Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

1 April


This is why the press and Apple shouldn’t trust reports based on repair data alone.

Bringing/sending in a laptop for service is hugely disruptive for people, who own them because they need them.

It’s easier to live with a flaky key than to go without your MBP for a week+.

I’m still playing Monsters with Attitude, but I’m much more frustrated by the touch-screen controls than the (easily ignorable, so far) free-to-play mechanics. Most of the time when I lose it’s because I didn’t see an enemy arriving under my finger 😡

2 April


This right here is borderline dystopian


« Le fait qu’il n’y ait plus de rapport d’argent entre les chauffeurs et les usagers joue beaucoup. » À Dunkerque, le bus “gratuit” est un grand succès (+ 55% en semaine et + 120% le week-end). L’ambiance est meilleure et les dégradations sont en baisse. [urbislemag.fr]

For the first time I have an actual project to accomplish in Oculus Medium and… yup, I still dislike the interface as much as when I was just playing around with it.

3 April


Lava crickets appear on the cooled crust of lava after a volcanic eruption. They can’t fly and live on blown in decaying vegetation. They move away as soon as plants and other animals move in. Nobody knows where they come from or where they go to.

Why can’t I give my favorite photo-editing app blanket permission to modify any photo on my iPhone? Especially given that the edits are stored non-destructively.


A solid ring will be caught by a loop of chain if it tumbles during its fall. By Newton’s Third law, when the ring twists into and hits the chain, the impact transfers momentum to the end of the chain, which rises up and over the ring [buff.ly]

4 April

“The iPhone’s camera used to be a selling point”

I’ve been very impressed by what I saw of the P30 Pro. I mostly use my iPhone for Twitter and Instagram, so I’d actually consider switching if any of my favorite photo editing apps were on Android.

I started listening to a story about the Valley of the Kings and immediately became depressed remembering that AC:Origins’ world doesn’t exist in a VR-explorable version.

Have people already pointed out that Marzipan, by introducing desktop paradigms into the codebases of many iOS apps, would make it pretty easy for Apple to introduce an impressively functional version of this in 2020?

Played some no-arrows Beat Saber for a change (they’ve updated the game while the mod installer is down, so no custom songs) and damn I’d forgotten how intense that was. I’ve gotten rusty.

Also it was easier when the springs in my controllers’ battery compartments were younger.


“You Are Not Google” is the kind of technical common sense that depressingly frequently loses the battle against developer ego and aspirations. [blog.bradfieldcs.com]

6 April


There should be a hotline you can call where you can safely pronounce words you’ve only ever read out loud for the first time, and they say “oh sweetie” and kindly explain how it’s pronounced.


Comment réagir lorsqu’on se fait call out:

- calme toi, ça ne veut pas dire que tu es une horrible personne mais que tu as fait/dit une connerie

- écoute, n’interromp pas ou n’essaie pas de te défendre. Concentre toi pour essayer de comprendre où tu as merdé.


Started AC:Odyssey on a friend’s PS4. Picked Alexios. As soon as he opened his mouth I wanted to change, but I can’t be bothered to play the Leonidas prologue again — so that’s the game sorted, then. (I was never very motivated. Greece doesn’t hold a candle to Egypt.)

At a friend’s for the weekend; I was going to watch Netflix but the auto-playing trailers sent me into a UX rage spiral. The lack of a setting to disable them is so user-hostile it makes me want to torrent all of their original shows, on principle.

Bandersnatch didn’t end in a very interesting place, but I enjoyed its metaness more than what I expected from the reactions around here. It’s not like Netflix invented the non-choice in an adventure game, but they made good use of it.

Awww la fin de You’re the Worst 😭💜

7 April

Barry 2x01 — 7/10

Keep your Swift bullshit out of my Objective-C templates


There’s this idea in SV that companies have a right to scale unencumbered. Look around: there are parents teachers police etc moderating most communities in the world — but online the algos rule. [twitter.com]


La taille de ce (passionnant) dossier 😱 How Rupert Murdoch’s Empire of Influence Remade the World [nytimes.com] ( et la version TL;DR ➡️ 6 Takeaways From The Times’s Investigation Into Rupert Murdoch and His Family ➡️ [nytimes.com])

9 April

The Hidden Force — Paris-Villette — 8/10

10 April


Chaque matin, Stephen, retraité de 72 ans, trouvait ses petits outils laissés sur son atelier rangés dans leur boite…

C’est une camera qui lui révéla qu’il ne devenait pas fou : une souris passait deux heures par nuit à tout remettre dans la boite !


