Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

24 November

The end of the first Shangri-La level gave me chills. I can’t bear to return to sad old Kyrat.

I don’t understand why my Far Cry 4 screenshots always come out so dark when I post them to Twitter.

23 November

It’s a pity though that voice chat quality over the controller earbud is rather awful.

New achievement: je crois que j’ai mis un vent involontaire à un mec mignon qui dansait bien et était venu me draguer. Time to give up.

22 November

RT @Soniasuponia: Surveillance cameras observe a fox exploring the Tudor and Georgian rooms of the National Portrait Gallery at night [pic.twitter.com]

21 November

RT @cmuratori: Google launches experimental ad-free browsing on partner sites… really, really want this to take off: [google.com]

I can’t remember the last time I played a AAA game and really, unreservedly enjoyed it. Probably the first Forza Horizon — and that’s two years old.

Stuck at Far Cry 4’s first moral choice. Play online and risk losing progress to a disconnection, or offline with no possibility of coop?

20 November

Anybody else got the App Store bug where my iPhone 6 will only realize it recognized my fingerprint after I tap the “Enter Password” button?

Today is the day the Driveclub disc comes out of my PS4. I doubt it will ever go back in, even for next week’s free DLC.

Related: I’d love to be able to check easily that an iOS app is using the system keychain to store my passwords, not plain text storage.

All I have to do is tap a button in Chunky, and it lists the comics and PDFs available in my Mac’s Downloads folder (through FTP) #thefuture

RT @Choplogik: look at this fucked-up bird. nature is so anmazing [pic.twitter.com]

RT @marsrader: Antarctica from space. You don’t see it a lot because you have to be in a specific polar orbit to get this view. [pic.twitter.com]

19 November

RT @timsteno: Apple uses 1/4 of world’s sapphire on iPhone camera lens and fingerprint sensor [online.wsj.com]

RT @michelmcbride: That is not a bug. They didn’t have child character models, and thought it was good enough to ship.

RT @michelmcbride: Reminder that in Assassin’s Creed: Unity, this is Prince Louis-Charles (7 years old in 1792) [youtube.com] [en.wikipedia.org]

Interesting discovery from the Yosemite San Francisco hack: looks like the desktop dynamically computes the icon grid from the font metrics.

RT @MonsieurPiu: Ensemble, réhabilitons les insultes désuètes : commençons par “butor”.

Am I missing something from the Wikipedia description, or is the “red rover” game astoundingly stupid? #xkcd

RT @wr: San Francisco system replacement font for OS X Yosemite: [github.com]


(cc @sdw)

RT @kidminded: The irony of Apple’s typeface being similar to Google is overwhelming. Arial : Helvetica :: San Francisco : Roboto

18 November

RT @Sentry_NC: One more thing…

“Starting later next year, developers will be able to create fully native apps for Apple Watch.” via [apple.com]

So, with all third-party code running on the tethered iPhone for now, jury’s still out on whether the Watch’s OS is based on Swift. (Though I’d argue that the Watch being Swift-only would be the best possible reason why third-party code isn’t allowed to run on it yet.)

Looks like WatchKit UI design is essentially fluid / responsive. Makes you wonder what the future holds for the device.

WatchKit code runs entirely on the accompanying iPhone. That’s only temporary, for the first stage of the SDK release, right? Right?

RT @apike: Surprising: the two watch sizes have different display resolutions. So much for the return of pixel-perfect design. [pic.twitter.com]

RT @Pentadact: Haha, played Far Cry 4 single player in Offline Mode. Uplay is down when I quit. When I start it again, it’s lost all my progress. Fine work

RT @CaseyNewton: Scientists at Twitter have solved the “send a URL to another human being” problem, previously said to be impossible [theverge.com]

“Non-Microsoft Nokia launches Android N1 tablet with Foxconn”

The industrial design for the N1 came from Nokia, but the company is no longer in the manufacturing business and has licensed that design — along with its Z Launcher and various intellectual property — to Chinese manufacturer Foxconn, which rather interestingly will handle distribution and sales and customer care, and will even be responsible for liabilities and warranty costs.

Does it sound to anyone else like Foxconn is essentially paying Nokia to take the heat on the iPad mini-cloniness of its new tablet? The tech press might buy the idea, and the public certain will, but somehow I doubt Apple could look at this and go, “Oh well, blame Nokia.” I’m sure that Tim Cook must love the narrative that he saved the company by masterfully offloading all of the supply chain to third-parties, but how much longer can Apple afford not to manufacture its own products when that means subsidizing its entire competition?

Back when Samsung and Nexus phones were much cheaper than iPhones, Android was crappy enough that quality-conscious customers had every reason to stick to Apple devices. But Foxconn is entering the market right at the same time as Lollipop, and that story may play out differently.

RT @dhh: How many times can Uber get caught red-handed carry out or contemplating some despicable scheme before it matters? #UninstallUber

First time using Yosemite’s batch rename: it fails. (Probably choking on the slashes in the filenames.)

RT @youngvulgarian: Oh, this is stupidly fun. Make dubstep with you FACE. [games.usvsth3m.com]

RT @danielpunkass: Hard to think of other companies where love of the product is so inverse to love of the company as it is with Uber.

