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1 June 2018


Cette histoire de Paris “ville la plus gay-friendly du monde” alors que tous les mois j’ai un-e pote qui se fait agresser et/ou qui atterrit à l’hôpital, alors qu’on est obligé-e-s de se déplacer en bande et de penser à comment on va s’habiller pour pas se faire emmerder…

2 June

Mon vieux paquet de farine a éclos ! Miracle de la vie 😍

Il y a des weevils partout dans mon placard 😱

3 June

Archer 9x06 — 4/10


Monet’s Pond, located in Seki City of the Gifu Prefecture in Japan. A Monet painting that came to life.


Lego walls should always hold little secrets.

4 June


read notifications are an absolute scourge of everyone’s mental health, emotional wellbeing and personal relationships. and we never acknowledge that they are a business world import into our personal and intimate lives


“andrew in hr wants to know if you’ve read this email so he can judge when to start applying the threat of professional penalty for you not responding quickly enough”

ah yes, a great dynamic to introduce into love and friendship!

Um. I updated Tweetbot 2 yesterday and now right-clicking the Like button to choose which account to like from doesn’t work anymore?

Aujourd’hui c’est pollution en plus des pollens, alors j’ajoute un accessoire vestimentaire pour ma séance de body attack


“we’re going to make iOS 12 even faster”

what about the time you made it slower secretly until you got caught

iTunes Ping didn’t quite pan out, so say hello to Photos Ping.


Yay for the pendulum swinging back ever so slightly [twitter.com]

With notifications “grouped by topic,” I’m curious if this is the year I can tell iOS to beep me for Instagram message notifications but ignore likes.

Doesn’t really like it, though, as I expect it would have been mentioned explicitly.


Apple: can’t do touch on a laptop, you’ll get gorilla arm

Also Apple: hold up heavy iPads for hours on end aimed at very specific locations to play with LEGO


As much as I’d like to be able to stack the many icons on my Desktop, it’s entirely useless to me if it can only be algorithmic.


“Panic is bringing Transmit to the Mac App Store. BareBones is bringing BBEdit to the Mac App Store.” Hmm. Have the sandboxing requirements been changed, then? Good to for once hear about pro apps coming to MAS rather than fleeing it.


Phase 1 of bringing UIKit to Mac is telling developers not to work on new Mac apps until next year.


I speculated that “Marzipan” or whatever would need to be vetted by Apple on public apps, and how could they hide it? Thus the sneak peek.

I need to set back up my old iPhone 6 to install the beta, and WHY DOES ACTIVATING AN IPHONE STILL REQUIRE A SIM CARD.

Ohh, I never realized apps had been able to categorize their notifications since iOS 10. But iOS 12 (beta 1) doesn’t seem to add any settings depending on the notification category for third-party apps 😠

5 June

Westworld 2x07 — 4/10


Marzipan is wild. It’s running the UIKit apps with XPC & remote rendering. Not quite Mac OS [Classic.app], but it totally feels like an alien OS hiding in the background


Photos feels like a native app. Marzipan apps are distinctly UIKit — take a wrong turn somewhere, and you’re in the iOS navigation controller UI. Very curious to see how & if that changes by next year, and how developers respond to it [twitter.com]


fuck anyone, ever, who sits on a pile of money and tells you you’re poor because you drink, go out to eat, watch TV, go to the movies, smoke whatever, play video games, have a fucking phone, or anything else that makes the nightmare world they’ve made for us slightly bearable

J’entre mes vacances scolaires dans mon calendrier 😱😱😱


When Samsung does make emojis out of humans (ARemoji) vs. Apple’s (Memoji)



“What do you do?”

“I stare at twitter most of the day and often send tweets catered only to other people who do the same.”

“[walks away]”

6 June


Americans: we have a game here where we try and find buildings that were obviously built as Pizza Huts but aren’t anymore, you can still tell from the shape and roof of the building. Do you have anything like that?

Germans: uh


Twitter is like a very long novel that you read for years. You follow the characters as they change jobs, have kids, argue with airlines. Then the Nazis show up.