11 April

Barry 2x02 — 7/10


How to understand the image of a black hole. Fascinating @veritasium video with an amazing simple physical demo that explains why the ‘Interstellar black hole’ looks the way it does! [youtube.com]

iTunes is not going anywhere—not for many, many years. It will remain the only way to organize local libraries and sync devices, because Apple considers local libraries and local sync as deprecated.

Je viens d’entendre un anglophone prononcer “Ivanhoé” 🤯


2002 🆚 2018

How watching Tiger has changed post-smartphone.

—and I haven’t even managed to completely solve the tracking issues with the Touch controllers yet (although I’ve improved it by… pulling on the battery springs with pliers so they’d get more tension again).

12 April

Russian Doll S1 — 9/10

I still really like Monsters with Attitude


[vimeo.com] Blown away by this amazing animation of the life cycle of the HIV virus, animated & narrated by Janet Iwasa, a biochemistry professor who works on creating accurate scientific animations!

Rian Johnson: Fuck hereditary dynasties. Luke ate children for breakfast. Down with the legacy.

JJ Abrams: Hold my beer.


i’m genuinely fucking stoked for this level of total disconnect, this absolute, blatant action figure ideology. it’s not “which of these heroes are you?” but “are you the space fascists or nah?” [twitter.com]

13 April


Overtone singing is a type of singing in which the singer manipulates the resonances (or formants) created as air travels from the lungs, past the vocal folds, and out of the lips to produce a melody [buff.ly] [source: [buff.ly]]

14 April

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse — 8/10


Tech enthusiasts: My entire house is smart.

Tech workers: The only piece of technology in my house is a printer and I keep a gun next to it so I can shoot it if it makes a noise I don’t recognize.


If ants summoned humans like humans summon Cthulhu.

🐜 #ants #cthulu

(via @daeken)


It’s wild that Twitter is quite swift at taking down tweets that offend big media copyright holders even from verified entities but death threats to @IlhanMN sit untouched for weeks.

Never forget that addressing abuse isn’t a hard problem, it’s just one they don’t care about.

Finally looked at why my transactional emails’ attachment icons didn’t show up on Mac. Started suspecting I was doing something wrong when I couldn’t find any complaints on Google.

Turns out Mail messes up a bit if you put your message inside a <table height=100%>.

15 April

The Favourite (2018) — 6/10

Je veux bien que le film fasse exprès de ne pas être joli mais il n’y a pas d’excuses pour cette ignominie.


Well, crap. This is a (technical) reality we need to adjust to, and a (political) reality we need to do something about. [twitter.com]


I’m so glad we let tech platforms eat the journalism industry.

Now, I can sit and watch a live stream of Notre Dame burning while YouTube’s fake news widget tells me about 9/11 for some reason.


I love this - obviously the timespan is hugely compressed but it’s so easy to think of space as this static thing, when it is anything but [twitter.com]

Game of Thrones 8x01 — 7/10

Barry 2x03 — 6/10

16 April


Getting Really Into Actual Play podcasts is like getting into a genre of TV shows where the first series is exclusively filmed using cameraphones from 2012


“Oh my god, Breaking Bad is fantastic, you have to watch it. Don’t be put off by the first five episodes being a flash animation voiced by the writers, they get a real budget by the end of the first series”

17 April

18 April


Periodic reminder that the original Twitter for iPad was one of the best iPad app UIs ever released.


For a long time I’ve wondered what I find so alluring and strangely human about Japanese urban scenes, and then someone tweeted it: Japan doesn’t have on-street parking. [twitter.com]

14h : Non non je ne peux pas sortir profiter du soleil, il faut absolument que je bosse aujourd’hui.

17h : Sérieusement je vais me mettre à bosser d’un instant à l’autre.

