Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

4 October

Not a fan at all of the low information density in Apple’s latest page designs, e.g. [developer.apple.com] or [safari-extensions.apple.com]

Every time I go to add a brand new podcast in Pocket Casts, the directory search finds it immediately and it never fails to astound me.

What’s the benefit of Safari View Controller in a non-malicious app anyway, when a malicious app could just as well make a fake Safari VC? #LastRT

RT @tapbot_paul: Safari View Controller is the “right” way to handle OAuth login, but with Blockers and Cookie Settings it’s failing for many. Tough choice.

J’ai passé tout son set dans une rage noire. Il est possible que je prenne ces choses un tout petit peu trop à cœur.

Toutes les prochaines soirées seront jugées à l’aune de ce DJ pour qui mixer revient à superposer deux morceaux totalement au hasard.

RT @violetblue: Why I’m sitting at home crying on a Saturday afternoon - I have to come clean: I just lied to two people I… [tmblr.co]

La mesquinerie du “le métro est gratuit de 2:15 à 5:30 uniquement,” c’est vraiment pas Apple.

Et donc là j’ai If You Had My Love de Jennifer Lopez dans la tête. Je suis à peu près certain que ce n’est pas passé en soirée électro hier.

To clarify, whenever I complain about this, I’m not talking about day-one iPhone 6s buyers — but people who’ll get a 3D Touch-enabled iPhone in two years (or six months) without knowing anything about it.

3 October

Je ne suis pas sûr de ce qu’est censée être la nouvelle série des Muppets, mais j’espère qu’ils ne croient pas faire une comédie.

Après un peu de ménage je re-re-prends la résolution de ne poster sur Instagram que des photos jolies — et le reste direct sur Twitter.

Mais comment vous pouvez ne pas vous rendre compte que c’est juste pas possible d’embrasser une barbe ? Pouah !

Le Gibus dans la pénombre, ça ne baise pas, mais qu’est-ce que ça bouscule.


Is there a difference between arguing a rejection within the Resolution Center, and appealing to the App Review Board? Seems both take 24h.

2 October

Ils ont vraiment pris la peine de ressusciter Heroes pour en faire ça ?

Je ne supporte plus l’idée de dire “pardon,” même sarcastiquement, aux gens qui bloquent le passage. Il me faut une alternative.

Tweetbot’s text field recomposing for every letter you type because its width is tied to the char counter’s — are you fucking kidding me?

Since upgrading to El Cap I’m having lots of issues with Safari just failing to load pages. Is it just me? I don’t want to switch to Chrome.

RT @graouts: OS X El Capitan shipped, you can now integrate Force Touch Events in your web page on #safari 9! #JavaScript #HTML5 [developer.apple.com]

1 October

As usual, looks like a reviewer misunderstanding what the rule means.

App update rejected because the keyboard extension mentions the IAP required to unlock full functionality.

“The Beginner’s Guide - Trailer”

The Stanley Parable’s demo never convinced me, but this trailer totally does.

Not a great feeling buying a $5 update to a Twitter app I only use because I dislike the other options more.

Now, the difficult question: do I trust iCloud enough to put stuff in Notes that I actually care about, and would mind losing?

30 September

Oh, c’est une de ces journées où j’ai envie de filer des baffes à tout le monde dans la rue. Ca doit etre parce que j’ai du boulot.

Which do we want first, though — longer tweets or editable tweets? And does it even make any sense to have the former without the latter?

So long, Apple Music. All I asked of you was a way to bookmark tracks without fucking up my entire music library with iCloud.

Ever since I’d heard of Chrome’s pinned tabs I’d assumed that they reappeared in new windows. The word “pinned” implies permanence.

29 September

RT @WillOremus: This is such a patently absurd idea that it’s either a red herring or Twitter is more lost than anyone suspected. [pic.twitter.com]

It’s still a damn shame though that you can’t filter notifications per app, so I’m keeping an eye out for affordable Android Wear models.

I’m adjusting quite well to the original Pebble as a dumb wrist buzzer. I don’t have such an active life that I need a remote for my phone.

On est bien d’accord que les calories des biscuits au chocolat bio ne comptent pas ?

RT @lgorithm: In nicer news, an open source clone of Slack has finally emerged [zulip.org]

Yesterday MGSV’s realistic, immersive world was suddenly overtaken by shadow monsters, so last night I had a zombie-invasion nightmare, yay.

28 September

Twenty minutes figuring out why my app didn’t detect the Apple TV’s remote. I’d started the app from Xcode so the remote wasn’t connected.

27 September

It’s terribly distracting to have Jack Bauer go “whoa, whoa” every time I slow down my horse.