There’s no way I think you can look at what happened to, say, Twitter and conclude that “any speech not illegal is welcome here, if you don’t like it just block it!” is a viable or healthy strategy.


given that steam has previously been overwhelmed by nazi groups, a gambling epidemic, and tons of scams, it’s kind of amazing to me that they decided on EVEN LESS MODERATION [steamed.kotaku.com]

7 June


A gauche, #JacquesTati #Playtime et à droite, cinquante ans plus tard, #EmmanuelMacron à #StationF

8 June


Amid all the glee about Apple’s new “support for free trials,” I wrote a long-ass breakdown of how they still don’t: [bitsplitting.org]

9 June

Archer 9x07 — 6/10

Les engagés S1 — 6/10


Live image detection with iOS 12 & ARKit 2. Display digital information attached to physical objects. Feels like playing in the future ✨ #arkit #ios12

10 June

Can I say that From Software’s art deserves a better-looking engine or will I lose half my followers? The lighting still looks terribly outdated to me.

Hahaha oops I criticized From Software’s lighting just before Todd Howard came to introduce the new Fallout hahaha wait a second what’s happening this looks really pretty.

As much as I loved Forza Horizon 1 and 2, I can’t see the point of releasing a new one every other year. That’s the third of the series to come out on Xbox One; how much better can it be, really?

I for one enjoy The Division’s fake chatter. Megan and her friends make me imagine a multiplayer game I’d actually want to play.

I hope Cyberpunk 2077’s gameplay is more fun than any of the Witchers, because yes I would like to go there thank you.

11 June


Anyways Microsoft needed to prove they have exclusives to justify their console and they did so by buying a bunch of devs to force platform constraints so uh




“We let people free their slave to make a point, but they missed having a slave, so if they want then they can get a new slave no problem.” [twitter.com]


EA spent like 10 minutes talking about a game SET in World War 2 and didn’t even mention the word Nazi once. Thank you, Bethesda. Condemning nazism really isn’t that fucking hard hey.

Elder Scrolls: Blades on an iPhone basically looks better than vanilla Skyrim. Technology has gone crazy. (You better have an extra battery though.)


Might as well mention that The Division plays into a very specific power fantasy of government sanctioned violence and the allure of having a badge in a way that I find really weird.



Really, really done with games where society collapses into a might-makes-right hellscape where 1/3rd of the people are hyperviolent psychos, 1/3rd exist to be victims, and 1/3rd are good guy hyperviolent psychos.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey wouldn’t look like so much of a rehash if Origins had taken place earlier in time and hadn’t included entire Greco-Roman regions to explore. I like Ancient Greece all right (though less than Egypt) but I’ve had my fill already.


Hey Video Games, if I wanted to see America driven to the brink of starvation and thirst with neighbor pitted against neighbor in a lawless militia state I’d wait like 4 years.

Interesting official breakdown of the BG&E 2 trailer

I wish I’d played BG&E 1 for more than a couple of hours and the returning characters had an impact on me.

12 June


This is hilarious. I hope it’s misdirection and the real bug is sewn into their clothing while they sleep [twitter.com]

Stormland looks like a pretty cool game that I’ll never be able to play without getting an hours-long migraine.

Sable had me at “no combat, only exploration,” but I hope the final game supports supersampling because the aliasing looks awful on certain shots.


Everyone: What lovely bluegrass music.



For everyone mad at “no cops at Pride”, this is why we don’t want cops at Pride. Because they’re the people with their boots on our necks.



Let’s not be too quick to celebrate lesbian character representation at E3 until we know for sure they’re not all getting killed off by each game’s end

Finally got into custom Beat Saber tracks — ended up playing for 3 hours 45 minutes. My watch’s workout tracking app crashed and everything hurts, but I love this game more and more every day.