Si les promenades sont censées détendre, il faut que je change d’itinéraire. Je passe à chaque fois tout le trajet jusqu’au lac à imaginer comment je vais démonter la gueule du cycliste qui finira inévitablement par me renverser en plein milieu du trottoir.

19 April


This would be real progress. Like counters, follower counters, and all the other forms of bragging metrics on social media are a pox upon us all. [techcrunch.com]

20 April

Cette nuit je me suis réveillé littéralement toutes les vingt minutes sans savoir pourquoi — alors que mon coloc n’était même pas là pour claquer les portes ce matin.

J’aurais pu prendre mes lunettes de soleil au lieu de faire la grimace au couple de mecs qui promènent leur poussette.


#DnD is a roleplaying game that let’s you live out such fantasies as:

- Having money

- Making close friends as an adult

- Traveling the world without crippling debt

- Being able to change the world

- Getting better at something with practice

- Getting 8 hours of sleep each night

Les Chuck Taylor II étaient les meilleures chaussures que j’ai portées de ma vie et je ne me ferai jamais à leur disparition.

21 April


Finally done! Here’s a reproduction of a Gennady G.Ovcharenko drawing (picture#2) with MagicaVoxel. I added other lightning tests, a general view and a small video in comments, hope you’ll like it! :) #Magicavoxel #voxelart

22 April


What Silicon Valley promised was the break-up of concentrated power.

What Silicon Valley gave us is greater concentration of power than ever.

Now five companies control America, instead of 100. And a lot of those companies are whiter and more male than the ones they disrupted. [twitter.com]


Many of you will have seen this video before, but if not, take a look. It’s a great demonstration that cats and humans may share some aspects of visual processing that drive the rotating snakes illusion.

Barry 2x04 — 8/10

Game of Thrones 8x02 — 8/10

23 April

I’ve spent so much time playing Globesweeper while listening to podcasts that I’ve got auditory flashbacks to a Call of Cthulhu actual-play campaign when I launch it.

The minimize-to-dock animation is such a cute reminder of what used to be. I suppose Apple’s anti-fun brigade forgot it exists because they only use full-screen windows, which can’t be minimized.


1. After spending six months reading incel sites nearly every day, speaking to over a dozen incels, and reviewing forum records going back over 20 years, I came to a really scary conclusion about the nature of modern politics itself [vox.com]


I just realized I never saw a photo of a female muscle system. This is NOT what I imagined milk ducts to look like.

La saison 2 d’American Gods m’ennuie, mais je n’arrive pas à décider si elle est effectivement moins bien que la première ou si je m’étais fait mon avis dès que le départ de Bryan Fuller avait été annoncé.

24 April

Miracle Workers S1 — 7/10

I find it flabbergasting that Pinterest, a site that is solely dedicated to showing pictures of stuff, still has this stupid dark overlay moving from image to image as you scroll, unless you take extra care to place the mouse cursor in the margins every time you stop using it

25 April


The best video of a chimpanzee using Instagram that you will see today.

“Worakls Orchestra live @ Château La Coste for Cercle”

Non seulement la musique est top, mais le DJ / chef d’orchestre s’éclate totalement sur scène, donc forcément je suis amoureux 😫

I opened iTunes to buy an album and the obnoxiousness of this almost made me reconsider

J’ai acheté deux lapins Ferrero Rocher à moitié prix en me disant que ce n’était pas très raisonnable, et maintenant que j’en ai goûté un je regrette de ne pas en avoir pris trente.

26 April


🤡 Cool thing I just found out is possible in HTML. No practical use, just fun.


I’ve just added the CERN sticker to my NeXT Computer mini replica build documentation. I added the actual sticker a while ago for maximum authenticity, but I’ll stop short of weathering the case I think! [ninamakes.co.uk]

You can see color-shift as soon as you push beyond the slightest touch. I checked two different iPad Minis in case it was a fluke. I’d accept that on a 200€ Android tablet; no way I’m paying 600€ for the experience.

Doesn’t happen on the iPad Pro, which is an altogether much more desirable device (you can draw quick sketches on the Mini but I’m afraid it’s too small for penciling notes), but Apple is supposed to upsell you with quality, not scare you away from the base model.


