Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

1 February

You’re the Worst 5x04 — 7/10

Catastrophe 4x04 — 7/10

Recently dawned on me that, while it only recently became painful, I’ve had warning signs of carpal tunnel syndrome in my left wrists for months, if not more. And the only asymmetry between my wrists is that I wore my Apple Watch on the left arm — possibly way too tight 🤔

2 February

Those Javelin legs look to me like they would terribly uncomfortable, and for what benefit? I’d love to know if Bioware ever made real-life prototypes for motion capture, or they’re hand-animated.

3 February


This dude is GOD MODE with a drone, just… WOW



In case you missed the point, this is why we regulate banks! (TLDR: crypto exchange founder dies suddenly, customer base locked out of $137M-worth of BitCoins held on encrypted laptop with no recovery plan/fallback option because this “bank” was basically 30yo dude with laptop.) [twitter.com]


The Bedouin once called these structures “The Works of the Old Men.” But we still don’t quite know who built them, or how old they are. [trib.al]

Incredibles 2 (2018) — 6/10

4 February

Kaamelott S6 — 5/10

Le côté Mary Sue d’Arthur a toujours été un peu problématique, mais ça passait quand la série était comique. Quand elle se met à se prendre au sérieux, ça devient franchement insupportable.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 4x12 — 7/10


This piece of art from Thomas Deininger is one of the most incredible things I’ve seen.


It’s not a little bit weird that Microsoft is gonna be the one to take up Game Center’s mantle after Apple decided to let it wither [arstechnica.com]


“I’m sitting at my laptop at 2am, head in my hands, wondering why I’m gambling my livelihood and reputation on a company that takes 30% of my app’s sales and delivers, well… this.” [ikennd.ac]

5 February

Counterpart 2x08 — 10/10

The Other Two 1x01 — 8/10

6 February

Quern – Undying Thoughts (PC) — DNF

A lot of good work went into this puzzle game, but there are also serious UX issues — both in the interface (for starters, half the bindings don’t work on my controller so I’m forced to use the mouse) and in the puzzle design. Far too much busy work for too little payoff.

That’s what the series of The Room games nailed like no other: it was properly satisfying to see gears turn, machinery activate, new rooms appear, as you solved each puzzle.

7 February


Deep Learning AR hand puppets. Coming soon to iOS (iPhone SE and above). Follow @2020cv_inc for weekly updates and beta access later this month. #ios #AugmentedReality #CoreML #Keras #TensorFlow #seriousface #ridiculousapp


Trailer: Trains are giant, complex machines. You are its caretaker.

Me: Sweet

Trailer: Beware the snow

Me: Got it


Me: Wait what

Trailer: Sometimes you must KILL THE WOLVES


Trailer: Another foe is ALCOHOLISM


I was thinking about changing my Twitter handle again and my brain visualized opening the “New Tweet” window and typing /nick…

8 February


on dirait des photos de soirées avec des potes arrachés que tu redécouvre le lendemain 😂 [twitter.com]

You’re the Worst 5x05 — 6/10

Catastrophe 4x05 — 9/10

9 February


The latest @SteamVR Beta update. OK, thanks Steam! 👌👌👌😅


Scrolling down to the comments there is some clarification on what was going on. Apparently the old limit was 3600°/second… that’s 10 whole revolutions in one second. 🤔 Also, “light enough controller”, is this something else than a Vive wand? I know Knuckles feel lighter to me.

10 February


Genie: You get one wish.

Me: I wish for mor–

Genie: No wishing for more wishes.



Me: I wish for more genies.

Genie: Holy shit.

All the new genies: Holy shit.

My iPhone 7 Plus with a brand new battery can hardly get through a three-hour train ride through the no-service countryside and I have this nagging feeling it didn’t use to be quite so bad a few years ago, even though the phone batteries were mich smaller.

Of course my year-old AirPods can also hardly (bloop) get through that train ride but that’s (bloop) much less surpri

It’s cold and the tram is too crowded, why don’t I try one of those electric scooters you see at every corner Oh, on second thought I’m not sure how much I trust this service.