13 June


The Glitch Mob & ‘TheWaveVR’ to Launch Interactive VR Version of Latest Album [ow.ly] @theglitchmob @TheWaveVR

14 June


I feel like if one were going to make a new Swift-only UI framework across macOS and iOS, you would have done that instead of bringing UIKit to the Mac [twitter.com]


i love when white ppl say things like “this isn’t who we are” as if a sizable chunk of any history book isn’t just us fucking up entire civilizations for jars of cinnamon

Archer 9x08 — 4/10

Phèdre (Racine) — 4/10

Médée (Corneille) — 7/10

15 June

Westworld 2x08 — 7/10

16 June


There are people who consistently ruin or degrade the lives of developers, journalists, and other community members, and instead of saying “You’re not welcome here” publishers are like “Nah, we’ll undermine the art to cater to those people too. Need the money.”

It’s a choice.


Super proud of Bethesda for reiterating their “Fuck Nazis” stance even when it’s likely done them financial harm. The bar is literally on the floor and they walked over it, but kudos.

Also proud of DICE for telling Battlefield’s worst factions to get lost.

Keep it coming.

Virtual Virtual Reality (PC) — 5/10

Beat Saber (PC) — 10/10

Quarantine Circular is mostly good but I don’t need my cinematic interactive stories to include the kind of alphabet-rotation puzzles I have to input into a Javascript console. I would like a better ending that a short text screen, however.

17 June


Amazingly, the legacy version of Speed (Speed 2) works entirely as-is in Marzipan; imagine an alternate reality where iOS 7 never happened, and apps like this were what you could expect for Marzipan to bring to macOS 🤣

J’en suis à 115 épisodes des archives d’un podcast de D&D d’hétéros cathos qui ne jurent pas, mais je n’arrive pas à arrêter 😨

19 June

20 June


An incredibly intuitive way to view MRI slices, using the VIVE Tracker. Awesome work from @VicePacket39 


21 June


this photo by @_MarkFitz should be the international logo for the battle against climate change.

Ugh, PUBG’s gamepad controls are mapped to the keyboard — only moving in cardinal directions and diagonals. That’s gross.

22 June

24 June

Je vous ai déjà raconté la définition de la folie ? C’est d’aller tous les samedis au Gibus en espérant que cette fois les mecs ne seront pas tous des gros emmerdeurs incapables de prendre en compte l’existence d’autrui.

Le soleil qui tape et les gens qui font leur footing 🙈



Westworld 2x09 — 6/10

25 June


Le fascisme c’est comme la bedaine, ça s’installe petit à petit et c’est pas facile à enlever.


There’s a new security-guarded mural in LA that only allows influencers and verifieds to take pics in front of it.

26 June

Westworld 2x10 — 5/10

La saison 2 de Westworld est morte comme elle a vécu : d’une overdose de bullshit.

Maria Bamford: Old Baby — 7/10

Mike Birbiglia: Thank God for Jokes — 9/10

27 June

Maria Bamford: The Special Special Special! — ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Malade et mal au dos de ce weekend. Est-ce que ça en valait le coup ? Nahh. Est-ce que je recommencerai quand même la prochaine fois qu’un DJ potable passera quelque part ? Yahh.

28 June

29 June


Great quote by @siracusa on the latest @atpfm: “I was able to glean […] the current weird implementation of Marzipan in Mojave is not representative of the long term vision of how this is supposed to work; It is merely what had to be done to make it happen in this timeframe.”


once at a party I was stuck in a boring group conversation then I remembered I had a banana in my purse so I pulled it out answered it like a phone and said “Sorry guys I have to take this” and walked away we are the masters of our own fate


startles me every time I see a thread like this of people discovering they’re not alone and have all lost their parents—who were once kind, compassionate people who taught them to be the way they are—to Fox News [reddit.com]

Plus les années passent et moins il y a de basses et de rythme dans les albums de Florence and the Machine 😞


You know what happened to “civility”? You called it “political correctness”, and mocked it.

30 June


I got an email from FreshDirect today that started “Dear Valued Customer” and I really think this is what all people should call each other in capitalist society, like the capitalist version of “comrade”.

Je me suis fait un coup de peer-pressure tout seul et j’ai acheté une place pour la soirée au Yoyo avant d’arriver chez moi où la raison aurait eu une chance de l’emporter 🤦🏻‍♂️


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