woman. Now it’s like pulling a piglet from a sow. This has always been how states enable savagery.


Today is the day I focus and get my life together unless even one minor thing goes wrong, in which case I’ll spiral back into self-destruction

28 May


Réagissant à la mort de Serge Dassault, le Medef rend hommage au « capitaine d’industrie ». À ne pas confondre avec « chevalier d’industrie », « individu à la moralité ou aux pratiques douteuses ou vivant de ressources procurées par des activités malhonnêtes ». Même si parfois…

29 May


In Roseanne’s defense, it’s hard to know the difference between racism that gets you fired versus racism that gets you elected President of the United States.

Westworld 2x06 — 6/10

30 May


The “born this way” argument is low-hanging fruit and it does nothing in asserting our humanity. By arguing it, it concedes that if it were a choice, it’d be a perverse one. [twitter.com]


ABC Criticized For Unrealistic Portrayal Of Racists Actually Facing Consequences [trib.al]


3d chart used by Central Electricity Generating Board planners, c.1954. Data represents electricity generation and demand over time (Oct ‘51 - Apr ‘54). More info: [collection.sciencemuseum.org.uk] h/t @astrolabe’s instagram, which always has the coolest stuff: [instagram.com]

31 May


I’d like a Beat Saber mod that says fuck the music and gives me the full-on whirly-zoomy slice-and-dice lightsaber sound effects I crave. Just for a little while, at least.


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