Counterpart 2x09 — 8/10

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 4x13 — 3/10

11 February


Please enjoy this footage of a dog digging a hole


Welcome to the Anthropocene

Photo: Siberian Times


AirPods 2 to cost 25% more than previous model, to the complete surprise of absolutely no-one.


This is entirely pointless and impactless but, as someone who endured an updated iPhone 6 for months without knowing what was going on, it still warms my heart to read this on (the very bottom of) Apple’s (region-specific) home page.

Oh no I’ve been away for Twitter for three months and now I did a dangling modifier I might just as well shut down my account in shame.


« Les mises à pied c’est bien mais maintenant on veut des embauches et des promotions, on veut des femmes noires, des personnes LGBT aux postes à responsabilité ! » @CAllezard dans @komitid_fr [komitid.fr]


This isn’t getting nearly the attention it deserves: why are Apple & Google hosting a Saudi app that lets men block grown women from traveling & sends

“male guardians” SMS alerts when women cross borders? [businessinsider.com]

With a name like this I expected Wreckfest to be a novelty game with okay physics. Turns out it’s perfectly polished, full-featured, and its driving model is the most fun I’ve had in a while. I should have bought this instead of Horizon 4 last fall.

12 February


The Sydney Opera House designs that didn’t get chosen.


via The Guardian

13 February


“We’ve never made more money in our history as a company, which is why it’s time for mass layoffs and restructuring” sure lays bare the moral bankruptcy inherent to capitalism

I don’t usually tweet about that sort of thing because whatever western civilization will be dead within ten years anyway and most of us with it, but the enormity of laying off 800 people right as they announce record financials is giving me existential vertigo.


FREE ADVICE: If you’re trying to make people forget about harassment on your platform, don’t give high fives to people who have harassed on your platform. [twitter.com]


Apple was the best in the industry at easy upgrades/replacements/repairs when they cared about easy upgrades/replacements/repairs.


It’s done! Mechanical tulip as a present for my wife. When caressed it blooms into various colors. And will never fade. #freeform #jewelry #arduino


So far the best color I get out of #mechflower is a rainbow. It creates this incredible ambient light all over the room. Thank you @adafruit for these magnificent NeoPixels!


Moi, lorsque j’invite des amis à la maison, je dis: “Tout mon foyer fiscal se réjouit de vous voir, surtout la demi-part”🙄. Après vous faîtes comme vous voulez (et puis bon, des romans basés sur le langage administratif ça peut être une niche encore non explorée #grosdoutes ) [twitter.com]

The Invisible Hours (PC) — 9/10

The Invisible Hours delivers on the promise of immersive theater in VR with a fun story and great design and implementation. I hope the next generation gets better performance capture; then we’ll really have an awesome new form of storytelling.

Ironically I feel like the game’s biggest flaw is embracing the technology to add rewind and fast-forward buttons. Makes it too tempting to keep rewinding in order to see everything at once, and that turns watching the action into a chore.

I have two dev accounts, neither of which is configured on a device. Apple’s 2FA is heavily biased toward multi-device usage, so I feel pretty sure this change, however well-intentioned, is gonna turn out to be highly inconvenient.

Tweetbot doesn’t get Like notifications anymore so I enabled them in the Twitter app. Of course they don’t include @ handles because Twitter hates them, but tapping the notification brings you to… a view of your tweet. Because yeah that’s fucking useful.


