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1 October 2018


I REPEAT: 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

If I were still a developer I’d be glad that the iOS home screen has started futzing with letter spacing when an app’s name is too long, but as a user I’m finding it pretty gross.


We bust myths about the new iPhone XS sensor and Smart HDR, as well as showcasing some very cool new tech in our latest deep dive:

iPhone XS: Why It’s A Whole New Camera: [blog.halide.cam]

2 October

Est-ce qu’il y a une app pour savoir qui a vu la première image de ta story Instagram et pas la dernière ?

Je me dirige vers mon lit pour dormir sereinement huit heures d’affilée sans la moindre interruption ou rêve anxieux

3 October

I’ve never used my iPhone as a daily alarm clock before. Am I correct that, if I wake up early and don’t want it to ring, I have to turn the alarm off then remember to turn it back on once the time has passed? That’s where we are after eleven years of iPhones?

Mon syndrome de Peter Pan s’accomode relativement mal du retour à un environnement hétéro-dominant.

4 October

Je suis tellement rentré dans le monde hétéro que je vais en cours en survêt informe Décathlon 😱

Moi en 2016 : Je me demande si je deviendrais pas sensible au gluten, je vais réduire sur les pâtes.

Moi en 2018 : J’ai besoin d’énergie pour les cours, je vais me bourrer de pain le matin et de pâtes le soir. Huh, depuis quand le stress perturbe ma digestion à ce point ?


But sure, give the police an encryption backdoor guaranteeing access to everything on your phone and every message you send. [twitter.com]

5 October


Mannequin Graveyard in Abandoned Camelot Theme Park in Lancashire, England 🎃

(photos: Andre Govia)

6 October

C’est pas que la rentrée me stresse, mais je viens de m’arracher un cheveu qui dépassait de 5mm par rapport à la ligne de ses congénères.

The Good Place 3x03 — 7/10

Medea (1969) — ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This movie would be unwatchable if it weren’t for every single shot of Maria Callas. I just want to know how she does it.

7 October

Non seulement on a des moustiques en plein mois d’octobre, mais ils n’en ont absolument rien à foutre que j’aie acheté un anti-moustique.

8 October

Ah, oui, non content d’être hétéro, l’élève de théâtre le prend contre lui quand on regarde sa smartwatch alors qu’il est au milieu d’une phrase. Oups.

Doctor Who 11x01 — 7/10

9 October


iPhone is a ‘promising gaming platform’ in the same way Twitter is a promising collection of human literature. Almost every game on iPhone could disappear overnight and nobody would care. Its lasting impact on gaming has been the destruction of pricing & rise of microtransactions [twitter.com]

11 October

Did no one at Playground ever get into Euro Truck Simulator? I need turn signals much more than I need to change the camera while driving.

12 October

Ouais ben les jours où les cours commencent à quatorze heures, voilà, c’est tout de suite beaucoup mieux.

13 October


“Excuse me,” the robot said, “but I must go recharge.”

“So soon?”

“My microphones are bad. I compensate by running audio processing at a higher clock speed, but that drains my batteries faster.”

“Oh. I just thought you weren’t very social.”

“Many of us have similar issues.”


the idea that individual climate change action (eating only plants, driving less) matters is a weird 80s holdover of no relevance to the dire state of things today. if you wanna do an action, yell at your reps to make climate their absolute top priority. [theoutline.com]


Imagineering running a test for daytime fireworks

The Good Place 3x04 — 9/10


“Comment les LBGT s’embrassent dans la rue ?”

“Les yeux ouverts.”

14 October

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 4x01 — 8/10


Been working on something cool - the future of learning piano with AR! 🎹✨

Coming to the App Store soon 👀

Alceste à bicyclette (2013) — 6/10


didion was paid like 4 dollars a word and put up in the ritz to synthesize the world. hunter s thompson got to take 6 months to write an article. there are plenty of people capable of thinking deeply and synthesizing. we’re just all stuck pumping out garbage to afford rent :) [twitter.com]

15 October


Many years ago I converted $5 into Bitcoin at a “Bitcoin ATM” here in town. It printed out a receipt with my credentials. I recently pulled the receipt out of my wallet and it was printed on thermal paper… so it’s completely, totally blank. A metaphor

20 October


* Hears that the woods are a great place to drop acid

Stumbles on this *


21 October

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 4x02 — 5/10

Mardi dernier on a tous passé une audition pour savoir qui allait être soliste et qui choriste dans le spectacle musical du printemps prochain.

Les résultats viennent d’arriver.

22 October

This is a good time to mention that I finally got to use Oculus Core 2.0 yesterday and, while I’m glad the new Dash doesn’t pull me out of SteamVR anymore, I can’t believe how much awfulness there is in Home’s new UX. The new avatar editor in particular is dreadful.


Good morning everyone have an absolutely furious mongoose

24 October


I’ve thought about these lines from Hannah Arendt’s The Origins of Totalitarianim so often recently.

25 October


tbf the first week of Pokémon GO was probably the closest thing we’ll ever have to world peace

27 October


Want to scar your children for life? We’ve killed and peeled Paddington and he can be yours - oven ready - for twenty notes.

28 October

Mon train n’est pas affiché comme en retard, mais listé comme partant exactement une heure plus tard que prévu, comme si le système de réservation d’Izy s’était planté sur la prise en compte de l’heure d’hiver 😡

29 October


“Debate” is what Twitter is worst at. “Debate” should be discouraged on this site as much as possible. “Debate” ruins what could have been a nice place for sharing art and jokes. Twitter has decided “debate” is so important they’ll break everything else [twitter.com]

The Good Place 3x05 — 7/10

The Good Place 3x06 — 8/10

30 October

The year of “okay fine we won’t be shutting down the Mac line just yet.

we’ll just raise the cheaper models’ prices by 30% across the board.


Used to be, Apple made a thing better and kept the price the same. The pitch was always, “Look how much we can do now for the same price! Lucky you!” Now it’s making things better and making us pay extra for the difference. I miss the old way.


It’s literally the shavings off the iPad Pro that get reconstituted into MacBooks Air and Macs mini.

That’s a little on the nose, Apple.

What crazy person decided that Mojave’s Light color scheme should include a return of the white menu bar? We all have black bezels around our screens! 😡

Doctor Who 11x02 — 6/10

Doctor Who 11x03 — 7/10

Wow, the new emoji in Mojave are so great

31 October

Merci aux producteurs de Doctor Who d’avoir choisi un titre parfaitement explicite pour m’éviter de regarder le dernier épisode hier soir juste avant de me coucher.

Doctor Who 11x04 — 6/10


On sait que pour dresser un animal il est plus efficace de le récompenser quand il fait bien que que de le gronder quand il fait mal. La surveillance contre récompense est le plus grand danger pour l’autonomie humaine. [twitter.com]

The UX around this is awful and I’m never buying a game on Windows Store again if I can help it

Signed up for a seasonal championship race. Ended up in a completely different event with only two other players. Is Forza Horizon’s multiplayer fucked on PC?

And look I’m not one of those people who only want to race supercars but I didn’t buy the game so I could do cross-country races with one other player (of course the third left mid-championship) in a Datsun that won’t go above 130kph.


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