17 November

Snapcash is a really smart move when you think that Africa has standardized money-by-SMS. (Though of course I wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole.)

RT @michelmcbride: MinigameJam: A game jam to make hacking and lockpicking and all these bullshit AAA minigame tropes actually fun and interesting

I’m watching a stream of GTA5 being played first-person and, damn, I wish I hadn’t already bought and finished it on PS3.

C’est drôle d’écouter Hans Zimmer faire du Clint Mansell version balourde, mais comprimer 3 heures de film en 72 minutes de B.O. ? Come on!

16 November

Somehow ended up reading articles about Berghain after a whole weekend of not going clubbing. My motivation for working tonight is shot.

Mute on Tweebot Mac: “Do you want to remove the tweets?”

Tweetbot iPhone: Tweets disappear (#correctbehavior)

Tweetbot iPad: Tweets remain

I don’t necessarily hate on Safari’s “vibrancy” title bar in general — it’s not nearly as weird as Yosemite’s translucent sidebars. But when you scroll down and content disappears behind a website position: fixed header only to reappear blurred above it, it does become really distracting.

So, if your website sports a fixed header and you care about your Mac-based users, I’d urge you to extend your header 100 pixels up beyond the page’s bounds. It’s not gonna hurt anyone, and it’ll look better in Safari. (Quick tip: you need to add -webkit-transform: translateZ(0); to the fixed header for it to show through the title bar.)

15 November

RT @jeffreymacko: NoteTonEntreprise condamné pour défaut de mentions légales [nextinpact.com]

JIBO the family robot

I don’t care whether it works in real life, that design is just fantastic.

14 November

Not sure if it’s episode 8 in itself or hearing the parody, but I can’t stand Serial filling time with obvious bullshit anymore. I’m out.

13 November

The problem with Freak Show is that it belongs much more in Nip/Tuck than American Horror Story.

RT @CaseyNewton: This @serial parody is NEXT-LEVEL amazing [youtube.com]

Ars’ Android 5.0 Review

This is really what iOS 7+ should have looked like. Still mostly flat, but much friendlier.

I totally wish I had a team I could use Slack with. Ah, the good old days of IRC.

An App Store teachable moment: Better release a sequel as a separate app rather than an in-app purchase so the cheapskates can’t ruin your ratings.

“Gaming on Samsung Gear VR? Expect Overheating Problems”

$200 headset + $700 phone and it works for 20 minutes. And a few weeks ago Oculus (Samsung’s partner) was begging its competitors not to poison the VR well by releasing shitty products.

On dirait que mon Mac a complètement ignoré le VPN depuis que je suis passé sur Yosemite, et je n’ai aucune idée de pourquoi. Youpi.

Go to the App Store and give Monument Valley 5 stars again. Let that be your good deed for the day.

12 November

RT @ustwogames: Seems quite a few people have gone back and 1 star reviewed Monument Valley upon update because the expansion was paid. This makes us sad.

RT @paulg: People prefer simple explanations, and explanations with good guys and bad guys. To compensate, be more skeptical of those.

RT @annazivarts: Brilliant visual of how much public space we cede to cars [pic.twitter.com] ht @mikefarrell

I wish I gave the tiniest fuck about space, the stars, and all that stuff that’s too distant and blurry to be part of my worldview.

Am I the only one who lost interest in the new Monument Valley levels because they take place between two of the game’s existing chapters?

I’m more than a little disappointed that I won’t get to climb all over Paris in AC:Unity, but democracy is important #votewithyourwallet

RT @waxpancake: Rosetta and Flickr launched a month apart from each other. Imagine waiting a decade to see if your project was a success.

Aujourd’hui j’ai affronté la CPAM d’Ivry et j’ai traité une bonne quinzaine de mails professionnels, je me sens surpuissant.

Flashlight further turns Spotlight into Alfred

I’m not interested enough to risk the potential instabilities, though.

RT @CraigGrannell: So Apple gave PCalc a hard time over its iOS 8 widget, but apparently a GAME is OK. [itunes.apple.com]

11 November

RT @CuteEmergency: “Pudding” is a resident Fox at the National Fox Welfare Society, as he’s too friendly to be released back to the wild [pic.twitter.com]

10 November

Le problème quand on ouvre Twitter dans son lit au réveil, c’est qu’on est sans défense face aux mentions de Too Many Cooks.

9 November

Modélisme virtuel sur iPad

Gratuit et bien fichu, mais je ne peux pas imaginer que leur freemium fonctionne.

I knew it was just a fluke that last week’s Doctor Who had been good but, still, that was painful.

Comment on est censés faire pour trier les ordures, maintenant que les supermarchés ne donnent plus de sacs en plastique ?

RT @transientexp: This shelter dog is an official kitten ambassador, and it’s the cutest thing ever. [twistedsifter.com]

Ooh, je ne sais pas si c’est parce qu’il a été mis à jour ou parce que j’ai un meilleur ordi, mais TweetDeck pourrait bien être devenu utilisable. (Je n’en peux plus de l’interface obsolète de Tweetbot.)


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