Another #photogrammetry model taken from color WW2 footage of Berlin in July 1945. This one is of a bombed out building. 74 year old dataset #VR #AR @Sketchfab [skfb.ly]

14 February

I’ve been taking pictures of the uncharacteristically sunny weather for half an hour and only just remembered that the Camera app doesn’t take RAW photos 😡

C’est mignon le Parlement européen qui condamne la violence de la police française trois mois avant de basculer à l’extrême-droite 😔


happy valentine’s day!!! do you believe in love??? these galapagos tortoises dated for almost 100 years and then they broke up and now they hate each other and no one knows why [atlasobscura.com]

15 February


your reminder that pangolins are bipedal (!!!?!!) and also that the earth is an absolute funky little petri dish


Mirroring the hand to UI panel far away seems weird but actually works surprisingly fine. It’s like using a mouse on desktop, instead of looking at our hands, we actually concentrate on the cursor, but it still feels reactive and natural. #Oculus #Leapmotion

16 February

Orwell: Ignorance Is Strength (PC) — 5/10

Today in web development from hell: signup form’s big, conspicuous password-strength meter says “Strong ✅” but the server rejects it and forces me to add a digit.

17 February


Tip: You can right-click the floating screenshot window in Mojave for more actions.

Catastrophe 4x06 — 7/10

You’re the Worst 5x06 — 7/10

Counterpart 2x10 — 6/10

I don’t know if they rewrote the finale at the last minute because they realized they weren’t gonna be renewed, or they just got tired as they reached the end of the season, but that was rather sloppily written.

Well, if the only way to disable the Epic launcher’s “Fortnite has been updated!” daily notifications is to uninstall Fortnite, I guess I’ll uninstall Fortnite.

18 February

Ca fait deux jours que j’attends de récupérer mon réapprovisionnement de shakes nutritionnels retenu en otage à la loge.

Je me suis trompé de parfum en passant la commande 😭

Et maintenant internet a sauté, c’est vraiment une journée magique qui s’annonce.

19 February


1/ I just stumbled on these pics I took 3 years ago at a public pool showing the waterfall feature. There’s some awesome science in this.


New artwork! Meet “Disco Dingo” :). 😎

Inspired by #Ubuntu release 19.04, which is scheduled for release in April 2019. [deviantart.com]

20 February


If you haven’t seen Kitbull yet, the heck you doing with your life


Cette nuit, j’ai rêvé que mes cotons-tiges n’avaient du coton que d’un seul côté.

Combien d’idées d’histoires, combien d’embryons créatifs, se perdent à tout jamais parce que je ne tiens pas de dream journal ?


What’s a bias in machine learning / AI development you ask? How can be a machine opinionated? Quick demonstration using the recent model of [nsfwjs.com]


The Marzipan strategy seems pretty clear at this point: hybrid AppKit/UIKit apps are not happening. You don’t get to a universal app by having a vastly different codebase and framework dependencies on macOS. You also need to preserve iOS’ sandbox & perhaps even distribution model


I get the feeling that if Marzipan’s primary purpose was to benefit the Mac, it would be taking a very different tack at how it integrates with macOS. Marzipan, as I see it, is going to benefit iPad, Apple, customers & developers, at the expense of what makes a Mac a Mac


So I talked to tons of kids about the experience of first googling themselves and how they felt about what they found [theatlantic.com]

21 February

Budget Cuts’ autosave respawned me right as an enemy detected and shot me, so I went to bed 😠 Now it loads in the same place, but without the teleporter equipped 😡 I managed to survive once, died ten minutes and an audio cutscene later, and the autosave hadn’t moved 🤬

I completely suck at throwing knives in VR anyway.

I just gave Saga another shot because a couple people mentioned it. It had always rubbed me the wrong way but I can now definitely confirm I hate it. The writing feels like a Ġäṁëṛġäẗë bro doing a parody of “what SJWs want comics to become.”

It fucking introduced a trans woman character by showing her dick in a full-page reveal yet some (cishet, always) progressives still seem to consider it a classic because it goes through the motions of saying transphobia and violence against women are bad m’kay?


Editing photos of faces using basic sketches, and letting a GAN do the rest. Lets you add/change: earrings, glasses, hair style, dimples, & more.

Paper: [arxiv.org]

Code: [github.com]

It’s not a very efficient use of space but I still 💜💜💜 the NeXT menus

Use “Document/Open from full document reference” to open an actual URL. It’s just a shame that somehow the emulated browser chokes on HTML entities but lets emojis through.