Amazon has granted the Taylorism machines that monitor shipping-center productivity the right to automatically fire workers it deem slacking, without a need for supervisor input 😮. The algorithms are literally in charge here. [theverge.com]


Snakeybus = Crazy Taxi + Snake

>Control a lengthy bus and increase its size by picking up passengers

>Coming soon (May 2019) to Steam by @indiefrankdev


27 April


I saw this video of Boston Dynamics’ testing facility 5 days ago and I’m still thinking about it.

Comme un matin sur deux je me suis fait un petit-déjeuner hyper-caféiné et puis je me suis recouché en espérant prolonger ma nuit 🤦🏻‍♂️

The only way a “We’re leaving the App Store “in favor of a ‘Right-click > Open to Install’ installer” strategy makes sense is if you’re planning to add a bunch of trojans and bitcoin miners to your app. Which, fair enough, I guess, since you gave me a free license.

The installer puts Fusion 360 deep in the Application Support hierarchy then places an alias in the Dock so you can find the app… and display the icon twice when it’s running. Outstanding UX.


“Your app has an unresolved issue and has been removed from the App Store.”

“No reason, no detail,” Mr. Ramasubbu said. “Suddenly we don’t have a business anymore.” [apple.news]

Il y a un groupe d’au moins cinq perruches dans le peuplier à ma fenêtre 😍 (Même si je continue à préférer les corneilles.)

OMG le granit en spray, ça coûte une blinde mais je veux faire toute ma déco avec #hobbies

28 April

I just spent four hours in Islanders, unable to stop myself

A perfect distillation of the city builder as a score-attack game. Beautifully designed, with just the right amount of control to create a conflict between embellishment and efficiency.


A gift for you guys! One of my favourite sites: rotate the globe and listen to radios worldwide. 💙


Just spent two hours fighting with my 3D printer, and lost. One of the filament feeds is clogged, good thing there’s two of them. Not in the mood today for disassembling the print head while it’s heated at 220° C. I kinda like my skin.


Just spent two hours fighting with my 3D printer, and lost. One of the filament feeds is clogged, good thing there’s two of them. Not in the mood today for disassembling the print head while it’s heated at 220° C. I kinda like my skin.

29 April

American Gods S2 — 4/10

I can’t tell if this season is worse than the first or I just expected it to be, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t enjoy the first season enough to watch it again for comparison’s sake. For that matter, I don’t remember liking the book’s latter half either.


“Lord of the Rings star Sean Astin once asked Lesnie [LotR cinematographer] ‘where is the light coming from?’ when they were shooting in what should have been a darkened tower. Lesnie replied, ‘Same place as the music.’”


Je n’avais jamais envisagé de choisir le bus pour aller d’Ivry à Odéon, et je découvre qu’en fait ce n’est pas une expérience totalement misérable de prendre un bus moderne articulé en dehors des heures de pointe. (Contrairement à la vieille ligne de banlieue de mon école.)

Vous êtes tous prêts à liker les trucs les plus insignifiants, il faut vraiment que je tweete plus souvent.

30 April

Oof. I’m not gonna complain because the whole point is we all want a high-end headset, but that prices me out of a preorder, and who knows what delivery times will be by the time I order.

Leaving the low-end market wide open for Oculus is a pretty big strategic risk — but if Valve already needs to bill $500 for just the controllers and base stations, there’s simply no way they could offer a viable competitor to the Rift 😕


Facebook: The future is private

Also Facebook: Please list all your friends you want to sleep with [wired.com]


It’s gonna be something when Facebook’s Secret Crush data leaks

Barry 2x05 — ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Game of Thrones 8x03 — 3/10

Battle episodes are boring enough when you can see what is happening, but this was absolutely awful. And we went through seventy-five minutes of that for… What? This is not a payoff. It’s not a valid payoff for this episode, never mind the entire setup.

What if Valve has come to the conclusion that PC VR will never be more than a niche, and they’ve decided the best way forward is to become the reference headset for VR arcades? Many analysts have been saying this for years, and look at how positive the Oculus Quest’s reviews are.


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