Non mais y’a un moment où Moffat doit finir par se faire virer, non ?

26 September

“Marked as duplicate of #18376933”

Mine was #18330633 and completely ignored.

My feelings are hurt, Radar.

Ma thermorégulation est tellement foireuse que je frissonne de voir quelqu’un en T-shirt dans la rue en septembre #old

Je viens de me rappeler qu’il y a une saison entière où il fait si froid qu’on doit mettre des pulls à ses mains. Quel monde de merde.

GCHQ has the coolest codenames, though.

25 September

Je viens de répondre ★ à “How would you rate Tinder” parce que ça fait deux fois qu’ils me demandent, je n’aurai plus jamais de matches.

Ca fait plaisir de voir Jamie Lee Curtis — et Nick Jonas — mais Scream Queens a tous les mauvais côtés d’AHS:Coven sans aucun des bons.

Et c’est dingue, quand même, que Tom Hardy soit le maillon faible du film.

Fury Road est visuellement superbe (à part les accélérés à la noix) mais, euh… ça s’arrête un peu là ?

24 September

RT @kylebrussell: Oculus Medium is dope. My first time I made a Fury Road-inspired sculpture in like 10 minutes [youtube.com]

RT @beingblue: Super-Fast Camera Takes a Trillion Shots Per Second. Now, You Can See Light Like Never Before. [magazine.good.is]

I should have watched the WWDC session about Stack Views sooner #ohshit

RT @michelmcbride: VW was chosen randomly for the study that discovered the emission fraud ie. every other car company is doing it too [twitter.com]

23 September

Bon, je n’arrive pas à configurer l’UI de l’app, mais au moins j’ai les icônes

Like, maybe I should never do VR for the same reason I should probably never do heroin.

I like how MGSV avoids the big-map-of-icons trope by displaying side-ops as a good old list. I hope someone at Ubisoft is playing it.

RT @iamleyeti: Elegy:Explore dead civilizations, write about what you find, and share your stories with the world [dejobaan.com]

22 September

Bored with desert and jungle — can’t the next sprawling open-world game take place on an alien world?

I don’t remember Red Dead’s horse precisely, but it was better, right? D-Horse feels like driving a vehicle, not guiding a living companion. Oh, solved by enabling “Radio Control” in the settings.

The prologue is incredibly annoying but that’s a damn nice character creator #PS4share

I assumed iOS 9’s keyboard-trackpad would move the cursor letter by letter, not turn into a full-on mouse pointer. This is so not iOS-like.

Closed Xcode, launched Xcode-beta, it reopened my projects and started… doing to stuff to them. Nothing will ever compile again.

RT @Crame_: Le dentiste chasseur de lion, la journaliste anti-réfugié, maintenant le patron de boîte pharma. La nouvelle mode est aux visages du mal.

I was glad to be done with the headaches of iOS 9-ing my apps — and now the builds are stuck “Processing” in iTunes Connect.

So. Tired.

21 September

RT @uniconsole: Good news! Looks like, in iOS 9, third-party keyboards can access their app’s info without “Enable Full Access.” You can turn that off now.

Pourquoi je continue d’acheter des desserts à mon Franprix alors qu’une fois sur trois il y en a un de cassé ?

RT @gabrielverdon: Amazing touch in the environment design here (The Witness trailer). Only noticed on 4th watch. @Jonathan_Blow [pic.twitter.com]

On-Demand Resources are great for keeping 16GB iPhones in stores, but will be awful for anyone ever needing to play offline.

Isn’t it inefficient that you have to manually update the position of each GameplayKit agent from Sprite/SceneKit for each cycle?

I’m watching the last WWDC’s GameplayKit sessions and the segments about AI are putting me to sleep. So that’s encouraging.

20 September

The fundamental problem with Force Touch and 3D Touch is that it relies on the assumption that uninformed people who accidentally happen upon the feature (by pressing too hard on a link or icon, because they’re in a bad mood or have imprecise motor control or whatever reason) will wonder what happened, ask around, figure it out and either be delighted or turn it off.

But that’s not how regular users work — especially when you’re at the point where each iPhone iteration sells hundreds of millions. Many of them will see their device behave erratically, both blame it and blame themselves, then carry on with their day, muttering “goddammit those fancy smartphones are stupid.” Maybe they’ll find out about 3D Touch months later, when it happens again in view of someone better informed — but by then the damage will have been done, they’ll have lost trust for their device.

It used to be that a Mac user’s first line of technical support was That Geek Friend / Family Member Who Had Made Them Buy A Mac In The First Place. But the iPhone is far too ubiquitous for that model still to work; many users don’t have a designated geek anymore.

It also used to be that Apple mostly avoided that kind of mistake.


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