“Alors que la température frôle les 50°C en Australie-Méridionale, des centaines de carcasses de chevaux morts de soif ont été découvertes et les autorités ont décidé d’abattre 2.500 chameaux sauvages pour préserver les rares ressources.” via @ExtinctionR [futura-sciences.com]


If it’s cold anywhere, climate change is a hoax.

If a single hate crime is faked, racism doesn’t exist.

If a single rape accusation is falsified, sexual assault isn’t an issue.

Right wing thought in 2019 is just a glorified series of get-out-of-thinking free cards.


When websites say “use our app, it’s much better”, they mean better for them, not you.

22 February

You’re the Worst 5x07 — ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Definitely stealing that expression for the next time someone tells me “people don’t do that on mobile”. [twitter.com]


engineers on a normal work day:

“Hmm, anyone know how to open a folder? Ugh I’ll just google it.”

engineers interviewing other engineers:

“How is the geodesic distance between quaternions defined and what are the implications for complex rotations in non-euclidean 4-space?”

23 February

Feynman (Jim Ottaviani & Leland Myrick) — 5/10

24 February


very important mood boosting tip: have a clip of a wolf mom teaching her pups how to howl that you open up periodically to howl along with


I never had any reaction to this scene, and look at this dog … I’m clearly alien.

I figured, hey a Minecraft clone with a free weekend, I’ll chop a couple trees down and get bored with it, but Boundless is very well designed and I’ve been digging myself a cave for more than two hours.

I ended up spending eleven straight hours in Boundless

Smart implementation of a Minecraft MMO, plus a really successful visual design. I just wish they’d spare us the bullshit crafting system where you keep ferrying materials from one machine to another.

25 February

Someone’s gonna make a SteamVR driver for the new Kinect, right?

I’d love to Beat Saber with my bare hands. (Although the Oculus Touch’s shape has protected my hand in many accidents with furniture.)


Gob-smacking insight into Facebook’s content moderation in the US from @CaseyNewton, where trainees have panic attacks and more experienced staff start believing conspiracy theories [theverge.com]


Laissez DeepStyle fantasmer les textures de Fallout New Vegas et vous obtenez…? Bah vous obtenez Far Cry New Dawn. [youtube.com]

26 February

I’m amazed by how many people read the article about Facebook’s moderating farms and came away with the idea that Facebook needs to treat its moderators better, rather than this is untenable and there’s no solving the problem by throwing money at it (besides working on AI).

There is no amount of money that makes it okay for your job to be watching conspiracy theories all day plus the occasional surprise snuff movie, you psychopaths.


The Amazing Spider-Cat

#webcomics #webcomic

Va au lac Daumesnil profiter du soleil. Se rappelle seulement en voyant la foule sur place que ce sont les vacances scolaires. Repart chez lui.

A quoi ça sert qu’il fasse beau si c’est pour qu’on ne puisse pas en profiter 😡

I took a few AR photos in Pokémon Go today (out of curiosity) and it’s funny how quickly the brain forgets those images are virtual. Several times I looked up to choose a better camera angle and was surprised not to see the pokémon where it should be.


I took a few AR photos in Pokémon Go today (out of curiosity) and it’s funny how quickly the brain forgets those images are virtual. Several times I looked up to choose a better camera angle and was surprised not to see the pokémon where it should be.

27 February

I’d always wondered how people managed to turn their safe’s lock precisely enough to open on the first try (from the illustrated biography of Richard Feynman)

5 Guys Chillin’ — Théâtre Clavel — 5/10

28 February

Huh, did TweetDeck’s designers suddenly discover the concept of information density while I wasn’t looking? Not that I’m gonna switch away from Tweetbot, but it looks usable now, and doesn’t even seem laggy either.


Do octopus dream? They do have something similar to REM. And they do change colour while they are asleep. So maybe they really do dream. (Vid via Instagram OctoNation)


You ever see a cat get put on blast like this


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